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O.J. victim of racism?

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When a restaurateur kicked O.J. out of his steakhouse,was the businessman being racist or was he just being a jerk?

Yale Galanter, Simpson's lawyer claims Jeff Ruby was being racist when he asked Simpson and his party to leave his restaurant the night before the Kentucky Derby. A lawsuit will undoubtedly follow. Frankly, I think Ruby was being a bigger ass than O.J.

Still, it should come as no surprise to O.J. that he is hated in some circles--not because he is black, but because he is a black man who was acquitted of brutally butchering his white wife. But this is still America. You can't deny public accommodations to someone just because you hate them.

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No racism Mary, just a business owner with balls enough to throw a killer deadbeat out of his restaraunt. Ever hear the right to refuse service??? Its a private owned business not the library. I know how much you need racism, otherwise you are jobless and bored but not here.

Ya, the guy hates blacks, for sure. Face it people, OJ is free, fair and square. ITs better to let a criminal walk than to have a State that cheats in court.

But, its sad, really. Frankly, I am not worried about OJ; he is not a threat. I worry more about the every-day violent disturbed black youth in our culture.

For example. I am most worried about the Micah Eatmans in my community, who attempt murder, yet enjoy a defense at the taxpayers expense, from seemingly intelligent people who insist that he should be free to continue to do what he chose to do, and that there is no such thing as criminal intent. I worry that this cycle never ends, and "black rage" is an actual defense to such crimes. I am worried that, more and more, we are disposing of arguments for "why they do that" or "why they are the way they are" and ending up with no other excuse than choice, intent, and , well, nature.

Rest assured, Micah Eatman will be back in the news someday.

Keep the culture, mary, keep the culture.

I agree that no one should be denied service simply because of the color of thier skin but maybe OJ was kicked out because the owner did not want someone he believed to be a murderer in his establishment, especially in light of OJ's recent book escapade. Not every thing has to be racially motivated. If I owned the place, he would have been escorted out and asked never to come back.

I don't believe Mr. Ruby requested that Mr. Simpson leave because of the fuss or unwanted disturbances it was causing in the restaurant. I think Mr. Ruby personally objected to all of the attention Mr. Simpson was receiving and was offended not because of who Mr. Simpson was but because of his personal feelings on the circumastances Mr. Simpson will be forever remembered.

I personally don't care what the law says...if I don't want you in my restaurant for whatever reason, you should leave but we all know that's not the way it works. Mary, how in the world can Mr. Ruby ever reach the ASS level of O.J.? That is perplexing to me. Besides that, any way you choose to slice this pie, would you remain at any establishment if you were unwanted? If someone didn't want my business for any reason, I'd be more than happy to take it elsewhere. Only a fool would sit in a place where he or she isn't wanted and then give money to a person that doesn't like you in the first place. If that's the best option we all have, I'm going to open up my own restaurant and tell everyone upfront that I can't stand them and they're not wanted. With that common sense approach, I should be wealthy rather quickly.

It's not possible for anyone to be a bigger ass than OJ. An ass and a murderer - that's a tough combo to beat!

Please don't enter in the notion that OJ was would take a complete imbecil to find him innocent base on the facts. Fortunately for the defense, they found a boatload of them to sit in on the jury.

I think it was a combination of racism and notoriety

Mary - I feel like I should declare that I'm a white male...

There is an obvious racial divide on the entire OJ Simpson murder trial and outcome. Talk about the perfect storm - a black ex-football player accused of butchering his blonde wife and her lover. To enhance things, the jury is made up prmarily of blacks. Despite the overwhelming evidence, he's found can't possibly write something like that to general racially-based arguments.

On the other hand, I'm surprised you didn't take up the recent fatal accident of the St. Louis Cardinals pitcher. I can't claim that I wrote the following but this appeared on espn...just perfect:
"Does the coverage of the Josh Hancock accident perfectly illustrate the double standard we have with different sports? If a tattooed, cornrowed NBA player had been been in a fatal single car fatal with a BAC level twice the legal limit, on the phone with a woman arranging a hookup and with a stash of weed in the car -- he'd be posterized as everything that's wrong with the NBA. Since it's a cleancut white guy, he's being treated like Barbaro."

Ms. Mitchell you are entitled to your opinions but you could be more objective.

Mitchell's Comment: not because he is black, but because he is a black man who was acquitted of brutally butchering his white wife.

My Comment: He was ALLEDGELY accused of butchering his wife.

Mitchell's Comment: You can't deny public accommodations to someone just because you hate them.

My Comment: You can't? Re-read your second comment, now why wouldn't you deny a person accomodations to your facility? Wouldn't it make other paying customes feel uncomfortable AND LEAVE, considering that MEDIA & PUBLIC OPINION have put Mr. Simpson in such a negative light?

Being a Black man I do not fear & loathe him, I actually empathize with his plight. It might come from being slighted and degraded by the ethno-centric powers so many times. His past doesn't bother me, we all have one!! Some are simply put on public display for vultures!

Shouldn't you be able to identify with that just a little?

