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Author of Race Study Wins Genius Grant

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What are we to make of this?
Jennifer Richeson, an associate professor of psychology at Northwestern University, won a $500,000 genius grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation for her work documenting the psychology of racial bias.

Richeson concludes that well-meaning white people repress bigoted feelings when dealing with other races. The effort leads to "awkwardness" and "exhaustion" in social interactions, Richeson said in a recent Chicago Sun-Times interview.

In other words if you're a non-white person and get stressed out when you are confronted by what you consider to be racist behavior, you can take comfort in knowing that a lot of whites apparently get just as stressed out trying not to be a bigot. That goes to show you, if we are ever going to improve race relations in our lifetime, many more of us will have to want to work through our barriers.

Congrats to Richeson for delving into this controversial subject.

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I'm not sure what is funnier - the fact that this women got $500K for this work, or that it qualified for a "genius grant" didn't make this up I assume?
The best part about your lead-in was the back-handed, patronizing comment on "a lot of whites get stressed trying not to be a biggot".
Good grief...


Obviously you didn't read the study.

Its a waste of time to think of it at all. What would a person of her background, being educated in ivy league schools, an teaching in a school with a small percentage of minority students know about race relations. She appears to be attempting to explain it from only one view point. Anyone with common sense knows that all of us, regardless of our ethic background have bias thoughts. Sometimes we are bias against our own culture (blacks not willing to date other blacks, higher income whites against lower income whites, etc), sometimes against other cultures (for a variety of reasons). The money would better used trying to find ways of resolving bias views and conflicts, instead of trying to explain it from this narrow viewpoint.


Good thing you weren't on the panel that selected the winners of the genius grant.

I don't know if it's completely clear that the white people tested repress specifically "bigoted" feelings, or that the brain scans show they are repressing some sort of feelings. Also, I didn't read about the same tests done on people of other races. I'll bet the findings would be similar.

The conclusion I reached from this is that people respond differently to people who are different from them. We all know how those feelings sometimes manifest themselves negatively. The fact that the white people "repressed" "bigoted" feelings is certainly better than if they didn't. If their brains seem to be naturally behaving in this way, it seems unlikely that can be changed. I would like to see a follow-up study done on people of other races to see if this is true for them as well.

Thankfully I don't get exhausted and stressed out trying to repress my feelings. It's nice to know I am living a healthy lifestyle mentally, as well as physically. BTW, did Richeson test black people's feelings and reactions?


Yes. She was also on NPR today. If you are serious about wanting to know more about Richeson's work, she can be reached at Northwestern University.



I wondered about that myself. I live in Maywood and the mail gets delivered early in the morning. My sister lives on the far South Side and her mail doesn't get delivered until late at night. Are there any mail carriers out there who can tell us what gives?

I think you are looking at this study very one sided.

So whites get stressed out repressing their bigoted feelings but blacks don't?
Blacks only get stressed "when you are confronted by what you consider to be racist behavior"
You assume there are no bigoted blacks?

This is a controversial subject only if you assume it is only whites who are bigoted.
If we are ever going to improve race relations we need to get over this assumption that only whites are bigoted.


I presented the results of the study as explained by the person who conducted the study, You may have a problem with her not conducting this study with blacks, but that's a different subject, isn't it. This wasn't a study about bigoted blacks.

If a White person did this study not only wouldn't they get money, they would be awarded racist of the year award instead of GENIUS. They also could kiss any chance of a career anywhere anytime soon. What I want is a minority to do a minority study showing they are as racist and bigoted as any White person. I say a minority because no White person could ever get away with anything like this and would never be believed. If it comes from a Black mouth it is sacred speak these days. Just ask Oprah.

The fact that no other races were involved in the study shows once again the psychological and social abuse Whites are suffering at the hands of our multicultural society. It is open season on White males in particular. There has been forty years of anti White propaganda in this country, elevating the minority and denegrating the majority at every turn. Is it any wonder that White people get stressed when faced with the very people who are out to systematically exterminate them? Check the black on white crime statistics of late.

As far as the post office and Blacks not getting mail. Everyone knows that the majority of postal workers are minority so, whew, that spares the White bigots from being blamed for late mail. Score one for those dopey looking White people. When we delivered the mail you got it.


