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Michelle Obama is being stereotyped

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I'm not surprised that whites have an unfavorable view of Michelle Obama, but it's their problem, not hers.

After all, what is there not to like about Barack Obama's wife. She is attractive, well educated, and family oriented. In fact, Michelle Obama seems to possess all of the qualities white conservatives are supposed to admire.

She has found a way to balance her professional life with her family, and puts family first. She has been involved in many civic activities, and frankly, Michelle is the kind of woman who finds going to her daughter's soccer game a lot more enjoyable than attending a celebrity-studded soiree.

But a recent poll found that Michelle Obama is twice as disliked as John McCain's wife, Cindy, and that "whites" have an unfavorable view of Michelle.

Before you jump on me with both feet, please read the AP report.

One comment from a Republican and church secretary quoted in the AP story about the poll caught my eye: "Cindy seems like she's laid back and not trying to run her husband."

Is that it?

Do these whites see Michelle Obama or a negative stereotype that is often foisted on successful black women....that they are too aggressive and hard to get along with?

If that's the case, there's little Michelle Obama can do in five months to change the minds of people who have bought into the "Sapphire" stereotype.

Unlike her husband, Michelle can't transcend race. She's a beatuiful brown-skinned African-American woman and she's not going to get any points for being half-white. Voters will have to accept her for who she is: a strong black woman

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