File this under the category of "Who Cares?"

Its always amazing to me that African-American celebrities who purposefully, disassociate themselves from their community, feel its the communities responsibility to support them when they yell discrimination. Well, I never cared about him during the first trial, and definitely, this nonsense won't get my attention. I have an idea, maybe O.J. can take the money he didn't use on that upscale meal and pay the families he owe.

Why would you even waste the ink, Mary?

"Racist or a jerk"? I would say neither. I have seen several signs in several different places stating "We reserve the right to refuse anyone service".
Haven't you ever seen this before Mary? Before you make this a racial issue Mary, as I know you want to, please try to take in the whole story. OJ brought negative publicity upon himself and now flaunts it. If I were a business owner I would not want him as a patron either...and it has NOTHING to do with him being Black.

Lawsuit? For what? As a restaurant owner, if I feel a patron poses a threat to me or another patron, it is within my right to ask him to leave.


Well well, welcome back Mary. So much for making this your home and consistently blogging. You pick up right where you left off, race baiting and making much to do about nothing.

I've read several articles qouting Ruby about why he did what he did, and not one of them mentions anything about OJ's race (until that is you decided to write about it). Couldn't Ruby have kicked him out for killing his wife and lying about it?? why does it have to be becuase he killed a white woman?? Do you even know what color Ruby is?? I for sure haven't read anywhere what color he is, why can't he be black; what a slap in the face for you if he is.
I think Ruby even states that he didn't want the hype associated with having OJ eat in his restaurant, you know a famous person, who famously murdered his wife; that wouldn't exactly provide for a great restaurant atmosphere for fellow diners!
And you are right, this is still America. You can own whatever the heck you want to, and allow whoever you want in! Woman can't go into some golf clubs, is it because men hate them? Men can't go in some health clubs, is it becuase woman hate them? Murderers can't go in some restaurants, is it because the owners hate them?
It might not sound 'fair' to some of the bleeding heart liberals in this country, but that's the way it is. But then again, 'fair' to them is free access to everything and free money for whoever has their hand out. And then that's why we get articles like this, displaying utter shock when they realize the world doesn't work like it does in their head, there is a reality they have to deal with.

I'm relatively sure this is the first time I've seen the word "victim" assigned to OJ.

We all know how the court systems have worked against black people - is there any better example of how a black person turned the tide on the system than what OJ and Johnny Cochran did 10 years ago? As a person of color, I've seen how this works...all I can say about OJ he should thank his lucky stars that he had a lawyer who knew how to work a jury, and then found a way to live the life of Riley after being found guilty in a civil court for millions.
"Victim"? I think not...

"But this is still America. You can't deny public accommodations to someone just because you hate them."

It is an establishments right to deny service to anyone...obviously you can't do it for racist reasons, and since it is clear that Mr Ruby serves people of all colors, he is no racist.
I agree with Mr Ruby for doing it...I wouldn't want to have someone, who I believe, murdered his wife and her friend in my establishment.
You may say that he was found innocent...not in the civil court.

"You can't deny public accommodations to someone just because you hate them."
Where do you get this idea? Maybe you confuse a private resturant with a public accommadation? I think you have jumped to an emotional response rather than understanding the owners rights.

Why don't you talk about Rev. Sharptons comments? He makes his living on racism and with his recent comments on Mormonism has/is a racist or bigot himself...this is certainly a bigger story that the Simpson issue.

Simpson deserves nothing and should be in jail or in the ground right now. I take offense anytime I see him on TV, or in the news.
I take offense that he lives in America.

Most of all, I take offense to this liberal movement to make racists out of anyone that opposes them. I take offense to the fact that liberals have used people of different races to promote an agenda that offers nothing to those who helped put them there.

It doesn't matter if O.J. was guity or innocent, he has the right to visit a business that's open to the general public. If this goes unchallenged, what will be next. Refusing service to overweight, short or women customers. The list would be unlimited, an at the whim of the business owners personal views. As long as the customer isn't breaking the law, the owner should focus on providing good service, an keep his personal opionion to himself.

Despite the well-publicized clips of blacks "dancing in the streets" after the acquittal, most black Americans were likely horrified to see O.J. get away with murder. On one hand if you push O.J. out of your place of business you risk being sued; on the other hand, if let him stay you risk alienating all of your regular customers.

Well, well! Is it true Ms Mitchell that ex-basketball star Michael Jordon was allowed into the same restaurant a few minutes later, and seated nearby where Mr. Simpson and his party was sitting before being asked to leave several minutes earlier?

What was this night called, "Trading One Famous Negro (Simpson) for the other Legendary Infamous Negro (Jordan) Night?"

One married a white woman and the other got caught with a white woman while married and sued, which probably has lead to the divorce. Could you please ask the owner of the restaurant how he discerned one Black man was worth serving over the other? I know white people will say this is not racism, but I sure in the hell would like to know what it is then. Is this the Good Negro versus the Bad Negro syndrome which Whites have used historically to pit Black people against one another?