For Part One of your response, please see my post to Jerry.

Wait a minute, unless I am misunderstanding didn't you answer yes to my question of wheather or not blacks feelings were studied? But then in your response to Sailor you mention how blacks weren't studied. Which is it? Now if you answered yes to me by mistake then no problem, but I am just trying to clear up wheather blacks were studied. And if she did not study blacks feelings, then she just appears to be just another black race hustler trying to make a buck. Which appears to have worked. Thanks for letting me know she's at NU, but if you had an email address that would be greatly appreciated because I would love to ask her if she did study blacks.


The question you posed was about the cited study which dealt with white subjects. During an interview with NPR, she indicated that she had also studied the responses of African Americans, which is why I responded to Sailor's e-mail,

As for the derogatory statements about this professor, you should send your criticism to the John and Catherine McArthur Foundation, the organization that awarded the grant. Also, you can locate the professor by doing a google search.

If this study merits $500,000 and a GENIUS label we are in more trouble as a society than I had ever imagined.

Genius is finding a cure for cancer not recycling an already overworked topic of perceived WHITE RACISM. If this is the best the woman could do I wonder just what she did to get the advanced degrees. How I spent my summer vacation among the Honkys perhaps. LOL
This is another example of strokes for the Black folks from the leftwing, Democratic, plantation liberals to keep the Black votes flowing in. At $500,000 each vote the Democratic political war chests are going to be pretty empty this year.

Thanks for the laugh Mary Mitchell.


This is a fine example of white supremacy.

After reading the study my first question is what is the purpose of the study?

What difference does it make if the conclusion is right and some people are stressed by trying act a certain way that is not natural for them?

If someone has deep feelings that are wrong and they overcome them, is that a good or a bad thing?

If this study is suppose to help solve the problem of racism; I would think the money could have been spent in a more effective manner.

By the way Mary your answer to my post several blogs ago (Huh?) was really funny. Thanks for getting me to lighten up!

I'm white and I don't get stressed out worrying that I might come across as a bigot. Because I don't care what the next person thinks. Because if your a good guy then you can have peace of mind. ..BTW, most folks in all races are okay. But there will always be some people of all races who are indeed bigots. Thats just how the world is, simple as that.

To jermeister from sica bro if you are that same jerry the racist rhetoric you spew is far from healthy,I wish people were able to read your previous posts and they will see you are not as mentally healthy and stable as you claim to be.Get with it you know whites hold the crown when it comes to racist attitudes!

PS: Lets be totally honest ! Mary, a reason (not me, I could care less) alot of whites may feel stressed about being called a bigot is because they feel there is a DOUBLE-STANDARD. The professor they feel evidently doesn't realize that. There on edge to even look at a minority person because there afraid of that 'why lookin at me, is it because I'm black' etc.. That minorities they feel are allowed to call whites every racial taunt, racist comment, etc. they want and its ok. That the rules are different. Truth is, THERE NOT. In Charleston, South Carolina a white middle-grade teacher (Elizabeth Kendrac) just won $300,000+ in court sueing the school district because they let the black students (Principal was African-American by the way) get away with calling her racial slurs and taunting her (whitey, white cracker, white honkie, etc.) in the classroom. The school said its 'part of there culture so they can say those things'. However, she took them to court and WON...So to those folks who feel intimidated, don't because the rules are the SAME for everybody.


What does that have to do with the subject at hand?

Once the part of the white brain where bigotry is located is found, it can be surgically removed. Genius! Where's my half million?



Actually Mary I did read it...the question is, did you read the last paragraph?

"The reality is, this research is very controversial and Jennifer and Abigail want to do many more experiments before they’re willing to draw definite conclusions."

The difference is that I have some skepticism about these preliminary results where as you already drawing conclusions with your statement about "whites getting stressed trying not to come off as a bigot".


"whites getting stressed trying not to come off as a bigot," is a conclusion from the study, not my perspective.

Why aren't all the Black "genius" professors doing studies on how to get the baby mommas and the gang banging daddies to stop popping out kids, get their act together and be responsible citizens? Now THAT would merit a "genius" status. Find a way to get the black kids up to par on the educational level, and deal with all the Black kids in the foster care system. There's genius.

