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Guest Essay: Why be a victim.

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The following was authored by a blogger who goes by the name of Antony, is a Chicago native and has lived in Europe for the past four years. It was sent in response to the reparations debate.

Why Be A Victim

I tend to vent through you, and walk away.
A coward, far from it. American life sucked in the worse of ways.
My dad taught me that common sense is among the greatest things in the world.
Yet it is of the most sorely lacking in American culture.

Closure is the problem in the U.S, closure and denial.
I question why so many Jews always seem to write when you do an article on reparations or other such matters.
Yet anytime one brings up Nelson Mandela everyone seems to shut up.

Mr. Mandela brought closure to South African apartheid by demanding those that took part in crimes confess and no charges would be brought against them.
Confess to where you dumped the bodies,confess to the families that you pillaged against, CONFESS!!
He also demanded that the South African police be accountable!!

Yet in America, we celebrate the fallen and stong men and women while the culprits of the crimes are still alive and well!
Why is it that the lady that was the cause of Emitt Till's death has not been hounded and forced to tell the story.
Yet we speak of him yearly as if it has been in many generations past.
She was alive last I heard and living without questions or forced comments!
It is as if America wants her to die so they are not further ashamed by the present, not the past!
Should she have peace, would any other war criminal have peace because of age!
She like most others are the reason America is soooo far behind in reality when it comes to humanity.
Right up there with pre Mandela South Africa, which America sponsord by the way.
So why would a Jewish person watch so gaurdedly your column? I say they can't be Jews.
Jews come in all colors( Although in America we think it was just Sammy Davis) and only Hollywood could make one believe they are all white when the Pyramid Walls itself are entirely (pre Arab occupation) Black peoples.One of the first things a crazy person is asked to do is read the Picture, damn, any kid can see THAT even after 10,000 or so years of the sun!!

Nooo, no Jewish person would challenge American racism against blacks. It has to be the klan in disguise, AGAIN!
Any person that claims to be Jewish and does such should have to prove his heritage.
Any black that allows such, should not allow themselves to be victims of psychological warfare.
As long as Blacks expect to be treated fairly by those that profit from the status quo, forget it, your asking too much.
Even the poorest of white men in America once told me that he has it all just because he is "White", in America. (I was the one buying beers mind you).so maybe he was right....*smile*

But when one decides to fight, YES, fight...Slap, whatever it takes to be heard on equal grounds...Because I think the U.S is too far gone to listen to anything other than violence against injustice. Is it a crime to fight against
Why not slap the cops they have felt so comfortable calling......... feel uncomfortable commiting crimes against our humanity.

Slap...why not put the fool that planted the sock(and many a more you know) in prison or take charge and Slap him down.
Why not make the government acountable for the crimes against humanity in our own country.
Or the people that profit from these crimes feel what force is like to be free when you continue to deny and disguise to further frustrate matters.

I chose to not be a victim...

One Man.

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While Anthony makes many good points, his essay indicates one major thing. That black americia continues to feel and act like victims. It appears that we want to make those who have received benefits (an those who havn't)from our pains respond to our anger and hurt. While there have many many problems created from outside our community ,some of them are of our own making. Drug dealing, fathers who are not involved, women with children by several different fathers and poor work habits, all play a role in some of our issues. While many of us will prosper, not all of us will. Call it fate or just lack of planning and effort. As many of us move up the economic, political and social ladder an begin to assume influential roles in our society, our perspective will have to change. We will be criticized for how our culture in music, sports and film has effected others. Maybe some of us might have the Madonna situation. It's time that we stop playing the role of victim, an assume a more active, progressive role in our community and country.

A real windbag who spends too much time alone.

quoted from the guest essay 'u'why be a victim':

"Because I think the U.S is too far gone to listen to anything other than violence against injustice."

So your guest essayist is advocating violence, Mary?

Mary? Mary? Mary?