How it is another Black man enters a place where he sees someone like himself being put out; or overhear the gossip of said incident and stays? How does a Black man still spend money in such an ethno-centric place of prejudice and bias? Oh that right, he did not care to speak out when young black males were harming one another to buy gym shoes named after him, so why would he care about Black people as a whole?

Now I really can picture field slaves and house slaves being used to further an agenda which benefited the dominate culture. Thanks Mr. Ruby, for narrowing it down to a spec on a petri dish which can be seen with the plain eye and not a micro-scope. Darn Mr Ruby, even Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles can see through the morass of BS that you are espousing in a comical explanation.

Maybe I'm a little rusty at practicing law, but I was well-versed in constitutional law at one point and I don't recall accused murderers being a protected class under the 5th or 14th Amendment due process clauses.

Where is it written that, "[y]ou can't deny public accommodations to someone just because you hate them."? Because I really, really want to use that the next time I'm on South Beach standing behind the red rope trying to get into a club full of nothing but "hotties" only to be skipped over for the "beautiful people" -- of which sadly I'm not. Hey, I am black though. But I can't even use the black thing because alot of the beautiful people who get in ahead of me are also black -- especially hot black women, which is why I'm trying to get into the club in the first place!... Damn!!!

But I digress. Mary, would then the owners of Army and Lou's soulfood restaurant -- despite their preference otherwise -- be obliged to serve, say, Clarence Thomas, Don Imus, Jesse Helms, Trent Lott, and so on and so on? I mean after all, "[y]ou can't deny public accommodations to someone just because you hate them."

By the way, the guy who owns the place and is getting all this free publicity claimed in an interview I saw yesterday that the party that took O.J.'s table immediately after O.J. left included no less than Michael Jordan.

Please find a real issue.

Glad you finally posted something new though.

Simpson is NOT a victim of 'racism'. Other African-Americans go to that steakhouse and there is no problem. Including Michael Strahan that same day. It is managements RIGHT to serve whoever they want. Fact: Simpson is seen as a man who got away with murder--period ! He's a jerk. So thats why he wasn't served. To accuse that steakhouse of racism is 'reaching', trying to just make some controversy, thats all. Fact: That place CAN serve whoever they want and DENY whoever they want. Thats the owners American right. Its HIS or HER business. Haven't you ever seen these White Hen Pantry's (as example) that will NOT serve people who aren't wearing a shirt or shoes? Or a tavern that won't serve bikers? It happens everyday. How come this blog didn't cry when Jane Fonda and her then husband, Ted Turner, were refused service at a Montana establishment? You did hear about that one, didn't you, Mary? People where in line to be seated and Jane Fonda wanted to be seated immediately, in front of the folks waiting ahead of her. She put on her, "do you know who I am" routine and wanted to see the owner. The owner came out, introduced himself, and said," Ms. Fonda I know who you are, well I'm a VietNam Veteran and I don't appreciate the pain you caused us and our prisoners in Hanoi. And I don't want you in my restaurant, so you two get out." Mary, you can contact some service organizations and veteran centers if you hadn't heard that story. Finally, Mary, perhaps you'll also do a blog and ask if its racism why some whites appear to have been denied entrance to the Nation of Islam Headquarters.

Jeff Ruby has every right to refuse service to whoever he wishes because he is the proprietor of an establishment! O.J. went from being one of this country's most beloved retired athlete to one of the most hated all because he committed two murders and got off because of the race card.Have you forgotten his book deal already? Come on, Mary , give your race card at least one day off per year !

No, the guy was not being a racist because I believe right after the killer left his establishment he seated Michael Jordan and his party. As for Mr. Ruby being a jerk? I bet Nicole and Ron Goldman wish O.J. was ONLY a jerk and not a cold blooded killer. You sound like you feel sorry for Simpson? Although I know that you are not alone among blacks if you do feel sorry for him. Which is why it blows my mind when blacks who celebrated Simpson's acquittal turn around and expect whites to feel bad about what Jon Burge allegedly did.

You may be right about not denying people you hate public accomodations, but, as a person of color, O.J. does not have my sympathy.

Mary - I know this is only a blog, but your race-baiting is getting old. OJ was convicted of murder
in a court of law, albeit by a jury that wasn't comprised of mostly african americans. OJ still has yet to pay on his civil suit.

OJ killed 2 people in cold blood. I don't care whether they were white or black. He's a murderer that was acquitted not because he was innocent, but because he was black.

He wouldn't be allowed to step foot in my restaraunt either.

It doesn't surprise me that you would suggest racism where there is none. Jeff Ruby welcomed O.J. into his restaurant before O.J. murdered his wife and Goldman. After the acquital Ruby took down O.J.'s picture. So obviously it isn't because O.J. is's because Ruby did not agree with the verdict. You simpleton.

And yes Mary...that's how it works in America. You own a business you can refuse service to whomever you like (or don't like).

I wouldn't let O.J. clean my cat's litter box, just because he is a despicable and arrogant celebrity character. NOT because he's black.

The same I would say for Paris Hilton. Another despicable & arrogant Hollywood type that is certainly not black.

