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Are you racist?

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Several bloggers have forwarded me the following chain letter.

It has probably been bouncing around blogs for quite some time. Although I don't usually post anonymous posts of this length, the unknown author has raised points that are routinely asked by whites. I have answered some of the questions (in parenthesis). I'd like to here your responses to the generalizations made by the author.

Subject: Are you a racist?

>There are folks in cyberspace who dream up this stuff and send it around
>the world, just for fun.
>It rings so true when you turn it around.
>You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction.
(How many whites have had this experience? I'm too busy trying to get to my destination to pay attention to whites on the street, let alone sneer at them).
>You call me "Whiteboy", "Cracker", "Honkey", "Whitey" and you think it's
(These terms are racial slurs. What I don't understand is why white audiences pay huge sums to hear black comedians use these terms?)
>But when I call you, nigger, Kike, Towelhead, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey,
>Beaner, Gook, or Chink you call me a racist.
(These terms are also racial slurs, Frankly, except for the n-word, I've never seen any of these slurs in print,)
>You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the
>ghettos the most dangerous places to live?
(I've never heard this claim)
>You have the United Negro College Fund.
>You have Martin Luther King Day.
>You have Black History Month.
>You have Cesar Chavez Day.
>You have Yom Hashoah
>You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi
>You have the NAACP.
>You have BET.
>If we had WET(white entertainment television) we'd be racists.
>If we had a White Pride Day you would call us racists.
>If we had white history month, we'd be racists.
>If we had an organization for only whites to "advance" our lives, we'd be
>If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships, you
>know we'd be racists.
>There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the US, yet if
>were "White colleges" that would be a racist college.

(There are still private organizations, churches and schools that are all-white in this country. Historically Black Colleges and Universities were founded because blacks were not allowed to go to schools with whites. Those schools have continued to serve predominantly black students although whites are not barred from attendance, and in fact, have attended HBCUs.)

(The observance of Martin Luther King's Birthday is a national holiday, not a black holiday, )

(The United Negro College Fund raises money to provide scholarships for black students because historically, this group of students have been unable to afford college tuition. On the other hand, private universities and colleges that are predominantly white institutions have hefty endowments (very old money) to provide scholarships and assistance for their students.)

>In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your
>and rights. If we marched for our race and rights, you would call us

(The Million Man March was not about "race and rights" and certainly had nothing to do with whites. It was a gathering of black men who came together to support each other in an environment of atonement and humility).
>You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you're not
>to announce it. But when we announce our white pride, you call us

(What do you call the Columbus Day Parade? Isn't that about Italian Pride? How about St. Patrick's Day, isn't that a demonstration of Irish Pride? )
>You rob us, carjack us, and shoot at us.
>But, when a white police officer shoots a black gang member or beats up a
>black drug-dealer running from the law and posing a threat to society,
>call him a racist.
(Black criminals, rob, carjack and shoot a lot more black people than they do whites. As for black drug dealers, like white collar criminals, they still have constitutional rights.)
>I am proud.
>But, you call me a racist.
>Why is it that only whites can be racists?
(A racist believes that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race, according to Websters. ) Historically, blacks and Jews have been the groups victimized world-wide by people who hold this point of view.)

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I am glad that you answered some of these questions, but I really don't understand why you wasted a good portion of your time on it. I came of age in SW Michigan and can honestly say I played a large role in bringing about change in race relations in that area through various community outreach programs as well as my own work. These questions are not new and if you went to a Klan rally these talking points will fill the speeches of many of the keynote addresses. I know, I have attended them. Your answers are very honest and candid but I assure you they will be twisted and abused to still paint you as racist. The ignorance in the questions alone is enough to make you scream.



Thanks,,,,but at least now I won't have to keep deleting this chain letter.

Hi Mary,

Frankly, I wouldn't even dignify this anonymous person's questions. But, I guess you must answer this stupid person's questions and show him how ignorant he is. This person who I am assuming is white should just do a little research on why Blacks have the NAACP, or Negro College Fund, or Black Entertainment Television, or the National Urban League. He will find the true answers and will not need to ask you dumb questions. I'm figuring the gentleman is a racist and just needs or wants some attention from a Black columnist. That's all. What do you think Mary?


These are questions that come up over and over again. I'm not sure the chain letter is a serious post, but I've received it from several bloggers.

While I agree that the tone of the letter is a bit angry and bitter, the content does have some truth to it.

"(How many whites have had this experience? I'm too busy trying to get to my destination to pay attention to whites on the street, let alone sneer at them)."

Growing up in SW Michigan, I went to a private school that was located in the heart of a ghetto. I remember waiting at stop signs and hearing the locals talk about us spoiled rich kids and how we thought we were better than everybody else. It sure does exist. My god, Jesse Jackson wanted to lead a march through my hometown a few years back because of an incident in an overwhelmingly black town. Why? Because our town was overwhelmingly white! The fact that the other town was doing poorly was because us white people weren't doing our part to help THEM! Sure we get sneered at.

"(These terms are racial slurs. What I don't understand is why white audiences pay huge sums to hear black comedians use these terms?)"

I don't understand it either, but I might almost go into shock if I ever heard a prominent black person speak out as harshly about racism against whites as they did against blacks.

