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Pastors and politics

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According to a story by Washington Bureau Chief, Lynn Sweet, the Clinton camp has hired,CST-NWS-obama16.article
a firm headed by South Carolina state Sen. Darrell Jackson as a consultant for her campaign. The deal is worth at least $10,000 a month.

Barack Obama sought to hire the same consultant, but Clinton sealed the deal. Jackson is the same man who told the Associated Press on Tuesday that he was supporting Clinton because she is "our best shot." What I don't get is why so many black people believe leaders like him are using their power to benefit the marginalized masses?

Besides running a political consulting business, Jackson pastors a 10,000-member church and serves in the South Carolina state legislature.

Help us lord.

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Can you really be surprised? I amazed at the number of mail-order reverends and pastors who are also politicians. Just a little odd don't you think?

I guess this provides the answer to your last blog about why a black politician would back a white candidate...

Mary. This is America. People are entitled to vote and support whomever they want. The most important thing for people to do is to vote and be a part of the process. Quite frankly, I don't see a lot of White males in America voting for Clinton or Obama. In the voting booth, you can be as racist as you want to be. No one knows who you really voted for and why. I am currently reading "At Caans Edge" The King years from 65 to 68. It is just amazing the things that have happened to Black Americans in this country, for the right to vote. But not just voting. Housing, jobs, education, health care, and crime are all areas where Black Americans continue to suffer. It is so frustrating and can be depressing, but I refuse to give up. I will not be defeated. I am proud to be Black and nothing will ever change that.

I believe there should be a seperation of chuch and state. The church was ordain by God to change the heart of mankind from with-in the person, by the gospel of Jesus christ. Politicians can pass morals laws ,but those laws can not change a person from with-in. Pastors should not be in the fore-front of politic,but to encourage the congregation to vote their choice. politics make a strange bedfellow.

Mary this is all about getting paid bottom line. Also why are you surprised about this? Look at the local Chicago elections and how blacks are treated in the city. Even though black people represent a very good number of the population, most of the support for Daley will come from blacks. But unemployment is high, most of your managers that work for the city are white and female, the well paying jobs are taken by whites from the suburbs, you still cannot find a decent black owned restaurant in the city south of the downtown area. The list goes on and on. Even though I would love to vote for Obama by him supporting Daley he cannot get my vote. I am sorry.

87% of black religious leaders ain't nothing but hustlers and are not worth listening to at all, for any reason. I really, really wish that you people in the press would stop anointing these punks as 'leaders'.

This "pator" in SC is no different than the clowns we've seen for years who cross the line between religion and corruption. Sharpton, Jackson, Meeks, some point the misguided souls who follow and grease the palms of people like this will wake up.

A person should support whoever they think is the best candidate. Race absolutely should NOT play a factor. Remember, a president's first obligation is to protect the citizens. So remember that when you vote. And we do live in very dangerous times. Like it or not, there are people in this world who want to kill us. Because we aren't their religion. Or because we're seen as too rich. And your in denial if you think those folks don't exist.

Whoever is the next president has a terrible job. Besides protecting us, you want us to be less dependent on oil. But yet you personally got to have your SUV. You think our leaders cater to big business too much. Yet, these are the folks whose decisions will determine if your 401K retirement investments grow or not. You want more jobs created. But we're in a world economy and that person over in Asia is actually interested in the highest education and will do the highly technical work for one-third the pay and work longer hours. While everybody here is cruising the streets, worrying about Britney, Beyonce, if a sports mascot is PC-or not, and whose got the best game on a basketball court. And who can get rich through corruption in local politics.

Ok, now about these black pastors being BOUGHT for there endorsements. All I got to say is,"I bet he (Jackson) already has his new Lexus or Cadillac picked out." He isn't the only one and won't be the only one. And that goes for people of ALL colors. And as far as black pastors goes, don't just blame them, blame YOU. You are the one who takes there word as gospel (no pun intended). The guy has a congregation of 10,000 people they say. Don't kid yourself, evidently his congregation will vote the way he says. You think Hillary would give the guy $10,000 a month if she didn't think so? Also, what nobody is mentioning is $10,000 a month would have helped alot of needy people. So if Hillary Clinton and state senator Jackson are guilty, the 10,000 people in Jackson's congregation who will vote for Clinton because the pastor says so are far MORE guilty. Nobody will tell me how to vote. I have a mind of my own. I am an individual human being. I will vote for who I think is best and not because of gender, race, or party. Everybody should think that way.