The one realization I have gotten from this blog is that many black people feel this country is run by racists and therefore should not be trusted.

Why then is the black community so overwhelming in favor of gun control?

Gun control in this country mostly applies to the black community. It prevents law abiding citizens the right to protect themselves from others including an over reaching government. Gun control is overwhelmingly applied to areas with large black american populations. Yet the so called black leaders and the NAACP do all they can to keep law abiding blacks from having the same rights as law abiding whites.

These are the very people who think the government can't be trusted!

I don't get it!

This poster's skill at conveying his thoughts is somewhat lacking and his references are vague, so I'm not sure I completely understand all of his points. Overall it seems like more of the people need to rise up and demand something from the white people who wronged them a hundred years ago. As if that's not what black people have been doing to a greater or lesser extent for the last hundred years. It would be refreshing to see the blog moderator choose a viewpoint that didn't mirror her own once in a while.

This blog was pitched as a place to discuss racism. In reality, it is just a place for people who hate white people to get together and discuss how right they are. How superior they are. How enlightened they are. The black perspectives Mary chooses are from college educated blacks who have spent time researching their papers and give thoughtful perspectives. The one post that was supposed to reflect the "white" perspective was an anonymous angry hateful email about black people. We don't even know for sure who wrote it, but they were clearly not very intelligent or educated. It was posted only to make the black haters on this blog feel good about continuing to hate.

I came hear with the sincere intent to try to educate myself on the black perspective. My life only allows me limited interaction with black people and I thought this would be a good forum to hear another point of view. While there are a very small handful of posters who offer thoughtful perspectives, the vast majority (including Mary Mitchell) seem to just be using this blog to vent their hate of the other race(s). The white voices on here are mostly cowards looking for a large black audience where they can spew their hate anonymously. The black voices at least have the luxury of it being socially acceptable for them to spew their hate toward white people openly. And they do. Over and over, ad nauseum.

As Mary has pointed out numerous times before, if you don't like what you are reading here, go elsewhere. I agree and I will. I believe black people and white people are better than the ugliness and hate that is posted day in and day out on this blog. I'm leaving because I find myself more full of hate than when I came here. I don't want to be that person, so I am reluctantly signing off. I sincerely wish all of you the best in your quest to get what you're after. I also hope when and if you get it, it's everything you thought it would be. I doubt it will be.

I think this guy Antony did the right thing by moving out of this country if he hated it so much. I recommend that people who feel like he does do the same and move to Europe.

Very well put. What can I do or where do I go to make a difference?

ok, I read this 3 times and still don't understand his point. Maybe it's just me...

Nothing like a good anti-semetic blog to spice things up...

Stay in Europe

Pure anti semitic drivel. Why print such garbage? At least publish something that makes sense rather than the inarticulare ramblings of an uneducated lowlife.

This "guest" could use a good editor, and maybe some lessons in logic...if there are any legitimate discussion points in here, they are well-hidden...what's the point of posting this?

"Any person that claims to be Jewish and does such should have to prove his heritage."

I like this one. It made me laugh. Well, then I have a challenge for you and all like minded individuals. Any black man who uses slavery as an excuse for his lack of success should be forced to prove his heritage. Why stop at blacks and jews? Why not Muslims? Why not Native Americans? Why not those from the Balkan states? How about people who immigrated from China? Irish? Catholics? Protestants? Atheists? Pagans? All of these peoples were oppressed throughout the last four hundred years. Some worse than blacks.

As someone with Basque heritage, I want my own country. I want the Spanish government to fork over the money of innocent Spaniards because of their suppression of my ancestors. I want people who may not have even had ancestors from Spain to give up their hard-earned money. That's what I want. I want the descendants of my ancestors to have the legal right to suppress innocent people because the crimes of their ancestors. I want justice for my anscestors. This is a call for anyone with Basque ancestry to return to the motherland. We should all return home and assault, rape, kill, and steal from innocent people. Let's go! Violence is the only thing that people listen to. Let's go!