"(I've never heard this claim)"

Well, I've never heard the claim either, but a simple look at statistics might show that there is some truth in this. I might be wrong.

"(There are still private organizations, churches and schools that are all-white in this country. Historically Black Colleges and Universities were founded because blacks were not allowed to go to schools with whites. Those schools have continued to serve predominantly black students although whites are not barred from attendance, and in fact, have attended HBCUs.)"

I have no problem with PRIVATE, racially segregated schools. The moment that they receive any tax breaks or incentives from the government is the moment that they should stop segregation policies.

"(What do you call the Columbus Day Parade? Isn't that about Italian Pride? How about St. Patrick's Day, isn't that a demonstration of Irish Pride?)"

Do you think of Columbus Day as a white holiday? If so, that is very sad. It is a celebration of one of the most important events in history, not only for our country, but for the world. I'm no fan of Columbus, or Spain for that matter, but it was significant.

And St. Patrick's Day? Please! Does anybody know what they are celebrating?

"(Black criminals, rob, carjack and shoot a lot more black people than they do whites. As for black drug dealers, like white collar criminals, they still have constitutional rights.)"

And so do police officers. They have the right not to be killed by these criminals. The sad thing is that there are people like Jesse Jackson who give unconditional support to even the worst offenders simply because the officer was white.

"(A racist believes that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race, according to Websters. ) Historically, blacks and Jews have been the groups victimized world-wide by people who hold this point of view.)"

I would think that the same definition would apply in a reverse situation. If a person blames all of the problems of their race on another race, they themselves are racist.

In a time when minorities have far more legal protections than whites, you would think that it would be white males (women as a whole have the most protections under the law in our society) who should be up in arms about racism and double standards.

To the moderator, as hard as it is to believe, I agree with you on one of the answers you gave to this letter. I also cannot understand why whites pay money to go see black racist comedians like Chris Rock or some of the others(I don't know any of the other ones names). My guess is that they are of the self hating, guilty white liberal crowd.

What is racist?The neo-con spinmeisters who try to have you believe that the economy is good.why racist ?to have ignorant people try to keep this administration in after all the rollbacks they have did in civil rights over the years ,many accomplishments that people(most of color,have died for)like trying to level the playing field with affirmative action ,only to have some whites use it as a "codeword" to incite fear and anger against minorities. They tell you the war on terrorism is going great even though in Iraq we have reached the highest level for most troops killed in a month.(almost 100) what is racist?whenever a black person runs for office(local or national)whites shout"the sky is falling!"and how they need reform in politics ,when in actually they invented patronage just to keep minorities out of Jobs. What is racist?purposely skewing statistics such as crime data to make it seem that blacks are commiting more crimes,using more drugs being on welfare more,when in actually there are more immigrants and whites on welfare then blacks and whites are 84%of serial killers and commit more overall crimes. Reichwingers like Bill O'reilly complains about rap music yet most Rap music is bought by whites.Black culture is ridiculed and criticised by whites yet urban talk ,clothes are the "in" thing for non blacks to emulate.Strange thing for a culture that the media reports supposedly is so corrupt and crime ridden. Racism is american as apple pie,the question we have to ask ourselves is ,is this the future we want to leave our children?.The chain letter Ms.Mitchell sounded like something straight out of the KKK handbook and it is good that people have this media to rebut such racist nonsense.

But there is already a White Entertainment Television station, it's called BET. Viacom never would have invested in BET if only 13% of the American population watched it. BET makes it's money by presenting the "hip hop" fantasy land that white adolescent males tend to enjoy.

Well, a perfect example, if I may...

Sean Howard, spokesman for Dolton Mayor Shaw, recent campaign manager for Todd Stroger gets arrested and because it got publised, Todd fires him...

Shaw's brother, the other clown, claims someone leaked the arrest, making it public. (I thought this is public record, anyway!) He stated it was a "black thing." (Blaming someone who wants the opponent to win, striking a mark against the integrity of the little Toddler. His quote: "It was a 'black' thing."

Never mind that Sean Howard lost ethics...nevermind he doesn't even reside in Crook County...never mind he lied to theicops...never mind he lived with this woman until she found out he was married, but continued to harrass us. Never mind.

Never mind that you have to be Black and once caught in's the "whitey's fault." Forget morals, ethics, honesty and run the Stroger camp. Never mind that some live in Indiana.

As a woman who sees nothing wrong with women magazines & networks, etc. I can understand why Black people have simular media outlets, etc. But at the same time I understand the point of the questions, and if you stopped and looked through the other side of the glass jar for a moment, you'd see that the questions are not stupid ones, but simply ones of another perspective. Let me use a analogy. There's a classroom, and in it there are 5 blacks, and the rest white. The black students congragate together on one side of the room and the whites on another. The black people, or any minority really, see it as seeking support among their peer group. The majority, in this case, the white students view it as the blacks not wanting any part of the whites. Who is right? I guess that depends on what side of the glass jar you stand on. In any event, I don't think the chain letter is so much a serious thing. Maybe all it comes down to is this: sometimes white people become afraid that some black people get so caught up in dealing with black problems, that they don't even acknowledge that other non-black people have problems worth dealing with too.

I was going to try to stay out of this one, but after reading some of the ignorant comments posted, especially Justin's rationalization for the racist post I couldn't remain on the sidelines.

