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I'm back

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After a long hiatus, I'm back in blogosphere.
I could blame my absence on my hectic travel schedule, the aldermanic elections, office politics and health issues. I really could. But the truth is, it's hard waking up to an angry mob, hanging out with an angry mob, and retiring to the shouts of an angry mob.
Who really wants to do that?

If I were writing about panty hose, the latest fashion trends, or celebrity meltdowns and other unsavory gossip, you guys would be a lot nicer.
But it was my idea to use this forum to talk about race.
Frankly, that's brought the worst out in many of you. Some of you never miss an opportunity to trash me on this site. Others spend too much time trashing people they don't even know. Maybe I was naive to think we could have this conversation without rancor, but I didn expect the ease in which some of you hurl racial insults and slurs, either.
Still, race, gender, and class issues keep popping up in the news, right?
While I've been away, there was the Tim Hardaway "I hate gays" story; Virginia's resolution apologizing for slavery, allegations that Curie High School's black principal was fired to make room for a Hispanic one, and the ongoing racial subtext that underscores the Obama presidential campaign. These are interesting topics that can be discussed without someone accusing all blacks of being criminals or all whites of being racists.
So let's make a deal.
I'll do a far better job tending this site, if you guys will be a little less nasty. From now on, I'm going to treat this blog like it's my home. At home one gets to keep out an angry mob.

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Regarding how the African American principal was fired, while I am not really one to play the race card, it is obvious that she was fired for her race, but more for her ethnicity. If she were Asian or White, she would still be fired. The problem is, many Mexican immigrants forget they there are no longer in Mexico. This is why many of them believe that illegals have a right to be in this country, why many refuse to learn English but expect the public to cater to their culture and language, and why they want communities and services by them alone, for them alone, and in their communities alone, yet they expect "gringos," "mayates," and other "outsiders" to support them. Wake up and smell the coffee, mi amigos mexicanos! You are in America now! You came to us; we did not come to you. If you want to establish exclusive Mexican communities, try making them in Mexico. Otherwise, be more respectful to those who are truly American!

On the Curie HS Principal story, I heard a report (don't know if it's 100% accurate) that some of the board members preferred a hispanic Principal because they couldn't understand English. Again, I heard this on a radio report earlier.
If that's true, that makes this despicable story even worse. We spend (and waste) millions on the English as a Second Language stuff and our own administrators have no need to speak English. This is the only country where taxpayer money goes to funding programs to provide a crutch for kids and families who have no desire to learn the local language and succeed.

You are right.
People feel that they could talk all the trash they want hiding behind their computer keyboards.

Being in Chicago especially, race has always been a major factor in our politics, our housing, schools and just about every other aspect of our lives. As a life-long Chicagoan, I too have witnessed first hand the racist and unforgiving attitudes that keep us from moving forward as a city and as a society.

I for one, welcome you home to your blog & welcome you to my blog as well at:


Rey Flores

what this, the courts or judge decided that a football hero in the eyes of other young football players needs jail time.would he not be better to talk to the youths about the wrongs and how to improve themselves.Let give Tank a break and put the real thugs away.

I agree with you Mary about the anger. It is extreme and hate based. I know that racial intolerance is alive and well, but it is shocking to know the extent to which people hate, based upon race. Racism is one of the greatest human flaws. I wonder why historically it has been such a part of our human make up. So many people refuse to look at all members of the human race as human beings, regardless of race or class. Why these people see themselves as superior to others is beyond anything that's rationally based.

It was pretty disturbing to hear that Curie's high school principal was fired especially since she's with the school 25 years and has done such an excellent job with running the school. One has to wonder if this black woman has done such an impeccable job in a school that is 65% Hispanic and has gained tremendous respect from many of those students themselves, then I would have to question any future decisions made by LSC. What's that old adage... "if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it

I am joining your trashfree talking blog!!
What a pleasure to be able to say what you think and not be berated.
I think the award winning principal of that high school, being fired was a total injustice.
The Hispanic population in Chicago is absolutely feeling the power!!
I knew 30 years ago, when visiting Benito Juarez high school, that more than 2/3 s of the students were illegal. and now these non-citizens want to control the system, and government is empowering them.

Welcome back. If any of my posts have been over-the-top I apologize. I think this is a good blog and it provides a good forum for people all over Chicagoland to air their views.