Sound crazy to you? Well, guess what? YOU sound just as crazy!

"AW" said it all. The only difference is that I am not going anywhere. I especially liked the part where a very rational AW called Mitchell out as a racist who under the "guise" of understanding, really uses this blog (and her column) to spew her venom toward all things white. Any of us who have read her column already know that, but it is nice to see it from someone else now and then.

I think Anthony is antisemitic. but I also believe that he made a few good points. first of all Black people feel like victims because in many ways we are still victimized. I remember in High school I made a statement in history class about being confused about why SOME blacks being negative towards the Jewish community. I was confused because the Jewish community used to support the efforts of the civil rights movement in the 60s. Unfortunately our community are like sheep they look for who it is popular to blame and fail to THINK (duh "they marched WITH US in Selma"). For some sick reason the world wishes to blame the Jews, for even the actions of gentiles. I am a black woman who has be a victim of racially motivated actions. Where I can't say the perpetrators were not all of Jewish heritage I can say this life has taught me that as long as we (black people) allow the media to ONLY portray us 90% of the time as welfare mammas, pimps, criminals, thugs and whores. Society (and our children) will believe that is who we are. Now don't get me wrong I don't think we should all become "condi Rice" like stepford people either. our culture like others has a flare and is precious. I beilieve people should begin using common sense and figure out that the issues in this country are as much economic as it is racial. POOR people are AT RISK of being welfare mammas, pimps, criminals, thugs and whores. The big problem is in this country a lot of black people are poor. We live in a country that struggles with its racist attitudes because like it or not racism is against the principles of our very own freedom documents. Unlike Anthony... I know our country has its issues, but it's still a beacon of freedom and the greatest in the world.

"Guess essays"...from here on out, may they be limited to people with IQ's over 20...MAN LAW

" I'm leaving because I find myself more full of hate than when I came here. I don't want to be that person, so I am reluctantly signing off."

Amen, AW. I feel similarly and have made the same decision.

I bet Mary doesn't print this because I'm calling Antony on an obvious double-standard.

Here goes: Antony is mad at America because of its past history. And feels he is a 'victim' due to its past history. And even preaches violence because of it. Am I correct so far?...Therefore, he now lives in Europe. I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh but who has a bigger more terrible past than Europe. With its history of colonization, ethnic cleansing, racism, world wars, war crimes, border wars, and exploitation of 3rd world resources and peoples? ...And he's mad at America's past (LOL). Does he realize he has 'left a mole for a mountain' in comparison?

Example # 23,349 on how American public schools are failing! We need to ensure students can pass 8th grade equivalency tests are passed before we allow people to travel abroad.

Justin B., pete k, miriam solo, AW:
YOUR ancestors, nor any of the other ancestral groups you mentioned in your dismissive justification disguised as feeble-minded commentary were brought, against their will to this country in chains: nor was it legal for them to be treated as property for centuries, and then as codifically de-facto less-than humans afterwards...
Your knee-jerk ridicule reactions keep the door closed on actual communication as you insist on not considering any possibility, or reality, existing past the tip of your noses.
As long as we, as a nation, refuse to truly acknowledge how skewed this society and economy are as a result of the "peculiar institution", and make an honest effort to take some positive action in relation to this skewing, so long shall our national communications, our national unity, remain divided, to the benefit of a precious few who laugh at those of us situated on either side of the lines: Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red, while they continue to exploit us all...

I agree with everyone who posted this "essay." What was his point?

Whatever it was, glad he doesn't live here.

And you, Justin B - you're as crazy as any person wanting reparations for 2 or 3 generations ago. No one brought that point up before you did. This was an idiotic topic.