I don't understand how Justin can state that there are more legal for minorities than there are for whites. The whole American legal system is designed with inherent and far greater legal portections for whites. There may be token legal protections for minorities, but the statistics bear out that enforcement of these laws is at an all time low, while the enforcement of arbitrary and racist drug laws are at an all time high.

I hate it when white people complain about affirmative action. They complain about minority quotas when they fail to see, or maybe they just don't want to, that white women are the greatest beneficiaries of affirmative action. They also fail to see that the good old boy network in place is defacto affirmative action for white males.

Hell, our current president is a huge beneficiary of the defacto affirmative action for white males. Bush is, at best, a mentally challenged C student, and he made it all the way to the White House.

To whites Stroger is a extension of the O.J phenomena.Anybody black running for office is under intense scrutiny. But the Madigans.Hynes and even Betty Maltese(felon)were given a free pass when they had family members who preceded them.The call for reform is bogus because suddenly Tony (vulture)Peraica is a reformist?The race card has been played on blacks for 400 the continued overt and covert racism is status quo.people black and white see through the the B.S ,the reichwingers and neo-con(artists)are putting themselves "out" the Big house and hopefully people are seeing through the election fraud(2) and will be ready this Pres. election to rid themselves of the worst administration in the history of the United STATES.That will definitely reduce the racism in our country,because some people will follow leaders blindly like robots.Think for yourself!!!!!!!

It may be surprising to you that I knew nothing about "racism," having grown up in a very small, but what later became a very "tourist" town. Filled with the original forts, sitting aside west of the Mississippi River, the first town founded by the French in 1748 west of the Mississippi. I grew up and there was Brenda, a black girl who attended my Catholic school (with NUNS); her Uncle Charlie could be seen sitting outside the huge, immaculate Catholic church (a large cathedral) on Sundays, waiting for the last mass to end at 1 p.m. to tend his orderly deeds.(They were the only black family and treated no different than anyone else.) To this day, you can find old'Charley sitting outside, (grey hair, but still the crossed legs), underneath the statue of Mary, and he never forgot me...41 years later, though I rarely visit.

Among the mass that laid upon our withered path, I knew no skin color..until I had to relocate to Chicago. We settled in Dolton, a new suburb in 1965, an adjustment I hoped to never relive.

There were neighbors, all new - who talked about how they had to leave South Chicago...non in my family, nor myself knew what the heck they were talking about. I arrived, ready for six grade.

Only when I reached high school age and kids were bussed in from Harvey, did I realize what everyone was talking about. They did not want to integrate. They did integrate. For that, I am grateful. Being white, I didn't know what the fuss was about.

Well, today I see what the fuss is about. They all left, (the neighborhood is gone) my mom, last to leave after being robbed in daylight. But, the point is...I did and still do have black people as friends and don't feel I am above them. In fact, they are more educated than I am...they are a part of my diverse friends. Color doesn't matter to me...and I wish for all the world to see what I see: the fresh faces, souls and friendship.

There is sharing and caring...there is diversity, meaning, I'd like to know how to make collard greens, Jewish potato salad, Polish perogies...and in this world where terror, fear, and the thought of not knowing our future...why not savor a few good times and delve in the opportunity of seeing positive, instead of negativity? How much effort does that take? My point is, if we gave the energy of trying to learn and understand each other's background, instead of speculating and being opinionated, would the world be a much happier place? Would we smile more, than frown?

To Justin, Anonymous, and any other people who seem to think the not so recent history in this country should be forgotten. Bet, Jet, Black Colleges and the like are around today because your white forefathers chose to leave blacks out of society as a whole. Not as a matter of choice, but as a matter of Law. If not for these bastions of freedoms given to us not by any constitution but by our creator (as written in the Declaration of Independence) Blacks would never have had a voice, an education, entrepreneurship, or any other piece of society that makes a community whole. Whites certainly were not accepting blacks into their establishments. White people invented separate but equal, now that some have falsely concluded that the playing field is level you want us to give up what we fought so hard for? Give me a break. Try reading a history book or catching some educational TV. There is a great series running on PBS currently. Maybe you will become enlightened.

Justin, As I stated in my previous post, I too am from SW MI, I know the situation you are speaking of and you are over simplifying it greatly. It is a complex issue that cannot be boiled down to the position you take. "In a time when minorities have far more legal protections than whites, you would think that it would be white males " This statement really says a lot about you and your view of the world. Have you ever thought about the REASON woman and minorities have these protections in place. Have you ever wondered who they are protecting us FROM. YOURSELF, YOUR FOREFATHER'S AND PEOPLE WHO THINK AND ACT LIKE YOU DO.