It's a matter of classless people arrogantly parading as if the world was theirs and they were untouchable.

It should come as no surprise to O.J. to learn that he is hated merely because many people consider him to be a murderer. Period.

"You can't deny public accommodations to someone just because you hate them."

Yea Mary, O.J.'s a regular Rosa Parks. Only you would frame this as a "black" issue.

Today you wrote an article about black on black crime (racist in itself given that on a per capita basis a black is 50x more likely to slay a white than vica versa) but now your seemingly outraged that a businessman would shun O.J. Duplicitous on your part?

What if Richard Speck had been acquitted by a sympathetic jury made up of his peers, i.e. toothless white trash. Would you as a restaurateur allow him to be a guest in your establishment?

One is allowed to discriminate on a host of grounds including dress codes and in the case of NYC nightclubs even attractiveness. I'd say O.J. is one ugly dude....

All racists are jerks, what is this a trick question?

i actually agree with Mary Mitchell on something. must be a full moon tonight.

maybe this has nothing to do with race but more about justice. As an american business owner he has the right to refuse service to anyone and maybe he doesn't want a murderer in his resurant!!! Yes oj paid his way out of serving the rest of his life in prison but that does not forgive his actions. If you believe that oj was not guilty or some how framed than you do not understand the evidence. All the oj trail proved is that the color of justice is green!!!! As an american business owner I would refuse service to oj and hope the rest of the world would let oj know that he has not gotten away with murder!!! shame on anyone who wants make this a race issue instead of putting the blame squarely on oj and the actions that HE took. I do not believe oj was not guilty and that has nothing to do with race but rather the evedence!!!!!!

I own a restaurant...if I felt a patron was a potential threat to the staff or other patrons, I would have no problem throwing him out.
Regardless of what a jury determined, you'd have to be a complete moron to think he didn't murder 2 people. If that doesn't qualify as a threat to the restaurant, I don't know what does...

He was being a racist and a jerk. This is a fall-out from the "Imus can't bank his millions this year". Imus followers does not care about the ten young ladies who are scarred for a long time. OJ was used to make a statement that racism and millions of dollars are more important than people and relationships.

Mary, you love racial stories so I am wondering why you're so quiet about the Christian/Newsome mutilation and murder story out of Tennessee? It was far more exciting than the Duke nasty white boy rapists and happened at the same time. We got the white rapists rammed up our butts by all you minorities for a year but not a word about the murders.

Hmmmmmm. Oh, yeah, the killers were 5 savage Negroes with nasty looks. Sorry, I forgot that Negroes are the sacred cows of our society and must be protected at all costs, even the cost of White lives. Silly me.

Uh-huh....and R Kelly is the new Martin Luther King!

Folks talk about the LAW, the Constitution, and being American like its supposed to be something to be proud of. Almost EVERYTHING people hold sacred was IL-GOTTEN. The LAW says OJ is innocent, but he is not treated that way. Him or BARRY BONDS. It is no wonder that young people consider grownups to be full of it. Ole Ruby was exercising his right to hate whomever he wants, and that is his right. But he, like most Americans, don't really know the law and have ifs, ands or buts in their interpretations. We are supposed to respect the Law that freed him to order a steak anywhere he pleases. But we don't and most of the time practice our own interpretation of the Law to fit our own selfish needs and wants. And many feel the brunt of these unjust interpretations every day. Now OJ (and party), should sue the pants off Ruby and come back and order a steak with Ruby's own money. And if OJ did, folks would be mad at him for it - when he is the only one in this situation actually practicing the law.

We may think that it is not right to kick people out of their establishment because you may dislike them, but not everyone thinks that way. This guy might have been very ticked off by Mr. Simpson's acquittal, and might have vowed that Mr. Simpson would never dine in his restaurant. I do not think that it was very smart of him to mix personal feelings about someone he does not know with his business, he probably does not care. People like that probably will not care about a lawsuit. He is just trying to make a point.

Perhaps I'm incorrect, but I thought that this establishment isn't "public accommodations." It's a privately owned club/restaurant and the owner has the right to keep anyone out that he chooses. He didn't bar the door against Michael Jordan so I think we can stop measuring him for a sheet and a hood.

I personally would have just charged OJ a large "disgusting murderer" tax and allowed him to stuff his ugly face and clog his old arteries until they back up into his murdering heart.

Also, just for the record, many, many years ago Dr. Sam Sheppard a white man was hated for brutally butchering his white wife. The public finds the brutally butering part problematic,not the race of the victim or perp. Get your mind off race for two seconds and you might see the world more clearly.

Why does Mary have a blog if she's not going to update it?

It's because he murdered his wife period!

You claim you want to take on racism and have a OPEN discussion, but apparently the only thing you want to hear from us, is agreement with your ideas. You are not helping anyone of any race, and more and more you seem to have a bit of racism yourself.

You are destroying your own career or at least your own integrity if you continue to promote the same ideas that you did in this story.