The woman is more like "lazy" just rehashing old totally fabricated stereotypes about White folks. Leave the White folks alone, you got way too much to deal with in your own race without worrying about what Whitey is doing. We're doing just fine, thank you.


Your illusion of white supremacy is showing. It's pretty arrogant to think you know better than the people who award this grant every year.

"Blacks only get stressed "when you are confronted by what you consider to be racist behavior"
You assume there are no bigoted blacks?"

In regards to African Americans, due to our history in this country we have the moral authority thus we have no reason to get stresses out.


I disagree. When I'm standing in a downpour and cabs pass me by because they assume I'm going to a dangerous neighborhood, that stresses me out.

"You may have a problem with her not conducting this study with blacks, but that's a different subject, isn't it. This wasn't a study about bigoted blacks."

I don't have a problem with that, its that your blog is exploring race relations and the honest discussion of the issue...this study only studies whites and makes some very big assumptions that white people are "repressing bigoted feelings" is far more damaging than helpful in that regard.

I think people do need to watch themselves when in the presence of different races, simply because words have different meanings in different contexts.
As an example, I regularly say "Hey, boy!" to my friends, although I probably wouldn't do that with black friends (because of the obvious derogatory usage of the term "boy" by bigoted whites).
That is not me hiding bigoted feelings, but trying not to sound bigoted as some may assume.


Yes, but the entire point of the study seems to me was to show that bigotry is always a matter of hate. This woman took the time and used her vast educational resources to examine bigotry from a psychological standpoint. I think she should get kudos for that not criticism.

With regards to the South Side mail issue. I choose to look at the glass as half full. Maybe when my mail is being delivered at 8 o'clock in the evening, I'm getting my mail 12 hours early!! (LOL!)

I unlike many others posting,I have actually been able to read the study and it is a good study of white racial attitudes which (as Mary continuously has to point out)is why the study is about white people and not Black people. And for the person who vehemently doubted that a white person would be allowed to do and be funded for a study dealing with Black people, you obviously dont know that there is an industry built around the study of race and mostly staffed by white people; Stephen and Abigail Thernstrom, of Harvard and the Manhattan Institute respectively, being leaders among them. I've learned that surprise is usually a sign of ignorance and several of the posts are cases in point.
And furthermore if Black people are so pre-occupied with race where are they on this site? Because beyond a few examples, the Black people (of which I am one) seem to be a little bit more civil. Maybe we need more studies like this.
I can suggest a good book "The Psychopathic Racial Personality" by Bobby Wright

Whether fair or not, I would think many whites feel "anxious or stressed" based crime statistics. A few examples according to the Dept of Justice:

Blacks committed 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: blacks are committing more than 50 times the number of violent racial crimes of whites.

According to an annual report on murder by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most inter-racial murders involve black assailants and white victims, with blacks murdering whites at 18 times the rate that whites murder blacks.

Are all blacks violent people? Of course not but these sort of statistics tend to make some white people "stressed".

I liked that you told someone that what they said had nothing to do with the topic, but when someone brought up the mail, you responded in kind. What on earth does mail delivery have to do with the topic? Another example of your retarded logic at work.


Retarded? That's so old school.

When I was in the ARMY we had bigots.Straight out. People who hated anyone that wasn't white.Since I was anMP with them and black they thought I didn't care about race.But when something happened and they were accused of being racist they would get very upset with the assumption.Like I said,I knew for a fact that they were racist and yet they hated to be called out for it.Black people are sometimes racist but since we have to go to work with and for white people we keep it to ourselves.Me,I can care less if you're black or white.Treat me with respect and we'll get along.And for all the racist;don't be surprised if your kids brought what you hate home.

So...LAI QUEN you are saying that when, as the study suggest, whites are supressing their bigotry they are probably afraid that they may be murdered. Since this study talked about bigotry in social settings I seriously doubt that whites are afraid that the black people (with whom they are colleagues or with whom they socialize professionally or otherwise) are going to murder them.
Your statistics lack one crucial element...balance. Black murders of white people account for a negligible amount of murders. NEGLIGIBLE. Black murders of Black people and white murders of white people and Asian murders of Asian people account for the great great majority. So who should we really be afraid of?.
And I am assuming by your name that you are Asian, my apologies if I am wrong, but Dr. Richeson's findings are based on a voluntary study, and yours are based on what?
Your last question (are all blacks violent?) suggests that many or most Black people have a proclivity towards violence. I think this is a good example of suppressed bigotry in Asians and other honorary whites, who are daft enough to believe that jive about social equality in America.
And since this is a discussion about race let's look at the fact that whites account for more than 90% of crimes related to racial hatred in this country for the last century (that's 100 years)as compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center a placed staffed by many white people if that makes it any more valid for you. There we have a consistent HISTORY of race related violence. A Black person carjacking a white person seems a little incidental, although certainly unfortunate and no less sad/angering and criminal, which I feel the need to add considering the atmosphere of this blog's discussions.

