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Congressional Black Caucus under fire

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It used to be when you didn't like a certain TV network, you changed the channel.
But that was before the Internet Age.
Today, just about anyone can wage a campaign against just about anything. But when the organization claims to have 70,000 members who are advocates for the interests of Black Americans, the political landscape will never be the same.
The online campaign against the major news network is just the tip of the iceberg.

Last week, the politely nudged the Congressional Black Caucus on its plan to partner with Fox News to host presidential debates. CBC Institute is a poltiical education and leadership non-profit organization. is a political action group that was organized in response to the government's failure to provide aid to stranded Hurricane Katrina victims who were mostly poor and black.

James Rucker, Executive Director, of ColorofChange sent a letter to Congressional Black Caucus Members advising them that "Fox has a documented history of airing inaccurate, slanted reporting and political smears; advancing deeply problematic framing around race issues; and launching baseless attacks on Black political leaders."

"A partnership with Fox risks sullying the Caucus' reputation as "the conscience of Congress" and an advocate for racial equality and justice," Rucker said.

So far, the CBC hasn't responded.

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James Rucker must have a very short memory. Surely he can't forget the smears at CBS, adios Dan Rather. Or the garbage from the NYT, adios Howell Raines. This BS about lopsided reporting or bias is completely overblown. All other major media is presented only by the liberal view; case in point- the SunTimes, especially Mary Mitchell's columns (wait let me guess, next comment will be as serious as all your other ones, and will be on how you are not a liberal) What happened to all the Liberals wanting to 'work together' and unify and not divide. Heaven forbid people see a debate on TV. On a TV station with consistenly more viewers than any other cable stations combined. Maybe Fox has something interesting to say, or maybe, just maybe some of it is correct and people like it??

Who gives a damn what " or the CBC think! Fox news is by far number 1 in the ratings and I think that network is a godsend for my people. Fox is number 1 because my people grew tired of hearing the same old tired liberal attacks against them. So I say to the honorable Mr. Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, keep kicking a$$ on those evil liberals at CNN, MSNBC, New York Times & CBS. I say to Roger Ailes, keep employing insighful analysts like Mark Fuhrman & Dennis Miller because it is delightful seeing liberals getting ticked off.

I'd like to see Mr. Rucker's documented history of Fox that he finds so upsetting. It's my guess it really is easier to attack the messenger.

The paranoid, racist and angry left have a deep fear of anyone who does not think like they do. Progressives are the American Bolsheviks.

The fact that Fox News actually provides positive views about the United States and her people makes them go insane. The sad reality is that Progressives are very much anti-Americans. They say they are not but they lie. Their actions and statements prove the contrary.

Hey, I lost respect for the CBC when during the '90's black people by the MILLIONS were being slaughtered in genocides in Rwanda, Sudan, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, and they STAYED COMPLETELY QUIET because the president was from their party. Partisan-party politics was more important then innocent black people's lives. So you tell me who the real 'Uncle Tom's' are?

Wow ! This patriotic mess and Fox News has really turned Older Caucations mind sets back to the 50's and 60's. This is scary but funny. I know Hitler is very proud of the Fox News supporters. Scary people always keep statistic on the one's they are truely scared of. False and phony statistics at that. We all know that most crime committed against Whites are by Whites. Fox news will flip the story scaring the living mess out of the White population. The War on Iraq is a bunch of BS, but Fox news continues to scare the living Hell out of the White population. Any minority could care less about Bushes war. 911 was sad, but life goes on. I sleep good at night. Fox news is for Rich White people who like to play chess with people's lives. If you aren't rich, you are a dam fool for falling for that type of entertainment. Fox news should be banned by the CBC, unless you've walked in our shoes, you have no idea about any Minorities situation. I'll keep laughing at you Fox News lunatics.......

To Black Wiseman, you say the CBC should ban Fox news? How funny is that! For your information the CBC doesn't have the power to do anything except scare naive black folks into thinking that slavery is coming back and that the klan is going to start lynchings again. The CBC is nothing more than black politicians(many of whom are racists) sitting around thinking of ways they can demonize the white population. Also, you say "we all know most crimes committed against whites are by whites". No we don't. Black on white crime is a very real thing in this country. But with you being black and therefore belonging to a protected group, and not having to walk in our shoes, you cannot relate to what we have to put up with in this country.

The CBC and Fox News you say, well they seem well fit for each other, both are for people not capable of thinking on their own and like being lied to (the conscious of the congress indeed, more like the unconscious congress). As it is, most black members of most legislative bodies, be it aldermen or congressmen, are only there for the money, the good of the people they represent was sold off long ago and they no longer even pretend that there is such a thing. Selling themselves off to Fox news is horribly appropo. Fox news with their thinly veiled racism and classism, seems like they would be the first to line up at the auction block to by them some good negroes, and the CBC is definitely some negroes for sale.

Whats the difference? I'm serious. What is so wrong with FOX? I mean please give actual examples? What would you rather them do, go to MSNBC or CBS (with the Imus's of the world) or ABC (with people like Rosie)? Again, give examples? And not because somebody there has an opinion thats not quite yours. Examples, please !

to Black Wiseman: Imus for many, many, years worked for CBS and NBC. Before his Rutgers girls basketball comments, here are some of the comments he's made over the years.

Gwen Ilfong, is an African-American journalist for the NY Times. He referred to her as "the black cleaning lady.

He called Howard Kurtz the 'little jew boy'.

He said a Mexican tennis player is a dishwasher with a racquet.

He called Colin Powell the four-eyed weasil.

He said Atty. General Gonzales should resign and then caretake lawns like all THEM people do.

And there are countless other examples. So Black Wiseman, why did the bosses at CBS and NBC condone this? Please tell me why? Could it be that maybe, just maybe, these folks got their own demons. And where was civil-rights leaders and civic leaders then? Could and would you tell me? ....So knowing this about these companies, perhaps FOX comes across looking pretty good. Maybe some at the CBC realized this.

The CBC is all democrats. And we know black republicans are all considered 'Uncle Tom's' and have been called other names. We all know April 15th is Jackie Robinson celebration day in baseball. To celebrate Jackie Robinson breaking the color-line barrier in baseball. Jackie Robinson was a staunch republican. A very staunch republican.

""Fox has a documented history of airing inaccurate, slanted reporting and political smears; advancing deeply problematic framing around race issues; and launching baseless attacks on Black political leaders."

If you really think that, you are brainwashed by the liberal media in this country. Wake up! You are being used by the liberal media and have been used for many years! Just as liberal left have been using you. You need to see that all the hate, lies and half-truths have been coming from the liberals and the media which they pretty much control. Liberals will promise you anything to get your many times have you gotten anything in return?
Never, because they want you to believe it every election, year after year. They have no desire to fix anything...and it seems they have never offered a solution either.
I think folks in Chicago should be able to recognize how it works,
it has been going on in Illinois for as long as I can remember. You keep being suckered by corrupt politicians, promising you everything...but has anything ever changed?

to Anonymous: Examples, please?

If you don't want abusive comments written then you should not let your columnists write abusive columns

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