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Monsters Come in All Colors

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There's been a lot of back and forth sniping about who is committing the most heinous crimes.
Frankly, anytime a human being takes another human being's life, I consider it a heinous act. But some of you seem convinced that black criminals are worst than white ones, and vice versa, or at least that's how you come across on this blog.

Will some of you address this issue and/or share a resource that will help us identify and begin to address the roots of this bias?

Why are young black criminals like Brandon Rolle often portrayed as more dangerous than criminals like Dale S. Hausner and Samuel J. Dieteman, the alleged serial killers responsible for a string of late-night random killings in Phoenix
Rolle is accused of robbing and killing Ronald Gentile, a Homewood man who was in Miami visiting his son. He is described as an ex-con with an extensive criminal record consisting of 13 arrests and four felony convictions. Charges include robbery, possession of cocaine with intent to sell, battery of a law enforcement officer and aggravated assault. He had only been out of prison two months when he was arrested for the crime.

Media also reported that Rolle's mother got into a shouting match with televison cameramen, screaming "You think t his is a motherf----- cartoon?" "I'm going to beat your ass."

Hausner, on the other hand, is described in an Associated Press report as: "always polite to friends," a "lover of boxing who decorated his room with drawings," A father to a 2-year-old girl" and "two young sons who died in a car accident."

Two monsters. Two very different portrayals.

"Off Balance: Youth, Race & Crime , a report co-authored by Lori Dorfman, Director of the Berkeley Media Studies Group and Vincent Schiraldi, founder and president of the Center on Juvenile Justice, gives valuable insights into why this is so.

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Rolle has an extensive criminal history. This latest act of violence is not surprising, so the story cites his history and leaves it at that. I assume from the article that Hausner had no criminal history. His crime was a surprise. I think the media likes to emphasize this angle because it plays on peoples fears and makes the story more sensational. Of course you will avoid people with a violent history like Rolles, but people like Hausner could be your office, next door, at your child's school, etc.

Also, I think serial killers are always treated differently in the media than random acts of violence. Typically, the crimes have already been reported on over several weeks/months. The real story when the person(s) are apprehended is their personal history. What drove them to commit these heinous acts? Why didn't anyone see it coming?

Why jump to racism when there are other explanations that are just as plausible?

One caveat, I would change my opinion if it turns out Hausner also has an extensive criminal history that was ignored when they printed his story.

I feel that in the instances referenced here there is no bias. Although I hadn't read the remarks regarding Brandon Rolle's background, the coverage that I saw didn't come off as terribly biased against him. Let's keep in mind that there are dozens of media outlets that each produce different sorts of coverage. We all watch, read, or hear different coverages of the same story. The stories that I've heard, saw, and read about the whole Brandon Rolle case has not come off as extremely harsh against him. As a matter of fact, the victim's wife came off as somewhat forgiving of him considering the horrible crime he allegedly committed. There have been many cases where your point is well taken. I just don't see it here. I've read about the criminal history of one of the Phoenix serial killers just today. The media's coverage of the Phoenix suspects crimes have justly described their alleged barbaric acts. Both crimes are utterly senseless and without cause. There is no excuse for murder in any circumstance except for self defense. But it is especially confounding when someone kills a person that has done absolutely nothing to them.

You know Mary I have to say that it's all about "headline grabbers"...Let's face it...It's not how society views the monsters no matter what color they's all about what's gonna catch the readers attention or viewers attention. Everything is blamed on "society" and i find that to be total JUNK! We, the everyday Joe's who buy newspapers are subjected to bias opinions... not news stories. I'm not speaking on your column either because your column is about your "view" or "how you see it". And don't get me wrong, I never miss your column. You dont' know this but there is a lot of "open discussion" that goes on when my family happens to agree/disagree about what you wrote...and that sparks debate which i find healthy. But it is the "news" part of the paper that should "report" and not give us "opnions" about the monster. When you hear the "background" of an offender, it's usually a famiy member or a friend who tells the reporter and then the reporter takes their words and spins a headline: Black Teen involved in Shooting/Gang related; or White teen involved in shooting/Son of School Distict President. WHO CARES? I'll tell you who cares, the people selling the newspaper and running the news station!
It's always the same thing! So I don't put it on Society...We just read what's written and for some who read they don't see the bias in the report. That's dangerous and it's also damaging.
Love the BLOG!

Dear Mary, Give me a call about CTA , or write 26yrs. with the company and my granddaugther gets hit in the mouth and a week later . no respnds from the manager of cta. man hit her in mouth took her bus pass. Mother came off work, went home to attent ton her daughter. I told her to call the station at 77th. respond was not good from the manager . I told her to call downtown the next day
with the rd # from the police report. My grandbaby was hit and no respons. I called cta today waited 50 minutes on the phone for responds. I look at the paper this morning about crime on the cta . I have worked for the company unreported crime is very well covered. My grandbaby have to travel this winter to Dryey From 9100 So To 3200
North She was coming from
school to go home from driver ed. Now she in a special program to get her education with Associated Degress. I called 77th st. station, and talk to Ms. Mullins. My Talk to Transportion Managers Who blew her off Which may be to late to receive the tapes at 79th and Ashland
Mr. Robert Meeks was suppose to get back to my daugther, never happen.
Please help who daughter or grandbaby my be next.
Let it go, no never


Please give Monifa Thomas a call at 312-321-2522. She covers transportation and should be able to help you.