Robert Blake is a murderer
Phil Spector is a murderer
and OJ is a murderer...
Two of them are free and I expect Spector to get off too...
Why don't you ask yourself what it is that all of these share?
Money, power and lots of friends in high places....this trumps race everytime!

How insightful of you to state that OJ is hated simply because he's a black man that was acquitted of killing a white woman. Did you ever think that maybe - just maybe - he may actually be hated because he was a rich man able to buy his way out of a murder rap? I haven't checked your blogs in a while, and apparently I'm not the only one looking elsewhere these days. While some of your prior posting have legitimate though-provoking commentary, this one certainly doesn't and smacks of nothing more than race-baiting.

Did you see those three black men rob that bank?? I demand that we find out what white man was behind the scenes pulling the strings!!! We must find out!

I dont think it was racism . . .apparently some of the other customers were "uneasy" . . .maybe because of the steak-knives.
Anyhow Ruby was induced to be an ass by the discomfort of his customers

This is America and unfortunately you can kick people out of your place of business if you do not like them. He probably hates O.J. because of the murder case. During that time and to this day, many white Americans feel that this situation is one when they can let their otherwise covert racism shine. He can kick him out, it is the law, but O.J will probably own that place in two years and hire the owner to seat all the black athletes who marry white women from Kentucky.

Instead of OJ, how about some Blair Holt and Tramaine Gibson blogs?

what the hell is really wrong with you .... you realy are sooo very black weighted..... there is NO way YOU can think that you are fair in your reporting .... come on wthhhh

you find race in everything mary but you do not find it in the christian/newsom rape/murder. maybe you would have written about them if they were waiters in the steakhouse o.j. got booted from.

Racisim, in all of it's forms is an outrage. Mary Mitchell's coloumn today is also an outrage. How can the Sun Times print such a story. To call Mr. Anton a racist and a bigot from the word of a source she wont disclose. Any story from a "young white male professional" about somthing that happened at 3:00 AM in a bar needs more than what you gave your readers.

Speaking of O.J., there might be an O.J. style murder that just happened in Ohio.

You are a race baiter Mary, Find another act.

Mary.......O.J. should be treated as a pariah wherever he goes. I want to see your comments on the violence around the country at "Juneteenth" get-togethers. How come there is so much violence when black youth get together......(ex; "freaknick, Black music awards, NBA all-star festivities, dance-club shootings)? This seems to be an epidemic. Not to mention the racial aspect of whites being pulled out of their cars and beaten in Milwaukee and elsewhere....Scott.

Dear Ms. Mitchell,
I am sorry you feel the media has formed a strong opinion about Bobby Cutts,Jr. I think the media formed a strong opinion about Scott Peterson also and the funny thing about that was he is white. I find your article offensive and petty. I'm sure if Obama does not win the election you will have an article out he lost because he is a black man. The race card is so old in this country it is only drawing a deeper line in the sand with the blacks. I'm sure Jesse's family didn't have any bad feelings about Cutts until he decided to kill her. I think that would anger me as a parent also.
As we all know to well the media has a way of overkilling any news that brings in their viewers. I'm sure Mr. Vaughn will have his moment of fame in the very near future. The Cutts story just has to run it's course as they all do. A white girl from the burbs.

In a recent column, Ms. Mitchell wrote about how the killer from Ohio was picked on due to race. Could it really be that the Oswego killer didn't have as much of a violent past or record with illegitimate kids all over? Don't always use the race card Ms. Mitchell.

(Tried to email her but it came back.)

I'm going to take this blog which is weeks old to discuss your latest assertion that Bobby Cutts was given worse treatment by the media than Christopher Vaughn. From the start from the beginning, everyone suspected Christopher Vaughn. Actually, I don't think anyone suspected Bobby Cutts because he was a policeman....but when his ex-girlfriend baby's mama went to Fox and said "he did it" that's when the media jumped up and started investigating his background. It wasn't until that maybe the ex-girlfriend/baby mama should have just kept quiet...because frankly, but Cutts being a policeman, no way would I have suspected he was the one who did it.

Now, if I recall he confessed to the murder - that's what I read anyway. Maybe he didn't and it was the media's figmentation.

I don't think any of these two men got more favoritism than the other, except maybe Cutts because he was a policeman and last suspected. The police interrogation of Vaughn was kept secret for legal reasons. I'm not the law, but I think that's the way it always is...the police try to keep their information secret.
I do remember the family and friends portraying Vaughn as the loving father, but that's because he WAS...there was no abuse in his background, no stress....but with Cutts there was abuse, ex-girlfriends/baby mamas/ what did the media have? They had a clean white guy no problems on one hand and a black guy who had all types of problems on the other. Who would you want to write about?


Looks like you've turned off your blog due to repeated crys of racism when none exists.

In the future, I would avoid tangling with someone like Steinberg who actually pieces together facts before making over-the-top racist statements like you usually do...

