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What is Racism?

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Having read every comment posted on this site, it's clear to me that most of us are frustrated when it comes to race relations.

For the most part, the majority of you are willing to express that frustration without resorting to nasty insults. Despite our reluctance to talk face-to-face about race, even people who said they didn't want to have this discussion posted a comment. What does that tell you?

Still, in order to have a real conversation about race, we have to be clear about what racism is and what it is not.

The tragic beating of Ryan Rusch in Beverly Park seemed a logical point to jump start this conversation.

Whether or not the Cook County State's Attorney's Office charged the three teens accused of brutally beating Ryan with a hate crime isn't the issue. Race is involved simply because this is not black-on-black violence. If it was, most of you would not have heard about Ryan. So that's the first thing we've got to get straight.

What role, if any, do you think race played in how this crime was covered by the media?

In other words, had Ryan been beaten up by white teenagers, or if he had been a 14-year-old black boy who was attacked by three black teenagers, would this have been front-page news? And if you believe race was a factor in how this crime is being covered, is that racism?

A reader who sent me an e-mail about the recent murder of one of his students certainly believes it is. Alexander Reed, 18, was gunned down in a South Side neighborhood while standing on the porch at his sister's house.

"There was some type of altercation in the street and one young man pulled a gun. Alex was not involved in anyway, but he was the one who got hit," the teacher said. "He was in his senior year in high school. It just seems to me that something should have been said at least on TV, a 10-second spot or something."

In this reader's eyes, the lack of attention by media "devalued" his student's life.

"I looked at it as being racial," he said in a telephone interview. "I feel if he was white, more attention would have been paid to it in the media. I honestly believe that. Just like the young man who was driving the car that got hit by the U-Haul Truck " (Chicago Sun-Times)

As a member of the media, I've seen how these decisions are made., and I can honestly say most of what readers complain is racist, is actually insensitivity bubbling up under deadline pressure. My point is, every offense isn't necessarily motivated by racism.

So what is racism.?

Give me an example of a racist act you experienced, or an incident where you were accused of being racist. And I'm not talking about slights that ticked you off, such as being passed up by a cab or being followed around in a department store. I'm talking about those times you were convinced beyond a doubt that you were being discriminated against because of your race.

And white people, you need to come clean.

Blacks are often accused of seeing racism everywhere--a mantra that a lot of Latinos are beginning to pick up--but many of you don't see racism at all. If you do see it, you fail to acknowledge it has a negative impact on our quality of life.

Thank you for taking the time to have this chat. Unfortunately, I'm unable to personally answer every comment from readers who have a bone to pick. But you can still drop me an e-mail at

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I've seen a lot of racism in my time, but I had an experience recently that has made me re-think a lot of the attitudes I hear regarding race.

I was at a Jewel out in Naperville, buying one item for a party I was going to. I got in the express line, the one where it's 15 items or less. The woman ahead of me had a basket full of items. Maybe a few more than 15, but no big deal, right? Well, her daughter zooms up out of nowhere with a full cart and butts in front of all of us with 1-5 items. Everyone in line is grumbling, as we now had to contend with waiting for this woman. So I spoke up. I pointed out that this was an Express line, and that what she was doing was very rude. Her response? "You're just picking on me because I'm black." (Yes, it was a black woman.) My response? "No, I'm picking on you because you are being very rude!"

There is a lot of racism, but I also see a lot of reverse racism as well. White on black is not the only racism that goes on out there.

I've been accused of racism a number of times in my life, as a matter of fact, and to my mind never fairly. One time walking down Michigan Avenue a panhandler accused me of racism because I refused to give him money. He made quite a scene and perhaps thought he could shame or intimidate me. I doubt he was interested in hearing that I simply don't do handouts. If I gave money to everyone who demanded it on the street every day I'd have absolutely nothing. Therefore I don't. Period.

There was another instance recently, though, an honest mistake. No malice intended whatsoever. I'd pulled into a parking garage on North Sheridan to visit a friend. There were no hikers in sight. Then I spotted a gentleman in a white shirt and black trousers sitting in the garage's office area. He was dressed exactly like the attendants in my building.

"What are you looking at?" he demanded angrily. "You think because I'm black that I work in some subservient job like a parking attendant?"

"Sorry," I responded. "No offense intended, believe me."

"Bullshit. You're a racist," he shot back.

"No," I said. "You're dressed in a white shirt and black pants and you're sitting in the office."