And I still say that the great great majority of white people (and honorary whites) who post on these discussions are not really interested in having a real discussion about race. Many of them feel progressive and enlightened from having watched the movie "Crash."

Mary, my comment DOES have to do with the subject at hand. In that this tunnel-visioned professor did not take into account the fact whites feel the standards of decency and respect towards others only applies to them. That they feel minorities can insult, harass, and name-call whites and it is NOT deplorable... And I used this South Carolina teacher as an example. Mary, when you and your son heard a racial slur directed at you when you came home from the ball park you became irate like you had a right to and it became page one news. You even had the governor call you to see how you were doing, did you not? This poor teacher in South Carolina had to endure 'white honkie, white cracker, etc. everyday. These students threw chairs at her one day. The BLACK principal (why is he still employed) and school board told her thats the way it is, 'its a cultural behavior mode of our children. There doing nothing wrong.' There was NO page one news, no call from the governor, no articles about this disgusting behavior and racist insults. She had to go to court inorder to have her say. Therefore, I'm just letting the others know that in a court of law, YES the rules are the SAME for everyone. And this Northwestern one-view only professor needs to realize it also.


Sorry, I didn't get the connection.

I did google Richeson's contact information last Friday and later e-mailed her. She did say she tested racial minorities, so it sounds to me that this guilty white liberal MacArthur Foundation chose to only publicize her studies of whites. If that's the case, then that's not her fault. This MacArthur foundation's phone # and address are in the book and they are located in the Loop on Dearborn St., so I suggest maybe calling them and letting them know how biased they are. To Doc, please don't call me Jermeister. My name is Jerry, and on this board a previous poster was scolded for calling the moderator Mar instead of Mary. And that is fine if she does not like the name Mar, but I would hope I would be afforded the same courtesy. Besides, it is kind of a waste of time to respond to your personal insults that come while you are hiding behind a computer.

Speaking as a white man, here's my attempt to summarize the hundreds of blogs to this site:
- Racism exists in this country...we can debate the % of white and black people who are racist but we'll never know the real answer.
- There is a double standard when it comes to debating race, assessing where racism exists in a given situation, or the implications of speaking racist remarks. This is part of the reason why it's extremely difficult to have a genuine discussion about race in this country. (see Reverend Al Sharpton's resurrection over the last 20 years since Tawana Bradley, Ray Nagin's "chocolate New Orleans", etc
- The race card is played although not as much as some white people would like to think.
I've read most of the posts here. Some of them quite good and some representing the racist views from both black and white people. I think the 10% (or whatever it is) of the population who are racist will always do their best to prevent progression and improvement. Blogs like this are easy prey for racists to make generalizations or accusations - I would dare any of these people with radical views to be quoted in your column or paper. Annonymity is a great thing when it comes to racism.

For whoever said something about Northwestern being a white school above, 30% of the undergrads are minority students. Not bad considering how expensive this place is.

As far as the postal 'service' goes, I live on the Northwest Side and never get mail on Saturday.

Just a quick note that is off the topic. On October 9th, Big Bill O'Reilly is doing his show from Chicago. I tried to get tickets two weeks ago when I heard he's coming but unfortunately it's already sold out. Lets all show Bill how cordial and friendly us Chicagoans are if you do happen to run into him because I think it's an honor to have an icon like him grace our fair city.

With all the moaning and finger pointing from blacks and whites, no wonder this sailor wanted to stay overseas. She won, get over it and move on. What were the races of those that awarded her the money? Whatever the answer; take it and both sides move on.

Let's talk about something important, like how did that mentally ill woman end up in the south side housing projects. How about discussing the three children that were drowned. Mental illness is something that affects all races. Or, is this a topic that can't be discussed because it is common in all races and classes?