I believe that any restaurant owner would have cause for concern if O. J. showed up to eat. Primarily because, it possibly could drive away a great deal of your business for that evening. The owner should have been more diplomatic, but I can definitely understand his motivation. I know, Mary, that you try to find racism in every action by a white. You did not give us enough information to substantiate that claim. If you remember back to the first days of O. J.'s trial, there were literally dozens of white demonstrators outside the jail "saying free O. J." It was a sentiment shared by thousands of whites across America. When the preponderance of evidence against O. J., his violent history, and his substance abuse came to light, it changed the minds of many Americans concerning his innocence (black and white). You must not update your blog very often, so I would like to make a statement about your June 29th column. It is a very sad state of affairs when a prominent columnist makes a blanket statement that black people don't care what white people think about racism. You and any other black person reading that article or this blog should care and continue to care. The same holds true for whites. I think you assume that you have whites figured out fairly well. I can assure you that you are mistaken. A white American would be equally as mistaken if they told you that they have blacks all figured out. To defend Neil Steinberg, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to identify racist behavior or language no matter whom it's from. It would be refreshing for you to concentrate your efforts on uplifting items that edify our diverse culture, rather than endlessly searching for evidence of racism. The racism is always going to be there on both sides. Give it a rest for a while. You are an excellent writer. Expand your area of reporting, please.

OJ should be eating from prison. Kicking a MURDERER out of a restaurant means nothing to me. He is lucky to in the general public.

If you own a restaurant, you can refuse service to anybody that you want to. If he is the owner, he can also refuse service to an aquitted murderer......just as if it was his own home. Do you allow murderers in your home, Mary? It has nothing to do with color because the restaurant owner had pictures of himself AND OJ on his wall prior to the murders. He was once a fan of OJ. I HATE OJ because of what he got away with....but I am not a racist. Are Nicole's parents racist because they hate OJ? You make me sick!

Interesting that you think you have a right to punch Steinberg in his face because he called you a racist.Also interesting that black people dont care what white people think about race but keep it quiet. As a white person I can tell you we all ready know black people dont care about what we think. We know this because we experience this reverse racism on a regular basis. Sometimes its comments ,insults , threats of violence or violence against us just because were white. Your article states even you would be violent if you wouldnt get fired. What a surprise. Every story involving race that you write is totally biased and racist agianst white people. Steinberg is right. Loved how you left out in your "what is a hate crime" article that out of 645,000 interracial violent crimes the offenders were black 90 percent of the time for yr 2005. Your Duke article focuses on what if the defendant was black when the real story is how all the black racists went to the exconvict stripper,s defense without having any facts, and that white people couldnt leave the university grounds because of all the death threats from blacks and how everybody was willing to ruin those white mens lives with no evidence. As usual no apology from the usual race baiters. Last thing not all black people feel the way you do but unfortunately to many do. When you and other defenders of the guilty quit making excuses for everything and take responsibilty the world will be so much better off. Curious to see if you havethe guts to publish this.

It would be easy to say this happened because of O.J.'s race--a little too easy, if you ask me.

IMHO, I don't think this was any more about O.J.'s race than anything else Simpson has encountered over the past few years--which is, to say, significant, but not as much as he (or some others) would like to think. I'm sure the restauranteur wouldn't have minded as much if it were, say, Scooter Libby or Roman Polanski in his restaurant getting all kinds of attention--in fact, he probably would have taken steps to make sure that kind of attention didn't reach them, which is the reason why I think Simpson would have a case.

Sure you can. What if he came in without a shirt or shoes on. Would that be racist if they kicked him out? I am sure,by your previous attempts at baiting,you would make an arguement for that as well. Maybe restauraunt owners should put up a sign that says
NO killers found
NO attempt to defeat civil lawsuit
Would that then provide you with the proper premise to let down your guard down regarding racism.
I'm sure that no other black people were kicked out of this restauraunt.Racism is a crime/behavior aimed at a race. That is why they do not call it 'individualism'. This isn't the 50's, stop living off of other people's pain and opression and be part of the solution. Educate people on the proper behavioral patterns to eliminate unknowingly racist actions,and stop defending killers.Use your 'power of the press' to get the real, blatant without accountability, racists exploited. The pigs in political offices. What good can possibly come out of baiting people who don't know any better in to this banter?

Get a load of this.

3-african american boys enroute to the taste of chicago. 2-brothers and a cousin.

1. one brother-recently graduated from highschool 2007

2. another brother home on military leave less than 1-week

3. 12 year old cousin

Absolutely no criminal background activity in their entire young adults lives. leave there home in rogers park walking to the train station enroute to the taste of chicago for the fun and excitement. All kids come from 2-parent working households, never ever had a problem out of anyone of them in there entire lives.

2-blocks from there residents get stop by Chicago Police for suspicious (walking while black). CPD stop them while walking and arrest them for allegedly assaulting a white woman. Now they are being held at the 24th police district Clark @ DEVON. To add insult to injury; the police assaults them and refused to tell their mother why they are being held.

Kid home on military leave, other kid just graduated from highschool, the other kid their cousin is 12 years old.

With all recent public schools kid that have been victims of senseless crimes; here you have 3-kids that have been discipline all there lives to do what is right; however they are being harassed by the police. There is an all out assault on african american boys,if the streets don't get you; then the system of what we call society will.