"White shirt and black pants? This is Armani. Garage people don't wear Armani," he replied.

"Yeah, well I don't read labels inside people's collars from a hundred feet away. So again sorry for my mistake. No offense intended."

He continued badgering me and I was grateful when the real attendant finally arrived. Turns out they wear blue uniforms in that building.

What struck me was the amount of rage this man obviously felt. But at the same time I wish I'd had the presence of mind to tell him to save it for a real racist who deserves to be ripped a new one.

It's days like those that I wonder if this divide will ever be healed. Then I see this effort here in the Sun-Times and I feel heartened to know someone's at least trying to get some dialogue going. For whatever good it does in the world it's worth it.

Mitch, First of all I'm no kid as I will be 76 next March.Being born in the North {Erie Pa.} and joining the army at 17 in 1948 I never knew racism until I was shipped south of the Mason Dixon line.On my first leave to Richmond Va. seeing two drinking fountains in public places, two rest rooms at bus stations,just for openers I came to know what racism was.Being born of Italian Imigrants wasn't easy either. Up north we had a little racism being called wop, dago, greaseball,ginny,ect. but it didn't come from the blacks, it came from people that looked just as white as I was.And being the only {Dago} in my outfit at Camp Lee Va. I still after 58 years carry the nick name "Il Duce" {Mussolini} lol. So I really don't need to be reminded every day about racism. As for me I'm glad not to see what I saw as a kid when I visit the south again,where I can sit with some one of a diffrent color at a resturant, or have a drink at a bar.And yes even have that person sit next to me at a movie. I am in the winter of my life now, I have raised 4 wonderful daughters and they don't know the meaning of racism.My wife and my self taught them this is a whole diffrent world that I lived in,and we don't judge people by Color,Race, or Religion. What the world is looking at right now in the middle east should open up peoples eyes, and be thankful they live in a country like ours.Racism will be a part of this world as long as people wear rose colored glasses and won't remove them, for their afraid to see what the real world is like.I will now get off of my soap box and say, Ciao. Rick "Il Duce" Ventura

In this country race is the 800 pound gorilla that no one pays attention to, and not only in this country. Look at the nightly news and you come away with the impression that an American life is more precious than an Iraqi
life.It doesn't matter how you feel about the war we must remember that all life is precious. We know that today's corporate media is in the business to make a profit and without sounding to cynical, white tragedy sells better than black tragedy. If people of color want to make the headlines get caught selling drugs or rob a store then you fit into a stereotype and that's news worthy. However, a young man killed on the streets,
who was in school, and not in a gang, and on his way to college, a good kid, that probably would not get attention on the ten o'clock news beecausse,that's"Just
another statistic". This is not true in all cases because you do have sincere people in the media like Mary Mitchell bringing these issues to the forefront. God bless her. I hope that one day that we can get over the issue of race in this country. However, as long as we see how Katrina victims are treated and how the media picks and chooses what to show on the news, I believe it was Lou Palmer who used to say, "It's enough to make a negro turn black".

I have a neighbor that is a Latino. He has his own business and works odd and flexible hours. I confided in him that I had had very little sleep lately due to a lot of overtime on my job. He replied: Now your learning to work like a Mexican. It ticked me off severely. I sometimes go 30 to 40 hours with NO sleep in order to help my family. I am a blue collar worker and not a young one. I have worked harder and longer that this man can even conceive of. I have had many jobs and as we all know; the last one in the door always has to work the hardest, unless they are the boss' kid. I mow with a push mower, he mows with a rider. I build everything myself, he needs help. The problem is his perception of white folks. He assumes that everything was given to us and that we haven't had to work as hard as Latinos. The silver spoon is only reserved for a select few white people. A lot of us unfortunately have an allergy to it. It is all about perception. Get beyond the skin color and look at the reality in front of you. There are a great many people of tremendous character in all races. Don't let yourself fall into a stereotypical trap like this man did. Despite his ignorant comments (there have been many)I still like him. I write it off to his perception of whites being molded by Hollywood and never having had a personal relationship with people of other races. Something to keep in mind when feeling slighted by someone's lack of knowledge.

If you're white, you need to realize that racism is whatever black people say it is. There IS racism today - it must be addressed, but far too often, we see these ridiculous cries of racism in the papers, or by one of the 100,000 "ministers" in the city and it makes a lot of white people (including me) ignore legitimate issues. Black people need to read the story about the lttle boy who cried wolf.

