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I caught a snippet of Donald W. Walsh on the news last night. The "nationally known" assistant fire chief is under investigation in a race-related case. So far the only thing Walsh has said in his defense seems to suggest that the public shouldn't believe the allegation because of his status. I'm not buying it.

It used to be when you didn't like a certain TV network, you changed the channel.
But that was before the Internet Age.
Today, just about anyone can wage a campaign against just about anything. But when the organization claims to have 70,000 members who are advocates for the interests of Black Americans, the political landscape will never be the same.
The online campaign against the major news network is just the tip of the iceberg.

When Police Supt. Phil Cline said he is "sickened and embarrassed" by the brutal beating of Karolina Obrycka, a bartender at a Northwest Side bar, I believe him. But when he says that Chicago police officer Anthony Abbate has "tarnished our image worse than anybody else in the History of the Department," I have a problem with that.

Young black men (and women) have been brutally beaten by out-of-control police officers in the past, and the incidents have been handled as if they were isolated cases.

But the mauling Obrycka took at the hands of an alleged drunken off-duty police officer will change the culture of the police department. Why? Because she's a white woman.

Mitchell Column: Curie fiasco reveals growing rift between blacks, Hispanics

Frank Avila claims Tom Ramos is getting a bum rap. Ramos is the local school council chairman at Curie High School, where the Hispanic-majority board voted twice to oust Jerryelyn Jones, an African-American principal who has led Curie for eight years. Avila, a lawyer and fierce Daley critic, called me last week to rant about how Ramos is being portrayed in the media.

"One of the most unfair things about this is they are trying to turn this into a racial incident," Avila said. "This man's wife came to me and said she couldn't handle all of this stress."

I'm back

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After a long hiatus, I'm back in blogosphere.
I could blame my absence on my hectic travel schedule, the aldermanic elections, office politics and health issues. I really could. But the truth is, it's hard waking up to an angry mob, hanging out with an angry mob, and retiring to the shouts of an angry mob.
Who really wants to do that?

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