Hello Mary,

Could you please say something about "jew town" in one of your future articles. I am a life long Chicagoan who grew up on the south side. We always referred to Roosevelt and Halsted as "jew town." Now a Jewish person has informed me that this is a racist term. Many black folks are not aware of this. Please comment. Thank you and continue doing the wonderful job you've been doing. God bless you!

I think most enlightened people understand that the term you refer to is unacceptable. It's long been buried and I assure you, it won't be seen in print.

Hi Mary,

Lately in the news there are stories about teenagers commiting crimes and last week Rev. Meeks blamed our mayor for failing minority kids in the public school system. I think parents should be held responsible also.

I was actually prompted to write to you because I was watching the news and it showed a news clip where a 13 year old boy was shot because he pointed a b.b. gun at a police officer. The community and relatives are blaming the police for "police brutality". Where was the family and community when this young man was alledgedly robbing another young man. Parents really need to get more involved in every aspect of their kids lives. We have to stop blaming everyone else and start taking responsibility.


Because the details of this shooting are still vague, I prefer to wait a day or two before commenting on this incident.

Mary, it's funny how you should talk about the distinction that is made by atrocities committed by people on different sides of the spectrum. I notice it in the coverage of the violence in the Middle East. The atrocities committed by Israel are reported as collateral damage, while the same acts committed by Hezbollah are labeled as terrorism. The tragic thing is that innocent people are dying on both sides of the conflict. I think both the Israeli government and Hezbollah are a bunch of monstrous cowards. That is definitely a conflict without a righteous participant.

hello Mary, I read your articles if not daily i catch up when i can from the Internet. I love the fact that i can read your articles on the internet as i don't buy the paper. i read the red eye i guess because it's free and i think it targets folks my age which is 25-30. so anyways mary how have you been doing lately? when are you going to do another article on Robert (R.) Kelly? I would like to know how his case will play out etc.?? Who at Sun-Times will cover his story this year? well have a great day mary and keep writing!


Thanks Tina for taking the time to utter a kind word. I'm beginning to think the prosecutors are hoping we just forget about this case. I'm assuming Jim Derogatis and Abdon Pallasch will cover the trial.

Great job with the blog and a great question. The answer to me seems to be age old and goes back to a Slavery day mentality. It is and has always been to the benefit of the establishment to portray Blacks (especially Black men) as predators. That keeps the masses afraid of us and basically criminalizes our very existance. Go back to when you talked about the beating of the Oak Lawn teen and notice how many of the posters here referred to the offenders as Animals. That phrase dehumanizes us so we can be treated as such; trapped, penned in, and eventually slaughtered. I am not trying to justify any criminal behavior, but this double standard effects the way our country fights crime and doles out punishment. The disparity in sentencing for crack and cocaine offenses which you have covered for years just goes to show a Black life is not seen as equal to a White one. I also feel that you never see journalist, prosecutors or juries try to get into the psyche of Black criminals. As far as they're concerned we don't have one. Take Columbine for instance. There was ad nauseum stories trying to figure out why those boys commited that heinous crime. It is just taken as fact that Blacks act out of instinct without thinking, like an animal which is hardly ever the case. I agree that monsters come in all colors, but until Blacks are seen as five - fifths human we will always be thought of as predators.

forgive me for sounding racist, but as a black man i expect more out of my own people than i do people of other races.

therefore in my eyes black criminals are worse than whites or others...because after what we've been through as a people there's no excuse for us to do the things we do.

I don't think it would matter if a person of color had a squeaky clean background. The headline would remain the same, something that would strike fear in the hearts and minds of people.

The headlines make it seem as though people of color are prone to commit a heinous crime whereas the headlines for their counterparts reads as though that person must have experienced a life-altering event that made them commit such a heinous crime.

Just my opinion.