Racism. My most memorable brush with racism came from black people. And I am black myself. It was back in college, and there was a group of black students formed at the college. They wanted me to join. I didn't want to join. I didn't see the point of joining, since it wasn't my cup of tea. They kept bothering me and I finally told them to leave me alone, that hell would freeze over and thaw before I'd join their group. Boy oh boy did that open up a can of worms. I got called every single name in the book. Pick a racial slur against black people, and I got called it from black people. I was told I was trying to be white, that I was an uncle tom, that I thought I was better than them, so on and so forth. I even got serious threats of bodily harm. It was so bad I had to go to the officials at the University to get these idiots to leave me alone. All this and why? Because I didn't want to join their group.

It seems that when it comes to racism, there is plenty to be had from your own race. I mean, there are white people who get treated badly because they're of Polish decent, or Italian or whatever. They're white, but white people will be more racist towards them than any other group will.

I did have one incident this year, where I was called racist, because I am a teacher, and a white student of mine was failing because this student did not do any work whatsoever and did not study. Mom comes in, we're in a meeting with administrators, the child admits that they haven't been doing a single thing they're supposed to be doing, in essence saying "everything the teacher's been saying about me is true" and the Mom turns around and says that I'm being racist because her child is failing and her child's failure is my fault. I had another incident where I was called racist for writing up a kid who disobeyed the rules. The kid claimed that I was being racist to her because the kid told mom that I only wrote up the white kids, not the black kids, which was a blatant lie that the kid knew very well. I even had a black parent at a meeting with some white teachers that I wasn't in call me racist and demand that I be brought into the meeting. Then the principal said they'd go get me and bring me in, and oh yeah, that I was black. She very quickly said, "I DON'T WANT TO MEET WITH HER!"

In those cases, I call it what it truly is: blaming everyone else but the person who bears the responsibility. And that's honestly what a lot of "that's racist" calls are, which is why when truly racist things occur, people tend to take it with a grain of salt because it's like the boy who cried wolf.

I think that true racism whether it's between races or within races is based upon ignorance, stereotypes, hatred of what is not like them, and fear. In some cases, whites don't want to know anyone of a different race, don't want to ever talk to anyone of a different race, they just want to live in their white world and don't ever want to change that. Same goes for some blacks, some latinos, some asians.

Growing up in a smaller town downstate, where 95+ percent of the population is white, I can truly understand what Mary's frustration is, because down there, white people cry out all the time that racism is dead.

I however experienced first-hand an incident of racism that changed my life, and helped me notice racism all around me. In the late 80s, a black family moved in a few houses down from me, and they had a son my age. We had pretty similar interests, so we became pretty close friends. However, some of the other kids at school (and their corresponding racist parents) made this family's life a living hell, and they left after a year. I remember how angry I felt. It wasn't the 50's! this stuff wasn't supposed to happen anymore. But I realized then that it still did, and still does now some 18 years later...

I've been called a racist a few times, when someone has been quick to pull the race card, and it used to make me sad and a little bit angry. However, I then thought about how angry I got over that one experience of racism that I didn't even experience first-hand and all of the countless other experiences i've seen since. Many of your previous commenters were correct. I'm not black. I don't know what it's like to be black. So I'm not sure if I can really blame those people who have mistakenly called me a racist. I don't know where they're coming from. It does hurt, but I just know that if they really knew me, they'd see that it's not true.

I think the main reason that this story got so much coverage is because the victim was a frail kid who has serious medical problems already. This made the beating especially heinous. If 3 white boys had beaten up a sickly black kid, it would have been equally heinous, but I can't say whether the coverage would have been the same. The thing about racism is this; white people don't think about it unless it touches them personally. It seems that black people think about it all the time. Rev. Meeks is all over the news because he thinks Mayor Daley and other white people are intentionally making sure black kids have an inferior education. Nonsense. I know two retired Chicago Public School teachers. Ask them how their students behaved. Ask them how many parents showed up for conferences. Ask them how many kids missed 30, 40 or 50 days of school each year. Many black parents are not involved in their children's schools to the degree they need to be. And a good deal of education takes place when the kids come home from school. Did they bring books home? Is there any homework? Will anyone listen to the little ones read? There is a rather sizeable black upper class in this country. If one black person can succeed, all potentially can. It takes hard work, education, desire and opportunity. Is everyone doing their part? Or is it easier to blame racism for poverty and crime?

Racism, putting a knucklehead like Toddler Stroger over a qualified candidate like Claypool only because he is black. Is that racism? President Periaca, gassp!