Pro athletes are heroes to thousands of kids, and they should remember that when speaking about anything publicly. We're all free to say whatever we want, whenever we want. But should we?

Curie Principal Jones:
Railroaded by an insecure man who didn't like her assertive style. Children of all races lost a great principal in this battle. The rest of the Board should take the time to learn what Jones had to say in her speech, if they are truly interested in serving their children and the school.

Welcome back.

What are exactly your thoughts on the politicking at Currie H.S.

It wasn't news until Mayor Daley declared that she be restored to her position as principal of Currie. What was pleasing was the fact that while she did appreciate the Mayor's input, her facts stood on their own. The mostly Hispanic school board really took this one on the chin and is probably under alot more scrutiny for this racist blunder.

Your thoughts??

Mitchell comment:

The LSC probably had good intentions, but this issue is complicated by the fact that the majority of the local council members are Hispanic and the principal is African American at a school that is 65 percent Hispanic. Whenever councils decided to replace a principal of one race with one of another, the decision is perceived as being racially motivated. I can't say what was in the hearts of these council members. But it doesn't look good simply because they haven't given any concrete reasons why they want to replace Jones.

Tank and OTHER TANK HEAD'S, IDIOT'S & Fools, deserve EXACTLY what they put out in life. For this to happen to Mr. $Tank Head$ this will truly show up and coming foot ball player wannabee's and real McCoy's, if/when you break the law(s) no matter what your status, race, color, religion, who's son you are, husband, cousin, friend or crew, eventually KARMA will catch up with your A!@# and you'll be sitting in the Clinker righeously & deserving!

I have never posted a comment on this blog site but I am glad that you have decided to continue to have open conversations about race. Race is a conversation that will always lead to discussions on politics, class and socioeconomics. What we must all remember is that we all play apart in the above mentioned factors and in that we are sometimes right and sometimes wrong. Let's all keep an open mind and stop pointing the finger.

To Michael Smith and Devin,

When you get off your butts and get your US government to stop meddling with Mexico and the rest of Latin America, forcing immigrants to come to this country, those same immigrants will remain in Mexico and their respective Latin American countries. Until then, live with the disastrous consequences.

I don't agree with the way the Curie principal was fired. I feel that she earned the right to be Curie's principal by all of her exemplary work over the years. However, for you morons to turn around and condemn the entire Mexican-American community in Chicago for the stupid policies of a few power-hungry idiots on the LSC is just as despicable.

The Mexican immigrants expect the same dignity that everyone else enjoys, and if the dignity they feel they are entitled to includes being linguistically accomodated, then so be it.

Mary - let me make sure I get this right. You wonder why people can get angry with you. OK, one example is your recent column on how "you'd like to slap two black lawmakers upside their head" for not voting for someone because of the color of their skin.
And people call Rush Limbaugh extreme...

Mitchell comment:

No, you didn't get it right. it's about how we talk to each other on this blog, not just about how you get angry with me. As far as "slapping two black lawmakers upside their head," I pretty sure that most people understood that to be hyperbole.

Is anyone tired of all the families running Chicago?... Daleys, Strogers, Beavers, Steeles, Jacksons. Chicago is not a family business where you can hand things over to your children. Lets vote these people out and start a new

Come on, Mary. "Woman up!", in a manner of speaking. You're starting sound "soft". I thought you were from the "projects", to borrow from an old Bill Cosby routine.

Seriously, these blogs are the closest thing to the proverbial "marketplace of ideas". The posts are eyeopening, interesting and, yes, perhaps unsettling at times. But I believe it's good to know these things nonetheless. So what if you, I, or any other poster gets trashed. The posts will stand or fall on the own merit. We're grown-ups, fully capable of navigating the garbage and grasping the substance.

If this blog does bring out the "worst side" of us as you say I and the rest of us are much better off for getting a sense of what form that side takes. While these things don't consume me on a daily basis, I'd like to be cognizant of the signs, and I think these posts inform me in that regard.

To cut to the chase, yeah I disagree with your views probably 60% of the time. But so what? You have at least shown enough courage (I almost wrote "audacity", but that word has been much overused of late) to subject your commentary to this two-way dialogue. I like knowing what you and others think and knowing that you stand so firmly behind your convictions. I hope you won't go overboard in filtering posts you deem, for lack of a better word, "unpleasant".