Alot of the responses you got from people was legit ,but a lot of minorities rightfully became incensed by the bogus statistics being paraded as facts.After the correct stats were printed on the blog(serial killers)several bloggers stated that serial killers were ..get this intelligient(what about animals?) and should be commended for their behaviors(what?)The comparison of crimes came about Ms.Mitchell was when "some"bloggers were discussing why they did not want to live around minorities because of their supposed tendencies toward violence.(stereotype?)The minorities responded with stats that showed that in serial killers 84% were white males.To tell the truth all races have good and bad,in this case though alot of racism boiled over into the blogs (frustration from blacks,unwarranted fears from whites)most people would like to live in peace but there is always a few who like to capitilize on fear and ignorance.It overall was a good thing because it showed racism still exists (despite media hype that it doesnt)we should all want to live in peace no matter what color after, all we are all the same "race" actually, "The human race"...A faithful reader and fellow citizen

I watched the new's last night and this morning as they showed, a bunch of Igorant A!#'s jumping up and down ln regard to the 13 year old being shot. I guess before the fact of the crowd who was ranting and raving about the situation was far to busy to "attempt," to mentor the young 13 year old, to busy too take the time out and chip in, maybe paying for a nice summer program for the kid, maybe baseball camp, maybe basketbal camp, something to keep this young man's interest, but NO! After the fact of, here COMES all those, "All of a sudden concerned adults, screaming injustice." Where are they when these young men are out and about doing the S!@# they do? Where do they hold up? It's sad what happened to the young man, it hurts me every time I see it, but on the other hand, it PISSES me off, when I see these "All of a sudden," concerned adults jumping up in down in front of television cameras, outraged at the event, most importantly why the event happened in the first place. I pray to god that young man pulls though, learns from his close call, realizes he can have a full life, not like the idiot "Adults, including the Senior Mr. Woodland," who's obviously sorry poor excuses for adults and parents alike and young Jr. Woodland is "PULLED, away from ALL those all of a sudden," concerned adults. If they were so Dammed concerned, that young man, would have not been left alone, to wonder up and down the street's looking for something to get into in the first place, "He'd have had some place to go, something postive to get into." Please "SOMEBODY," help that child!!! All the adult's who's coming out of the wood works now 'after the fact,' has already been shot and killed!!! I'd gladly contribute to help pay for Jr. Woodland's upward mobility in life, just like I do the young folks in my family & friends. It's obvious "OTHER," only contribute performance's & DAM BAD performances in front of TV cameras!!!

Mary - your blog is great. This topic in particular is one of great interest to me. I am Black (as you probably know from my previous posts) but I have colleagues that are caucasian and of other nationalities. We've had discussions, often heated, when discussing crime and race relations. It's sad that the media portrays crimes committed by blacks as "heinous" while crimes committed by whites are often called "tragic" or "an unfortunate turn of events". I'm even more saddened that the American people (in this instance my white co-workers), without pause, spend top dollar to buy right into that propaganda. Especially when you have some media outlets that will go as far as to portray the white perpetrators of crime as VICTIMS, pointing out childhood abuse, broken homes, parental drug abuse etc., etc., etc.,

I can't remember how many times I've argued that before the D.C. area snipers, there was only one black serial killer in recent history that I recall and that was Alton Coleman. But if I mention Jeffrey Dahmer, the Columbine killers, Ted Bundy, Aileen Wournos, Gary Ridgeway, John Wayne Gacy, Joseph Smith, etc., etc. I am sure to hear a "Well, he had a troubled childhood" or "They were bullied and had some behvior disorders." or "She was raped!" I can't ever recall anyone making an excuse for Alton (who had an extremely low IQ and struggled with his sexuality), John Muhammad (who suffered post traumatic stress after fighting in the First Gulf War) or Lee Boyd Malvo (who never knew his father and was essentially abandoned by his mother). Despite the circumstances of ANY of their lives,none of them whom I have mentioned above had the right to do what they did - yet the portrayal in the media is always biased, more so in the white offenders' favor.

I have struggled to put into words an explanation as to why we as a society can come up with a million and one excuses behind crimes committed by Whites. The truth is Whites do commit heinous crimes, just like black do and blacks are often involved in unfortunate turns of events, just as whites sometimes are. But I think your reader K. Brown really put it out there loud and clear the difference between a white offender and a black offender, as viewed by mainstream Americans. Give it up to K. Brown. You are on the money with your response as to the reasons for the different "classification" of crimes committed by one race as opposed to another. I agree whole heartedly with your response and love the way you said it :)

Rolle was described as an ex con because he is an ex con. There is very little known about the two white guys yet. When more is found out it will be reported. The fact that they hunted and killed innocent citizens is not being denied by WHITE America. They have been arrested. They will be tried, and probably convicted, unlike O.J. Remember O.J. Mary?

Perhaps writing this blog and filtering every miniscule item through your overworked racial filters isn't the healthiest thing you can be doing for yourself. Whites have enough guilt already without taking a hit for your stroke or heart attack. Chill.


I asked a question. I didn't issue an indictment.

