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Leave it to Beavers

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Commissioner William Beavers, didn't just play the race card during Tuesday's Cook County Board meeting, he slapped it like the winning trump in a Bid Whist game. I suppose, that's what it means to be the "hog with the big nuts," as Beavers calls himself.

Unfortunately, in his own crude way, Beavers has raised an issue that continues to bother some of us. Exactly what is it about the Cook County Board President Todd Stroger that gets under so many white skins?

For a former hard-assed biker, Duane "Dog" Chapman is quite a wimp. The Dog, who hunts down humans for sport, is willing to bow and scrape before The Rev. Al Sharpton rather than own up to the racial slurs he made against his son's girlfriend, Monique Shinnery.

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