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Duane "Dog" Chapman said what he meant

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For a former hard-assed biker, Duane "Dog" Chapman is quite a wimp. The Dog, who hunts down humans for sport, is willing to bow and scrape before The Rev. Al Sharpton rather than own up to the racial slurs he made against his son's girlfriend, Monique Shinnery.

Listen to the bounty hunter's tirade.

Obviously, the Dog doesn't have the "utmost respect" for black people. What he has is the "utmost respect" for his revenue stream. On Wednesday, A&E suspended production of his show. This latest "outing" is a reminder that what you say in private can and will be held against you.

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you are a typical racist negro. if you people would quit being worrying so much about sticks and stones, maybe you could better devote your energies to getting jobs and getting off the hard working taxpayers backs.i think you are trying to be a female jess jackson and as he and sharpton,you are a complete failure.

I agree, he said what he meant. It shouldn't surprise anyone, when you consider the tone and statements made on these cop oriented shows, as well as various blogs. The bigger question for me is why do we want to be a part of their families anyway. If the parents feel this strongly about race, the girl will never be accepted. When you marry, you marry the whole family and their problems, not just the person. So why get involved with someone who's family will never accept you? She can't find someone else to love?

sure - Dog is a wimp, but Halle Berre can have the Tonight Show edit out her anit-semetic comments before airing - after blaming in on "one of her jewish assistants". sounds fair to me.

Mary Mitchell - One of the biggest race baiters I can think of. I am not excusing Dog Chapman's vile use of the so-called "N" word, but can you give the guy an ounce of credit for realizing the error of his ways.

Would you dare call him a 'Wimp' to his face? Should he be denied the right to earn a living in his chose profession(s) - Bail Recovery Agent & Reality TV Star, because a minority of the population had their feelings hurt by a word?

I missed you at the search for Stacy Peterson this morning, I guess her skin isn't dark enough for you to care.

Yeah, I agree, the DogMan has some issues. His closet isn't clean, as they say. But I wonder, when it took Jesse Jackson several weeks (your FELLOW Sun-Times columnists) to finally hone up to his disgraceful prejudice comments concerning jewish people in New York City, did you refer to him as a wimp? Remember "hymietown"? Or Dick Gregory's anti-semitic comments, blaming 9/11 on the jews? Or Isiah Thomas's racist comments towards Larry Bird? Because there is more dirty closets then just Chapman's.

Amazing, how the Chicago and other major city papers are too intimidated to report the Farrakhan story. But the local 'The Times' out of NW Indiana on Thursday, 11/1, did. Article by journalist Joe Carlson. The number of the paper for this writer is 219-662-5339. You probably can get the paper at

Oh yeah, unbelievable how your fellow journalists beat-up on the Bush daughters (drinking in an Austin, TX club) and to a lesser degree Al Gore's son. Yet, here we have Louis Farrakhan's son (Nasir) who has refused to pay a $350,000 lawsuit settlement against him after he slammed into another car on the Indiana Tollway and just took off (hit-and-run). And when caught it turns out he was under the influence of drugs. Oh yeah, this guy had previous problems for never reporting money he received from Nation of Islam members. I'm sure those members enjoyed having to give him the money. Yeah, right (LOL).

mary, obviously, duane chapman "dog" the bounty hunter, who, in my opinion, is lower than whale crap and we all know that it lies at the bottom of the ocean, is suffering from delusions of grandeur. despite the trashed-out mindset of the characters on the show, they still believe they are a cut above the young african-american lady who is the current love interest of their son/brother. although i've not seen her, i am willing to bet that she is alot prettier, cleaner, and healthier looking than that bunch of scrubs.

the fact that this was a private conversation as opposed to some public rant makes this incident less valid in my opinion. where is it written that someone isn't entitled to be a racist? there's no law against that. if the man doesn't like blacks, that's HIS right.

by the way, i am black myself. unlike you and most blacks, i am not offended by racism. racism is NOT my problem. it's the problem of the racist himself.