Hello Ms. Mitchell. I was just wondering if you were going to write an article about the 13yr old being shot near Cabrini-Green? While watching people march and prostest this shooting by the police I found myself more upset with that than the whole ordeal. Don't get me wrong, I feel sad that a young child was shot but come on. Instead of protesting about your child being shot, why was your child on the street with a gun, BB or otherwise? If you live in that type of neighborhood I would imagine you would be well versed as to the actions of police and other people up to no good. You pull out a gun in the presence of an officer you WILL be shot. Maybe not if your little Johnny in Naperville though. I hate to say that I am sometimes embarassed to be Black. If these so called parents were doing their job they way they should be they wouldn't have to be in the streets protesting now. I am sooo tired of people having kids and not taking the full responsibility. Just about every person I see crying on television about their child being good and never getting in trouble I have to wonder how real they are being. Do you recall the young boy out at 1am shooting someone in the head after a dice game. His mom said he was good too. I just don't understand what it is going to take for us to wake up and get it together. We can rally all we want to when we feel we have been wronged by the police but why can't these parents and neighbors take that energy and promote their children's and neighbor's children getting an education. Yes we all know how messed up CPS is here but education is what you make it. And some is better than none. Learning isn't supposed to begin and end at school. Until alot of our people make that connection I fear we will get nowhere.


Kendra, like many of us, you are willing to take the police version of the facts as gospel truth. The problem is that many of the people who live in these communities do not.

Mary, Mary, Mary, just know that I love your column and the way you represent our people, but I feel like a murderer is a murderer. I don't care about who looks more of an animal. Now I am sure that there were probably more complicated issues that went into our young brother turning into an murderer, but the fact remains he chose to take a child of God out of his loved ones life,regardless of his age and race. I'll pray for anyone who takes a human life because if they have an ounce of moral fiber the rest of their life is going to be living hell.


Don't get me wrong. I'm not advocating that we should care who looks more of an animal. But who looks more like an animal feeds into the perception that one race is more animalistic than another.

I agree that a monster is a monster. But the hurting thing is that monsters can find refuge in their own communities,because each race of people think other races are the worst kinds people. Murderers,kidnappers,child molesters etc, can move around comfortable among their own race. Innocent people,especially children, will always be placed in harms way,because we trust only those who look like us.

I think you have touched on an isolated incident with the Rolle case. I really don't see much that difference in coverage regarding perpetrators of different races, unless there are prior histories concerning these men. There are statistical differences concerning men of different races in relation to the frequency and severity of their crimes. I won't get into that here, because that is not the point that I am trying to make. People need to stop being super sensitive to the coverage of these crimes. A scumbag is a scumbag no matter what the race. The question you should be asking, Mary, is why are the unbelievably, overwhelming majority of violent crimes committed by men?

I just recently came across a documentary titled "weapons of mass deception". The weapon is the people who is reporting the news, wars, etc, (media). The deception is for the people who believe what is being reported.We can not afford to stop thinking and therefore must be critical about all the information that is being fed to us through the television and radio.
Elaine Brown has an excellent book out titled, " The Condemantion Of Lil B". She spends a great deal of time dealing with this topic and I suggest for all those who are ashamed that a black person deserves this or that because they may have a background, should read this book.

Why do they always mention someone's race in news articles?

I have an idea stop mentioning the race of a person.

Unless it's a hate crime there's no reason race is really part of the crime.

If a person robs a store they are a robber whether they are black, white, chinese, hispanic or arab.

Crime is crime whether its black on black, black on white, white on white, white on black or whatever combination of such.


Actually, we try to avoid mentioning race unless it is relevant to the story. Most often, we don't have to mention race in crime stories. We print a mug shot. Race is important only if the story requires a detailed description.

When are we all going to remember that God created a rainbow of people...equally. When we bleed the same color blood...why should we not all try and get along?

Everyone eventually is responsible for they were brought up has a lot to do with how they accept responsibility. We can point fingers at other people of other cultures, skin color, what not...but the truth of the matter is, when we can look at everyone and not even judge their religion, skin color, what not...the truth is, "racism" will continue to chime on.

Why can't we all just work together and get along? Let's start pushing for the real culprits...our politicians in Springfield. The culprits in city hall....we have to do something...not just point fingers.

I can't really add to what's been posted so far and this question will never be resolved.

However, I will say that bias exists on both sides. How often have we read or heard blacks blaming whites for all their ills and problems? It is easier to do this then to look inside and admit that a lot of the evils are self-inflicted by the community as a whole.


Yes, but a great number of black people--some are referred to as "conservatives" who have rejected the notion that whites are the source of all of our ills. Indeed, there are also a lot of black people, like Haki Madhubuti, the founder of Third World Press--who have focused solely on helping black people help themselves.

AW,you dont have to have a"extensive"crime record to be a serial killer,its how the media stereotypes minorities and portrays them as less then human,but when whites commit heinous crimes, excuses are made (post-partum depression etc.)people are bought forward who will vouch for them (as if we should feel sorry for serial murderers?)Crime is crime but when a person kills,eats and stores body parts I think maybe that person should face the death penalty not the mostly innocent people Det.Jon Burge and his lets torture crew put on death row (through coerced confessions obtained from torture)Im glad someone noticed that mass murderers were getting a "pass"because 84 % of serial killers are white! the media has a job to report things fairly and accurately.

This is a trick question, right?...*smile*...

