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Unprecedented apology

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Many said it will never happen.
But the U.S. is inching closer to a national apology for the country's slavery and Jim Crow eras. Tuesday's House resolution, passed by a voice vote, could pave the way for a serious debate over reparations.

When is it appropriate to refer to a person's race?

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It depends.

For instance, I wrote a personal account of something that happened to me on Monday in which I referred to the person's race.

A reader from Berwyn had a problem with that.

Jesse Jackson unplugged

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It was bad enough that the Rev. Jesse Jackson disgraced himself by dragging Sen. Barack Obama's name into the gutter with the offensive "I want to cut off his nuts" comment, but his use of the dreaded n-word played right into the hands of his critics and makes him look like a hypocrite.

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Jackson tries to explain himself in Chicago July 9.

Column: Cold blast from the past

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Chilly neighborhood reception greets Mount Greenwood Seven at elementary school they integrated 40 years ago

Column: The Mount Greenwood Seven

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Seven black students recall braving the racist crowds who protested their transfer to Mount Greenwood school in '68

AMA's apology to black doctors

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AMA's formal apology to black doctors for discriminatory polices that kept them from participating in the group was powerful and timely.

Time Out

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If you have a personal request, or question, please send it to, or call me at my office. I'm available during regular business hours at 312-321-2585.

Also, you can also join me for a Live Chat every Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. at

Jesse Jackson's ugly comments

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It's not clear to me why the Rev. Jesse Jackson seems not to have learned from his mistakes.

Although this isn't the first time Jackson has been critical of Obama, it is the first time he has suggested Obama should be taken to task for allegedly "talking down" to black voters.

Call it trash talking. Call it disrespect. Call it wrong. But it was definitely deja vu.

Unequal justice?

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There's a perception among many in the African-American community that black and brown citizens are subjected to harsher treatment than whites by the criminal justice system. You may or may not agree. But how do you explain an incident, described for us by a professional African-American woman who witnessed the chain of events while waiting for the No. 6 CTA bus:

What she saw:

A dingy gold Ford Explorer stopped short in on Lake Park Boulevard in left lane just after going through a green light. The driver of the Explorer jumps out and stomps over to another SUV (a Honda) that had screeched to a halt just behind him. It's about 3:25 in the afternoon. Explorer yells, "You cut me off." Honda driver rolls down his window and argues back. A war of words ensues.

Column: Media's bias is showing

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What happened to Yasmin Acree, a 15-year-old girl who vanished from her West Side home on Jan. 15?

Yasmin, who is the niece of the Rev. Ira Acree, a local activist and outspoken critic of the Chicago Police Department, hasn't been seen since.

"At 15 years old, the only way she could take care of herself is if an adult is harboring her," Acree said. "If that's the case, it is illegal, and it is criminal."

In a five-part series last year, Sun-Times reporter Maudlyne Ihejirika wrote that 54 people, on average, are reported missing each day in Chicago. Just 2 percent of missing juveniles have been abducted.

But Yasmin doesn't appear to fit the profile of a teen who would run away.

Michelle Obama is being stereotyped

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I'm not surprised that whites have an unfavorable view of Michelle Obama, but it's their problem, not hers.

Column: One of the good guys

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At a time when families were preparing to enjoy the long holiday weekend, the unthinkable happened.

Richard Francis, 60, a veteran Chicago Police officer, was shot to death when he responded to a disturbance outside of a CTA bus.

Francis was alone in a squad car when he was flagged down by a CTA bus driver.

On Tuesday morning, a caller left a message on my voice mail with an urgent request: "Please dig a little deeper into the Curtis Cooper death," the unidentified woman asked. "White residents don't want black residents in CHA property to come over to their property. The fence was really illegal. Nobody is talking about why a fence was put up in the first place. It was to separate the blacks from the whites."

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