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Dirty Tricks?

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When I first heard that Michigan and Florida would be stripped of delegates because of the states' decision to hold early primaries in violation of DNC rules, I knew this would come back to haunt Democrats. Understandably, Sen. Hillary Clinton has been quietly calling for the delegates to be seated at the convention since she won both states (her name was the only name on the ballot in Michigan).

What I didn't expect was that the battle over this controversy would be waged by black leaders and politicians.

The following letter dated February 13, was sent to Tavis Smiley asking him to reconsider his decision not to let Michelle Obama stand in for her husband at the 2008 State of the Black Union forum in New Orleans.

Why--when Sen. Barack Obama is on a roll in the Democratic Primary,--is talk show host and commentator Tavis Smiley stirring up a debate over Obama's decision not to participate in Smiley's 2008 State of the Black Union forum on February 23?

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