Like when the History teacher asks "What is the title of the history book we have been using?" on an exam.

Remember Natalie Holloway?

How can anyone forget?

I can remember her name readily because the media kept pounding it into our heads daily. Ask me do I know the Black woman's name who was alledgedly rape by the Duke LaCrosse Team?

Matter of fact, how about any Black woman who has disappeared within the last two to five years, or horribly traumatized period? If NOT a relative I can't do it. Not without doing a Google search!!

I know you are speaking of men, but to me it is the same. The media sensationalize this ONE young woman's plight, but forgot there is many more who go dissappearing, but don't get that type of media attention.

First people arrested, two Black men who worked at the hotel. Why them? Just why pick them, and arrest them quickly for questioning, but NOT the ones who were with her or last saw her?

But on to your story.

It is amazing how white serial killer's neighbors will initially state in an interview, "He was a good kid, took care of his mother and father. He would stop by, take some of the older neighbors to the grocery store, or cut and shovel their snow for free."

Hell, I do that!! That does not make me a murderer nor a saint!..*sheesh*

But when more evidence is linked to white serial killers, and the neighbors are either asked these questions again, or pressed for truthful answers, this is when the background of little johnny, bobby or andy comes out.

Now these same lovely individuals are now known for terrorizing the parents and neighbors, getting kicked our of school, drunkeness, drug-usage, mistreating animals such as dogs and cats or setting fires every where.

I simply sit back and laugh when the tons of make-up has been pulled back off of the goody-two- shoed of Whiteness, revealing the true essence of their fallacies!!

All of the sudden the MONSTER is out of the closet!!...Please, the monster was there all along, but I guess the feeling is to put up a Mighty Right(White) Attitude to the rest of America and the world.

Love the Blog Ms. Mitchell

Magic, my friend, I know you are hurt, disappointed, angry, bewildered, but I expect you and others to comprehend there is a healing process which must take place first, to stop the madness in our communities.

I don't care what ethnic group you belong to, if under a constant brutal attack for well over four hundred centuries, whereby your dignity was stripped and having to keep fighting for it daily, even in 2006, you don't behave as a normal functioning individual.

I know the quote goes, "Rest is for the weary" but my goodness, don't we get a fifty-year break or something?

We have not had psychological evaluations and mental health care to deal with the damage of Slavery, Jim Crowism and Segregation.

Our ancestors made it through degradation because of Faith in a Mighty God. (Which one you believe in is your business, not here to debate that)

We have always been a spiritual people, and NOT being that to the CORE anymore is leading our children towards death.

Look at how they march right into it standing on street corners, going to school, or simply playing IN THE HOUSE!!

We have to get HEALED first to expect more. YOU are NOT alone in having that troublesome thought my friend and the thought is NOT Racist it is from being concern.

Monsters do come in all colors, however, in the city of Chicago they mostly come in Black. Ms. Mitchell there is nothing vague about the comptemptible and despicable 14 year old boy who was shot by Chicago police. This story is very simple, he pointed a weapon at the police and he was shot for it. To me it does not matter whether the gun was real or fake because he should not have been pointing the weapon at another human being, especially a police officer. The kid received his just deserts and I am satisfied knowing that. Hopefully, this kid can grow up not carrying BB guns around town and robbing people. Otherwise he is going to be one real dead apple. Know what I mean. I am going to send a letter out to the commander of the 18th district to thank the sergeant personally for shooting this kid. I will put the letter in the mail today. Kids must learn the hard way nowadays. We must put discipline into these kids. This kid got shot and you know what he will get shot again if he points another gun at police. He will keep getting shot until he receives the message.

If this reporting is racist then why are minority victims usually painted in glowing terms (honor student, caring, church going , etc.)?


The subject was about perpetrators--not victims.

What about the people who did this? She did not deserve this. Marquette Park is a rapidly changing area.

Seeing gang members openly dealing drugs in front of abandoned homes and being mugged six times just feet from her front doorstep were finally enough to drag Salomeja Januska from her Marquette Park home of almost 60 years.

But it wasn't enough to keep her from visiting the old neighborhood for a hot cepelinai, a loaf of fresh Baltic Bakery rye, and a trip down memory lane.

On Tuesday, the Lithuanian grandmother of three paid a price.

Salomeja Januska suffered a broken arm.
'Fell right down on her face'

As she climbed into the car parked in front of her old house, 94-year-old Januska was rushed from behind by a man who snatched her purse, pushed her off balance and sent her crashing onto the sidewalk.

"She fell down right on her face," said her longtime friend Veronica Matuzas, a fellow transplant to the safety of suburban La Grange. "Her glasses cut her face, and the fall broke her arm."

Januska and Matuzas had left a doctor's office in Marquette Park about noon Tuesday, heading to the neighborhood where Januska had settled when there were only a few two-flats, corn fields and other recent arrivals from Lithuania.