Are you racist? Actually, thats a very simple question. Forget about what a bunch of journalists say, a bunch of talk-show hosts, activists, Webster's Dictionary, etc. I'll tell you if you are racist or not with MY definition. Mary, here it is: .. You are a racist if you dislike somebody and/or don't trust somebody and/or are afraid of somebody simply because of their race ...How's that Mary? Is that simple enough? Guess what folks, there are racists in all races. There are non-racists in all races...Examples: Most white liberals I know will never criticize a black leader or politician. Do you know why? Because deep down, there afraid of them. Thats right! There actually afraid of black people. Thats why I've always said liberals are far more racist then moderates and conservatives. They'll make a former? gang-banger a urban translator just to get them away from them. The 'old get away from me now' thinking. I once gave a friend a ride to the Markham Courthouse (Markham is a predominent MIDDLE-class black town in the South Suburbs). He had once been a democratic candidate for congress. And is very far to the 'left on the issues. Anyway, its a 95-degree hot summer day and my old beater (work car) had no air-conditioning. We're going down 159th street and all of a sudden he's rolling up the window. I said, "whats wrong with you, its boiling outside." His answer: 'We're going through a black neighborhood'...Mary, I almost went off the road I was laughing so hard. I told him, "aren't you Mr. Liberal" as I was laughing. Then we have the obvious racists. Whites who move everytime a black family moves within eyesight of them. Those Blacks who called the white children rich spoiled kids because they were going to a parochial school. Does that mean Jesse Jackson's children were rich spoiled kids because he sent his children to one of the most expensive private schools in America, St. Alban's? What about Sen. Obama's children? Then we have whites who are racist because they wish harm on somebody of another color. Then we have blacks who are racist because they wish harm on somebody of another color. And both sides make excuses for the culprits and only get involved when its the other race who was at fault. Thats racist ! Same with folks of other colors. Oh yeah, people who use the EXCUSE I voted for a certain person of there own race OUT OF RACIAL PRIDE, even if the person is an idiot, sorry but thats RACIST. And finally, folks of all races who don't like, trust, and resent people of a certain religion (mainly jews, but also muslim, sikh, christian sects such as mormon, etc.) they too are RACIST as far as I'm concerned.

First of all this email is not racist.

When whites make the kind of comments made in this article they are wondering why there is special treatment for one race over another. The underlying thought process is all races are equal and should be treated as such.

People who are supporting things such as reparations or affirmative action are trying hard to ACT like people are equal but the message says something different.

I believe time will solve the race problems. Black people are not less capable than whites. White people are not all rich bigots.

The younger generation and their childeren will get farther away from these stereo types as people continue to interact and ignore the biased teahings of their parents.

In response to the writer who wrote that the blacks congregate on one side of the room and the whites on the other side. Who is right depends upon whether or not their is a spirit of exclusion in the room on the part of the majority. You know like the same spirit of exclusion that blacks have to deal with everyday. If the blacks try to congregate with the whites but the whites don't respond positively then the blacks ar right for being on the other side of the room. This answer was too easy for me to give. It is not hard at all to tell if people want you to congregate with them or not.

For me being a black man for the inner city of chicago the best thing that happened to me is i spent 6 years in the U.S. Navy, which taught me to about diversity and being open minded about alot of subject surrounding race. its all about relating, when in a group or crowd or whatever, there is a need to be comfortable, and if you feel like you can't relate with another race you would naturally gravitate to what makes you comfortable, it's just human nature. as far as the all the black holiday's and Funds and NAACP that our people have, it's all about educating our people about surviving, progressing and showing them a better way of living, then what we are use to as a people. go research the history of these pro-white factions, you'll find violence against other races not just blacks, they preach about being the supreme race. to totally different mind set's. so it's not about blacks have a month or a fund, or black colleges. but don't worry, you still have the biggest all white club, The U.S. Government!!!!!

There is WET (white entertainment television). ABC, CBS, NBC,TNT, TBS, CNN,etc., etc. And as Ms. Mitchell pointed out St. Patrick's Day is a celebration of Irish (white) heritage and there are plenty other "white pride" celebrations. There is nothing wrong with pride celebrations, no matter the culture or heritage. Whites do a white history. But rather than celebrate it in one given month, it is celebrated every day of the year in this country. In school, children learn about Christopher Columbus, Abraham Lincoln, General Patton and the likes every day. Only during the month of Feb. do children learn about the contributions that African Americans have made to society. The writer or blogger should do a little more research before making such ignorant comments and statements.

Posted by: Justin | October 26, 2006 08:57 PM

(using Justin's post as a starting reference)

Justin, your short-sightedness is apparent when stating, "The overwhelmingly White town was NOT doing its part, because the all Black town was doing poorly"

Leave Jesse Jackson out of the equation.

Ask yourself why is YOUR TOWN doing so much better financially and economically, than the Poor Black town as you called it?


Is it because the poor people won't work, or because the jobs are allocated more liberally to the people in your township, and the other one is shut out?

Justin, I don't knock you going to a private school, but how did your parents get a leg up, or solid footing in American society to be able to afford this education for you? Please don't tell me they worked hard, ALL people from all nationalities work hard. So what WAS the criteria?

Please go into shock, because Blacks, whether prominent or not, do call other Black people racist. My question to you is do White people fully understand a Racist European Ethnocentric Power Structure, which hinders African Americans from participating as first class citizens of this country?

Justin, how would you feel if there were set asides(WAA = White Affirmative Action) for only your little town to fight over, but the Black township next to you have all of the life choices, and abundancies of American life at there beck and call? Understand, we get to DECIDE and TELL you what contracts White people can bid on, but it is only two or three percent of the total contracts available?

Sounds Fair & Equitable?

Well Justin, I do have a problem with Racially Segregated Schools. There always seem to be this unfair distribution of wealth.

Please, don't take this as wanting to go to school with Whites, but if funding for all schools are NOT equal, this is a problem.

