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Inside Invesco Center

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It's about six hours before Barack Obama makes his historic speech in Invesco Field before an estimated 75,000. There aren't enough words to describe the crackling of excitement in the air. Every news outlet has set up on the field. The Mile High Stadium has been transformed into a city of tents. Even if you are not an Obama supporter you have to give him his props. He won a hard-fought campaign against a formidable opponent and tonight, on the 45th Anniversary of Dr. Martin King's "I Have A Dream" Speech, he will emerge as one of the most important leaders in America.

Leave it to Illinoisans to make a fool of themselves

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So I'm in the middle of an air strip with a group of journalists and I have to ask Barack Obama the "Uncle Tom" question? I could hardly get the words out. What's worse, why is it that some black folks love to act a fool in front of white folks?

Column: School funding inequity a civil rights issue

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You can make a lot of noise, but the battle for civil rights doesn't become real until you take it to the courtroom.

On Wednesday, a new wave of black leaders followed that model when they stepped up with Cheryle R. Jackson, CEO of the Chicago Urban League, as she announced the group has filed a lawsuit against the State of Illinois and the Illinois Board of Education.

Column: Jerome R. Corsi's book an abomination

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Jerome R. Corsi's book about Barack Obama is a good example of the right wing's racial fear-mongering.

Corsi is the Harvard Ph.D. who is credited with launching the attack that weakened Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign and led to the infamous "swift-boating."

Column: Obama, McCain and race

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I can't be the only person who sees the snake in the room. The one that slithers away whenever the political pundits start explaining what the latest presidential poll means.

From the moment Barack Obama went from a wannabe presidential contender to a front-runner, the race factor curled up and waited to strike anyone who got too close.

Former President Bill Clinton got bit. So did the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

What constitutes "playing the race card?"

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John McCain accused Barack Obama of playing the "race card" from the "bottom of the deck" no less. I'm not sure anymore. What is the race card?

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