After visiting the bank at Washtenaw and Lithuanian Plaza Court, they walked across the street to Antano Kampas, a long-standing Lithuanian deli, where they shopped for comfort food such as balandeliai, sausages and fresh hot cepelinai -- a Lithuanian potato roll with meat -- as they did almost monthly. But this visit ended at Holy Cross Hospital, less than a block away. "It took just a second," said Matuzas, "there was no time for a fight."

According to witnesses, after knocking Januska over, the mugger fled down the gangway next to her old house. He was pursued by a good Samaritan, but he got away.

'Talking about going back'

"This really burns me," said a guard from the private security firm Illinois Homeland Security who spends his days shooing drug dealers from the neighborhood streets. "Not only did he rob her, but he stole her food."

Chicago Police Department public affairs officer John Mirabelli said no suspects were in custody late Wednesday, but police were looking for a man spotted at the scene of the crime near a green van.

Januska came out of surgery Wednesday afternoon with surgical pins and a cast on her arm -- and a positive prognosis from Holy Cross doctors.

Januska's son Edward Dambrauskas expects his feisty mother to recover quickly -- and be back in the neighborhood before long.

"She's already talking about going back," said an exasperated Dambrauskas. "She'll tell you, 'I'm not going to let these criminals keep me from going where I want.' "

Lucretia J. Williams, only one black serial killer? Are you living on fantasy Island? Ever hear of Wayne Williams, George Russell, Timothy Spencer, Elton Jackson, Muhammad Adam Omar? How about Chicagoans Andre Crawford & Gregory Klepper? Coral Eugene Watts(confessed to 13 murders, possibly committed 80), Eddie Lee Mosley? Ever hear of these people? They are all black serial killers. Google "black serial killers" and their names and many other names will come up. So if the DC snipers and one other guy are the only black serial killers you have ever heard of you must be living in a cave or your own bias does not allow you to see the truth. Although I think the reason you've never heard of these black serial killers is because the liberal, anti-white media doesn't classify them as serial killers or doesn't report on their crimes for fear of being called racists. That's why your opinion that the media treats white criminals better than black criminals is delusional.


Isn't this a question you should be posing to your fellow reporters? What do they have to say for themselves?


Perhaps one of them will respond.

I'm sorry the 13 year old was shot by the police. However, why was he pointing the gun at them (they don't know its a BB gun) and refused to drop it when asked? And hadn't he just robbed a couple? In your article you used the phrase 'white cops'. Was it white cops who shot Latanya Haggarty? Was it white cops who shot Robert Russ? And is that trigger-happy man (an African-American) who shot Russ still on the force? If so, why. Except for Rev. Jakes where were all the loud protesters when these two innocent unarmed African-Americans were slain by the police? The Jackson's, the Sharpton's, etc. They were in New York screaming about the Diallo tragedy. Why so silent here? Oh, I guess the rules are different when the trigger-happy police are NOT white.


"There is a good reason for black people not to trust the cops." That's a direct quote from the column you are referring to.

I guess I must not be listening close enough or reading between the lines enough because for my and my famlies safety race is not mentioned enough in crime reporting. Male 5'8" baseball cap black shirt robbed/raped/mugged/ hijacked etc. is the usual report. To me it sure is alot of help if I should be wary of white black hispanic arab etc male.


The grandmotherly Salomeja Januska is a sad incident whether she had been Asian, Arabic, Native American or African descent. No old lady needs to be pushed down and rob.

A funny thing about Marquette Park, when a youth and riding in the car with my parents, we would see this billboard on the Northwest corner at 71st Western Ave. boldly proclaiming, "STOP THE NIGGERS!!" It was in reference to African Americans gentrifying the Marquette Park community.

Also, I still vividly remember the KKK rallies held in the park there to intimidate others, mostly every summer.

Funny thing, the KKK doesn't show up anymore, and black and brown people live there now, along with white people peacefully.

It was ONE incident, NOT
the plethora of abuse by the Chicago Police Dept. and the John Burge investigation upon Black men.

Even now the CPD seems to have an all-out shoot to kill Black youths in 2006.

Why do White police personnel feel the need to first shoot at Black people, but in turn talk calmly with crazed White men or youths with an assault rifle into giving up without firing a shot at him?

Yes, Black youth are shooting one another, but the frustration grows from being under a microscope all the time. When angry, some strike out at the closest person to them. Sadly, this happens to be another black youth.

Maybe if offered exactly the same educational opportunities, job training, re-training of ex-felons, young BLACK men wouldn't resort to petty crimes.

Jerry, why does small amounts of "crack cocaine" gets a young Black male three or four years of jail time, but a young white male who is caught with Ecstasy, PCP and powered Cocaine gets probation with no jail time?

One has a criminal record and no one wants to hire him, the other has sealed records which can be expunged and get loans for college, or simply a well paying job.

In the recent hiring scandal, don't you think it is odd that a 19-year old white male with no experience is given a job as building inspector? When did he start training for this job, in the eighth grade?

