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Chicagoans in South Carolina

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Danyelle America, a former South Sider, was outside the William-Brice stadium in Columbia, S.C. talking to people about voter registration on Sunday. She estimates that about 700 people got help with address changes and other administrative glitches that could keep them from voting in the primary.

"There are some of the biggest churches here, and the pastors are supporting Hillary," said America. "They ought to be ashamed of themselves. Half of the people in the churches are poor and lower class. You got people walking around here who aren't just poor, they are starving," she said.

I'm supporting Obama because I believe he can make a difference," America told me. "I try to plant a seed everywhere I go, but I'm here because I choose to be. If things get too hard, I'm leaving. "

Cheryl Woodhouse is also a native of Chicago. A graduate of Hirsch High School, she joined the Army when she graduated in 1979. After retiring in 2005, she settled in Columbia. She's been involved with the Obama campaign for about a year.

"I still work for the government and you know for me to take off from work, being here has to be worth it," Woodhouse said.

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Since we only get updates here every 4 months; this is off topic. Nonetheless- straight from the horses mouth...;jsessionid=935EDB8DCA663221A87871B3B8C50291?contentId=5084794&version=1&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1

And I qoute "character is not the issue, color is..." "White kids don't get killed in Chicago, white people don't get killed..." and on and on it goes.
Of course Mary wouldn't even care about qualifications or character of the person, she just sees people as black or white. Who cares if a black person can't do the job, he's black!!!


Bill, that was an intelligent post, right on my man. Now on to Obama, Winfrey's endorsement won't bring too many new voters to Obama's side. Although I hope it does because the Republicans would much rather run against Obama than Hillary. Let me ask any of you pinko liberals this. What state would Obama win that Gore and Kerry did not win to put him over the top? Will a half black Obama win Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennesse, South Carolina? Not a snowball's chance in hell. In fact, Obama would quite possibly lose Illinois to a republican because there is a lot more to Illinois than the south & west sides of Chicago. Remember, three years ago Jack Ryan was only 7 or 8 points behind Obama when he dropped out of the race in May of 2004.

Question: Does the size of one's pocketbook matter as much as:
1. The source of those funds?
2. Their commitment to helping the poor?
3. Their commitment to helping the middle class?
Skin color and genitalia mean very little to me when it comes to trying to get REAL change effected--Edwards is the best person for that--Kucinich would be, but apparently short men who lived in cars as kids with their family aren't good copy. Edwards was truly poor. Imagine his grandma taking a break from the mill to fly to Hawaii to beg for a loan from Obama's grandmama for chemo. Only Edwards' healthcare plan is truly universal. Make a decision about politicians that is not hate-based. Not all skin is kin, said Zora Neal Huston,

To all those black supporters of Hillary Clinton who think she can make more of a difference for black people than Barack Obama - WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Do you these black supporters seriously think that Hillary will initiate and promulate more of an agenda for social change that will benefit blacks, especially the poor and unemployed, than Obama? Do these black supporters really think that a Hillary Clinton presidency will make more of a significant difference in their lives than a Barack Obama presidency? Do these blacks seriously think that Hillary will appoint more blacks to positions in federal departments, commissions and to federal judgships than Obama? Presently, there are over 800 vacanies alone on the federal bench. Who is likely to appoint more blacks to these judgships - Hillary or Obama? Considering that Hillary's husband, former President Bill Clinton's record for appointing blacks to federal departments, comissions and judgships is not all that impressive, how can these black supporters think that Hillary will do any better? I am sick and tired of hearing black women say that the reason they intend to vote for Hillary is because they would like to see a woman in the white house. What about electing your own - a black person into the white house? This is the first time since the election of George Washington to the U.S. presidency that blacks have had a bona fide black person run for president. After primary wins in Iowa and South Carolina, Obama has to be considered as having a legitimate chance at capturing the Democratic nomination. Granted, more primary victories have to come for Obama especially on super Tuesday (February 5, 2008), but at least now he can no longer be considered as merely a dream candidate (ala, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton). For those blacks who think they are making history by voting the first woman president into the white house - WHAT ABOUT YOUR OWN BLACK HISTORY? Blacks have an opportunity to vote the first seriously acceptable consensus black candidate into the presidency in our nation's history. This has to be more of a greater accomplishment than to vote the first "white woman" into the presidency. I would venture to say that from Hiram Revels, the first black U.S. Senator, and Joseph Hayne Rainey, the first black U.S. Congressman, and all the black leaders that have served this country, to name only a few - Adam Clayton Powell, Shirley Chisom, Barbara Jordan, Martin Luther King, A. Phillip Randolph, Medgar Evers, Roy Wilkins, Malcom X, Thurgood Marshall, Patricia Roberts Harris, Ralph Bunche, and many others, they would most likely say to blacks, make the most of this opportunity. To those blacks and other ethnic voters who say Obama lacks experience to be preseident, I ask that they remember John Kennedy who also had little experience before he was elected president in 1961. Mary, the point that I am trying to make in this little expose is that it is now time for black people to rally behind Barack Obama, not only because he is one of us, but rather he really can make a significant difference in our lives.