Right now my sister the mother of 2 of the boys is totally in anguish. My mother there grandmother already suffering from diabetes has gotten worse worrying about there condition.

And we as a family can't talk to them, all we can do is pray, because they are being held for being black in chicago awiting finger prints. These kids will be forever scared by this experience. The good thing about it is we have a strong family with positive role models that can hopefully convince these kids to continue to do what is right.

hopefully this email will make it to you and something can be done about the injustice and the all out assault on african american boys.

Bernard Jackson

Well what do you expect. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Its a shame that I have to EXPECT things like this, but its a fact of living in the US.

What happen to your blogs ?

"Still, it should come as no surprise to O.J. that he is hated in some circles--not because he is black, but because he is a black man who was acquitted of brutally butchering his white wife."

Mary, I really enjoy your columns, even when I disagree with some of the things you say. This is one of them.

How about, O.J. Simpson is hated in circles because he was aquitted of butchering his wife? Why Why Why does everything have to be black vs. white? I lived in Maywood up until about 3 years ago and I'm white, not that it matters. But since we're playing black and white here, it probably does. I can see people as they are.

I'm not naive. I know racism exists but not everything comes down to that. Sure, a lot of people liken the OJ trial to racism. But there are an awful lot of people around who honestly don't think in terms like that. I see a man who was obviously guilty get away with murder. I don't care if he is black married to a white woman.

Am I in the majority? I wish I was but I honestly don't know. I only know that I'm tired of being lumped in with racists for every thing that happens to a black person. There are good and bad in every race. And don't you think that mentioning race simply keeps the tide of racism going?

Am I living in a dream world to hope that people can just see situations and not categorize everything, good or bad, into a black white situation?

OJ got away with murder. But, that doesn't matter to you, does it? After all, there are too many black men in prison!

I won't deny that race played a huge part in that episode. However, we can't deny OJ the reputation he has worked all his life to build for himself. In his own self-hating way, he flew too close to the sun on wings he cavalierly borrowed from the European American community. By the time those wings finally melted and OJ hit the earth, he would realize too late that he was unable to restore that which the European American community perceived he had egregiously disrespected before carelessly destroying. The European American community tends to harbor resentment for the murderers of their women, particularly when the murderer is an African American man. They have never gotten over OJ using those resources his tethers to them afforded him to get away with the murders of two European American people.

Consequently, that European American restaurateur could not afford to have his reputation tarnished with his primary client base, just to get OJ's business. OJ's name branding was irreparably damaged the moment Johnny Cochran got him off of two counts of first degree murder. Furthermore, why OJ would insist on eating in places wherein his business is not appreciated and he is not valued as a customer is beyond me. He should be afraid some of these vindictive people might poison him, as claiming his head would enhance any restaurateur's brand value. After all, folks from all over the world would frequent the restaurant where OJ died. In the end, it's always business.

O.J is going to go crazy the closer he gets to the end of his life.He loves the limelight yet hates the fact that people no longer idolize him as a celebrity/sports star. In fact, people hate O.J.This loss of celebrity,plus the realization that the closer he is to death the closer he is to Hell, will make him snap. Hope you like being John Gacy's poker buddy--burn in Hell O.J.,burn in Hell.

Everything is not about black & white. Maybe they kicked him out because he is a scumbag murderer. It is their establishment. They should be able to kick out anyone they see fit.
On a side note: I cant understand how a blatant racist is allowed to write an article in a major newspaper. Your editor should be slapped.

Thank You in advance for your next stupid article.

Was he a racist, or was he a jerk???
How about he didn't want to offend his good customers by making them dine in the same room as scum?
What a jerk YOU are.
A racist jerk, you really are.

Even if you don't believe he killed his wife (even after his virtual confession) he beat the hell out of her and how do you defend that? Do you condone domestic violence if maybe she's too bitchy? Tell me Mary please!

GIVE ME A BREAK - OJ totally killed Ron and Nicole. Why the hell is he still running around?? I found a site that analyzed his words, no kidding. You won't believe it. Check this out:

Just recently down the road (Crown Point, Indiana) a Dunkin Donuts owner refused to serve two white guys...Reason: They were American soldiers. They had there uniforms on. The owner was an Arab-American who made no secret of the fact he hates American soldiers. So Mary, why no post and/or article about this? DOUBLE STANDARD.

BTW, is this OJ with handcuffs on him in Las Vegas? How shocking.

Two different things, Racism and Personal bias. every one can have personal biases but here in the United States racism is institutional in job discrimination, profiling, housing,immigration, criminal justice system. All polls show in every avenue non-white fare less.that is white privilege. All of us can be bigots but here in America racism is white supremacy.

