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Andrew Young's disgusting comments

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I understand that elderly people can get pretty feisty in their senior years, but Andrew Young's comments about Sen. Barack Obama were disgusting, especially since Young is a civil rights icon. In an interview posted online, Young, 75, said Bill Clinton "is every bit as black as Barack" and "He's probably gone with more black women than Barack."

How Young, a former United Nations ambassador, went from Barack being too young to become President, to Hillary being the best candidate because "Bill is every bit as black as Barack" is beyond me. But Young's comments show what Barack Obama is up against. Instead of being ashamed of Clinton's sexual escapades in the White House, Young apparently thinks Clinton's philandering, and the fact that Hillary put up with it, makes Clinton an authentic black man. Although Young was quick to tell the interviewer he was "clowning," and got a few laughs from his audience, he disgraced himself and his legacy.

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Wait...aren't YOU the one who asked if Obama was "black enough"???

Careful what you ask might not like the answer especially answers like this!

Ha! This is funny. How can you take offense to this? Bill Clinton was named the 'First Black President' already, but what the NAACP or some organization of the like...and like JT said, you are the one who asked if Barack is 'black enough', and roundly got slapped in the media by Michelle Obama the very next day!

I thought Young's statements were pretty funny.

Hi Ms. Mitchell, don't worry about the old guys, new blood is changing the old guard whether they want it or not. These guys are similar to that older uncle who still go out to the nightclubs, and there is nothing but twenty and thirty-somethings hanging out and he look like their grandfather...AND still using pick-up lines from a long time

2008 will be here in a few days and this nightmare will be over and have passed them then again 2008 brings on new challenges and we simply have to be prepared to do battle.

But jokingly if it ain't Hog Nutts (Beavers) screaming loudly it is No Nutts (A. Young) flubbing jokes....Damn we got to get these geezers out of the lime-light, and onto a farm where they can romp freely without harming themselves and others....

Now on to a serious nature, it is not the elder states-persons fault when floundering at times, it is the fact the younger generation has not PUSHED them for more change and when the elders cannot achieve it, MOVED THEM OUT OF THE WAY SO THE YOUNGER ONES CAN HAVE A TURN AT BAT....Our older politicians, civil rights leaders, and yes SOME REVERENENDS are in the WAY of CHANGE!

Keep writing, smiling and punching hard Mary, people don't know what to make of it when you put all three of them together. (AND YOU KNOW I ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST CRITICS - BUT LET SOMEBODY MESS WITH YOU, I come to your defense don't I?)

Good Bless Sista,

I totally agree with you Mary, Young did make an ass out of himself. Obama has to deal with "Old Fools" as well as The White Male population. This mountain can be climbed, because change is sitting on top of that mountain. The Neocons, have basically ran the U.S. into the ground. The puppet(President Bush) has accomplished what he was elected to do. Lower taxes for the Wealthy and start a war for the Wealthy. The rich are raking in Millions on this war. Remember, War means Money!! From the boots to the Bullets and Tanks. Someone has that contract! and you better believe, that person isn't for the people, he's for Large Bussiness. So when the next president is elected from the democratic party, and it will be a Democrat. He/she will have an enormous mess to clean up. This mess might take 4 years or 8 years to clean up! Then Americans will vote an Conservative Republican right back into the White House!It sounds stupid as hell, but Americans have short memories.So when the Democrats take the office, they should look out for the working class and the poor. We deserve a break.

Yes the comments were out of place but VERY true. Obama is black but I believe most of his associates, business partners and past girlfriends are most likely white and not black. Does it make a difference in terms of his politics, NO! Will, I vote for him, NO! In my opinion he is another politician who says what people want to hear and at the end of the day he must do what the money tells him to do! As a black woman I am hoping for a true change by voting for Hillary the woman.

Why is it that all of the "We Shall Overcome" negroes seem to be scared to 'overcome'? Barack Obama is the perfect choice to lead this nation and any clear thinking individual can see this. From John Lewis' snub on the commemorative march on the Edmund Pettus Bridge or the Rev. Jackson's household split between Obama and Clinton, it is clear to me that some of our supposed leaders have become to scared to lead for fear of how they will be treated by the very peoples that we should be overcoming.

We should be talking about love and not skin color. It's all about Love! It's love that matters. We need leaders who love and care, especially for the disadvantaged and poor people.

Puh-leeze, "every bit as black,.."! How about Martin Luther King's DREAM? "I look to a DAY when PEOPLE will not be JUDGED by the COLOR of their SKIN but by the CONTENT of their CHARACTER."

What a pipe dream!! It wasn't so long ago when you had multitudes of "Chestershire Cat Smiling" Negroes young and old, high fiving,back slapping at the mere mention of Bill CLINTON being the first Black President. Now we have the young and restless who are waiting in the wings to take charge of what might be left of a movement......waiting? why wait? If these suppose leaders of the future, can do no more then wait, until the old guard hands off to them the reins of power and or influence
who need them? Once again we have Negroes waiting around until somebody GIVE THEM SOMETHING. The old guard who seized the moment without waiting for popular opinions or approval, did what they had to do, when they had to do it. Yes, there is a time for change, an upgrade, But not by those who think they should sit idlely by in the shadows, waiting and hoping with baited breath that someone suppose to hand off to them a pre approved stamp of acceptances and legitimacy. What we need are leaders, not clones of fashinable dressed photo-op personalities, trying to be seen with all the right people, at all the right places. The very reason why they are called leaders, is because they don't have to wait until the collection plate is passed around to step forward.