I and others will certainly continue to disagree with you --sometimes stridently, sometimes despicably irrationally (present company excluded) -- but keep up the very good work that you do.

Mitchell comment:

Biggdawg-If you want to spend your time arguing with people, go right ahead. In fact, get a blog and then tell me how much fun this is.

Of course what happened to the Curie HS Principal was 100% wrong. And I wish it hadn't happened. However, when White principals are replaced by predominately African-American member school boards because they want a Black principal (and its happened more then a few times) then that is just as wrong. Just as racially motivated. Only the media doesn't get wound-up over it as they do this recent controversy.

Something else, I'm a white guy, so I think I can speak from a neutral view. I have another take on the Curie HS controversy that nobody has brought up. The Hispanic Community is WAKING UP politically. They have been cheated, short-changed, and neglected long enough. Guess what folks, they are NOW the BIGGEST minority in America and are getting bigger and bigger everyday. And will continue to get bigger everyday. You don't like all the illegal immigrants. Well guess what, there only here because there are employers waiting in line to hire them. So dislike those folks, not the immigrant, if you don't like it. Would you pick strawberries or lettuce for 12 hours a day at below minimum wage like they do? Or work doing the garbage details in our local restaurants for crummy pay for long hours? I'm not going to lie--I wouldn't ! Fact: Whites and Blacks won't. Thats why they are here. You say we would if we got decent pay. Maybe, but only if its an 8-hour day plus 45 minutes for lunch and two breaks. And having spent over thirty-five years in the American workplace, I'd have a feeling that alot of Whites and Blacks would probably call-off sick or be on 'light duty' when it became over 80 degrees. Oh yeah, if the pay is much higher, then the price of the produce at the supermarket will be that much higher. And don't we complain about prices already?

You think Hispanics haven't been cheated? Then look at the percentage of their population in Chicago and Cook County? And then compare that percentage to the percentage of city and county jobs they have within various departments. Departments that are under BOTH either White and African-American leadership. I know alot of you liberals and African-American community leaders aren't happy by what happened at Curie High School. But remember this, the Hispanic-Americans on that school board most likely got their ideas from watching you do it over the years.

Everyone should realize that as long as we are human and live on this earth it will always be black and white. I don't care how people try not to look at it that way it cannot be helped. This is as common as breathing. People who say they don't look at the color of another persons skin are in denial. As sad as it may be it is the truth. We attempt and sometimes succeed in getting along until a situation comes along and there goes decorum out the door. We have been a racist country from the beginning. Instead of concentrating on something we cannot change, we need to go about our daily lives living and treating people as we would like to be treated. It may not work because some people are ignorant and closed minded. Ignore these people and push on. Don't let them put a damper on your day. If a situation arises try to diffuse it and move on. People are stubborn and the majority of them have no desire for change.

Mary - you totally missed my point. Your prior column was all about voting for someone because of the color of his skin - plain and simple. You called them out for having the audacity of supporting a white candidate whom they thought has a better chance of winning and can support their views.
This is a blog about race. I would contend that if the shoe was on the other foot, and a white columnist chastised 2 white lawmakers for suppporting a black candidate (because they weren't white), it would draw your attention and anger.
If that's what you call a dialog about race, it sure is a one-sided dialog.

Mitchell comment:

Why did Robert Ford say Hillary Clinton had a better chance of winning--because she is the better candidate. No, because Obama is black and would drag down the entire ticket. Yes, this is a blog about race and you have shared your opinion. But you can't browbeat into agreeing with you. I had my say. You had your say, Now we move on.

Curie: Why not give the majority hispanic LSC decision a positive spin, it is about time a "qualified" hispanic be given an opportunity to lead a majority Hispanic school. While they have not articulated a reason for the dismissal, surely balck folks can understand the desire (perhaps even need) to have the leadership and teaching staff in a school reflect the children. Can we not apply the same reasons we want greater representation of African American teachers, in particular African American males to be role models for African Ameerican children. This may also apply to Curie parents. Just a thought!

Obama Question To Mary: Why did you write that article about Rev. Wright and Obama??? I often said that the words of Rev. Wright would be twisted by a national media hell-bent on either "de-Blacking Obama" or "radicalizing Obama." I would have preferred that you not write that article. Rev. Wright is a spiritual scholar and I believe would have come to peace within even if he were hurt. You opened a crack that others will just exploit.