Ok, this is it. Since as a white male, everyone says I am racist, or sexist. Grow up america, i hear offenve stuff everyday, mostly from blacks, and political figures. Yet i forget about it, since that does notthing to prevent me from working hard for MY dream. If MY dream don't come true, it is my fault, not someones words or thoughts. Sharpton,Jackson, and all other so called Rev.'s need to go back and read the good book, and remember tolorance,forgiveness, and lend a helping hand.

Mary, isn't there more important things to worry and concern yourself with? such as the gangbangers killing away innocent victims,mostly kids.why don't you spend your time and energy on fighting the gangs in your black communities,instead of jumping on a white person every single time they say a racist comment,even though your own people use the so called n-word consantly.i really don't understsnd how you have a job,yourself,along with jesse and sharpton,are three of the biggest racist there are,there is such a double standard with you three it is pathetic!so quit worrying about a little word and worry about much more important issues. i would love to see you criticize a black person when they make racist comments,because it does happen quite often, but it is never a big deal,because in your thinking ,only white people can be racist!

Mary, In the interest of 'fair and balanced' journalism. Can you post the video clip of Halle Berry expressing how she looks like a Jew in one of her doctored picture, the picture of her with a big nose?? You know, the one that got edited out of the actual show, and none of you main stream liberals picked up on? I would love to hear your comments on it.

to magic: WELL SAID ! My feelings, also.

to Rudy: Thank you. I just find it unbelievable that this phony can get on his pulpit, say how horrible the Bush daughters were after one was caught underage drinking, yet has this poor excuse of a son. A son who hit-and-runs, drives under influence of drugs, is a tax-evader, is 48 years old and has never worked, and whom the Nation of Islam members are more or less ordered to give him envelopes of money every week. And isn't this the same man (father) who is always preaching self-responsibility, clean-life, etc.?

WoW, First of all,the blogger who goes by the name of Magic, what type of ignoramus are you. Maybe these words will ring a bell in your small intellectual concept of racism. Jim Crow, Slavery, Institutional Racism, Inadequate Housing as well as no child left behind crap, Must I go on. They had names for fools like you(Uncle Tom). To all the White people, who think it's Ok to use the N word because we use it. Your mistaken, you can't use the word because African Americans have taken the N word, flipped the whole concept and the negative meaning. To a laughable term, used amongst the African American community,(street slang). Now on the other hand, the young African American Hip Hop community, use the N word for record sales, and we all know who promotes and owns the Major record Industries, and their not African American's. I can't believe, that White People, with all the Education in the World are so stupid. Didn't college teach you about the Cass system, the Class system and low socioeconomics. There is nothing that any African American can say or do, to even come close to what White's have done to us in America. Remember Racism was started by White Folks. We didn't start racism, nor can we be racist. Racist form Laws and Rules, they have Power. African Americans have neither. But there are some things that we do have, and that Jesse, Sharpton and Mary Mitchell Blog page. I was always told by Older African Americans, that if Caucasians hate black leaders for standing up for their people,then their doing a great job. What that Hillbilly said is unacceptable. The greatest tragedy in American history, was White Supremacy! So if we (African Americans) get mad and upset over racial issue's, we have that right. This isn't the 60's.

Im never amazed at how mean and cruel people are during discussion. How the subject at hand always reverts to everyone's personal agenda and then they attempt to attack you on personal level than giving constructive criticism. One of the things that people must understand is that "freedom of speech" is allowed when you are not violating the rights others-period! Professional people must behave professionally-thats the job they get paid for. Nobody cares about your opinion at work, just do your job. Someone mentioned Isaih Thomas, Larry Bird-it has nothing to do with who you are but everything to do with where you are. I am not surprised that the Bounty Hunter or any of these "anonymous" bigots on your site even exists. Keep hiding but we see your work. How many times do we excuse people for saying "I'm Sorry"?????

Jean Butler: Racism isn't your problem? We're living in a day and age where people are hanging nooses and painting swatikas as if it were nothing. Thats what makes it YOUR problem because you become a victim too. Mary writes this column and people read it always addressing and attacking her color-not her opinions-her color!!

I have encounters day to day with people of all races and if there are disagreements, I don't lash out at their race, religion etc. All of you who do this are just plain sick.


If you're looking for this paper or this "journalist" to report a broad view of racism or race relations, you're barking up the wrong tree. Remember, this was the same person who asked "is Barack Obama black enough"?

nuff said...

