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Leave Jeremiah Wright alone!

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I'm on the third day of a six-day bus tour through Pennsylvania as part of the media contingent covering the Obama campaign, and I have heard only one voter mention the name of Jeremiah Wright. Even then, the young white male dismissed the controversy as irrelevant.

So why is the media still on to this story?

Wright hasn't said anything about race relations and America's history than what has been said by a lot of other black preachers (and a few white ones). Yet he is being punished by the media with a high-tech lynching.

Last week, Wright had to cancel two speaking engagements, and when he showed up at St. Sabina to celebrate Maya Angelous' 80th birthday, the media used his appearance to re-ignite the controversy.

The furor over his remarks should have ended by now.

On the other hand, the media have given Sen. Hillary Clinton a pass for lying about dodging sniper fire in Bosnia.

People who are concerned about Wright can no longer remain silent. At 7:00 p.m. Monday night, friends and supporters of Wright will hold a rally and prayer vigil at Trinity United Church of Christ to show support for their church and their retired pastor.

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Not only leave Wright alone, but stop using clippets from wonderful sermons to demonize such a great man. I am atheist, and only went on the internet to listen to my first sermon since childhood to satisfy my curiousity about the furvor that had been raised. The "God or Country" sermon was enthralling, and I listened appreciatively to Reverend Wright soar and mew and speak softly and strike up the band with a voice of pronouncements. The sermon deserves to be heard and treasured by all who have seen George Bush, Gonzales, Cheney etc. bludgeon the population with fears and use the divisiveness to oust basic citizen rights, make torture acceptable all in the name of God, who I understand from George W. daily speaks to him. That Governments lie, steal, rob and deny liberties is the substance of Wright's sermon.
That those in power loudly speak that their God has sanctioned and blessed the killing of innocents is the focus of the oft looper "No, not God Bless America" sung by the government of power, but "God damn America"... When God finds himself confused with the powers of Government.

I hope that should Obama become President, that he replays this sermon over and over to remind himself, when he wields the power, that all Governments have Lied. If he finds that iffy, I trust Michelle just might slap him along side the head and remind him of Government by the people and that noone, not him, not Reverend Wright, not Hitler, not Mugabe has a wireless tuned to a God.
Violence begets Violence... It's there in you Shakespeare too!

I, as a non-believer in any of the Gods in who name slaughters have been blamelessly carried out, would rise and stand with Reverend Wright anyday. He is to me America Singing.

And so is Obama.

The games people play. The smear campaign continues for mr. obama and i, but now the new twist has included pastor Wright. Question, why was it ok for the media and a coalition of white people to smear my name, but you are so angry at them for doing it to pastor Wright. Wrong is wrong. Anyway there is one thing that can stop the smear campaign against Pastor Wright, but it may inflame people to murder me or hurt Mr. obama's chances at the white house, so be aware. Please ask the media, clinton and people, Why is it ok for them to remain faithful to the catholic church in the wake of all the misconduct and sexual abuse at the hands of priest, but mere thoughts of one black man causes people to become angry. I would think sexual abuse is something much more serious. This is why they hate me Mary, the power of reasoning along with the ability to stand up and alone. No matter what they do my family and I have won. We have gained spiritual peace and working towards everlasting peace.

Um, Ms. Mitchell, I believe Senator Obama isn't helping himself in consenting to answer further queries about the matter, such as publicly talking about his family's decision to remain at Reverand Wright's church because of the latter's 'repentence' over his controversial statements. The Senator seems to have enough easy grace and coolness in his personality to be able to smile at any future question on Reverand Wright anywhere, whether private or public, and simply say 'I'm sorry, but I have already answered enough questions on my church and pastor. Please, another subject.'

I think Obama will more strongly disavow Wright after he gets the nomination - doing so now will only alienate his black constituency. If he disavows when pitted against McCain, he likely won't lose much since McCain won't get anything out of it.

For you to dismiss this is really comical. After all, Wright's preachings are more cult-like than Christianity-based.

I also think that this BEAT-DOWN of a MAN-of-GOD is ridiculous, we know that if Senator Obama was not a REAL THREAT to Senator Clinton all these allegations over a few words attributed to Rev Wright would not be a issue. I applaud Senator Obama for not attacking Rev. Wright but for his stand-up courage in renouncing the message attributed to Rev. Wright, and for the record I would like to see what real Church-Goers can honestly say that their MAN-of-GOD has never said anything that could be misleading to others who did not know the real meaning of the message. HELLO !


In response to Senator Obama Message to the African American Fathers.

Why polarise us like that in public? Yes and I do men us all.
Are we to wear a badge stating who we are as Fathers? Whether good or bad.

When people see me are they to think of your speech and am I to raise the flag of me being a good father?

To be questioned or comments like that are in itself unwarranted on the public stage of a man running for President in the United States.

When a search warrant is put out for a suspect that is African American, Senator Obama would be picked up for a line up like the rest of us in the vicinity if he were not known.

This is what it means to be African American, we are judged by the Color of our skin not by who our other (White) Ancestors are, to whom by the way would be the First Dead Beat Dads in America.
So those that follow that trait through slavery, got it honest.

I never hear any other culture call out it's own publicly with blanket statements as I do the African American. Yes, it is time for change!