Andrea...what makes you think that Hillary Clinton isn't also just another politician "who says what people want to hear"?

Just because she's a woman doesn't make her any more or less believable than any of the other candidates.

when as black or we going 2 said stop it is my turn !!!


I'm finding it hard to see why it is you find this so offensive. Why was it ok for Barack to use stereotypes to make a joke when asked if Bill was indeed the 1st black president at the SC debate?

Did Obama disgrace himself and his legacy too or are you just being selective in your outrage once again?

Talk all you want, Obama will never ever win the election for president.
A piture of him is burned in my mind of him turning his bak on the flag and refusung the pledge.
Last nite at State speech he turned his back on Clinton when she shook her hand of Teddy the swimmer,,,,HES GONNA BRING THE PARTIES TOGETHER??? RIGHT....MAYBE RESCOE CAN HELP HIM...

As Senator Barak Obama put it in the first place...CHANGE...CHANGE
CHANGE...Thats what America needs. Obama and his wife, Michelle are the epitome of what a future leader of our country needs.

Recently, I received a disturbing e-mail about some of Bill Clinton's now-departed associates.
If the info is only 20-30% accurate, I have some serious reservations about Bill & by association, Hillary.It seems that all the people mentioned in this message were involved in criminal activities associated with the Clintons. Most were either investigating or were being investigated. The alarming part was the their untimely deaths, either by gunshot or
by suicide. I don't know about you, but this gives me pause. I don't believe everything I see or read. Nonethless, this is chilling.

Barack for President

Mary, It’s very sad that Andrew has forgotten the struggle. Andrew Young is typical of a sell-out. Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton has been baiting us for decades, only using us for political gain. How can any minority except the Caucasian female not see that minorities are still in a struggle? As a minority, all you have to observe in America is the disproportionate needs of the majority vs. the minority. Who has the wealth? Who has the jobs over $100k a year? Who has the most executive positions in corporate America? Who receives the best home loans? Andrew Young has been blinded and duped by the majority.

Hi Mary:

Continue to keep us enlighten. This election is not about Obama, Clinton, McCain or any other politcian. This election is about change, change from the past into the future. Obama just happen to be the torch bearer. He has the vision, life experience in neogociating in unfriendly enviroments. Having the gift to make the right decisions based on the information researched, and a man of high morals even when lied upon to continue to take the high road. Yes, I will follow the person who inspires me to be what all Americans would like to think they are, GOOD and HONEST. I see that he is smart enough to surround himself with smart, intelligent people to provide him with excellent advise.

This is a movement for CHANGE the time has come for the young in age, and young at heart to step up to be ready to work and make life better. Obama is my choice.

You know what I hate? I hate that here we have TWO truly competent candidates and the republicans are going to get back in for another term because the dem.s are fighting. Ask yourself this,, how long before the campaign between Hillary and Obama becomes truly dirty? The repub.s have closed wagons behind McCain. The dem.s are fighting.

Re: Why people are feeling hopeless.

You have it entirely wrong. People feel hopeless because they expected the government to solve their problems, beginning with The New Deal two generations ago, and they're still waiting. But because slick politicians trumpet change and hope, they keep on board, waiting for government to keep them safe, feed them, guarantee them a job and a good retirement, health care, and on and on. When it doesn't happen, again and again, they get suckered into the next Obama Clinton "hope, change, I'll take care of you" charismatic candidate's soul selling rhetoric. No, Dear, People are waking up to the reality that they must be responsible for their own welfare and safety. Unfortunately, the 20% of the population who realize this, struggle to reach the 80% still hoping for a nanny state. You belong to the 80%.

Have a nice day dreaming of Obama.

Aren't you a senior citizen? Just because you're in love with Obama doesn't mean everyone else is. Bill Clinton was an excellent President....

Do you know how to write about anything not related to race or the Clinton's? What did you not like about the Clinton years in office--the peace or the prosperity. I find your column racist day in and day out! You sound like you're in love with Obama--Look out Michele.


It seems that one-time icon Andrew Young is losing his stature, as well as his mind. African-Americans who laud former-President Bill Clinton on the ill-informed, incomprehensible and ignorant idea that he is somehow "black" are superficial, shallow and stupid. Under the Clinton Adminstration - whose Cabinet was bereft of blacks in important positions - non-white people fared miserably. His evisceration of the "welfare system as we know it" left more blacks under the poverty line than under Reagan and Nixon combined. Sure, we don't want the poor lying around in bed all day, but Clinton's support of NAFTA didn't leave working-hungry blacks - and whites - with alternate job opportunities. Speaking of Bill, after leaving office, Clinton opened a 'Trojan Horse' office in Harlem on 125th Street that he never found time to occupy. And when his wife Senator Hillary Clinton realized that she couldn't beat Barack Obama fair and square, 'Arkansas Bill' and Hill' put on the sheets and made direct appeals to "hard working white people", after all, she said, "we don't want the college-educated and the elite to run this country" - no word on if they attended any cross-burnings. Finally, Mr. Old, er, I mean Mr Young, you shouldn't describe being black on how many black women you can seduce and favor your cigar. Are there thousands of black woman dying to drop to their knees in front of old Bill? Kind of makes me wonder, Andy, how did you find and treat qualified black female workers?

Andrew Young should be ashamed of himself. What is the problem with these So- Called Civil Rights Negros.

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