The racist jerk that threw O.J. out of his resturant is a foe of the Constitution and the American system of Justice. A jury made up of his peers found O.J. to be innocent because there was some reasonable doubt. If we are not going to trust this system of justice we are going to have to go back amend the Constitution. Look at this same system of justice as black, men and women have been falsily accused and sent to prison, where is the outrage in these acts of injustice?

hey was neither,he did what everyone else in this country wanted to do,pu O.J.back in his place as the scumbag that he has become an has been in hideing,ofcourse everyone including O.J.are going to play the race card,really what does he have left?NOTHING HE IS A LOSER WILL ALWYAS BE KNOWN AS A LOSER AN WILL ROT IN JAIL AS A LOSER.....the only people i feel sorry for are those kids,too bad daddy became loser of the decade.......leave race out of it,see him for what he is.

Hello Mary,
Happen to be reading some of your old blogs on OJ which is still current news today,and will be until he dies.

He was Tried and Aquitted .I am not that smart,but I watched the trial like millions of Americans,and they the LA district Lawyers
could not prove he comitted the murder,yet people still call him a murderer.
Its sad that these people can`t accept the verdict NOT Guilty!!
But when their son murder his wife and children they are quiet as a church mouse!!!!

I am so tired of hearing the word racism. First of all, the word is totally misused. We all belong to the HUMAN RACE, therefore, a racist would hate all humans. A more accurate word would be breedism. We are all humans, but like cats and dogs, there are different breeds of humans. As far as so called racism goes, there are atleast as many blacks who are racist against whites. When surveyed, they found that most black women thought OJ was innocent despite the evidence. Guess what most of the jury was made of? They would have found him innoncent if there was a video of him doing the killings just because he was black. I find it ironic that the black community took up for him, when OJ did nothing but distance himself from them. He surrounded himself with white friends and dates, as well as being married to, white women. Sounds to me that he's a racists doesn't it.

Wow! "We" are still discussing OJ, but not Blair Holt and Tremaine Gibson. Who cares about OJ? For years, he turned his back on the Black community. All of a sudden he gets accused of killing Nicole Brown Simpson and some/most of the Black community embraces him.

I am personally appauled by some of the things that ppl are typing on here....Why is it that Mary should remain quiet about obvious discrimination? It's like telling black ppl that since we are not slaves anymore we should be pleased with the leash that is around our neck constantly in America. We can't get a cab but we can get pulled over for listening to our favorite song! If you are not black then you do not know what it is like to be treated how black ppl are treated on a DAILY basis; so you SHOULDN'T TRY TO SPEAK ON IT. There are a lot of situations that need to be brought to America's attention (Jena6-the most recent example) or this will just continue to go on. People wanted Martin Luther King, Jr, to shut up to and I am so glad he didn't. I would not be the woman I am today if he had given up on my people.

Now, as far as OJ is concerned- I don't think that it was racially motivated but I do think that it is wrong for ppl to tell him he can't be serviced in a restaurant because he was TRIED for murdering his wife and ACQUITTED. Now I believe that OJ should be in jail for killing those ppl but you can't do that after someone had their day in court. It is UNJUST. Whether we like it or not. I personally could care less about OJ but that is from a moral stand point. It won't stop me from praying for him.

I guarantee you that he would not have done that to Phil Spectrom (sp?). OJ was not acquitted because he is black but because he has money. Most ppl with money do not go to jail for what they do. That's just fact. And that has nothing to do with race in this country. I can guarantee you that if Brett Favre was in Michael Vick's situation they wouldn't be talking about kicking him out of the league. Hayle, it's seems like white ppl have been trying to get Pete Rose in the hall of fame for baseball STILL TO THIS DAY! So please that race card gets played both ways my good Americans!

Everyone is prejudice to some degree, we have all told racially motivated jokes and or laughed @ them, but this is not a joke when an acquitted man can't be serviced for what you FEEL he should have been convicted for. And not that it makes it right but dirty cops,politicians,entertainers, and common everyday people get away with heinous crimes that they committed so lets just take race out of it because WE ARE ALL PREDJUDICE IN SOME TYPE OF WAY.


nice commentary on sunday regarding mr. potts and drew, it seems as though the old mary is back to telling it like it is. i know legal ramifications would not allow me the same justice, but i get the point. steve harvey is now seeing the truth as well. please understand i not asking for help, as you see i can handle these social misfits myself. wheather you believe it or not i am concerned for the young black men trying to make the same advances in life, but get prosecuted for it(considering a parole gets more respect then a college graduate in the hood). more and more it is becoming painfully obvious to themselves that they have serious malfunctions in their own ability to soicalize. or is it that they just can take seeing a young black man successful in so many different aspects of life and the most important, raising a family and being a good husband and having the discipline and drive to maintain it. i know it is difficult to take such a lonely stance, but if you, mr. harvey, mr joyner, and mr. mathias fail to do so then you become no better then my past. it will take individuals such as yourselves because you can overlook the financial gain in trying to bring me down, you have the outlet to do it and you will make a difference. i am willing to use my experience as a lost young black man to help others, but you and others must not give them another outlet in destorying good young black lives. they are creatures of habit and if something works, they will continue to use it. that is why i must stand tall and show my young black brothers that even in the face of the emeny you most remain strong, smart, and with pride and dignity. and yes, those are the qualities that i am passing on to my children.

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