When whites control it, you guys don't share equally. Ask the Native Americans, I bet they have questions up the wazoo about wealth building in America. I guess you wouldn't noticed this after White people BUILD up such institutions at the expense of others by stolen land, false deals(backed up by the White government), and other mis-doings? You don't want HBCUs to get government funding, but how were most of the White private institutions formed, if not for the backing of the United States government going along with white supremacy and entitlement?

Remember Justin, white people were NOT exactly the most wealthiest people fleeing persecution from England. Now where did the money come from, and how was it attained?

Please, stop with Columbus Day bruhaha. It was not a great day for Africans, okay. It was not a great day for Native Americans or Mexicans. Okay?...What history books did you read?

Matter of fact, please give Leif Erickson his due! First European to visit North America, in 1003 or 04! I will give you guys that one....*sheesh*....At least he left and didn't make a mess of things.


Why do I not read or ever hear on the nightly news, "White male, shot 15 times, while resisting arrest", huh?

How come the police, considering you state they have constitutional rights, seem to violate only African Americans and other minorities, but NEVER WHITE PEOPLES rights.

Justin, if you can, or one of the other privilege whites, tell me why it is so easy to beat one of my Black Brothas who is trying to give up, but a White man, can get out the car cursing, or run full blast at the police, but the police try to take him down physically without harming him?

I mean Mel Gibson didn't have a scratch on him, regardless of whom he was belittling at that time.

Kinda strange he didn't have a knot upside his head, or a look of dishevelment, don't you think? He just looked like Mel Gibson.

Justin the above example is your proof of legal protection from the law. White people don't beat down on other white people, but will destroy any who don't look like them.

One last thing, African Americans problems are a microcosm of the Racist Policies enmeshed in U.S. governmental hypocrisy, which liberals keep asking us to be patient, and conservatives simply flat out say "NO Freaking Way!"

My ancestors were patient, I am NOT!!

I don't think I have heard such ignorant and uninformed remarks in a long time. The questions are stupid from a historical perspective. I like the lady who said forget the dictionary version and came up with her own version for racists. There can never be a fact based discussion if we don't start with facts! Black history does not start and end with slavery. If one does not understand the need for Historically balck colleges, you should pick up a history book. I can't beleive the stupidity of the individual who stated once a college receives federal funds, it must not exclude certain races from enrollment. First off, HBCU's don't prevent non-blacks from enrollment! That is not a valid argument when it comes to HBCU's. But I can name 20 universities that excluded blacks from enrollment systematically over the course of several years. High schools too. Excluded them to the point that the National Guard had to be called in for some of us to get an education EVEN AFTER laws were passed that allowed integration. When was the last time the National Guard had to come out so your family member could do something as simple as GO TO SCHOOL? When whites determine they will exclude non-whites from having an equal opportunity, non-whites will continue to create their own options. And if you are dumb enough to think this concept of white superiority and exclusion is ancient history, sit down and have a talk with my uncle who just spent 2 years fighting a Georgia country club for admission--they had no black members and were not excited about getting one. Whites have exercised their superiority complex all over the world from the US to Africa, to Iraq. This is not opinion--it's fact. Everything and group of people they come in contact with, they try to control first and then lie and deny it later---or they come in and maim, murder, and pillage everything and ask you why you can't recover quickly when their done with the destruction. That in itself is called colonization and the African continent is still trying to recover from it today. This is not history--it's going on live in real-time right now.

In reading all of the foregoing responses, including the Suntimes article, I am reminded of an experience I had when I was fifteen: It was on a foreign language trip to France that I noticed that white Americans, who I believe would have very typically ignored me at home stateside (whether because they didn't live in my neighborhood, or because in my opinion a young black boy was of little or no consequence to them, or some other reason, you be the this day its still rare for someone in my all white neighborhood to speak to me without prompting, although I observe that often whites make eye contact and speak to each other, and, no, that doesn't make them racist, just uncomfortable maybe) at any rate, in France it seems to me that ALL white Americans, be they old, young, fat or skinny, spoke to me, once they got past the fact that, although I was french-speaking, I was indeed American. I ofcourse marveled at this. Why was it that when in France it was OK, even desireable to talk to me (remember I'm describing a personal experience), but in the States there was little chance of that happening? Was I to believe that it was something other than the color of my skin that prevented whites from showing basic human kindness to me by saying hello back home in the States? What I learned from all of this is that racism be it mild or intense exists.

Its strange to me to see whites complain about the social terrain in America today. Go look at the magazine rack at your local Walgreens or flip through any magazine, except the ones that specialize in non-white coverage and then come back and complain about BET of JET or Ebony or any other media vehicle that caters to non-whites. I personally only read things that I find relevant to real life, but I have eyes, and can see that in the pulp fiction world of Hollywood and print media, its a whites only club. To me it seems that white people don't even notice this.

Some of the complaints about whites always being wrong when it comes to race are valid, and deserve to be addressed by non-whites, but, how quickly we forget that what you feel at the moment: estrangement, villification, being misunderstood, is what blacks and others have efelt and are continuing to feel in for CNETURIES now in America. We live here...for four hundred years now some of us. When will we be able to feel at home in our land?

PS. I was shocked to get an admission at work the otherday from every person white person that I questioned, that they, as children, would say, "eany meany miny moe catch a ****** by his toe" when playing hide and go seek. I don't personally know of any similar systemic condemnation of whites by blacks anywhere in the culture.