Mary, I heard Chapman's rant and although he used the term (several times), he clearly remarked (several times)his concerns. His words did not echo hatred or racism but simply concern for his own business. If you employed persons that could jeopardize your career, would you take the necessary steps to protect it or let things fall where they may? If roles were reversed, you'd be apologizing too! As a matter of fact, although I get a kick out of reading your columns and blog, you should apologize for your character as a cloumnist.

Maybe there was no comment because brining up how YOUR own cousin looks is NOT I repeat not the same as saying 'stop dating that so and so or you can't come back in my house'. As for the black 'racists' I've said it before and I'll say it again payback sure does SUCK doesn't it!! Unless you acctually believe the load of malarky that YOU a-holes NEVER say negative things about black people hello you all STARTED IT!! Now you want to whine because you can dish it out but not take it oh boo-ohhy-hoo am I so supposed to feel 'sorry' for you because I don't and as for hypocrisy white people especially the media wrote the book AND take the cake. Bottom line what goes around comes around and now your hatred and bigotry is coming back to bite you on your fake,whiny,hypocrite asses. So chew on THAT while you complain about the double standards or better yet try a mirror.

Another thing as for Stacy Peterson if her husband is arrested for her murder are any of YOU going to be as 'outraged' as at a certain other person mentioned on this blog?!! Or go on your merry way the SAME way you do every time a white male is accused of something and if ANYTHING John the 90 percent white male media always covers up and ignores stories involving WHITE celebrities like the nasty,skanks either snorting and blowing every powder in sight or continuing their attempts at vehicular homicide. Like "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison I missed YOU at the vigil for the boy HE killed or is his skin TOO white for you?!! Black 'racist' HA well gosh,golly,gee wonder where on EARTH they could possibly get it from?!! Not the people with their seperate washrooms,drinking fountains,lynch barbecues,cross-burnings,hateful words,and never-ending determination to continue the hate all the while trying to pretend it DOESN'T exist. When THAT plan fails say oh well you all are TOO oh really I'm sure you have had to deal with SO MANY indinities from you people you NEVER even have to associate with. I'll be sure and inform Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell of that oh yeah miss you at THEIR vigil also.

Obviously the people on here who say ONLY white people pay a price for saying a racist comment are correct in their assertions. The fact that the moderator still is employed by the Sun-Times is an example of that. But the reaction of black people to Dog Chapman or Don Imus is very complimentary to me and my fellow white people. Black people's reaction to some words an insignificant guy like Chapman said in a private conversation shows how black people view us white people as God like. Chapman is not the President or the Governor or a U.S. Senator, therefore he has no influence over any important issues in this country. Yet, his words send blacks into an emotional tailspin because obviously blacks feel that the words of a white man, no matter how irrelevant he is, are important words. So I would just like to thank black America for putting us white people on such a high pedestal.

Why is everyone so shocked that these words came out of "Dogs" mouth? Anyone who watches the show can clearly see that when he is upset or excited he talks a big game, they are constantly bleeping out his derogatory remarks to the fugitives that he picks up. Do we just accept it because it is directed toward people that we consider to be beneath us? I do not condone any of his racial slurs and I personally do not speak that way towards others. I believe that his show should not be cancelled, he is the same person today that he was 5 years ago when they hired him to do the show. I think it is more tragic that his own son felt the need to expose his father that way to the public.

Bottom line is Chapman can say whatever he wants to, public or private. As a former military member, I fought for that right for all of us US citizens, regardless of race or gender. It's called free speech (even if it was an underhanded recording of a private conversation!). I don't uphold or support any kind of hate speech, but I also speak my mind. If you want restricted speech, please go to another country that prohibits free speech (China, Iran, Venezuela, etc.,) and I'm sure you won't find what you're looking for. A message for the people complaining about the usage of the "N" word--if you really want people to stop using the "N" word, stop using it yourself! It's really a good witness to say "don't use the n-word it's racist" when 90% of the hip-hop(yes this music is created and owned by African Americans) spews it out. Of course then the argument is "you don't have to listen to it change the channel...leave the area..." blah blah blah.
Some advice:
1. this is the US so speak freely without recourse (something about an amendment or something like that)
2. get the freakin' chip off your shoulder and's possible
3. if the word is so heinous, by all means, stop using the freaking word yourself. Color does not allow any special "immunity" for using the word....the word sucks so stop using it!