Finally, I've said many times Obama doesn't know whats about to hit him. Hillary and her team plays rough. The Carville's, Begala's, Dowd's, Lockhart's, McAuliff's, etc. Plus, they have TONS OF MONEY in their war chest. Also, Obama is going to get hit from all sides. Don't kid yourself, if you think there aren't alot of black politicians and so-called spokesmen who aren't seething with jealousy towards Obama, then again you are in denial. They also are far more worried about themselves and put themselves first and not the country or the black community. And there are some black politicians who have past IOU's towards the Clinton's. An example of a past alleged rumor concerns Rep. Maxine Waters. Her recent nasty blasts towards Obama may because her husband (Sidney Williams) was said to have some criminal problems and she had Janet Reno push it under-the-table, as they say. So when you add up 'folks being bought, jealousy, and past favors,' you will realize Obama has a big mountain to climb.

I'm we have an official "count" of the nations "pastors" and "reverends"? I'm guessing we're in the hundreds of thousands by now.

The thing that republicans are better at than democrats is party loyalty. Whether we like or support Clinton, Obama, Edwards or whoever, any democrat is going to help African Americans more and better than any republican. So when the arguments and shouting are over, let the resentments and anger subside and vote for whoever makes it to the top of the democratic ticket. Republicans don't give a shit about poor people, and care even less about poor black people.

Why does there have to be a problem with pastors and politics? What about mortgage bankers and politics? Coaches and politics? Teachers and politics? A pastor has the right to "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's" St. Mat. 22:21 -- He should not require anyone to vote a specific way, but he does have an agenda. His agenda and obligation is to do all that is necessary to influence his constituents/parishoners to support a Godly agenda. He should not view this influence as a lucrative revenue generating personal wealth building asset!

There isn't going to be change in any black community until people realize that it isn't the politicians or 'leaders' that are going to create the change. It starts with each person. The people have to make the change rather than to just think voting the next democrat into office will help, it won't. Blacks have voted straight democrat for the last 50 years in this city, and has it helped? Look at the last election, the black community kept corruption, patronage, and nepotism in the helm with Todd Stroger. Now the same community wants change! It's not going to happen.
Stop asking the leaders to help and actually do it!!!!

As a African American I feel repulsed by the way these Negro Pastors betray there congregation's and the black community for the highest bidder. This happens not only in Chicago, but also in S.C. with State Sen. Jackson. The people whom are members of these Churches are blind or are just plain dumb and clueless to see they are being taken advantage of by someone who uses the word of the bible for their personal gain. I know we as people are entitled to vote for whom we choose to but what have the Clinton's really done for African Americans and don't give me that jive about the economy was good, jobs were plentiful. But really think about this question, What have the Clinton's done personally for African American?

America's mayor, the honorable Rudy Giulani, will be taking the oath as president on January 20, 2009. Finally, a person whose last name ends in a vowel will be where he belongs.

Pastors and Reverends sometimes confused what is the will of God and what is the will of man. Unfortunately, This type of attitude dilute the power, which God has given the men and women of God when they mix the the sacred and the secular. Although many seek sincerely to bring change through politics, but real change only come when men and women hearts are changed and faith in a loving God is present. The Pharisees were priest politicians and they were the religious leaders of their time, but yet they screamed crucify Jesus. So what makes anyone think that anything has changed?

I'm not voting for someone else because Obama is African American. In fact I volunteered for his campaign back in 04.

But he lost my support with his continuing hatred of our troops which is proven by his support for the Embolden the Enemy Spit at Our Troops Terrorism is okay Let Bin Laden have Iraq Act.

