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What is likely to become of Ralph Nader's attacks

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Remember, Bob Johnson--the avid Clinton supporter who made his fortune by putting black booty shakers on TV?

He was the first prominent black man to say publicly that Obama, whose mother was a white woman from Kansas and father was an African from Kenya, hadn't done as much as Hillary Clinton has done to help blacks. He also claimed that Obama wouldn't have been the front-runner in the primary race if he had not been black.

The criticism against Johnson in the black community was so fierce, a local businesswoman was forced to cancel an annual breakfast fund-raiser because she had invited Johnson as the keynote speaker. Black people in corporate positions who had the clout to fill up tables at about $100 a seat balked at supporting Johnson.

Tavis Smiley, the celebrity commentator who was a fixture on the popular syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show saw his star take a dive after he used his air-time to criticize Obama for not showing up at enough black events, i.e., Smiley's annual State of the Black Union. Smiley also did regular rants against Obama, accusing him of not being attentive to issues involving African Americans.

The backlash from Joyner's audience forced Smiley off the show.

I resent that Nader is holding Obama to a higher standard than he is holding John McCain the Republican nominee? What are we supposed to take from this-- that McCain is running to be President of White America and Nader is the only person in the race qualified to be President of the United States?

Nader's attempt to exploit black insecurities is insulting.

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