I believe that the bigotted remarks made by Duane "Dog" Chapman should have been made public. As an African-American I feel the same way about unsavory, bigotted remarks made by African-American public figures too.

The reason I believe Mr. Chapman should have been "exposed" is because of the type of work he does. He is in contact with people and has authority over people he apprehends. The public needs to know what type of character he has because this may influence how he conducts himself when doing his work. Just because someone is a crimminal does not mean that they should be subjected to being treated inhumanely. Which is something I now believe Mr. Chapman is very capable of doing after hearing the tape.

Mr. Chapman's triade about an African-American showed that he lacks the ability to be objective when confronting issues he has with African-Americans. If the person he was ranting about upset him, he should have attacked her character, the issue at hand but, NOT her race.

What I have been reading on this message board is very disturbing. Why does this have to turn into a check-and-balance debate among the races? The actions of Mr. Chapman should not be overlooked because of the dumb comments that Halle Berry said or vice-versa. As long as WE(all races) think with the "tit for tat" mentality and anger, we will never come together.
I thought we were here to dicuss Duane Chapman and our reflections about what he did. Let's stick to the topic people and review everything on a case-by-case basis!

Why is it every time a well known celebrity makes a racist comment it's a big deal! It's obvious from the responses that it's the norm for some people; un-educated people I should state! Name calling and tit for tat responses are childish at best! But, when that name has a history associated with it and an ingrained thought process passed down through generations it's hard to change people,and the behaviors associated with that thought process! So I would ask everyone to look in the mirror and ask themselves one ? Do I view all people the same? Your answer may suprize you. :)

we are all RACISTS to some degree. thats the nature of America. RACISM wont disappear, until America has a serious conversation about the subject ;-}

I recently read about Dog Chapman's comments. It appears he puts on a act like he is this great crusader on tv . As life goes what goes on in the dark comes to light .In Dogs case he has racists issues that he needs to clean up. As far as Halle Berry goes you can't draw between what she said & Dogs racists burst.I don't believe Halle is anti Jew or anyone else for that matter.For those to bring Halle into the Dog Chapman issue shows me how thin skin some of your bloggers are!

Mary are you lying about the recent poll results or just practicing your own brand of journalism

Although i tend to disagree with you often as I read your columns, this one you hit right. Not a doubt that when someones says what dog said, he meant it and he knows it.

From a poet from long ago...
What We Need
Edgar Guest

We were settin' there an' smokin' of our pipes, discussin' things,
Like licker, votes for wimmin, an' the totterin'thrones o' kings,
When he ups an' strokes his whiskers with his hand an' says t'me:
"Changin' laws an' legislatures ain't, as fur as I can see,
Goin' to make this world much better, unless somehow we can
Find a way to make a better an' a finer sort o' man.

"The trouble ain't with statutes or with systems--not at all;
It's with humans jest like we air an' their petty ways an' small.
We could stop our writin' law-books an' our regulatin' rules
If a better sort of manhood was the product of our schools.
For the things that we air needin' ain't no writin' from a pen
Or bigger guns to shoot with, but a bigger type of men.

"I reckon all these problems air jest ornery like the weeds.
They grow in soil that oughta nourish only decent deeds,
An' they waste our time an' fret us when, if we were thinkin' straight
An' livin' right, they wouldn't be so terrible an' great.
A good horse needs no snaffle, an' a good man, I opine,
Doesn't need a law to check him or to force him into line.

"If we ever start in teachin' to our children, year by year,
How to live with one another, there'll be less o' trouble here.
If we'd teach 'em how to neighbor an' to walk in honor's ways,
We could settle every problem which the mind o' man can raise.
What we're needin' isn't systems or some regulatin' plan,
But a bigger an' a finer an' a truer type o' man."