Thank you for being a voice. Just not on this one.

Mitchell comment:

There story was out there. So the question ought to be why did Rev. Wright talk to the NYT about Obama?

In regards to race and Obama. He is one of the few politicians and civic leaders who doesn't speak in terms of, "I'll do this for blacks and this for whites." Instead he speaks about "us" or "we." This is why people like him.

Welcome back Mary. Hope your health has improved and thank you for covering the issues stated in your comment that other reporters are afraid to address.

You should treat this blog as your home, you do not have to welcome rude and disrespectful guest into your home.

Welcome back Mary.

You didn't mention the Tank Johnson story in your post, but I saw you on PBS Friday night and heard your comments, especially about how he should take the time in jail to reflect upon his life.

I'm not particularly a Tank fan, not beyond how I feel about the other Bears. But, I grew to respect him as he seemed to get serious about putting the foolishness behind him and becoming a man. I'm always enthusiastic about someone turning from the stereotypical behavior of boys or "guys" and embracing maturity. I believe that his time in jail can either destroy him or galvanize him and that it is his choice which occurs. I hope it's the latter. How great would it be to see him return to the team next season as a man who made his mistakes and learned from them and turned from them to be an example to guys everywhere that they can do it too? I wish him all the success in the world.

As for Senator Obama, I'd be so happy if he could be discussed JUST ONCE without the tag "could be the first African American President." He is African American, as well as a lot of other heritages. But, I'm much less interested in the color of his skin than the content of his character, to steal a phrase. I'm interested in his candidacy because he has conducted himself thusfar (as Senator and candidate) with integrity. As we currently have a complete void of integrity in the Executive Branch, it would behoove us to vote for one like Senator Obama in order to rectify this. It has been interesting to watch the campaign and the shots taken at it so far. He has not had to endure the "slings and arrows" like this until he announced. Now, we will see if he is all he appears to be. If he is, we should start helping him pack for the move to the White House, for he is what the country needs.

Welcome Back Mary!!
I can agree to disagree too!

Tank Johnson
It's very unfortunate that so many people have expressed disappointment about the outcome of the Tank Johnson situation---I am not one of them. I can't tell you how sick I am of black males having the fortune to rise above the hardships that go on in our neighborhoods only to voluntarily live as if they never left. You want to be a thug? Well, jail is where thugs go---PERIOD! What was even more amazing is that no one even noticed that these people had an arsenal of weapons with 2 small children in the home. Child Protective Services should have investigated.

If I understand her post (and I agree with her), isn't Margie calling you out for your prior column for suggesting 2 black lawmakers should support Obama because of the color of his skins? Black or white, this is wrong...aren't we supposed to judge people on "the content of their character" as opposed to the color of their skin?

Mitchell comment:

I'm suggesting that the two black lawmakers have already decided Obama can't win because he is black.

I had to take a break too.I thought alot of times I was in the 60's with alot of the racist and crazy attitudes I read in this blog,I guess race is still a touchy topic(understatement of the year)since racism is based usually on fear of other people and ignorance, we are really more alike then most think.Scientifically speaking All of our DNA traces back to Africa and the sooner people ralize we are actually one race "the human race"life will become much better for us all.But until then the few of us who want peace and end to war and poverty and racism will continue to fight the good fight,dont give up,I wont either, Ms.Mitchell you have given us a forum to express ourselves and you dont know how much that means to those whose voices have for too long been ignored and shouted down by those in power,Welcome back,keep up the good work!The world needs more people like you,Ms.Mitchell.......from Doc1958

Mary welcome back.
It is said that race and angry mobs play such a big part in our lives. Progress has been slow' But progress has been made.Color of skin is not as important as content of character.Why else would a 58 year old white man who votes to the right be an avid reader of your column.

I must say I understand the position of the previous post. Your words were: "So why don't they have as much faith in a black man as they do in a white woman?"

You stated nothing about a particular position that Clinton or Obama took that might have been the reason why these lawmakers might favor one or the other. You were put off by the fact that these black lawmakers didn't support the black candidate.

I'm not sure I would call your position racist but it's close. I would call it a position that you would detest if a white candidate did the same thing.