I believe Black people are just as qualified as Whites and Hispanics, and are able do pursue and do well in anything they choose. Sen. Obama included, definitely. However, I do not believe Sen. Obama is ready to be President of the USA. He is not qualified, yet! A more qualified Black candidate would be Jesse Jackson, Sr. I really am disappointed that Sen. Obama has allowed the media hype to push him into making this very bad decision. Of course, I believe the country is ready to elect a Black, or a Woman, probably even an Hispanic. But whomever we elect should be qualifed. Keep the current president in mind when you think of qualifications. As for you Mary, you know that politics are more than just Black, White, Hispanic. Now Black people want you to continue being Black, you will of course, but just become more realistic.

It use to be the African-American church was thought of to be a place of refuge...a holy and sacred place. Not anymore. It's now filled with back door deals, kickbacks, briberies, secret sexual escapades, and everything you'd find in a seedy section of town. The only difference is the church dealings are done underneath the cloak of something holy, righteous, and spiritual. The minister has now replaced the local high class pimp. And we wonder why our black communities are a mess.

John you said it all....
and like I have said before..."watch the Democrats start to implode"
Too many wannabe chiefs...means the fighting is gonna get dirty.

No pastor will endorse Obama until he deals with the Burge torture issue.

Daley has been caught lying and playing election politics with this human rights issue.

JAY ZEE has hit the head on the nail. It's is about jealousy. For me it's like this: Hillary and her ilk will unfortunately show their racism and blacks supporting her will show ignorance.

I am so tired of people asking if Obama is black enough. One thing his candidacy is emanating...jealously looms in Black America as well as self hate. So-called black leaders are losers, the ones that are pastors are extremely large pimping types that are jealous, greedy, selfish racists in most cases. Pols that are talking against him are showing their true colors whether black or white. Maxine Waters would do better to be silent than to talk or speak against Obama.

So-called leaders should get this through their heads, Obama is a mover and a shaker supported by the youth, the progressive and folk who are demanding change.

If you are African-concious, or as some say, a pan-Africanist, chances are you are for Obama. Immigrants from Caribbean countries, Africa, South America as well as progressive Black Americans, White Americans, Hispanics, Asians and other Pacific Islanders will support Obama and bring an America that I have wanted since being in the 1st grade.

Now I understand why the blacks told me, I thought I was better, I was trying to act white, because I was a progressive that wants a better world for all, I want to get along with all, and I want peace.

Let's examine the facts here, (1) Darrell Jackson is the pastor of an African American Mega church in the South, (2) He is the charismatic leader of that congregation that he built in that community (3) Rev. Jackson is also an astute politician and prominent black elected official and has been for quite some time, (4) Rev. Jackson is well acquainted with all three major contenders in the Democratic Primary and incidentally knows Senator Obama well and has a prior history with Senator Edwards, and finally, (5) Rev. Jackson has accepted a $10,000 monthly consulting fee for the duration of the presidential primary.
Now, I am an African American minister and political journalist from the South and it is my humble opinion that what Rev. Jackson is doing is simply engaging in the political process at the highest level, a level commensurate with his political station. Remember his reputation as a pastor and state legislator is valued far more than the potential $120,000 this consulting agreement offers him. Let me let you in on a secret widely known among black clergy and black elected officials,WE WANT TO WIN IN NOVEMBER/2008. This is the single most important predictor of the behavior of black pastors as well as black elected officials so far as this unique election situation is concerned. Now, Senator Obama is not automatically a favorite of African Americans in general or African American pastors and elected officials in particular. In fact the latter group is and shall continue to be far more skeptical of Obama as time goes on and he continues to refuse to identify with the causes of African Americans and the reasons that motivate them to participate in the political process. It should come as no huge surprise that Hillary Clinton is the benefactor of the eight years that her husband spent in the White House inviting African American pastors and others of influence within our community to visit with him. Also, consider the fact that the Clinton Whitehouse was the most inclusive in the history of this nation and if one were to compare its inclusiveness with the staff that Senator Obama has already assembled it would include more African Americans in key policy making positions than he has now. If this portends his administration if elected, African Americans would have actually fared better under the Bill Clinton administration as well as a future Hillary Clinton administration. In fact, Clinton came to the presidency on the counsel and brilliance of Ron Brown who was an influential African American political mover and shaker. Brown along with Vernon Jordan were two of the most influential Clinton advisors so it seems that the Clintons may actually have more interest in attending to the interest of the African American constituency than Obama perhaps can afford to have without alienating his white base. After all his candidacy is the creation of the liberal white base and the liberal media anyway. There exists at this time no concrete reason that African Americans should embrace Barack Obama and I predict that the two African American South Carolina Senators have cut a path that will be well traveled by influential African Americans throughout this campaign. Through my travels surveying the opinions of African American pastors, Reverend Darrell Jackson has many disciples among black clergy.
Obama has one less thing in common with the previous African American presidential hopefuls, he doesn't have an African American grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousin or any other relative in America that didn't immigrate here from Africa so his ability or interest in relating to the concerns prominent to the descendants of slaves is somewhat limited and seriously hindered by his desire to please his white base.
So don't expect an Obama coronation on "The Al Sharpton Show or Operation PUSH/The Rainbow Coalition, or Tavis Smiley's "State of Black America" Conference, that Obama chose to snub this year, besides that would ruin his mystique with white Americans anyway and maybe the five or six African Americans that made the majestic trek to Springfield and stood among the throng of 15,000 hoping to touch the hem of his garmet.