I think Mary was just being impartial, showing an irratic idiot's view from the opposite side. Thanks Mary, for exposing some idiot from the opposite side.

to Mel former Chicagoan: It would hard to ask anybody of any color to have to be like Condi Rice. That lady has a Doctorate, speaks 6 languages fluently, is a concert pianist, and an expert on world affairs. ...As far as this new fad amongst African-Americans, which is hating jews, I don't get it either. Listen, at lunch time, I use to sit in the locker room at work and listen to the black guys I worked with, in the back of the locker room, always talking about 'jews this and jews that' , so I've known about the anti-semitic feelings for along time. And like you mentioned, it was jewish boys who were murdered in Mississippi while marching for civil-rights. I wish some of these folks would pay as much attention to world affairs as they do concerts, chasing ladies, and basketball games. They would then see that its arabs (whom they praise) who are in the business of 'Chattel Slavery of African Blacks' in Sudan, Chad, and Mauritania. And also performing genocide v. them. Its the arabs and not the jews, whom they dislike.

again, to Mel former Chicagoan: One more thing concerning their anti-semitic thinking (dislike of jews) and praise of the arabs (arabs are semites also folks) feelings. I ask this: When the terrorists come again and ignite some explosive device or a bomb, and or ram a plane or bus with explosives, are they going to do it in some uninhabited or little-populated village or cornfield in Iowa or Nebraska, or are they going to commit there atrocity in some heavy populated city? And ask yourself this: What community of color has a large population in the cities of America?

Dear Ms. Mitchell:

I’ve just finished reviewing this ‘tirade’ that you posted, and as an intelligent African-American male I’m greatly offended that you would put this piece of garbage for all to view.

As a journalist, you should understand the power of words and the long term effects they can have. This was very poorly written - both in context and composition, and the only point this writer made to the rest of us, besides the fact that he needs a refresher course in basic grammar, was he’s obviously racist and anti-Semitic. I’m sure there were plenty of bloggers out there to choose from that could make their point without such rancor-filled words.

Since you failed in locating an intelligent point of view from a black person, let me discuss my perspective on reparations:

First – I disagree with any form of cash or financial disbursements to surviving generations of black people. Instead, I would rather see our predominately African-American schools, from elementary to the college level, become more competitive through grants, scholarships and other endowments. My godfather once told me ‘the value of the dollar is only as good as what is being purchased’. Money can come and go, but a good education lasts a lifetime.

Second – We have a plethora of civil rights leaders in our history that would roll over in their graves at the thought of receiving such ‘reparations’. They were all about changing the mindset of black people, making us understand that equal rights matters and will be obtained at any cost. They were not about the ‘hand-out’, but instead were about the ‘hand-up’, i.e. – passing the opportunity to vote, receive an education, own a home and work in a hostile-free environment to the next generation.

Third – The one thing I learned from my ongoing study of black history is that once we can love one another as a people, we can love others and move on. Since people like Malcolm, Martin, Medgar and Mandela helped break the chains in our minds, we can be proud of whom we are while representing ourselves amongst our white brothers and sisters. I can’t hide the fact that I’m black, so why not hold my head up high and move on?

Other black folks may disagree with me, but self-respect and education is what’s most important than cash or other financial reparations. The one thing I’ll always remember about Jesse Jackson’s failed attempt at running for President was his speech at the ’88 Democratic Convention. He said the following:

"Wherever you are tonight, you can make it. Hold your head high; stick your chest out. You can make it. It gets dark sometimes, but the morning comes. Don't you surrender! Suffering breeds character, character breeds faith. In the end faith will not disappoint.
You must not surrender! You may or may not get there but just know that you're qualified!"

His point is well taken.

If you don’t give up and take advantage of the opportunities around you, as long as these opportunities are equal for everyone, you’ll be ready to take on all challenges as they come. If reparations never come, you’ll still be qualified to be whatever you want.