Mitchell comment:

It's a matter of perspective. I'm put off that the two black lawmakers I wrote about believe Obama can't be elected, not because of his positions, but because he is black.

you have always sucked big time- and i can prove it - wayyy back you could have put away a CRIMINAL , and you didn't because of his SKIN SHADE , why are you still in this job ????? ahhhh skin shade maybe......

Mitchell comment:

Then please go bother someone who doesn't suck.

hello mary i know this is my first time e-mailing you. i have to vent some anger. why don't the news report on the north side and the south side crime. it's always what's going on the westside. mary i live on the northside and i'am very afraid to sometimes come out side. the news don't talk about the killings up north but someone get shot on the westside and it's really blown way out there. the westside do have drugs dealers mary, but not as many killings as the northside. i can't wait to get back out west where i can feel safe that the drug dealers don't let rapers. child molesters, or serial killers, rome the neiborhoods. where the children can ride there bikes in the day time. drug dealer have a thing where no crime happens when children or elder are out and about. mary i had to let this off my chest. and if a crime is done when there are children or elders are out. that person doing the crime will have to put back in the neiborhood. crime on the westside is not random. if someone hurt that person that's when there is shooting not random killings like the north side. take the 5 women that the north side coverd up with 3 women being beat with a hammer. mary something just don't add up. the home invasions are coverd up as well. evan the apartment are out dated. but no one tells that on the news

Mary I am in shock! I agree with you on something, I know its a first for me. I am white and male, if it matters. I think the whole Curie thing is ironic kind of. African Americans are being thrown under the bus because they are the wrong color. Mexicans ar ethe new squeaky wheel in Chicago and in this country. They are outing a great instructor and leader because she is not Mexican. Where I agree with you is on the fact that reading the papers I read the vote was not fair. That at least 30 percent of the voting board "did not speak English". Your paper which is so liberal and over the top sometimes, used this as an excuse for the outed principal. I was very angry that my tax dollars are being used by a non-english speaking board??? This is an outrage! But in liberal land its okay "just make everyone happy". The woman has done a great job at Curie and she is being outed by people whom cant even speak the language??? That should be the story, how Mexicans cross our border daily and are illegal and run school boards and eat up our tax dollars.
Bending over to suit has got to stop. If someone does a great job no matter if they speak a foreign language or not should be retained. My tax dollars should just be sent right to Mexico in this city we are raising Mexican families here already. The money sent back to Mexico every year by the illegals is unreal! Thats somehow good for our countries economy?? I sit good for Curie??

I'm back I never knew this BLOG exsisited... now that I do I'll be sure to check it out every now and then... as far as Mary being naive about dialouge about race... cmon we live in one of the most racist and segregrated cities in the world... our actions demonstrate what our voices don't openly say... so of course racist cowards would leap at this opportunity... cmon already!!! sam i am

To Edgar Davila:

When was the last time America meddled with Mexican affairs? If you really want to accuse nations of any wrongdoings, blame the Mexican government--which does not care about its own citizens, but will actually support their efforts to snaek into this country. I am sick and tired of mindless liberals telling me that for wanting to protect my culture and my country's security makes me narrow-minded! Wherever you go, you are expected to learn the language of the land; to do otherwise would be disrespectful to the people who live there--I don't care how much sales tax they pay or are "taking the jobs no Americans want"! If a true liberal ever takes control of this country, we are doomed. The borders will be opened, and all terrorists will find it easy to come in and wreak havoc on the people here. Before you know it, we will no longer be able to speak English because America will finally have an official language--Spanish. While liberals like you may have your hearts in the right place, you are setting this nation up for helter-skelter, and you don't even know it.

Moderator, I have to applaud you on the very funny comments you made in the introduction. That is funny when you refer to the posters on this blog as an "angry mob", and saying that you don't like hanging out with an "angry mob". I am cracking up as I type this. Although it is true that this blog has turned into an "angry mob", and that is unfortunate but not surprising as far as I am concerned. From the start when I saw this was a blog about race I knew it would turn into this, not that I am saying that was your motive. It is just the way this country has always been and the way it will probably always be.

Racism does not discriminate...we should keep that in mind when we post or respond. Making blanket statements about blacks, whites or hispanics makes YOU the problem not the solution.
Blaming all for the faults of a few makes YOU the problem not the solution.
Mary, you do have a point of view that based upon your life experience, but unfortunantely we all do not share that experience.
Great care needs to be taken to point out problems in our cultures, as stated above, too many of the comments are based in specific incidents and do not truely reflect the majority nor the experience of the majority.