Well..You know what they say...."When people get a quarter over their rent they forget where they come from." And they'd take that quarter from out of a casket if you turn your back long enough. Can someone please tell me when our people are going to get ourselves together? What type of example are we setting for future generations.
This type of selfishness is what makes our youth feel they don't stand a chance. WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME ,BUT WHO ARE we WITHOUT EACH OTHER.

I would like to see Edwards and Obama myself, and judging from the way America is, it will be someone white. I not trying to racist or any thing like that. I am rooting for Obama but I wouldn't mind seeing Edwards and Obama as I stated earlier. A lot of people is going to vote for her but I don't think that there are enough women and black people who vote to get her in. Assuming obama wins majority of the black votes. One thing that I can say about obama, there are a lot of white and hispanic voters that will vote for him. I think it is going to be a fight between who can win the smaller states. whoever win those states will win the whole thing.

First, I would like to politely correct brother jay zee on something he wrote. Jay Zee, the president's first obligation is not to protect the citizens, as a matter of fact that's not his obligation at all. First and foremost, the president is to uphold the supreme law of the land, which is the constitution of the united states. Which by the way this president and his predecessors have failed to do so miserably on almost every thing the document represents.

As far as voting is concerned, as long as we continue to believe that politics, religion and economics will save us from destruction then we're doomed from the start no matter who we vote for or who supports the candidate. All of the corruption and greed the emanates from the carnal mind of man(humanity), will be and is now beiginning to change as we look within ourselves and see our true identity. "Spirit".

Peace and love to you all.

I remember hearing somewhere how religion was used to subdue and placate blacks in America. A conspiracy theory, yes, but a good one. Remember that we were not allowed to read, but going to church was heartily encouraged. SOME (definitely NOT all) churches encourage people to endure (read: suffer) in this life in the hopes of enjoying the pleasures of heaven in the afterlife. The positive teachings of religion are warped into something twisted. Suggesting that righteousness and justice are nonexistent in this world, so one must put up with it until the next. I believe in justice now as well as later. The world is what we make it.

Notice how SOME of these energetic church leaders rant and rave and take your money so readily. How many truly encourage the people to use that money to uplift their community? To send their children to college? To open their own business? To find the resources and information to make that business socially and financially successful? To mentor struggling single-parents and their children? To find out how to make their communities stronger instead of waiting for someone else to do a half-ass job of it and then complaining about it?

Caution: Tangential rant about that last question...
I do not think that it is the black community's fault things do not get done. I do think it is naive to think someone from another group is going to take care of us as if we are their own. We are not. We know it, they know it. Every group seeks to take care of its own, be it based on gender, race, neighborhood, job type, union membership, schooling, family, social group, country, whatever. I can claim membership of several groups: women, blacks, therapists, Roosevelt University alumnus, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign alumnus, the Hall/Paul family, small business owner, people who like hamburgers, etc. I have a biased interest in all of these groups and it would be difficult to advocate for the same benefits for other groups. For instance, why would I want someone to hire a basketball player for counseling instead of a therapist. I know the counseling skills of a therapist because I have been trained as one. The counseling skills of the average basketball player are questionable, at best. There might be one person who has gained some training, but it certainly does not encourage me to tell people to pay basketball players to counsel them instead of therapists. If a basketball player wanted this endorsement, it would seem silly to me. I hope this comparison is not lost on anyone, but that is how I see it. We do not have to bad mouth or cripple others to boost ourselves up. We just need to put our all into bettering ourselves and our groups instead of hoping others will do a better job than we can. Their assistance is welcome, but ultimately the responsibility is ours. Just to be clear, bettering ourselves and our groups inherently includes reaching out to others. You cannot be a good, useful human being if you keep information, money, knowledge, etc. all to yourself.