What is racism?Why dont you remind white people(and see their reaction seeing that the media downplayed the test results) that their own scientists did DNA research on white people and the DNA traced back to ..guess where?A black woman from AFRICA!so in actuality whites have been racist against their own relatives!How smart is that?(I can just see the look on a lot of racists faces)I always said no matter what color, we all are the same race "the human race"Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!The dialogue is still a good one to have because it would help society understand how fear and ignorance affects our world.Read and obtain as much knowledge as you can for the good of the world no matter what your "color "is.

I am compelled to respond to Kim's comments above. Yes, the lady was being very rude and it did not matter what race she was. I am an African-American male and I am telling you right now that if this black lady had butt the line with me in it she would have known that this action was not acceptable. Race has become too convenient to use. You did this to me because I am black and you did that to me because I am black. In the Jewel case of the black lady cutting the line I want to tell everyone here that this is not racism but pure inconsideraton and possibly ignorance on the part of the black lady. And no I am not being racist toward the black lady. She needs to wait her turn in line like every other paying customer. This type of action on her part leads to unnecessary fights and verbal disputes.

In response to Mary's comments about parents' participation in their children's schooling, I have to point out that the issue she's raising has nothing to do with race and it shouldn't be defined as such. Parents of all classes and all races could and should be paying more attention to their children's schooling. And lack of participation is likely a sign of other pressing issues that for whatever reason, have taken priority in that household, be that work and bills, medical issues, or any number of concerns. Generalizations are not going to help these issues. If we are ever going to heal the chasms that exist between races and classes, we are going to have to start seeing the world through each other's eyes and giving each other the benefit of witholding judgements like those implied in that comment.

Black people have read the book, Boy who cried wolf. But how many white people have seen White's Man Burden? Im sure not that many but that is how it would feel if the shoe was on the other foot. It's also the reason why white people dont discuss racism. My theory on racism is 10% of white people are true hardcore racist, another 10% percent are sympathizers and actually acknowledge the wrongs of racism in America, the other 80% are racist by default. Meaning they know racism exist and prevents certain people from succeding, but since they are the direct benefactors of racism why should they seek change. White people are AFRAID that when a change happens they will be on the bottom. That's why the push to eliminate or stem immigration is hot. Now that Mexicans are no longer mowing grass or working in restaurants and actually have the "nerve" to aspire to me more they are suddenly not welcome here. In a few years white people will be attempting to stem the flow of Middle Easterner's also. IF white people would acknowledge that not everyone is as hateful or fearful as they are and only seek equal oppurtunity, then about 80%of white people could relax easier.

Most of what is termed racism is normal tribal behavior, and that cannot be eradicated. There isn't one society on earth where multiculturalism works in reality as it does in the happy-clappy theories, because people always care about their own tribe more than they care about the other tribes. And it's not just that us children of Europe are uniquely evil: ethnic conflict is endemic across the planet, in tons of places with no whites at all (look up the recent history of places as different as the Ivory Coast, Indonesia, and Fiji if you doubt me, folks).

Blacks make impossible demands of whites: that we should care about you exactly as we care about yourselves (in fact, you seem to want us to care about you more than we care about ourselves). It's lunacy! Generally speaking, blacks make no bones about caring about black people more than they care about whites. This doesn't bother me; I expect it, it's natural. But just as I care about my family more than I care about other peoples' families, so I care about my own people (Europeans) more than I care about other peoples. This is the way it is for me, for you, and for everyone.

We might be able to live together in peace, more or less, but we'll never live together in harmony.

To quote an obscure rap song, "Racism is the system of racial subjugation against nonwhites in every area of human relations:
Entertainment, education, labor, politics
Law, religion, sex, war and economics." (Ras Kass)

What we experience in the United States is institutionalized racism, meaning it is a system that is set up. What I hear people complaining about on this blog is bigotry. Anybody can be a bigot; whites, blacks, asians and/or hispanics. However, true racism is what really plagues this country and it is what truly has held back people of color in this country. There is a different set of unwritten rules for people of color in this country, especially in the judicial system. Anybody who chooses to ignore this fact is only fooling him/herself into believing the hype about what a great and fair country we live in.