You are so willing to climb high up on that soap-box of yours. It seems that "Refocusing the blame" is your motive in almost every situation you see fit to write about. I understand that you as an African-American are entitled to certain right and I fully agree. However, what would your input be if it had been an 82y/o white women who had been tased? I bet that you wouldn't even get involved. You enable the African-American community to pass the buck. When it comes to their actions, you allow them to waive their accountabilty. I don't know where you bought your rose colored glasses, but you need to have them checked. Tell us about all of the African-American victims in US prisons. Please. I want to hear about how in everyone of them has been influenced by some white person. Let me guess, the white man buys drugs from the black drug dealer therefore enabling him to sell drugs? Right?
The white man screwed up the black mans credit, making him unable to finance a car. The white man pointed the gun at the 4th grader outside of the school.

I am glad we have the cops that we have. If it wasn't for them we'd have more "victims" for you to avenge.A state of lawlessness already exists. These "victims" of yours also kill cops,each other, family members and children. When they do this, you make sure that they have the ability to escape acountability.

Why is it when a white person is accused of child molestation 95%of the time they admit their own guilt? When a black man is accused of a shooting with 5 witnesses and fingerprints, it becomes a police conspiracy? My baby was set-up. My baby is a good boy or an honor student. Apparently, these parents don't see what there children do when they are not around.

I know for a fact that this will probably never be published. You will probably never even read it. I know one thing and one thing only, I at least said it.

The man said that this girl wants to catch us on tape saying n____.The girl caught him on tape saying n_____.The man said that this girl wants to sell said tape to the enquirer. The girl sold the tape to the enquirer. The man said that they would loose everything. They have at least for a while lost a show. Can I have his phone number, so he can say to me the next nubers in the lotto?LOL

If someone, black, white, red, or yellow, asks for forgiveness and seems to sincerely want to change, who are we to say no? We're not called on to judge someone's motivation or sincerity. We're called on to forgive. If you want to advance race relations in this country, that is the only attitude that will work.

I wonder that after Mr. Chapmans telephone conversation was posted, how many "offended" black people made racist comments under thier breath about him. Be the bigger person, let it go.

i am married to a black man and to be honest he treats me better than any one i have ever been with.Now about Dog 1st i love his show and hate that it is now off the air 2nd you know many people use the word nigg** but it dosn't mean they are talking about black people .from what the called sound like to my husband and i was like is person(girlfriend )was starting to start mess with in the family so Dog had to put a stop to it .Maybe he did go about it the wrong way but sometimes people get pist and say things they don't mean.So Coming from the Carter Home Dog We Still Love You .Jennifer Carter

Ms. Mitchell, as a regular listener to WVON, I hear many racist comments about white people, not only from their hosts, but also from many of their callers and especially from many of their guests, i.e. Dick Gregory, etc. I know you are quite aware of what and whom I am referring to because I've heard you on the station many times before when it might suit your purpose. In all fairness to you, however, I will say that on occasion one of the hosts will take you to task on that rare column you might write that doesn't suit their racist agenda. Here are just a few examples for the other bloggers, in case they do not listen to WVON. A "Pastor" Moore, commenting on the Don Imus situation, can say "I HATE Don Imus and ALL people that look like Don Imus!" And the host agreeing with him. That would mean ALL white people I'm guessing. A "pastor," a supposed Man of God, using the word HATE? Never heard a word about it in the news. And their gracious new news director, a Mr. Coz Carson, telling a white caller who presented him with some facts about a particular story that disagreed with Mr. Carson's false version of the story to "watch your mouth boy" and "go kick some rocks." Outragous! I guess his favorite way to show his racism and hatred towards white people is to refer to them as cavemen. But one of my favorites on WVON was when Mr. Carson was commenting on a man he has never met in his life, the judge who put Mychal Bell back in prison where he belongs, by calling him "A tobacco swillin', Jack Daniels drinkin', cousin to a king snake hilllbilly." Right on the air! Can you imagine the outrage if Don Wade or Michael Savage or any number of other white talk show hosts referred to a black judge, or any black person for that matter, with such racially charged names? But, as usual, the double standard was right there and not one mention of this racist's comments were repeated for any of the public to hear. Not only on WVON, but in other black media and the black population in general, the list of these occurrences is endless. I know; I see and hear it every single day, as I'm sure you certainly do too Ms. Mitchell. That is why I must disagree with your last statement about "what you say in private can and will be held against you." You should have prefaced that with "if you are white" and ended it with "but not if you are black." Just the truth Ms. Mitchell, and being the educated and thinking person you are, I think deep down inside you know it's the truth. I hope someday we can all just get past this childish bickering over inconsequential nonsense and address the real issues of our time, like how and when we can stop black children getting murdered by the score by young black men in every city and town in America every day of our lives. Thanks for your time.