Long story even longer, a lot of current church leaders are maintaining the status quo by operating as capitalist business structures instead of spiritual structures. Some of these church leaders endorse candidates for dubious financial and personal reasons. The people who follow their suggestions are no better than sheep. These leaders are just people; people sometimes looking for financial and social gain. Church leaders are meant to help people find their spiritual path in life and learn how to stay on it through thick and thin. They are NOT gods whose words are meant to be followed without question. EVERY person needs to spend some time finding out about politics and politicians and vote based on their needs. When you do not vote or you allow someone else to tell you how to vote, you are basically saying, "I don't feel like running my life, please take care of it for me." You cannot follow the advice of a church leader, then complain later saying their suggestion was wrong. You must admit that you made the ultimate choice to follow that advice without arming yourself with the necessary information for a sound decision. The corrupt church leaders out there can rant and rave all they want, if people are smart enough to ignore their questionable political endorsements, it does not matter who they back.

The Catholics have the right idea when they have priests and nuns take the vow of poverty. Even organizations like AA, that are spiritually-based, have traditions to protect itself from being embroiled in lending the AA name in matter—hence Tradition 6. An A.A. group ought never endorse, finance or lend the A.A. name to any related facility or outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property and prestige divert us from our primary purpose.

Greed and vanity are two of the most common among the seven deadly sins and poor Rev. Jackson has fallen prey to these too. Often they are prompted by two basic fears: fear of losing what we have and fear of not getting what we believe we deserve. These fears will cause us to act out against the better interest of our community. It is sad when a minister has become intoxicated with the desire to have power. Jesus always said that the Son of Man came to serve and not be served---but since we all fall short, Darrell Jackson too has been distracted. It is such a sad commentary, especially when you consider the fact that the black leadership in South Carolina has sold itself. My nephew recently moved from South Carolina (originally a Chicagoan) citing the mentality of some of the black people in the state as one of his primary reasons. That is such a sad commentary and now after hearing about the good reverend, he has confirmed what my nephew said. Some people are willing to benefit at the expense of others, clearly there is a conflict in place and the good reverend cares less about his flock than himself. What’s so damaging is that it perpetuates the myth that blacks cannot look out for each other. Also, it affirms that there is still a price where a man will sell his soul. In either case, it's such a sad commentary.

Re Lonnie's comment "Quite frankly, I don't see a lot of White males in America voting for Clinton or Obama. In the voting booth, you can be as racist as you want to be..." Isn't that a racist comment??? As a white male, I am most concerned about the attacks on our country both from our rivals abroad and within. Obama is the one democrat that I think can stop the attacks from within and actually bring us together... I am waiting to see if he can do as well as Hillary to our rivals abroad. If the Democrats can have a candidate that appeals to white males then it will be a clean sweep. But you will not bring the country together with racism!

I does not surprise me that you did not post or respond to my comment on "how blacks view the criminal justice system". If one black person gets pulled over by a police officer you are all over it, but, when I called you out on your hypocrisy and asked you why you did not mention or defend the 3 young girls who were the victims of a racial attack in Long Beach california, your silence was deafening. The reason is simple Mary, you are more of a racist and hypocrite than anyone you have ever written an article about.
You know for a fact that you would have defended the victims if they had been born black. But when 3 young innocent girls who were born white are beaten nearly to death, tortured and scarred for life by a mob of over 20 black people, and then the attackers get less than a slap on the wrist from the courts, you have nothing to say. To think that you believe that this act was justified simply because these girls were born white is sickening. How do you live with yourself?
I know that you will not post this, or try to defend your position, because your blatant hypocrisy cannot be defended. Every time you look in the mirror you will see a true racist looking back at you. And that's your burden to bear in life. Mick.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary How Does Your Garden Grow?