MITCHELL COMMENT; Yes, mental illness can be discussed, but this is a blog about race. Actually, I'm appalled by the police inaction in the case involving the young woman from California who ended up either being thrown or falling from a 7th floor housing project window.

Oh Ms. Mitchell, I don't know how you do it. How do you keep your head from exploding while reading the masss amounts of ignorance so eloquently stated by some of our White counterparts? I don't know if you caught John Stossel's report on 20/20 last week on sterotypes, but it showed that every race is biased against black people including black people. Is this just some random coincidence? It is very sad that we have internalized the unwarranted hatred of our blackness and used it as a self fulfilling prophecy in many instances. I wish that people would either be honest and say that they believe that blacks are an inferior race and therefore will never be far ahead of where we were in 1900 or step outside of their comfort zone and say "wait maybe there is something to this white priviledge thing" And that being born white in this country is an automatic bonus in your life. But that would actually call for people to give up some of the perks that come with whiteness. Such as walking around without any sense of empathy or real knowledge of people who don't look like you. Except when you "know" we got our job because of Affirmative Action, never mind that that system has helped more white women than anyone else. Or when you "know" what the crime statictics are concerning "others," or when you "know" we were just being a little too sensitive about some incident. But what I'm getting from this post is that many of the white people on here don't want to know what the real deal is. It's very easy to talk about what you think you know about people when you make an effort to stay as far away from those people as you can. And we know that this is very easy for a portion of this population. If there are actually people on this post who are genuinely interested in the workings of this country and how it affects certain members, there are plenty of books and other blogs to help you out. One book to get you started is "Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack of White Privilege" by Peggy McIntosh. Or try the blog Rachels Tavern, or
And all of these blogs are run by white people, so you don't have to feel like some minority who just doesn't get you is yelling at you and blaming you for something your ancestors did. But something tells me that most people on here are only interested in letting everyone know why they are right and everyone else is wrong, instead of really having an open and honest dialogue. And if you want to surround yourself just a little bit more with people who think exactly like you I hear the Klan is still looking for members.

Sorry that was me

It takes days for a post to be is this a conversation when your post becomes outdated?


You're right. I'm trying to do a better job of posting, but there's only so many hours in a day. A little patience, please.

R missed my points entirely:
- First, if you read the study, they used pictures to drive reactions. This is obvioulsy not the same as interacting with a black neighbor or colleague who you will know.
- The crime statistics I sighted were proportional, not meant to compare numbers. The statistics show overwhelmingly, black crime on whites is a multiple of white crimes on blacks. You don't think this can create some uneasiness?
- Finally, my last point on "are all blacks violent" was a rhetorical question not even deserving a reply.
You say whites don't want a real discussion on race...I used real numbers to make a point, as did you. I'm not sure that means I'm not interested in a dialog about race. Any by the way, I consider myself only part really shouldn't generalize based on someone's name.

R David, the reason the stats say whites commit 90% of hate crimes is because the authorities hardly ever classify black on white crime as hate crimes. The recent three blacks on one white beating in Beverly Park is the latest example of that. So those so called facts you brought up are irrelevant. As is the Southern Poverty Law Center, because while it is staffed by mostly whites, they are guilty white liberals who are so naive to the realities of race in this country that they have become self hating white people who hate themselves and hate their own race as much as any black racist does.

Hey Anonymous, the Klan is practically dead because of lack of interest by white people in joining. However, the Nation of Islam, the Black Panthers, and Rainbow Push are thriving with members and supporters. That tells you all you need to know as far as who is more racist.

MITCHELL COMMENT: For obvious reasons, yours is not a fair comparison. And yes, white supremacist hate groups are very much around, i.e., Matthew Hale.

to R. David: You say an industry of the study of race is largely staffed by Whites. I AGREE ! Matter of fact I'll go further. The so-called Black leaders of today are created and annointed by the White Liberal media. They are the ones who give them the camera time, quote them, you name it. They are the ones who said speaks for the Black community. Without the White Liberals where would some of these Black Leaders be? Hey sometimes look-up how much a Michael Eric Dyson, etc. makes for a half-hour speech? I know Whites also profit. But guys like him make a ton of money to keep any race controversy William R. Donald: I was in the military, also. Served in VietNam in 67-68. Yes, there were alot of BIGOTS. From ALL races.