Where did Mary get the Medusa wig?

It's not a Rezko card anymore than OJ played a race card--please. The prosecution did not have a case on OJ. How disheartening it is to see that little bit of pop culture still resurfacing.
Why don't voters have a right to know if the guy they might campaign for can make it against the repugs? If Obama would just SIT DOWN with Carol Marin (your colleague) and answer the three big questions:,CST-EDT-carol30.article
then he could prove to this voter that he has the stuff to go the distance.
Until then, I'm voting for Edwards Feb. 5th. A campaign suspendede is not a campaign ended. This column is shamelessly pushing a candidate. And that ought to be wrong--particularly when it's leading some first time voters down the primrose path. Obama jumped into an SUV that peeled out of a parking lot in front of a tv news crew, tires squeeling. He needs to show some maturity. And you should be encouraging him to do so. Calling someone racist for bringing up a legitimate issue is really bush league stuff.

Don't know if this blog is still up and running but thought I would ask a question. Ms. Moderator, since you might have some connections through the media and might know if this is true. Is there any truth to the rumor I heard that Jon Burge was Obama's volunteer coordinator in the Florida primary two days ago?

Hilary Clinton won 3 to 1 the Hispanic votes in Nevada. This was even though the unions with heavy Hispanic membership endorsed Obama (but the leadership is not Hispanic--sort of like the SEIU with heavy Jewish and far left influence in predominantly Black and Hispanic unions) So the white and Jewish union bosses endorsed Obama but the rank and file mostly Hispanic union members went with Clinton.

In Florida Clinton also won the Hispanic vote for the Democratic nomination over Obama. In the Republican primary John McCain won the Hispanic vote in Florida which won Florida for him over John McCain. The knock on Obama in Florida besides voting to build a wall on the Mexican border is he has no experience with the Hispanic community.

Jesse Jackson Jr here in Chicago talks about a Black/Brown alliance but it is only Browns supporting Blacks and never the other way around at least not for Jesse Jr or most of the other official Black leadership (with some exceptions). There was much ado about billboards with Congressman Luis Gutierrez for now Judge Joy Cunningham over the slated white candidate and a Black/Brown alliance but there was no corresponding Black support for Brown only Brown support for Black.

Some interesting notes are that:
1. There are NO Hispanics elected Statewide at large. NONE, ZIP, ZILCH, ZIPPO, ZEROE.
Never a Governor, Treasurer, Lite Governor, Comptroller or Secretary of State. African Americans have had Roland Burris and Jesse White.
There has never been a major Hispanic candidate supported by the Democratic party for these offices.

The Countywide offices also have no Hispanic elected office holder except for Commissioner Frank Avila of the MWRDGC which is an important but relatively obscure office. Only 1. The African American community has representation in the County Board President (even if it is controlled by John Daley), the Recorder of Deeds, and Clerk of the Circuit Court out of the major offices and two of the 9 MWRDGC Commissioners. There are no Hispanics in any of the major posts and only 1 Hispanic at the MWRDGC.

Commissioner Avila endorsed Barack Obama and has made calls to California for Barack Obama.
However, Senator Ricky Hendon is supporting two candidates one black and one white and targetting him for defeat uniquely so if Senator Hendon is successful there will be no Hispanics on the MWRDGC board and none at all at any post countywide in Cook County. None.

Similiarly, Congressman Danny Davis (who has received Hispanic support) is not supporting any Hispanics and has a separate almost all Black slate. There is a Soul Slate that is all Black.
Professor Starks has an all Black slate. Congressman Jackson is not supporting any Hispanics and is even targetting for defeat Commissioner Jose Berrios of the Tax Board of Appeals and Commissioner Avila of the MWRDGC.
If Jose Berrios and Frank Avila were to lose there would be NO representation of Hispanics at any level of government. The Assessor who is targetting Jose Berrios for defeat (Jose Berrios appeals his tax assessments) has almost no Hispanics working in his office with estimates from 1 to 3% while the population is 20 to 25% in the city and growing.