Ms. Mitchell, please do a better job in bringing quality to a discussion in the future, rather than this sophomoric drivel you posted earlier this month.


to Dave B.;

"I would rather see our predominately African-American schools, from elementary to the college level, become more competitive"
You can stop right there.
While it is popular current political-correctness to decry the state of schools in Black and other poor communities, public schools in all of America have declined in terms of teaching anything past a mindless sort-of compliance with status quo. This has been an ongoing process since the early 1970's, and no accident. Overlooked by most when considering the social upheaval in this country from the mid-50's thru late-70's is the reasoning ability of even the relatively less-educated citizens of that era. The breadth of educational opportunity during that seeming Golden Age was so markedly greater than what is offered (also, yesterday's requirements are not even optional in many communities nowadays; i.e. Foreign Languages) today - not just to the poor, but throughout America's upper-middle-class on down Public School system. In the higher social classed communities, the schools may have shinier facilities, more computers and such; but students leaving those schools are just as unable to reason as anywhere in the country. Our system produces technicians, para-s, and such; while school systems in other countries produce muli-lingual graduates much more versed in other cultures, literature, science, math, and those other subjects formerly provided through American High School, provided now perhaps by a college education. Pre- and Nazi Germany had a school system remarkably like ours now: it trained people in the ability to produce all manner of technical marvels ( the Volkswagen "Beetle", the V-2 rocket, to name a couple), but no ability to reason why something should or shouldn't be done. Far easier for a madman to manipulate a population with such a mindless "education".
The current fad of "re-emphasizing the basics" is a fallacy. For example, the ability to read is enhanced by more reading; preferably with a dictionary handy. Every school subject requires some reading ability simply to learn the matter of that particular subject. Perhaps a daily vocabulary and grammar session; however, the idea of sacrificing a student's exposure to the arts, literature, physical education and exercise, for rote "Hooked on Phonics"-style, repetitious (and boring to a young mind) reading exercises is self defeating on a societal scale. We are far better off with people able to think just a little bit on their own, with reason, than with a population able only to mindlessly recite, with perfect precision, the current politically-correct mantra; whether it be conservative, liberal, progressive or whatever regarding the economy, society, world affars, international relations or whatever....
Enhancing Public education for any one segment of our society is by nature at the expense of the other segments. A far better approach is to establish standards, implemented over time, with a commitment to not waver, for the ENTIRE public school system. Reject the politicalization of subject matter. Return humanities to the classroom for "ordinary" students.
As the biggest Western civilization, the surviving active participant in the Cold War; we as a nation have an obligation to ourselves to embrace a unity that includes a religiously mutual commitment to uplifting the whole of the American people. This uplifting can only come through a more sophisticated education of our citizenry; and this education MUST include moral and ethical components.
We can only escape our current "Yay-hoo" phase of national societal development, when we can all begin to reason together, and this will only come about with real education for all....
Any other consideration of the Reparations debate should await such a development...

"Can we all get alone." we can disagree with a persons point of view,and still respect them for their point of view. Why should we get angery,and allow our blood pressure to go up over a person point of view. A good life, and good health is the best way to live our short lives.

Allow me to share a story with you so called well educated people. A story of reality,not unlike many.
A friend a I went shopping for thanksgiving one evening.
I was preparing to cook diner for some friends.
We were going to share cultures this day.(something I'm sure, living in Chicago, half of you know nothing about)
We stopped at a traffic light across the street from my friends place where I looked upon a well dressed lady standing at the bus stop. She smiled at me awkwardly and I said hello.
She asked if the bus was running and a conversation ensued.
My friend was going home this night but asked the well dressed and classy looking lady if she would like to have a drink at the club not far away.
Her response was "Man, I am here to F*** and S*** D*** for money" SHOCK! We then drove on in front of the house and left the lady behind. I had three bags of groceries to get out of the car. But before I could move, the ladie ran over and tried to get in the back seat! After this she motioned and we were surrounded by cops!
She said that we solicited her for sex!
I explained that I was going upstairs but they took ME in and impounded the car. OK,now the fun part. I was in back of the police wagon for about forty minutes,not moving and in back of some dark alley.
I asked to be taken in to the station but they told me to shut up.
At this moment I felt threatened, so I made a choice that if that door opens in back of this alley,I am going to fight my ass off and they are going to have to shoot me in my back!
I was able to move the handcuffs to the front of my body and I thought "It's on now"!