I was just told something about a supposedly racially tolerant organization that enraged and scared me at the same time. This organization is called PHD and is based in Palatine. PHD is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing professional counseling, support services, and education to anyone facing decisions relating to pregnancy and its challenges. They were recently profile on Telemundo for their work with the Hispanic community in Palatine. They rely on donors to provide for their funding.

They were going to hold an abstinence workshop at one of their donor's homes. The person who was to lead the workshop is Jewish. Once the home owner found this out, she requested that somebody else be sent because she "does now want a Jew in her house". Instead of immediately cutting ties with this donor, they accomodated her request and used the excuse that it was a business decision. I'm all for being a smart business person, but not at that cost.

If there is anything you can do Mary to expose this racist organization, please do. This should not be tolerated.

For all of the people who claim that racism is a thing of the past, let this serve as a wake up call.

Douglas, I hope you don't mind, but I have saved your post in a Word document to read it from time to time. Very f---ing inspirational!!!!

I have seen similar versions of this blog or e-mail around for quite some time. I imagine some angry white person came up with it as they watched their once beautiful , safe neighborhood / town crumble around them do to an influx of people that did not look like them. I can imagine this because that is what is happening here in Park Forest just like so many other south suburbs . My wife and I chose this town because it was racially diverse so our child would not judge people because of skin color and apparently it worked since her best friend is African-American. Most whites I know do not have issues with race but they do have issues with class-they don't want to live next door to trash-black or white.I'm sorry but let's face the facts,some people don't respect themselves let alone anyone or anything else and that is what ruins nice towns and neighborhoods- not racial diversity.I keep hearing calls for affordable housing from so-called civic leaders but it takes money and hard work to maintain a house but the realtor who is anxious for a sale probably doesn't mention that to the already cash strapped potential buyers.
Our house that we love and have put close to $ 30,000 into will be for sale in the Spring because as my neighbor who is Black said " It's getting too loud around here- these people don't know how to act- it's time to go"!

On Nov.7, voters in Michigan voted to abolish the racist policy known as affirmative action. First it was abolished in California, now Michigan. Looks like the free rides might be coming to an end?

It is absolutely hilarious (you know, the sad, may-as-well-laugh kinda hilarious) to read the glaring contradictions of some peoples' posts. You have people like Jerry who, on the one hand, says stay out of our neighborhoods and institutions and so on, and then we have to hear him whine about Black colleges and publications that cater to Black readers ...

As Ms. Mitchell (among others) has stated Black colleges were founded based on the fact that white colleges did not accept Black students. Many were found by gov't land grant in the years following the Civil War (almost 75% of HBCU's were founded between 1865 and 1925) when states,pressured/prompted/ and solicited by Black citizens set up Normal colleges and Agricultural Mechanical and Normal colleges to educate Black Teachers; schools like Arkansas AM&N and Alabama A&M. Many others were founded by white northern Missionary societies and individual philanthropist,some of them southern;schools like Morehouse and Philander Smith, others were founded by Black churches and Black individuals; schools like Bethune Cookman, Tuskegee, Lane and Langston. These were founded in the same ways Jewish Americans founded Brandeis and Yeshiva and the Catholics founded DePaul and Marquette and Notre Dame, because these people were set apart. Black magazines like Jet exist because when Mr. Johnson looked in Life magazine he saw no Black faces (Mr. Johnson's story, not mine) and Essence because Cosmopolitan didnt have Black models or beauty advice or Black womens' issues in it back in 1972 when Essence was founded. And BET came to mass market in 1985 (was founded in 1980) when the newly formed MTV did not as a matter of policy play Black videos. the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church and its off-shoot (AME-Zion, CME etc) were founded because Black Methodist were refused communion in the white Methodist Episcopal churches of Philadelphia and Baltimore, and were literally pulled up from their praying knees and told to move to the balcony; the same for Church of God in Christ (COGIC) where Bishop Mason attempted what would have been the 1st interracial church organization in America in 1907, before some white ministers ordained by him decided that they resented being under the authority of a Black man. The same situation goes for the southern labour movement where, during the Depression, whites were too busy lynching and feeling superior to realize that their best interest would be served by unionizing with Black sharecroppers and tenants against giant semi-corporate planters (see the Elaine,AR race riots and READ: The Hammer and The Hoe by Robin D.G. Kelly). . . I could go on, but most of the whiners won't get the point, WHICH IS!. . . why should Black people give up institutions that we have depended on for generations (My Parents Grandparents and two Great-Grandparents all went to Arkansas AM&N, my uncle roomed with Congressman Danny Davis there) institutions that have nurtured generations of Black people and shown generations of Black people images they could relate to . . .
These institution and publications were created out of need and want for the illusory piece of the American dream and not OUT OF SPITE FOR but IN SPITE OF white people . . . get ALLL THE WAY over yourself and try not to be so preoccupied with things that don't concern you.

I have been physically assaulted by strangers six times in my adult life. All six were by blacks, two were at gunpoint (Hint: I'm not black).

I don't know how to suppress my fear instinct when a black person approaches me on the street. Am I a racist?