james traficant:

"Can you post the video clip of Halle Berry expressing how she looks like a Jew in one of her doctored picture, the picture of her with a big nose??"

While she's at it she can post the article published in last sunday's paper, written by a Jew, which castigates those who claimed to be offended.


"if you people would quit being worrying so much about sticks and stones, maybe you could better devote your energies to getting jobs and getting off the hard working taxpayers backs."

We're ready and waiting if you ever choose to hire someone besides your friends and family. You get off the taxpayers' backs first, and then we will.


"i really don't understsnd how you have a job..."

I don't understand how you can live in these times without knowing well enough to capitalize the first letter in a sentence.

"i would love to see you criticize a black person when they make racist comments"

She does it all the time. Maybe you should read more often.

You people should probably figure out what she's actually suing for:

"It's not even about him using the 'N''s about defending my good name. He has damaged my character and slandered me, and I have to stand up for myself."

You all need to learn how to read (and write). Good day to you.

I disagree with those of you who said that Dog is a bad guy or that he meant what he said. Honestly, the guy's human. He makes mistakes ok? I mean, don't you people make mistakes? I agree with whoever said "grow up America." Leave the guy alone! And for goodness sakes people, put his show back on the air!!!! He's a good guy and does good things. So back off!

I disagree with those of you who said that Dog is a bad guy or that he meant what he said. Honestly, the guy's human. He makes mistakes ok? I mean, don't you people make mistakes? I agree with whoever said "grow up America." Leave the guy alone! And for goodness sakes people, put his show back on the air!!!! He's a good guy and does good things. So back off!

Hi I thing Dog is a good person and needs to be back on tv soon.
every one makes mistakes. give dog a 2nd time to try again.


Dear Mary,

It seems as though the African American community is rallying behind a dog fighter, a statuatory rapist, and juveniles who committed a hate crime in a mob beating.

It seems like priorities are out of wack. Please do not talk about injustice, these are all pretty standard crimes.

If the tables were turned it is racism.

What is the difference between the Jena 6 and the youths that beat Lenard Clark in Bridgeport 10 years ago? Black on white violence is ok??? Is that what you are advocating?

Even as a black woman I do not believe that "private" conversations should be allowed to air. Even the "dirt bag Dog Chapman" has a right to his personal privacy. The dirt bag Imus used a public platform to air his dirty racist laundry and he was deserving punished for it.

However, when you decide to become a public figure and espouse yourself as a fair , Christian human being, in service of the public's interest , you do expose yourself up to public view and criticism.

In short, if you can not walk the talk of fairness and equal good will, don't place yourself on a pillar of human decency and fairness. "What's done in the dark can and should be brought to the light, if it is hurtful to the public's you serve. If you do not present a certain self to the public and you benefit from that image , you should uphold or live it or get out of the public sector and live a "private life to your convictions".

As for the trailer trash that insinuated that all blacks are just lazy and living off of welfare programs provided by tax payers, "please get out of the trailer park or the hills and expand your experience of people of color" . I have paid taxes for years and so has my family and none of us has been on welfare. In fact there are more caucasion people on welfare than are blacks. The media just shows our plights more verses yours.

All black people are not alike or some homogenous group (that means the same or identical) just as all white people are not alike. We have the good the bad, the deep and the petty, the rich and the poor, the educated and the uneducated like any other group or race of people. This person's statement was ignorant and not well thought out and not based on real experience.

I have said this many times before, that we do not have to worry about being destroyed by enemies outside the United States. This country will be destroyed from within. We have more hatred toward each other than any country has toward us and the real war between races is intensifying. So we can blog and vent and continue to hate. I also love how we welcome and embrace others, and are shocked when they are identified as the enemy. They can enjoy the freedom plant bombs all over this country while we concentrate on hating each other. What a deal.

