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Mitchell column: Black principal caught on sex tape

I've heard some sorry excuses for adultery, but Leroy Coleman's excuse takes the cake.

Coleman, 55, is the former Sandridge school principal who -- along with a former teacher, Janet Lofton -- starred in an X-rated DVD secretly taped and sent anonymously to students' parents.

Monday, Coleman publicly apologized for hurting his wife of 30 years while trying to defend his reputation.

Mitchell column:

Despite the divisive nature of the Duke lacrosse rape case, some good can come of it.

The flawed case exposed the worst elements of the criminal justice system and showed how easily an innocent person can be railroaded into jail.

Most often, it is African Americans and other people of color who find themselves in this predicament. That has made it too easy for some of us to dismiss their complaints of being railroaded.

But the Duke defendants were young, white males from affluent families, battling a system that sometimes runs like a car without brakes.

Imus needs to go

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Don Imus needs to go home, permanently.
And while he's at it, he can take his radio producer with him. Although Imus deserves all the bombs being tossed his way for referring to black members of the Rutger's basketball as "nappy-headed hos," McGuirk led off by first referring to them as "hardcore hos." Neither one of these men would dare call white women soccer players hos on air.

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