A white male student at Arizona State has started an organization called the Caucasian Men's Association on campus. He took the group's goals and mission and purpose from the Black Student Association. He simply substitued the words 'Caucasian Male' where the other charter said, "African-American". His organization is open to everyone, and yet he has been vilified as being 'racist.'

In our quest to root out and eliminate racism, we have become blind to the fact that blacks can be just as racist as whites. Should we let them be racist? Is that just another form of reparation for white racism? Or do we say 'no' to racism in all forms?

I like his comments.
Let it be man.
Who cares!
Just like the black comedian than calls out white people,
It is only accepted because white people feel that he is so beneath them that he causes no harm.
He actually makes them feel better about themselves.
He is an idiot.
Like a yugo talking to a Porche about the value of it's kind, Sh** if I saw a man acting like that, I would laugh too.(Thank you for allowing another opportunity)

Let Malcom X say the same exact words...It would hurt AND it would not be appropiate.

I would like to address one point: Years ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Lou Rawls, whose life-long mission was raising funds for the United Negro College Fund. I raised the question of why whites should donate to the fund. Lou explained that the fund supported traditionally black colleges, but that many whites attended them as well, because of the quality of education they could find at a smaller university or college. Lou's work was a reminder that there are very few ways you can help anyone without, by extension, helping everyone.

After reading this blog, I know for sure I'm a racist and seems I'm getting worse every year..I sware I wasnt racist when in my teens and early 20s

jerry the sico bro:you see all whites dont agree with you maybe 10% have your inherent nack for ignorant racist comments.great going the neo-cons and reichwingers with similar thought patterns assured the dems the house and senate(Losers)keep up the bad work bro.people see right through that phony pseudo intellectual Hitlerean spiel....DOC

The most Ironic thing to all of this is: We ARE ONE RACE. The Human Race.

And it just shows you how far removed we are from the True Spirit of God. Many of us love to hate, put down, confuse justice, and fairness because of our Ignorance of the Laws of Nature. We all are a little sick and selfish within our Races and outside of them.

I am not racist. I am a discriminator. I discriminate between whom my children hang out with.(not on a racial bases) It is a fact, not fiction that blacks cause more crime,(go to New Orleans you will 100% agree with me. That goes for any town primarily populated with blacks). As far as guilt, I have none! Blacks sold each other to us! ALSO, once a slave was freed, many of them OWNED slaves . Look it up in history! It is one thing to make comments on one's own personal bias, but facts and history do not lie. All of humankind deserves freedom and equal rights, but there are differences. Men are more physically prone then women (no offenses a lot of women are stronger than I and could kick my ass) genetically speaking. And races also have genetic tendencies. We give blacks all the leeway in TV and advertising they want and support it by watching or reading it. We do this out of a subtle racial mind set that we are superior and the "underdog" can say whatever he wants. I know this is true from listening to people. Logic needs to override emotion. I have never been beaten up except for from black people, Coincidence? (They made an illegal turn and hit my car I asked for insurance then BAM!) Over half the people of Africa are dying of Aids, not because WE don't help them but because they cant learn to govern themselves. This is fact. I have many a black friends, they are wonderful people . Difference is not racism.

I was reading the newspaper early this morning and saw all this taboo and propaganda and I was disgusted. You have black people calling them selves “second-class citizens.� Jesse Jackson’s in an uproar because some white guy used the word nigger. Black rappers, movie stares, and others have been using this word for years, but as soon as a white guy uses it, they are a racist! I got news for Jesse Jackson every black person who has ever used this word, they are also racist! All over America many black people have this idea that they are somehow being discriminated against when someone doesn’t give them a hand out, well I got news for them too no one has ever given me a hand out and I don’t feel discriminated against. It’s about time that these people stop thinking of them selves as “second-class citizens� and accomplish there goals and dreams. The state of Michigan recently did an awesome thing by abolishing affirmative action. People need to be challenged and those with the heart and desire to succeed will no matter of race, language, sex, religion, or age. Great people aren’t born they are made through their failures, successes, dreams, goals, and never taking no for an answer.