Judge Jesse Reyes (the only slated Hispanic judicial candidate) is not getting the commensurate Black support that now Judge Joy Cunningham got from the Latino community. There has NEVER been a Judge elected Countywide at large who is Hispanic. Out of the 200 or so judges in Cook County only 8 are Hispanic. Where is Jesse Jackson or Danny Davis or Ricky Hendon to elect a Hispanic Judge for judicial diversity or fairness.

Jose Berrios is the only elected official from a district that is 1/3 of the County that employs Hispanics in any great numbers in his office. Hispanics are non existent in County government with less than 4% and with 1 or 0 (NONE) in some areas. Hispanics supported John and Todd Stroger but minority only means Black to them and there is no diversity for other minorities.
If Jose Berrios loses there will be no Hispanic representation on issues dealing with property taxes and dozens of Hispanic men and women who lose jobs.

Commissioner Frank Avila is an interesting example of lack of reciprocity to the extent you can vote for THREE in the MWRDGC rotating Board member race.
So Commissioner Avila a licensed Engineer and the only Hispanic in the race or on that Board is not even on the top three of the supposedly liberal and committed to diversity Congresswoman Jan Shakowsky or Commissioner and leading in the polls candidate for State's Attorney Larry Suffredin.
The Cook County States Attorney has very few Hispanic attorneys and deals with Hispanics and some say heavy handedly yet Larry Suffredin is not supporting a slated, qualified, and sole Hispanic--not even when he has three choices. Hispanics have given significant Republican votes in past national elections and McCain has a Hispanic following yet Shakowsky is trying as a national leader and Democratic leader and Congresswoman to in one election to eliminate ALL HIspanic representation. NONE. No Hispanics allowed in Cook County.

Congressman Jackson, who wanted to be Mayor of a City that is 25% Hispanic and growing is also oppossing every Hispanic running for office and two Hispanic incumbents one who supported him on his races and his allies (Commissioner Avila)

Anita Alvarez (a non slated non incumbent) is not getting any support by even her fellow Hispanics despite her arguably superior credentials (she has been a prosecutor even longer than Bob Milan) She is considered an outstanding attorney and comptetent prosecutor without scandal and came in after the Area 2 scandals. She is the only female running. She is the only Hispanic running. It seems that being female only counts when you are trying to get into office without credentials for a MWRDGC seat or a Judge seat. It seems that diversity does not include Hispanics. Anita Alvarez is uniquely qualified but there is no Brown slate, or Spanish slate corresponding to the Rev. Sampson Soul Slate.

How can Congressmans Jan Shakowsky and Jesse Jackson be national leaders and attempt to eliminate any Hispanic elected officials???
This is not leadership and if it were against groups they more closely identify with it would be racism and anti-semitism. But being against Hispanics is OK and the media doesn't care.

Sen Ricky Hendon is making racist and religiously bigotted statements against an American of Indian (east) descent yet the media says nothing. Silence on lies and explicit racist statements. Ricky Hendon is trying to eliminate Hispanics at the MWRDGC and the Tax Board of Appeals but that is not considered racist.

The Democratic Leadership may not worry about the Hispanic sleeping giant because they repeat the apparently accurate mantra that Hispanics don't vote, that the people don't care, and their leaders are bought off. If you make an anti-Black or anti-Jewish statment or opposse their candidates than that is bad and makes a front page story--but being anti-Hispanic is the last allowable racism and discrimination in America.

Barack Obama could lose the nomination because of lack of reaching out to Hispanics.
The Democratic Party may have a shock without any Hispanic elected officials.
The so called liberals like Shakowsky and Suffedin who supposedly believe in diversity do not include Hispanics in that Diversity.

The Rainbow of Jesse Jackson Jr is only Black unless you have Green (money) and than you can buy your way in like Larry Suffedin did.

The Hispanics running Countywide are:
Anita Alvarez for State's Attorney
Frank Avila for MWRDGC (slated and incumbent)
Jesse Reyes for Judge (sitting associate judge and slated for Countywide seat)
Many people are trying to get all three to lose. Even the incumbents and slated candidates.
Jose Berrios represents a District that is 1/3 the County and is the only Hispanic involved in the issue of taxation.

If the Cong Shakowsky, Cong Jackson, Sen Ricky Hendon cabal plan works---There will be NO (NONE, ZILCH, ZIP, ZERO) Hispanics in any political offices at all in Cook County NONE. That is racism pure and simple. That is also stupid politics--maybe not now--but in the future.

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