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Pastors and politics

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According to a story by Washington Bureau Chief, Lynn Sweet, the Clinton camp has hired,CST-NWS-obama16.article
a firm headed by South Carolina state Sen. Darrell Jackson as a consultant for her campaign. The deal is worth at least $10,000 a month.

Mitchell column: Februay 15, 2007

Skepticism I understand. But when two black male legislators from the Deep South throw their hats in Hillary Clinton's ring at the start of a wide-open election, I want to slap them upside their heads.

Why are these black men so eager to drive Miss Hillary to the White House when Illinois' U.S. Sen. Barack Obama is also a front-runner?

Comments by U.S. Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.) (64) illustrate why the 2008 election will probably turn out to be a fight between Old-School politics vs. New- School politics--with New-School politicians coming out on top.

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