James, remember how Mary and all these other African-American media folks were outraged about Don Imus awhile back? Well guess what, as you know, Imus is getting a new show. Guess who is helping him with his new show? James Carville. Yes, the Clinton's publicist, advisor, right-hand man, and best friend. You know, the same Clinton's whom African-Americans worship and even called "the first black president". So where is the outrage, James? Not a word being said. Who says you can't fool all the people all the time.

I am not calling him a wimp for what he said, I call him a wimp because he's taking back what he said. He's apologizing to everyone for no reason the only thing that he's proving is that you no longer have freedom of speech in this country! It was a private convrsation between him and his son, get over it.


This has to do with Amadou, and Pink, and the 2 lost females burned as trash last week - also the unknown others who have fallen victim
to the rash of murders in our communitties, the black communities -
Where is the outrage? Who is marching in protest - We are literally hostages to a rapidly growing , virulent plague of random murders, now being committed weekly. Once I was an avid follower of Jesse Jackson, not quite so of Al Sharpton

But, wouldn't you think that since they are both head quartered (?) here they would combine their efforts - stop being oblivious to the growing massacre of young black men and women by OTHER
BLACK MEN AND WOMEN ALSO YOUNG and use their strategies and target this problem? High time for us to stop bing hypocrites!!!
Marches. as they stand are irrevalent because, like lemmings we're
marching towards a cliff of self-destruction and in a short time
we will have fallen in the swamp of delusion and hypocrisy.
Thanks for letting me vent.

well, so be it. here we go. Another disturbed youth killed that poor phd student from senegal.

the babies of the crack generation, and their mothers, should have been put down. look at what they cost society. sure, there is outrage at his murder, but, the u of chicago basically asks for it. the school of sociology will certainly stand up and defend this Disturbed Youth for pulling the trigger, blaming "society".

everyone knew darned well it was going to be yet another Street kid. Why dont you take these people to task mary? please dont defend this kid. he deserves life in prison.

Duane "Dog" Champman IS a racist in my opinion and it would be his business only, if his son wouldn't have taped him. I don't buy any of his crying, about being "friends with blacks" and "understanding blacks"--he is racist in my opinion and is free to be what he is--but I don't have to support him anymore on TV, now that I know. This "I have a lot of black friends" thing he is doing on the TV circuit is sickening! I would respect him more if he would just shut-up and go away quietly. I am black and him saying the "N" word didn't offend me--what does is his whining and backing out of it--Just be quiet and maybe people will forget.

Duane "Dog" Champman IS a racist in my opinion and it would be his business only, if his son wouldn't have taped him. I don't buy any of his crying, about being "friends with blacks" and "understanding blacks"--he is racist in my opinion and is free to be what he is--but I don't have to support him anymore on TV, now that I know. This "I have a lot of black friends" thing he is doing on the TV circuit is sickening! I would respect him more if he would just shut-up and go away quietly. I am black and him saying the "N" word didn't offend me--what does is his whining and backing out of it--Just be quiet and maybe people will forget.

I am with Mary Mitchell on this. The Dog Chapman should own up to what he said. He looks pathetic on television, trying to convince people that he really isn't a racist. I would rather someone try to convince me that Rodney King did not get beat up by the police. All people should support his shows removal from A&E.

David, you do realize, of course, that the majority of crack users are white males don't you? You gave a huge contradiction in terms; in one statement you claim that the alleged killers should be "put down", in the other you say he should get life in prison. Which is it?

This guy has a problem with African-Americans and propbably other people of color also. Listening to the Dogpound Chapman was like listening to a kkk member. It is outrageous that we (good American citizens) still, after all the sophistication and gains we have made in this modern era, have to tolerate ignorance, fear, and stupidty. This guy should be ashame of himself.

I have accepted his apology and I have moved. Why? He has been exposed and he knows what he said is wrong and now he is trying to do everything he can to try to salvage a embarrassing situation.
I have discoverd if you can forgive a person, sometimes they become your most trusted ally. There is unbelievable power in forgiveness and kindness.

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