Then I heard a voice on the police radio ask how many they got.
Response"it's a slow night chief" afterwhich the chief said "Well,Sandbag em" (For those that don't know "sandbag" is a term used in the card game "Spades" where a penalty is giving when you cross the amount you said you had.
Not five minutes later, I had four young, well dressed black guest and one drunk white gentleman.
We were in a nice neighborhood who would have thought.
Anyway,the young brother told me they were in line outside of the club when a woman(The same cop) asked if he would pay her way in, he consented and all four black men were arrested for soliciting a prostitute.
OK, Now the court date.
We all were offered six months probation if we plead guilty! If not and found guilty they had some threat hanging over our heads!
I fought that trap, and won.
My point is, I was ready to fight, cause the courts are against us if we don't have a hell of a lawyer OR a few years to spend behind bars to waite for someone to say "I'm sorry"
I don't need your permission to stand up for myself.

I am Antony,and my friends cross all cultures all over the world.
Even in Chicago,one such friend -A lawyer that got her law degree from a very prestigious university-
has children by a black man.

Her son, she thinks ,and rightfully so, is neither black or white. We used to argue this fondly. But her education always allowed her sanctity.
The young teenager once confided in me the problems he was having with police.
He told me that when he would go out with his white friends,on more than one occasion he was made to explain why he was there with whom and for what!He is harrased at such a young age. They are very well off and he has to explain his existence in the places she feel so comfortable at.
He is black when you look at him,but his mother doesn't agree.
I asked him why does he not tell his mother, she would go off. But he told me that she wouldn't understand,and he doesn't want to make her sad.

The reality of it all is, you don't understand.

I was out once enjoying the music on the Juke Box.
I paid before the Cub game came on. But before the music was finished the game started. Some drunk guy at the bar said "This is what you get when you let niggas in the bar."

I whispered a few choice words in his ear.
Now the people heard what this man said to me, but after I spoke quietly to him , he makes a phone call, Cops!
At least six squad cars and a wagon.
They take me out and rob me also of the money I had in my pocket.
In the staion, I learned that the drunk man was a police officer! In the station one cop asked "Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Chris Tucker"(I should be so lucky) to which I responded "Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Opie"(The child from the Andy Griffith Show )The policemen where in shock,and I felt threatened.
So I was ready to fight!
In the lockup a policeman asked what made me so special that a white woman would come to try and bail me out! The lady was a witness to what happened and she had a beautiful spirit. -Thank you mam, I will never forget it-
I did not know her.
Anyway, I get out a few hours later and go back to the seen of the crime agaist me! Should have seen the bogus charges.
I went back until my court date and the racist cop didn't show up.
He felt what I felt when he tried to impose his will on my liberty. I made sure he understood that I was not going to be a victim.
If it was going to be done, we were going to do it in the street and I was not going to go quietly in the night!
I am only and have always been....ONE MAN.

Have a Happy Thanksging Chicago.

Dave make FAR too much sense for Mary to take you seriously.

to Antony: I've been robbed at gun-point twice in my life. Both times the punks were black. However, I'm NOT going to judge a race of people by what several (all together 5) did to me. Matter of fact, once I was in a severe mult-car accident in Calumet Park, Il. years ago and it was a couple of black people who helped me. The point being there is good and bad in all races and religions of people. As for you fleeing to Europe, I'm confused. The white man is so bad, so tell us, why did you flee there and not Africa?

I am Antony.

I don't hide behind a scribe.

Show your face and I will show mine(I Promise). It's a blog, not a book.

I am happy to read all this succes: you deserve it completely. Proud to work with you in Boston, next june. Please, take all the good thoughts streaming from my heart to you...

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