I agree that their are some hate filled people that post to the blog...but why do you let these comments through? You seem to monitor the posts on content (I for one know a couple things that will get my post dumped). You share the responsibility when you allow inflammatory post through. You also are part of the problem when you don't allow posts that are contrary to what YOU believe.
This is a 2 way street and we should all abide by the rules.

Mitchell comment:

It's often hard to judge inflammatory comments. What offends you may not offend me. But that's not really my point. Whether or not I post the comments doesn't matter because I still have to read them. There are plenty of posts that I haven't let through because people used racial slurs and foul language.

Welcome back to the trenches...I was wondering if you had any comments about the hardware store owner who was murdered in Maywood, since you have mentioned in your column that you live there...

Mitchell comment:

It was a despicable crime. Unfortunately, no one has been charged with the murder. Jeffrey Lowenthal was a prominent business owner in Maywood and residents were shocked and saddened by this crime.

To: Andrea Lenise Maddox
Get a bandaid for your bleeding heart! Illegals are fleecing you tax dollars and lauging at you. I wonder if there were bleeders like you in the 20's if we would all be speaking german,italian,greek and polish to not offend, oh yeah they all migrated here legally. Forget it.Love it or leave it!


First off, judging by the posts you put in here from white people, mine has no chance of appearing.

How about admitting that you are part of the cause of it all. How can you in good conscience promote the idea of supporting a Presidential candidate based on his/her skin color. I would encourage all of the bloggers to go back and read your prior post about the black state lawmakers who dared to support Hillary Clinton.

That column alone qualifies you for racist of the year...congratulations!

"If I were writing about panty hose, the latest fashion trends, or celebrity meltdowns and other unsavory gossip, you guys would be a lot nicer.
But it was my idea to use this forum to talk about race.
Frankly, that's brought the worst out in many of you. Some of you never miss an opportunity to trash me on this site"

I am honestly shocked. Am I shocked that you were disappointed or outraged that discussions on race has brought out the worst in people (I'm not sure if talking about race has brought out the "worst" in Jerry)? No. Am I shocked that you were disappointed or outraged that people trashed you on this site (I think that they are trashing your opinions rather than you as a person since the vast majority of people here probably don't know you)? No. I am shocked that you didn't expect this. You know, when I grew up, my grandmother always told me never to discuss politics, religion, race, or money over dinner. Naturally, I asked why. Her answer was simple. Those subjects will always make people angry.

While your opinions are your own, I don't think that it's unreasonable to assume that many of the readers here are going to disagree your opinions. I'll go a step further by saying that it's not unreasonable to assume that some people are going attack you since your opinions and stories are the ones being discussed. Often times, people are going to submit their response before they've had some time to think it over. While I do try to wait before I submit my responses, I myself am sometimes guilty of this. However, I would hardly say that it should be totally unexpected. You've chosen to make your blog about race in a city where racial differences are blatantly obvious. On top of that, some of the topics have been poorly researched and written in such a way as to absolve the subjects of all responsibilities for their own actions and to assume that the cause for the problem was racial prejudice.

I hate to say that you've brought this on yourself, but you have. You chose a fiery topic in a fiery city and skewed some of the stories to fit a certain mold. I think that if you had stuck to the facts (all the facts) and left it up to the readers as to whether a particular issue was race related then you might have fared much better (just my opinion, of course). But then, we wouldn't have the controversy that keeps this blog going, would we?

As for me, I'm going to keep reading because I love a good argument, even when there's nothing worth arguing about.

FYI Mary you placed my post on the wrong blog. my post was the one above the one you posted my name on. No harm though

Mitchell comment:

Sorry. There's apparently a glitch. I'll have someone look at it today.

Glad you're back. I agree with KB's comment about Obama. The fact that he speaks of solutions for "we" or "us," not for any specific segment of the population, says it all. This makes his message and goals relevant to everyone. Previous African-American presidential candidates have not been unifiers.

I appreciate the fact that you're offering a forum for racial dialogue. For too long, racial conflict has been the invisible elephant in the room that few were willing to acknowledge. How can we heal as a culture and move on to become a healthier American society if we can't have frank discussions about what divides us?