Do you remember in the Sixties how they blew up the churches and killed the kids? Why? Because that was our base of power! that is where is started and thrived and survived. so they tried to snuff it out.

remember that that same base helped defeat Bush Lite twice and made the last two presidential elections some of the closest and produced the highest turnouts for democrats in history.

now here is a sell out, mary, trying to demonize the base before it can be used to put a black man on the ticket for President of the US and possibly in the Black House.

are you insinuating that black people are so dumb that they will vote against their will simply because their leader endorses someone else? they can't make up their own minds?

if contrary mary and other's attempts to demonize the powerbase of the black religious vote don't work, watch out for the TNT.

Why hasn't the city council members done more to demand more compensation for their constituents from Daley?

They are at the helm everyday.

In the past few years there was at least one where Hispanics were awarded MORE city contracts although they are less in population.

What is up with that?
Where were the Black city council members?

As far as Leonard Hamiltons comment, regarding the scarcity of restuarants on the south side...well Blacks have not followed the model of other minorities of being entrepenural.
We instead have been taught to get a "good job".
The mind set has to change.

We used to be able to look to the church for leadership but these days it seems too many Black church leaders are immersed in pursuing bling.

Where is the leadership to mold our young people into moral and educated citizens?

Is getting to heaven the ONLY goal?

Why hasn't the city council members done more to demand more compensation for their constituents from Daley?

They are at the helm everyday.

In the past few years there was at least one where Hispanics were awarded MORE city contracts although they are less in population.

What is up with that?
Where were the Black city council members?

As far as Leonard Hamiltons comment, regarding the scarcity of restuarants on the south side...well Blacks have not followed the model of other minorities of being entrepenural.
We instead have been taught to get a "good job".
The mind set has to change.

We used to be able to look to the church for leadership but these days it seems too many Black church leaders are immersed in pursuing bling.

Where is the leadership to mold our young people into moral and educated citizens?

Is getting to heaven the ONLY goal?

Dear Mary,

Thank you so much for your terrific, spot-on column and free-flowing blog. I can see though that right now you may be limited, by your paper's editor, to be a voice crying in the wilderness. Astonishingly, they favor re-election for a man who has apparent connections to state-condoned torture of African American citizens by the police force. This issue should be spread across the front page of every newspaper, and Issue One on every local Chicago broadcast until it is resolved.

The other issue that should be served up front and center is this craziness of the South Carolina man who is allowed to be a politician AND the leader of a mega-church AND the owner of a politically-oriented PR firm who can legally be PAID by Clinton or any other politician to swing his parishioner/voters in their direction. It is supposedly illegal for a politician to take money to steer his voting and influence. We know that's a joke, but the law or rule is applied selectively to properly end certain individual's careers, like Senator Black from North Carolina, while others, (usually Republicans whose families or buddies own media networks like Fox), are apparently allowed free rein. Owning a Mega-Church is similar to owning a Media Network, albeit usually on a much smaller scale. Ownership of both should be denied to politicians while they are in office. And that South Carolina politician should now be prosecuted for taking his overt "legal" $10,000 a month bribes from Clinton.

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary:

Fortunately, church and politics have been in cahoots for a long time. Dr. King got his start in the church -- if he had not been recruited, perhaps, Black people are still sitting in the back of the bus. The church has the ability to reach the masses, i.e., folks who are not politically savvy or who do not follow the news or who do not read the newspapers. Therefore, the church serves a purpose. The church also has a business side. Bills must be paid. The politics and finances of the church can be met at the same time.

While race should not play a factor in the vote, come on, we all know it does. When Harold Washington won the nomination for Chicago's mayor, a virtually unknown named Bernard Epton, with no political platform whatsoever, ran on the Republican ticket. Technically, a Democrat should support the Democratic candidate. But NOOO!, Democrats, aka White people, flocked to the Republican side AND voted for Epton simply because Harold was Black. They did not look at Harold's qualifications, which were impeccable.