What is not a fair comparison? And Matt Hale's group never came close to getting the support and financial contributions that Farrakhan or Jesse or other hate groups like the NAACP has gotten. Hale was a guy, a brilliant guy at that, who worked out of a small house in Peoria. BTW, speaking of Hale. He sure got railroaded in his trial.

MITCHELL COMMENT: Hale's group was a self-admitted hate group that disparaged blacks and Jews. We can debate whether Farrakhan's speech makes Nation of Islam a hate group, but Operation PUSH, which has white members, and NAACP which was founded by whites as well as blacks, have never been classified as hate groups.

Hale is locked up because he advocated his group and followers to kill non-white people.If that is brilliant to you,so be it.We know where you stand.In the court system hate comes off wrong because you will always offend someone down the line.He can be a white judge with a black wife and lock you up for offending her.Or he can just dislike you and have to answer for your stupidity.When I was in the Army from 83-86 there weren't too many black people in the MPs.I never said that they were ALL bigots.I mentioned how the ones who were bigots let me know in no uncertain terms that they did not like non-whites and when someone they pulled over for some BS charge accused them of being biased they got irate and offended.If you're going to wear your hatred as a badge, as some people are inclined to do,don't chide a person later on for calling it like they see it.The mirror doesn't lie and some people just have to look in the mirror and admit to what they see.Like I said;respect me and I'll respect you.EVERYONE sees race.It's what you do AGAINST another race that makes you a card carrying rasict.

Hale's group was not a hate group, it was a white separatist group. He just wanted whites to have their own territory separate from others. If that would have happened, you would have never from him again. We can debate wheather Farrakhan and his group is a hate group? LOL! That statement right there tells me that you are someone who doesn't think it's possible for a black to be a racist. And having that opinion is a racist opinion because it implies a double standard based on race. Farrakhan's racism is so obvious it's not even worth wasting time debating. As for the NAACP, when it was founded it wasn't a hate group, but it is now. Their chairman, Julian Bond, constantly calls Bush and other Republicans nazis. They put up that racist ad in the 2000 election about that black guy who was dragged to death in Texas. The fact that they are a hate group is why Bush refused to go speak at their convention until this year. Operation Push is a hate group because a racist by the name of Jesse(hymies in hymie town)Jackson is the leader of it. Although money is his number 1 motivation, racism is his number 2 motivation. Also, who cares if whites belong to those groups. There are plenty of self-hating, guilty whites out there who hate there own race. They are called liberals or progressives. Although I prefer to call them incredibly stupid and brainwashed. Finally, of course the NAACP and Operation Push are not classified as hate groups because they are black groups. And if anyone in the position of power or notoriety called them hate groups that person would be professionally destroyed, and possibly physically destroyed. BTW, who classifies groups as hate groups or not hate groups? Some black civil rights group or some guilty white liberal group? I have my own classifications and any clear thinking person knows I am right.

Wait...did you say we can debate if Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam is a hate group...Mary, you just lost all of your credibility. Go back and read what this clown has said over the years. Shame on you!

MITCHELL COMMENT: As far as I know the Nation of Islam members aren't responsible for bombing churches and lynching white people.

Jerry I refuse to even discuss organizations like the NAACP Rainbow PUSH or even the Nation of Islam in the same breath as the Ku Klux Klan. You have a right to revise reality, based on your obvious ignorance. I REALLY recommend "The Psychopathic Racial Personality," it might speak volumes about who you are.
And Lai Quen I did say that I was basing my thought that you were Asian on your name. I think that is a safe way to identify people on an anonymous blog, maybe I'm wrong. Your point about scared white people...lost on me... then again I have been scared around the whites of northwest Arkansas, they beat a Black kid half to death when I was in high school.

Black leaders are anonymous and unknown to the White media. You wouldnt know who the Black leaders are because they are busy working.

R David

Black leaders are most unknown to black people! Wait...they're working? Tell me what job Jessie Jackson has...uhhhh, that's what I thought.

MITCHELL COMMENT: As far as I know the Nation of Islam members aren't responsible for bombing churches and lynching white people.