Very few of my friends, black or white, are willing to discuss these issues. Open dialogue with people of other races and cultures can give all of us insight into why others see things as they do and offer ideas as to how to solve our persistent problems.

Stay strong and help furthering this dialogue!

Now Justin, be nice. This blog is now a kinder, gentler blog so there is no reason to bring my name up when disagreeing with the moderator.

to Michael Prophet: I think you have to be careful with your allegation that Mary is 'racist' because she likes Obama. First of all, all she is writing about were the black lawmakers backing Hillary and the fact they took a pay-off to endorse her. That doesn't make her racist. Its a fact, it happened. Obama is a very attractive candidate. He's liked across the board. And she has hinted other black leaders are a little angry at Obama's popularity, also. She is not wrong. Last week Rev. Al Sharpton lashed-out at Obama. Its come out Sharpton feels he was under-cut because he had wanted to be the so-called black candidate. My opinion and my opinion only, this disturbs him because it lessens his face on TV and hurts fattening up his wallet. Again, its only a speculation and not a allegation. Mike, remember, alot of white guys have been thrown to the wolves by these PC-bullies, whether they be these guilt-ridden white liberals or hypocrite so-called black spokesmen. You are alot better than that. No need to make allegations unless you have ABSOLUTE proof.

to Anne: You are absolutely correct. What appears to separate Obama from past black candidates is he is talks of representing 'all' the people and not a segment of the people. He appears sincere that he's doing it for 'love of country' whereas the others, whether true or not, appeared to be doing it for 'love of themselves'. You know whats lost on this. This Romney campaign. I was listening to WLS about a week back on Saturday afternoon. The Debra Rowe Show. Anyway, she was throwing out if America was ready for a lady and/or black president. And everybodies answer was yes. She then mentioned how about a mormon president. All of a sudden what you heard was, "well, ah-ah-um you know well ah you must understand ah-ah".... . I found that very amusing but also sad.


First of all, your security's greatest threat up to this date, 9/11, happened with a mindless conservative in office. Furthermore, the people responsible for the attack came into this country through the Canadian border, not the Mexican border.

Next, I suggest you go and learn world history to see how the U.S. has been meddling in Mexican and Latin American affairs since the early 1800's. They have been supporting the overthrow of democratically elected governments and have been installing puppet dictators. Your mind is probably too cluttered with the patriotic b.s. that your President love to spew to absorb real facts.


My point was NOT that Mary is a racist because she supports Obama. (I am white and I support Obama) It was about her reaction to 2 black politicians supporting Clinton. She was put off because they didn't support someone of the same skin color. At no point does she reference any particular postion either one takes that would cause them to side with Hillary. At no point does she bring up the point that perhaps these 2 politicians understand Hillary has far more Washington influence and money than Obama that will make her very difficult to beat. Wouldn't we all agree that backing a candidate because of their skin color is wrong...if not racist?

Mitchell comment:

Again, my point was the two black legislators are supporting Hillary because they don't think a black man can win.

Surely the naive Obama supporters who say he's "different" than typical politicians have heard that an Obama operative put together that ad copying a 1984 apple computer ad where Hillary Clinton's face gets smashed while she's talking. I thought Obama wasn't going to lower himself and partake in slash and burn politics? I'm going to give you Obama supporters some advice I gave to a few people in a well known downtown restaurant a few months ago. I told them they sound like 12 year olds when they fall for the Obama rhetoric. To John, Obama is no different than any other candidate when he says he wants to represent "all" the people. Name me another candidate who said "I only want to represent this segment of society".

Mary, et al:

I think that your providing a forum for discussion of race is still needed--especially with the immigration issue. I have found that folks who normally would have either nothing to say on legalization of immigrants or vote to allow them in are increasingly angry. As someone who works in the social service area, I encounter illegals frequently thru my work and all I can say is that the other part of the story is not being addressed. Any discussion of illegals needs to include facts/statistics on groups from different countries of origin, to help clarify the issue. I cannot help, but compare the rising anger regarding Mexicans to what happened in then West Germany with the importation of Turkish workers in the 1980's. By the way, for those interested in the economic ramifications of immigration, you might want to check out the testimony of Prof. Barry Chiswick (UIC) before the Senate Judiciary Committee in April 2006.

Mitchell Comment:

Thank you.