Would I vote for Obama simply because he's Black and I'm Black. You betcha! And, why not? People have been doing it for years. Only now, when the first potential Black President is looked upon as a strong possibility does the White folks come out and say, "That's not right." I wonder by whose standards???

By the way, it is a known fact that while humorists call Bill Clinton the first Black President, it should be stated that President George Dubya hired more Blacks in his progressive administration than Bill Clinton did in 8 years.


Let me begin by saying what has happened to Blacks in most inner cities have occured under Black leadership's watch. In the military the leader is just as guilty as the actual individual that committed the crime. We have self interest politicians, pastors, executive directors of not for profits that are designed to separate and sustain problems or challenges. For the role of the churches, there will soon be a database that will illustrate the level of support each church is giving to the people block by block in the area of that church. Accountability is crucial when you have so many self interest.

I may be reached at 1 800 861-6541

Pastors, ministers, and other religious leaders (particularly those at churches with large congregations) becoming politicians shouldn't be a surprise. As Lord Action of Great Britain once said, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." It's too bad these "visionaries" don't listen to their own sermons, particularly the part in both Matthew and Luke that say, "No one (servant) can serve two masters".

Pastors & politcians have the same type of discplinary goals
in mind; To have an orderly type of control among men.
In politics, this control comes from within us as a whole.
In religion, there is the belief that this control comes
from a power greater than men. So please don't
be so hard on pastors, they just endorse those whom
they believe would bring greater level of discipline to their

I think what Jackson meant to say was, "I don't see why these black politicians won't pay me as much as Clinton." It's no wonder that pastors and reverends make their way into politics...they look at both as limitless money pots, selling beliefs and dreams in order to line their own pockets.

And I agree with John; Obama is going to be hit by everyone...jealousy and envy knows no race. Eventually people are going to realize that rich and poor is a much greater problem than any race or ethnicity could ever present. That will take a great deal of power away from Democrats, republicans, pastors, reverends, and preachers.

I am discusted that the king Richard was reelected. He is a racist dumb person...He is corrupted and we have seen the proof. The investigation is going slow but like former governor Ryan it will get to him. I am patiently waiting for Daley to get arrested and charged. he knew and was part of all the dirty politics that have gone on...

I know this blog is about national politics, but I would just like to congratulate Bridgeport's own Richie Daley for his dominant victory of a few days ago. It's good to know that the presence of Bridgeport will still be overlooking the city.

Historically Pastors of Black churches have been community leaders. Melding that into a political sense is not all that unthinkable.

Taking a consulting contract on the political side is problematic BUT if it is in the open and avoids under the table payments, I know of no scriptual injunction that says a Pastor can't have more than one job.

Paul was a tent maker.

As long as the flow goes from Scriptures to conviction to advice, it is a good thing, I would hope his congregation or Deacons would be a check valve to to keep "bad" political/spiritual ideas out of his Pastoral responsibilities and the pulpit.

John- (Mary, too!-Love your column!)
I was born in Chicago but now live in New York so really see a lot of the Clinton-Obama play.
I think what you say will probably shock 'idealists' out there. I am proud to be a liberal. As much as we need change, I am not so naive to the things you were mentioning.
Clinton will play rough. She needs to. They were tossed around a lot too. I love Obama, but Democrats have to come to the realization that if both coasts and Chicago (Let's face it, Illinois would be a Red State otherwise!) were the 'deciders', Obama would be in. But the 800 pound gorilla in the room is the closet racism in middle America masking their contempt for anything different in b.s. other than ocming out and just saying it. I think I would have more respect if they just came out and said it!!!
I think what this gentleman says about her 'being the best shot' is true!!!
There is a lot at stake and I want to win. I do not support the underdog for the sport of it in this situation. This is not the Super Bowl. The winner has to take over the mess that this idiot left behind. I want a Democrat!
Charisma and fresh ideas do not always take the prize.
I have two words for you: Harold Ford!!!

Sorry about the rambling!!!

I just noticed your blog but I'm guessing you've bagged it since I don't see anything recent.

In case you haven't it, I found your comment in today's column rather amusing:

"But for the most part, Hillary Clinton's approach to prickly racial issues mirrors the way white people in America generally handle race. She doesn't talk about it."