Mary - you're cutest when you're at your naive best!! He's the leader of the Nation of Islam (whatever that means) and has repeatedly expressed a hate for Jews. That shouldnt' be considered a hate group? Uh, OK. Go ahead and make your cute remarks.

I'm not sure a group can only be tagged a "hate group" if they murder or bomb churches. Hate means hate, where through words or actions. If you agree with this logic, the idea that Farrakhan's group is a hate group is indisputable based on his words.

Moderator, how do you know any Nation of Islam members haven't killed any white people? Maybe a Farrakhan lackie threw that woman from California out of the window at the Robert Taylor Homes. Maybe a nation of Islam member killed that white metra cop in Harvey last week? I could go on and on and give more examples of the black on white genocide that's going on today, but who has that much time? Also, all you could bring up is things the Klan did 100, or 50 years ago. I admit the Klan was an evil group back in the 50's and 60's, but the Klan is dead now. Although your response is so typical because the only response blacks have when talking about white on black violence is to go back to the 50's because white on black violence today is almost nonexistent. BTW, I am sure there have been many more black on white murders in the last fifty years than there were white on black lynchings from 1900-1950. It's just that the liberal, anti white media doesn't report on the racial aspect.

Is anyone else put off by the use of "genious grant" for this? Regardless of the color or intent of this person, can we agree "genious" should be reserved for coming up with a cure for Aids or cancer, not conducting psychology exams and drawing preliminary conclusions.

People keep bringing up the Klan. When was the last time the Klan lynched anyone? Thirty or fourty years ago? Blacks have to go back 30 or 40 years ago to claim white on black violence because white on black violence today is almost obsolete, while the other way around is thriving. As for some people defending racists like Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson. That just proves my point that blacks are easily, by far, the most insensitive people in this country when it comes to race. That's why it is ridiculous for blacks to expect others to care when they cry and whine and soil their diapers complaining about racism. Why should we care, when blacks bend over backwards defending their racists?

I wasn't talking about Jesse Jackson...Think again, re-read what I said. And by working I mean working for Black progress.

Like I said you don't know them, people like Haki Madhubuti who has built institutions that serve Black people for more than 40 years and Dr. Carl Bell whose mental health programs in the Black community has brought better understanding; and Useni Perkins whose family life center initiatives have trained many young men through its right of passage program, for responsibility consciousness and commitment; and more prominently Rep. Danny Davis,
and the people from my home community like Hezekiah Stewart who runs a successful political action committee to make sure politicians are responsive to the needs of the entire community, and people like Keith Jackson whose academic program has sent more than 200 Black kids, who entered his program with a gpa of 1.5 or less, to college on scholarship; and Dr. Patricia McGraw whose writing workshops and public history radio show with kids has opened up the minds of many including myself ...
You see? People YOU wouldnt know about, and I would assume are probably not interested in anyhow.

YOU said Jackson was a leader in the Black community ...I didn't right? uhhhh I thought so.

Unbelievable, I've been reading the blogs and they (Whites) still don't get it. They don't even realize how they act. It's normal to them. White supremacy as well as Narcissism is well and alive. More studies need to be done on Whites instead of Lab rats. Good subject Mary, keep up the good work. Whites went from a scientific study to their feelings on black leaders, WOW.

R David - you're abosolutely right. I didn't know any of these people and yes, I am interested in "work" like this. Why aren't these people getting more air time so they can influence and make more of an impact on the black community? What are the black leaders to address the horrific problems existing in the black community - issues like gangs, drugs, unemployment, crime rates, teenage pregnancies. All these moths run to the camera and yet the same problems go on and on with no end in sight.

There's big money in negativity. Is Congressman Foley representative of all of the more than 450 Congressman?

Posted by Robinson Jr.
"Unbelievable, I've been reading the blogs and they (Whites) still don't get it. They don't even realize how they act. It's normal to them. White supremacy as well as Narcissism is well and alive. More studies need to be done on Whites instead of Lab rats. Good subject Mary, keep up the good work. Whites went from a scientific study to their feelings on black leaders, WOW."

Glad someone noticed that. But I wouldn't say 'WOW' as it is par for the course. Also note the comments about it being open season on white males. Considering what non-white males, particularly blacks have gone through and are going through, that comment is the height of arrogance and ignorance.

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