I am a middle class black man who live in an estate. Caucasians and others come into the community to do odd jobs. They leaved their trucks unlock and their supplies out in the open. When they see me walk out of my house the panic and lock their vehicles doors and check their supplies. It strange that no caucasian complain about the billions of dollars made from contraband flowing into the black community. Talking about hand-out.Contraband create jobs for law-enforcer,jail,prision etc. Prisions are built in white communities,to create jobs. Blogers suggest that black wants hands-outs,but fail to mention that many white kids go to college on money from contraband. The only thing bkack americans want is the "glass ceiling be removed from hiring and job promotion. Remove the foot from the "bootstrap" ,and blacks will progrss over night. Progress for black invite more hatred from whites,especially now when middle,and poor white are suffering under this administration. Bigotry will always be here.

Raceism will always exist.Look at all the contraband flowing freely and uncontested into the black community. Why,because billions of dollars are being made to send white kids to college,create jobs by building jails and prisons in white communities. Where is our law enforcers? Why doesn't drugs,guns,etc flow into the white communities? Racism is alive and well,whether we bury our heads in the sand or not.

At some point, all of these posts will tend to say the same thing...and certainly across black and white views.
White people naively think that there is little racism left in this country and if black people work hard enough, they will be successful in life.
Black people tend to ignore the enormous issues in their piece of society (crime, single part families) and tend to think every issue or hurdle they face is racially motivated.
There is racism in this country...there are also double standards and overuse of the race card. Now what do we do...?

Earlier I misread Kim's comments and I want to readdress them. When a grocery store or any store has an express line that states 15 items or less, it is there for a reason. The reason is to quickly check out those customers who only have a handful of items instead of making them wait in line with other customers who have a shopping cart full of items. The black lady who butt the express line with a shopping cart full of items violated 2 rules, one written and one unwritten. The written rule of course is that the line was an express line for customers having 15 items or less and the unwritten rule is that you do not butt people who already in line because that shows complete disrespect for whoever is already in line. This happened to me yesterday in Target. An older man who had a few less items than me tried to butt me. I told him that the line started behind me and he got behind me. I am African-American and he was white. No racism just respectism.

Racism is Jon Burge electocuting Black men's testicles, choking them, burning them, suffocating them with typewriter covers, and coercing false confessions.

My experience of racism comes from the workplace where in many situations I have seen white females get jobs they are not qualified for. White women are the main benefactors of affirmative action. The impact is huge, they are taking jobs away from qualified people, especially black men. In the city of Chicago private industry can hire who they want to, their choice. Fine, I can deal with that, but give me a break when a white woman who starts off as a executive secretary ends up as a project manager with zero experience in IT or manager period. This is where I put the emphasis of leadership or lack thereof on the City Council who just sat back and kept quiet while the Bridgeport community got rich the past 10 years.

When Harold Washington died, white people in my office were seen celebrating and did not keep it quiet that City Hall was given back to them again. It made me hate Chicago at that time.

How someone gets reverse racism out of someone butting in line is beyond me.Whites (at least most of them)think racism doesnt exist so how can they always claim reverse racism?(reverse psychology)I have never heard one minority say "hey we are going to discriminate against whites while there are hundreds or yet thousands of documented cases of racism ,murder torture lynchings etc.against blacks.That is like saying I murdered someone in your family and you try to get justice that means to whites that you are "whining" because you seek justice for your mur
dered or abused family (what a joke)Just like the later poster stated rude is rude no matter what the "color"the commission of a crime should not matter .The media put the boy on the front page who was beat by his own prothesis until it was disclosed that 3 white thugs committed that violent act then it was relegated to page 13.(not newsworthy anymore?)There is good and bad in every race not like the media portrays Crimes and murders every day are committed only by minorities. In minority Neighborhoods positive things happen that the public never sees.all hell breaks out when a suburban dweller comes to the city and dies from tainted heroin then its time for "raids"to stop the drugs (why didnt they attempt to do anything about it sooner maybe lives could have been saved)so until real equality happens in our society(most people feel it never will,alot are glad to benefit from it)there will be a ever growing rumble from the "have-nots"that will probably turn into a growl then into a bite just like in the 60's,no one is advocating violence but that seems to be the next logical step seeing how so many people are oblivious to the suffering that racism imposes of our fellow man and also how it affects their own children..I can just only pray for peace and try to be the best person "I" can be,and remember to treat others like I would want to be treated.