Give young Black male jobs like this, and they won't resort to stealing or selling drugs. But then again, now he can afford to move next door and you have issues with that, don't you?

Jerry you still havent answered why 84% of all serial killers are white ,naming a few african american ones still does not make up for that disparity.No one is delusional about the treatment of white serial killers by the media.You murder alot of people and if you are white hollywood will make a movie out of it and you will received alot af marriage proposals from white women and have neo-con(artist) psychologists explaining how you have post partum depression or some bogus reason for killing ,eating your whole family.Alot of(not all) the posters still havent realized that blacks have been tortured ,shot and killed most who had no weapons at all (just guilty of being a minority)the young man was actually not robbing anyone (policespokeswoman verified)and witnesses say he was placing the BB gun down when he was all the people who want to congratulate the cops for shooting blacks indicriminately ,I hope you also will write a nice thankyou note to them when they shoot someone in your family (lets see how quick you change your tune)so in closing you can write over and over again your racist rhetoric, it does not change reality(that you would rather live next door to Gacy then a law abiding black person) or history.(torture of minorities and blatant racism)No matter if a policemen((women) black or white shoots someone for no reason and trys to cover it up by placing a gun or lying about the circumstances ,that officer has the potential of doing that to "any"citizen black or white.So jerry stick with SICA you sounded just as loony on that issue too bro.

After reading all of the comments in your column. I feel sadden that we have a long long way to go. I grew up as the oldest child of a Chicago cop. Me and my Family went through pure D Hell. You wouldn't believe what the Chicago Police put my Family through. I am now 43 years old and my Parents are both 64 years old. The stories that they tell me every time we meet is unbelievable. Knowing the history of White Chicago is scary and needs to be told to every generation of African Americans. It makes us stronger and aware of the tricks and Denials White people portray. Chicago is the most racist and segregated city in America.I am now in the process of developing a small film of Older African Americans views on Chicago and America in general. These stories must be heard by our youth. White People act racist and don't even know it. It's their nature. when we start school, we are forced to learn the white mans culture. This is scary and most of it is a pack of lies. I've learned this from my parents and reading. I'm a college graduate and so are both of my parents and all of my siblings. I'm tired of white justification on every racial issue that concerns African Americans. By any means necessary is around the corner. Blacks are beginning to get fed up with white theory.

Dear Mary:
On a Fox news report this morning was a story about a rescue that had taken place at a canal by a policeman. The photo showed a beaming officer holding a new born child saved from probable drowning. What bothered me was a description of the events that led to the accident which precipitated the rescue. A pregnant mother, it was reported,was driving herself in labor to the hospital when the car she was driving went off of the road into the canal.The impact of the crash broke her leg,but she still managed to deliver her own baby and hand him to the man whom I assume was photograped holding her child.
I thought she was very heroic despite several obstacles any one of which would have overcome most people. yet , the smiling samaritan was the image projected. I wonder how many people got that this woman saved her baby and herself before help arrived. It was reported that she named the baby"Miracle". After listening to this tale, I wondered why was she driving herself to the hospital. Where was the baby's father? Where was her father? Where was anyone so she would not be alone at THIS time in her life? Maybe she named the child "Miracle" after herself.

How in the HELL can we forget O.J. when the media keeps talking about it all the DAMN time even ten years later?!! Which I DON'T remember that being the case when this was robert blake,phil spector,mark hacking,andrea yates,marilyn lemak,dean olds claus von bulow,james keown,neil entwhistle,joel steinberg,scott peterson,robert chambers,charles stuart and any other number of white people I don't have room enough to name. And I know peterson was convicted but the media as well as you all in the public didn't have the same vitrolic 'outrage' or scream amd holler or holler and scream. Or your screaming doing your hollering and your hollering doing your screaming every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month for the past decade when it's peterson or ANY white male or female. Or all day every day 24/7 morning,noon, and night from midnight to daylight and all times in between from Philly to Phoenix from New York to New Mexico when it's a hite male so come the hell off it. A clump of dirt in New York is where your 'outrage' is in fact you snots won't whine about those cases NOW let alone ten YEARS from now and I'll even bet money I don't have to say all those cases PUT TOGETHER didn't get 1/5th the attention the O.J. case got. Especially when they were IGNORED so the media could go on yet another biased,selective high-tech lynching so who do you STILL think you are kidding?!!

John Mark Karr, a TRUE MONSTER, treated like royalty with kid gloves. A PEDOPHILE no less, who preys on the most vunerable, but is treated kindly by other white people.

I am not apologetic to lump all WHITES in one basket, because there is NO way a person of African descent, would have been allowed to behave this way, if a suspect or confessing to a murder.

What the hell, Micheal Jackson was handcuffed, and he said he didn't do anything!! The media can state whatever about him, but even HE was handcuffed, and was turning himself in, also!!