Change from the times where your Great Contributions to Humanity are often unspoken on the Big Stage. Change from the times were you can easily find an African American to publicly attack another.

So remember Senator, My Vote (Or the African American Vote) is not obligatory....It still has to be won.

I'm glad he shut up!!!

As an activist in Chicago, I fully understand why Obama joined Reverend Wright's church and the fact that Reverend Wright's place in the scheme of life has been totally distorted. If people would simply take in the conversation that Reverend Wright had with Bill Moyers, they might understand something about "prophesy." Unfortunately what people have taken as "prophesy" is some interpretation of words from "prophets" that label the "prophet" as a fortune-teller rather than a preacher of metaphors to explain things that were actually happening at the time that the "prophesy" was professed. That is the type of "prophetic" ministry that Jeremiah Wright practiced in the tradition of Jeremiah, Amos, Isaiah, and others.

But, as for the press, I was disappointed to hear Dick Kay and Andy Shaw say that while they knew what kind of person Jeremiah Wright actually is and have heard similar "hyperbole" throughout their careers reporting the news in Chicago, it was not their job to explain to anyone what the context of such preaching is. I think it is their job--since other people who have no knowledge of life in Chicago clearly wouldn't "get it," but it is dishonest to let the "chickens come home to roost" quote to be floated over and over again without pointing out that the quote was actually directly from a former ambassador to Iraq! Jeremiah Wright, like Jeremiah the Hebrew prophet, was simply pointing out that the policies of the government of his particular home country was bringing destruction on itself by it own actions. Wright was talking about the U.S. and "terrorism" while Jeremiah was talking about the Babylonian destruction of Judea in which a significant part of the population was taken away to Babylon.

For Obama, the attraction was Social Justice work that is done through these prophetic ministries. Food pantries, clothing, job training, fighting recidivism, working to get more just conditions for people in legal and other types of trouble, various types of counseling, and anything else that the preacher can help supply to the Community is provided. Persons doing Social Justice work get resources from these churches to push forward with their causes. The press should be ashamed of itself for continuing to play small sound-bites out of context for days and weeks at a time. It was none other than a set of lies. And, for the most part, nobody is all that interested anyway when they look at the politics of Obama vs. McBush. Oh, I mean McCain...sorry.

I didn't think Obama supporters were going to make it through the Jeremiah Wright flack or the Father Pfleger comments but we did y'all. Run Obama Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A nation of hypocrits. I am tired of good people being admonished for telling the truth. Are we intelligent, reasonable human beings? It is obvious that Rev. Wright does not hate America. It is obvious that he is not a racist. He spoke the truth about what has and is happening in America. I get tired of a certain group of people telling us (people of color) to forget about the atrocities of slavery. Our position in society today is a direct result of slavery. The subtle changes, in regard to racism in this country, have only come recently. I was born in the 60s and even then there were places with "whites only" signs on the front door and on water fountains, etc. That was just 40 years ago. Black contractors cant compete fairly with white contractors because many of the white businesses have had the benefit of almost a hundred years (in some cases) of doing business. Those years have established these businesses in such a way that they have had long relationships with banks and suppliers making their costs to do business much lower than the up and coming black contractors. So, when they competitively bid, the white contractors will most likely be lower than the black contractors. That is not a fair opportunity and this situation is directly related to hundreds of years of discrimination. Even banks and bonding companies currently discriminate against black contractors. When you have not had opportunity for hundreds of years because of a concerted effort to keep you out, DONT TELL ME TO FORGET ABOUT THE PAST!

Isn't it time to take this blog headline off the front page of the news. What a clever way to keep promoting the guy who wants to change our National anthem to "happy days are here again" please remove this now!!!!!Obama and his people will ruin the country for the majority of the white folks and return a welfare system that the Blacks love so very much. I do not want higher taxes to better the lazy.

He's a nut bag.

People need to understand that the church is a place for God's word to be taught and not a place for foolishness. People come to church to be healed, delivered and encouraged. I guess my question is...Did the sermon align with the teachings of God? and would Jesus himself have taught the same message. Pastor's need to come out of their flesh and understand that it is not about's about God. We as a people bring a lot of things on ourselves...The power of life and death are in our tongues.


Please, take a look at the front page of The New York Times on June 20, 2008 - that's right!!!! It's Rev. Jeremiah Wright shaking hands with with a smiling and grinning President Bill Clinton.

He is racist. If it were McCain's preacher saying black people are the cause of diseases, McCain would be run out of Washington. Racial double-standards do not make up for past racial biast.

Before I go on to the politics and religion, I would like to tell you about two women I met.

I am caucasian and I've met two women, one black and one white. I overheard the black woman say to the white woman that she is for McCain. I thaought that was unusaul because I found the majority of blacks to go democrat. This black woman says whites are only voting for Obama because they're trying to get rid of a guilt for what they've done to blacks during slavery. I'm only for Obama because I believe in him, not because he's black and I'm trying to get rid of a guilt. I wasn't there and niether were my ancestors. Caucasian people originated from Europe, and they didn't come here to America till after World War I, when communist took over. It was the spaniards who brought the blacks from Africa and treating them like slaves.

Politics and Religion don't mix! Let Obama stick with the politics, and let the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Father Michael Pfleger stick with saving souls.

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