If it isn't obvious by now, white people cannot speak their mind about race since it could be opposite of the general viewpoint shared by blacks...and if it does, they're branded a racist and have Jessie camped outside your door, or you have to do you penance on his radio show.

The best example of this was Rush Limbaugh (who I don't generally agree with on anything) a few yeara back acuse the media of playing up a black quarterback because he was black. There was NOTHING racist about this but he was quickly fired by ESPN (I think it was espn) because it outraged blacks around the country.

Net, net...if you're white, and you make a statement that is not agreed to by blacks...IT AIN'T WORTH IT!!! Tell me how we can initiate a dialog about race????

I commented last Friday, was there anything controversial that kept it out of print.

I did not wholly agree with your premise that it was necessarily bad.

I'm to tired to comment! However; Pastors have an obligation to preach wholistics ministries to encourage and informed their congregation to vote. (not who to vote for). Secondly, I have seen and heard enough politicians in my life time. Most of the time as an average Joe, you can't tell who is effective or not. Let the chips fall where they may!


We can all deal with your viewpoints which aren't well thought out, and those which have you changing your viewpoint after bloggers call you out as facts come out. But if you're gonna have a blog, isn't that something that you might want to refresh...oh I don't know, maybe every 3 weeks?

I have a question for you church haters, who cares about your ignorant comments. When it's all said and done who is the creator, who made you,who owns you, where the money comes from, where the church come from, all from god. So many hate jesus christ, when you die where will you go heaven or hell. Your choice.I chose my savior jesus christ.

to Steve: I do know where you are coming from. Great reply. BTW, you said you had two words for me: Harold Ford. Steve, I'm going to tell you the big difference between Obama and Ford. And I say that as a guy who respects Ford. However, the fact is, the Ford family has ran into trouble in Memphis politics. Ford has one uncle who was indicted, another being under investigation. Plus, Harold Ford, Sr. was under investigation in the '80's. So there were many in Tennessee that did indeed hold that v. Harold Ford, Jr.

to katrina: We live in a time when christian-bashing is an 'in-thing' with the 'left and PC-bullies. There is a segment of the media and PC-bullies such as the ACLU that are out to demean christianity any way they can for whatever diobolical reason they can. Example: Some major cities--its ok to display muslim and jewish items but the nativity scene is a no-no. A city in the suburb of San Francisco lets its PUBLIC school reserve a room for muslim teachings (now where's the ACLU concerning 'religion in public schools)but says a cross can't be displayed on any public property. We live in an era where 'hypocrisy' and 'double-standards' are everyday occurrances.

to Marshal W. : I think I know the frustration your feeling on why dialog can never really come about. Hey, its got to be a TWO-way street, as they say. Perhaps some examples will make people learn what you are talking about...As an example, Marshal, I kind of get a kick in a way out of the latest Chicago Public School controversy. The one in which the Curie HS principal was let go by the predominant hispanic school board because she was black and the majority of the school is hispanics. All I got to say is, "The chicken has come home to roost". Or as a friend of mind said, "The shoe is now on the other foot". I know a lady (white woman) in the south suburbs (very talented and caring) who was kicked into an office job because, whereas she had been a long-time principal of a grade school, the school's school board (which when it became mainly black) had decided the principal should be black since the majority of the students were. And thats gone on elsewhere, also. Marshal, here's the difference. Those cases aren't page one in the papers. Those cases don't have columnists like Mary writing stories about them. So there is indeed a double-standard. And how can dialog ever be truly established. I'll give you another example: We all know all corporations, organizations, and non-profit charitable foundations, have annual reports which lets people know how much money came in, how and where its spent, the assets, the liabilities, who contributed, how every dollar is used, and every dollar where it went. Knowing this, do you think Rev. Jackson and his Operation PUSH account for every dollar? And you know what, you will not get an answer, and you will not see a media person investigate, either. Or write about it. Matter of fact, I wrote them once when Jackson was protesting about a Wal-Mart coming to the city, because of its non-union status. So I asked if Operation PUSH employees were in a union and if so, which one. I'm still waiting, as they say. There can only be dialog when ALL sides actually respect each other and the hypocrisy (from ALL directions) is eliminated.

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