I can compare them for the fact some people are going to think it anyway. And the media will not leave Mr. Jackson alone, though he was acquitted, and has vacated these damn disconnected United States of one-sided justice, which holds the handkerchief up from Lady Liberty eyes, to see their skin color before making a decision on a person's trial.

But the difference is Micheal Jackson said he didn't do it, but was handcuffed.

John Mark Karr stated he did the killing, and was caught perviously with child pornography, yet still treated very kindly. Oh, just sit next to him and be his buddy. What a bunch of crock!

Understand white people, this is your ethnic group using the 'RACE CARD' to the MAX!

This is the privilege attitude which others speak about, but whites refuse to acknowledge it.

Forget the champange, pate, fried king prawn, roast duck, and chardonnay to wash it down with during his flight back to the United States.

It is a blatant advantage of white-ism, which doesn't take into consideration, to SIMPLY put hand-cuffs on this person.

Well if he is not a danger, then nobody is. I don't want you diminishing this to his state of mind. That is not the point. The perspective is he simply was NOT handcuffed as a suspect, and self-admitted murderer is supposed to be.

I have to presumed he is still NOT under arrest, such as a John Burge suspect would have been under arrest?

Hi Friends, haven't been on this board for a while but it's great to see how many personal responses I am getting. Since I do not have the time or the inclination to respond to each one of these personal attacks(I guess if you're black you can personally attack) on here, I will just make a quick statement. Judging from all of the responses I'm getting I must be hitting a nerve. I am hitting a nerve because most of what I say is the truth and most blacks today aren't used to hearing the truth because they are used to some guilty white liberals bowing to them and agreeing with everything they say. So keep on attacking me, it only exposes your hatred and intolerance. And that hatred being exposed is a good thing because there are far too many of my people who need a wake up call when it comes to blacks feelings towards whites. To R. Robinson Jr, in response to your any means necessary comment. In the words of MY(not yours) President, "Bring it on". BTW, Ms. Moderator, Lavern Morris called white people "snots". is it okay if I call blacks "snots"?


Gee, Jerry. You were missed.

"Understand white people, this is your ethnic group using the 'RACE CARD' to the MAX!"

I think most of us could care less about this guy. I don't think this deserves to be front page news, or even remotely near front page news.

As regards the confession aspect, my impression is some people seem to think he's just lying and looking for attention.

Make no mistake about it, there is no white person I've ever met going "aww, he looks so nice though".

I think he looks creepy as hell, personally. But I also suspect this is becoming news to distract us from Iraq and far more important issues.

I am Ronald Gentile's stepdaughter and this piece of human garbage (regardless of race) has devastated his son, my mother, myself and many other loved ones. I don't care if he was black or white. Ron was just asking for directions and the wrong person happened to be there, who by the way, should not have been out walking the street. This rhetorical garbage will go on and on regardless of the fact that we are all human beings and as human beings we are capable of kindness or cruelty, no matter how much pigment is in our skin. ANYONE who can murder an innocent person is not worthy of sensitivity or compassionate description in the media. They are simply murderers.

No one is attacking you personally jerry ,its just some of your views are not based on fact.You can have your views but to have racist views are going to be responded to by Blacks and whites .Dont get mad becaUSE LAVERNE morris told the truth about the way the media downplays the white serial killers and hassles blacks withthe guilty till proven innocent B.S 95%of whites think Jon Karr is innocent even though he is admitting involvement in the Jon benet ramsey case. He was wined and dined by police like I have never seen a admitted murderer/child molester (except when police ate doughnuts and coffee outside of John Gacy's house during the late 70's)your views are antiquated racist views just meant to irritate ,so striking a nerve doesnt mean you're telling the truth just that you have rubbed people the wrong way with the neo-con(artist) attitude that tries to put others down(especialy if they are minority)while building up serial killers (like when you stupidly said they were smart because they kill their own people (whites) so you also can live next To Mark Karr and proclaim his innocense and maybe drink champaign and let him "watch"your kids?but dont thnk anyone missed the racist ,ignorant comments, because trust me they didnt!

Does anyone know what became of Brandon Rolle? Last thing I found on the net was that he was set to go to trial in November 2007.

Utah Injury Attorney

The main point is this. Serial killers are EXTREMELY RARE, meaning they rarely ever happen and when they do it is the same person most of the time. Street killins like these (innocent victims and not the drug trade) happen EVERY DAY AND MOST OF THE PERPETRATORS OF THESE KINDS OF KILLINGS ARE BLACK! AND MOST TIMES WHEN ROBBERIES TURN INTO MURDERS LIKE IN THIS CASE IT IS BLACK ON WHITE OR BLACK ON NON-BLACK CRIME. I HAVE YET to hear of a black-on-black robbery turn into a murder. But I have seen a hell of a lot of black on white and a few black on brown murders in this fashion. I've never heard of anyone doing it to a black person tho. I can post links of examples if you want me to. Seems to be an awful lot in the tampa area.

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