Ms Mitchell, considering your statement below of the angry mob, I am wondering is blagosphere a typo or a hidden meaning behind it?

Anyway Ms Mitchell, if you feel as though people would have been nice about posting to a Blog on Racial Matters, you truly are the naive one.

You could have wrote about panty hose, the latest fashion trends, celebrity meltdowns and as you put it other unsavory gossip, but depending on how the topic was posed, it is a possibility that it still would take on a life of its own.

Ask your colleague Roman Modrowski(Sports Blog) or Mark Konkol(Mail Delivery) about their blogs. Read either of them or ask them, and they will probably tell you there is a hint of racist postings on the behalf of some individuals.

Personally, Ms Mitchell, a good idea would have been to go online and check out some of the blogs on race. Read them for a while to see how people hidden behind a computer really show themselves in type. It wouldn't have matter from what cultural or ethnic perspective. Racist and bias negativity would come into play.

Remember Ms Mitchell, you requested white people to be honest with their views. What did you expect? Blacks, Latino\a(s), Asians, Native Americans, Middle Easteners were not going to be honest, whether they fumble inadequately through sentence structure at times in their explanations.

As a moderator, you could have eliminated certain individuals completely, until they learn to play nice. But speaking about racial matters is not the most pleasant subject when some think they are better than others or others perception of oppression from others.

Your thoughts was misconstrued to think plesantries would be exchange most of the time.

Remember the "Baby Momma" story? With White people already thinking Black men are dead weight, you opened a can of worms which was only going to bait every hook in Chicago. The story about the woman from Northwestern university and her grant for studying race and being called a genius, did you really think that would go over well?

Debates with Neil Steinberg on race, come on you couldn't have possibly not know that would bring out some ugliness? The lady who sought sanctuary in the church, and you blasted, "She is no Rosa Parks!"

But as you stated it is not the posts, but having to read some of the more extreme attacks of your character which have not been displayed for our viewing which has upset you the most.

Write a topic about Britney Spears & Whitney Houston, both celebrities and watch the heated debates spew forth with a tinge of racist comments drenching from them.

Some times after reading two sentences and it starts off terrible, delete it into cyber-space. You have particular people who post which I refused to read their garbage, and they probably feel the same about me.

Take care my sista, stay prayerful, be blessed and my prayers are with you. // But you must let people speak from the heart, as long as it is analytical.

Mitchell comment:
Thanks for catching the typo!!

Ms. Mitchell:

I want to bring to your attention that there are several errors in the attributions of posts. I made a post on March 23rd, which starts Mary et al and lists the name of Barry Chiswick. You have incorrectly attributed this to Jerry.

There is a post from 3/24 sttributed to me (bella) that I did not make. Thanks. Bella

Mitchell Comment:

I apologize for the errors. Apparently, there's a technical glitch.

The amusing fact I found was out of the 10 most deadbeat dads in Illinois the majority were white.The stereotype about black men was again proven to be false (as usual).Welcome back again Ms.Mitchell I see jerry is still at it with his racist rants, you sure he isnt a robo-racist?

Maybe the reason the backlash is off target and overblown is because the original Imus flap was overblown and out of proportion. I mean, seriously, if these young ladies from Rutgers were "scarred for life" by his comments, or those comments were the worst thing that ever happened to them, then they have indeed been led very blessed or very sheltered lives. The shock and outrage seems to be fake. I find it hard to believe out of all those ladies, not one of them really wasn't bothered that much by what a white guy they had probably never listened to, said about them. Not one of them had the courage to say "What he said didn't really matter to me." Instead we get the mentality of victimization, egged on by the media.

Mary Mitchell. I read your April 17th article about the Jesse & Al actions with respect to the Don Imus matter. You suggest that those who do not share those two sometime preachers views is generational-not true. As one who lived in Chicago from birth until 20 years ago and grew up during the Civil Rights era during Jesse's ascendency and before Sharpton,I have seen up close the duplicity of the so-called civil rights leaders. Those of my generation know they are sellouts and the only reason they seem to possess power is because the "white power structure" (a phrase no longer in use but is appropriate)want them in front and recognized as black leaders. They willingly pay these people to be approved spokesmen. Many black people are aware of this relationship and we do not want them prominent in anything having to do with us. It is amazing that you do not know this or, maybe you are part of this charade.

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