OK, I was not going to respond, but some people have definitely hit my buttons. I want to first comment on the posting by Dave. To say that Black people cause more crime is a bunch of crock and shows how you have no idea of what is going on and it also goes to show how much of a racist you are. You say we cause more crime, go to corporate White America or better yet go to the U.S. government. The media is real good at showing negative images of Black people selling drugs and shooting each other, as if we are never doing anything good. What they fail to show is the many White men who engage in money laundering, the shipping of drugs into this country (since Blacks do not own any planes), the murder of people of color all over the world (including the near extermination of the Native people in this country through the use of spreading European diseases and other acts of murder), and the stealing of resources from Africa and the Middle East. You say we do more crime? Try reading a history book. It was in the 1970's that the CIA put crack cocaine in the Black community. You say that we commit more crime, but history shows that people of European descent have wiped out whole nations and communities of people!!!! You talk about getting beat up? White people have been beating up Blacks since we arrived in this country. Everyday Blacks and Latinos are the constant target of police brutality. They pull Blacks and Latinos over on a constant basis. This is not anything new. Since the era of the Civil Rights Movement Black people have been beaten, spat upon, and raped by the police. We have been terrorized for centuries by so-called "law enforcement." Sorry about your incidents, but welcome to world of a people who have been oppressed for so long. White men have caused more crimes against people of color than anyone, because guess what? History DOES NOT LIE!!!
Now as far as your comments on the African continent and AIDS, I must say that your ignornace is atrocious. First and foremost I have been to the African continent, so I am a primary source. The reason why the African people are suffering from AIDS is not because they do not know how to govern their government. The African continent has had a rich history of great civilizations who have contributed to the existance of mankind (yes, that includes Egypt, on which the ancient Egyptians were Black). First of all, recent documents are coming out tha show that the AIDS virus was created in Africa by Europeans as a means of population control. There is this incredible documentary, which was produced by a predominantly White organization, called The Origin of AIDS. It interviews the people who were involved in the creation of AIDS (who did not know that they were being used in creating the AIDS virus). They even have pictures in the documentary that show scientists injecting young Black children in the Belgian Congo (known as Zaire)with the virus. They even show the laboratories that the disease was created in. Then if you want to talk about history, it was during the 1900's on which many European countries were raping, murdering, and stealing the resources from Africa. They used the method of divide and conquer, simply by pitting different groups against each other. Europe RUINED Africa. They took over the continent and nearly destroyed it. Don't insult me!!! Black people were successfully governing ourselves before Europeans came into existence. There is a wonderful book called "How Europe Decivilized Africa." You should definitely read it. As far as with slavery, yes there were some of our people who sold us into slavery. Then there were many of us who were stolen and captured by Europeans without the assistance of other Africans. Stop tryingt to use the fact that some Africans sold us into slavery as a means to relieve the guilt. Because when it all comes down to it, White people in this country continue to benefit from slavery. The wealth that you have is because of us. The wealth that many European countries have is because they stole it from Africa. Yes, you had a few Blacks who did own other Black people, but to say many of them did is a LIE!!! The majority of Black people, after slavery did not even have the resources or income to own slaves. Africa should not be indebted to any country, since their resources were stolen from them. You say that "Difference is not Racism," but everything that you have used to compare Blacks has been negative, which shows your mentality of white supremacy, which is racism. So, just because you have Black friends (which I can not understand any Black person who could befriend someone who has the amount of bigotry as you)does not mean that you are relieved from the title of a "racist" which is exactly what you have provided evidence in your statements.

TO J: I must say this. You say that you do not agree with affirminative action, well it was White women who were the main beneficiaries of affirmative action. Rich, white males who wanted to get into Ivy League schools also benefited from affirmative action, simply because they had money, not because they were smart. Black people in this country do not want a hand-out. We just want laws that ensure that "qualified" Black people, other people of color, and women are protected so that we can get good jobs as well. I am a senior music, comparative women's studies, sociology/anthropology major with a pre-med concentration and dance and history minor. I am a very hard worker, but I know that there are many corporations that would discriminate against me because I am a women of African descent. It discusses me to know that there are people such as you and Dave who have this igorant mentality. Go educate yourself!!! The thing that I know with affirmative action is that it is in place to ensure that there is a certain group of qualified individuals that you must have in your company. I find that certain companies will purposely hire the most unqualified Black person, just so that they can complain about affirmative action. So are you telling me that there are no qualified persons of color (specifically Black) who are qualified, intelligent, work hard, and don't want a handout who are qualified to get the job, and still get discrimated against. Again, do not insult me!!! You say "people need to be challenged"? Black people have been challenged since we got to this country, so don't go telling me about needing to be challenged. People like you do not like affirmative action because it poses a threat to your white privilege. You feel that you are supposed to get respect and get the wealth of this country simply because you are White. This country was designed for White people to automatically succeed. That is the main point behind the system of White supremacy. The fact that Black people get discriminated against is not a feeling, it is a fact. No one gave you a hand-out, but your color gives you automatic access to all of the privilges and opportunities of this country. You need to definitely go educate yourself. As far as the n-word goes, I hate when my own people use it towards each other, but just remember that we did not create the word. And yes, any person who uses it should be punished. You say that we are racist for using it, but just remember that the slave learns from the master. You enslave us, strip us of our culture, language, and knowledge of who we are as a people, free us after being in enslaved for more than 2 centuries (where enslaved Africans passed on the same notions of white supremacy and self-hatred down to the present generation) and then expect us to not fully retain the n-word and other areas of self-hatred? Are you kidding me? You should definitely take a course called African-American Psychology. The fact of the matter J is that Black people are considered second-class citizens. We think of ourselves as such, because that is how we are treated. I have many accomplishments and have fought hard for them, but by being Black and a woman, I face so much discrimination that all of my accomplishments don't mean anything in the eyes of a white supremacist society. We are not racist for using it, it is just a example of the self-hatred that we were taught to have. It took me a while, but I love being Black because I know where I come from and am DAMN proud of it. However, many of my people are not exposed to the great history and knowledge of our people and feel that they are nothing but monkeys and can not do any better. It is a means of low self-esteem. Maybe you should interview someone who is from ghetto or projects and try to hear their story rather than just making racist, classist assumptions. The fact that the national government left the people in Hurricane Katrina (who were stranded without any help for 5 days) shows that we are not treated as 1st class citizens. The people were majority Black. They even had one thing in the paper during that time, where it had two pictures-one of a Black family, the other of a White family. The White family were captioned as "victims find food," whereas the Black family were deemed as "looters." You do the analysis. I just hope that you could do some serious research on racism in America!!!

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