My most recent experience of racism was when I was hired for the job at which I currently work. It is a small company (under 6 employees) and the man who owned it (who has since passed away)was racist. I know this for two reasons. There was a woman who was apparently more qualified than me who interviewed for my job at the same time I did. Because I am a white, and she was black and the owner was a racist, I got the job over her. Apparently, he was hesitate to hire me because I'm male and it is an administrative job (perhaps concerned about my sexuality). Secondly, I heard him once complain to the accountant in our office how he had been involved in many public housing projects in the sixties, but that during the Baltimore riots his car had been stolen and burned. He decided that this was because black people were ungrateful to him for all the work he had done for them. The world is no doubt better off without men like this. However, I have often wondered was there anything I could have, or should have, done differently so as not to benefit from this man's racism. Does the fact that I benefited from such beliefs make me endorse them? Am I a racist for benefiting from racist beliefs? The whole situation has just made me much more keenly aware of the vast racism that dominates are society today and the things that people who are not white must go through in order to succeed in our society were racism take many insidious forms.

I think society is a little mixed up on this issue of racism. Racism existed in the first 2/3s of the 20th century. Racism has now evolved into and become a part of player hating. It is the only way I can see it at the present time. I see whites and blacks of one group hating on on individual whites, blacks, or groups of whites, groups of blacks, or integrated groups of whites and blacks. It is not racism, but plan hatred of one another. America better had better come to grips with this issue because "a house divided against itself cannot stand."

Dana, your perception of white people is a racist one. It comes out in strength in the words you use directed at white bloggers. The other thing that is clear is your anger. I have news for you. It isn't the 1800's anymore, where a hint of color in someone's background was a cause for public shunning. I am part Cherokee and I know my family never discussed it very much until 20 to 30 years ago. I also know that being part Cherokee,I might have inherited some African blood. Not only does that not bother me, it does not bother any of my family. Your perceptions are those that the Poverty pimps expounded in the sixties and seventies. The times are a'changing, my friend. Like the white bigots, there are too many like you that continually dredge up the past as an explanation of the failures of the present. You need to give up the accusations and work on going forward, or we might as well give up any chance of having racial harmony in this country.

MY experience: when my infant child was strapped to my chest, wife and I were walking one afternoon down dearborn almost to chicago st. then, a rain of ice cubes from the 12th floor balcony came down on us, luckily none hit my daughters soft spot or head.

I looked up and saw 5 young black men throwing things over the balcony. I reported it to the security of the building. "nothing we can do-they are section 8 - they have to kill someone before they can be evicted. They are always throwing things off the balcony." I admit - I have hated black section 8 people ever since. ITs offenseve to think how hard whitesd have to work to buy a house, and struggle to pay property taxes, so The Unproductive dont have to.

SO, if we or my daughter were killed, I suppose the Black "leaders" of this city would somehow make apologies for the black kids, ie., all that single mother socioeconomic bs.

Individual responsibility: you intend the consequence of your actions. THAT is why the three Criminals of BEverly should be charged with attempted murder: because that is what they intended. RAce is no defense to murder or attempted murder.

Meeks at least outwardly, believes that everyone except the parents are responsible for educating their kids. Instead of arguing, I say, give the Reverend what he wants- new schools, teachers, oversight, money- and, if the results are better, then he may be right and we continue on that path.

IF the results are worse, then, he is worng, and we stop wasting our tax dollars on these bad schools. no amount of money can compete with a culture that simply doesnt value education.

telling blacks to do well in school is like lsaying "Act like white people".

The measure of valuing education is determined by a parents motivation to oversee their kids homework in teh evening. yes, mary thinks that a single mother is too "bone tired" to do these tasks. maybe "lazy " is the more accurate word.

Racism, whatevber it is, is certainly NOT the reasonable characteric that whites exhibit, when they are fed up with higher property taxes to pay for schools that just cant compete with poor parenting.

I see more black on black violence and exploitation that should alarm us all:

1) black mortgage brokers scamming their clients, and the sun times trying to spin it as if its the Whtie bankers

2) Black spiritual leaders - need I go further? I have a well-known, high volume bankruptcy practice in chicago, and am here to tell you that a lot of black people would rather tithe than pay their utility bills, mortgage, etc.

3) aldermen and politicians these people are wealthy already, but pretend to be poor and black, to get votes.

all these parasites #1-3 rely on a vast, dependent and unassimilated constituency.

oh, and 4) hip hop: they too rely on ghetto dollars. most black youth would be far better off starting savings accounts than wasting their money on Jay-Z's latest album. Russell simmons pretends that hip hop serves some societal-political purpose for blacks. IT doesnt.

Keep in mind that white people get alienated when they see able-bodied young blacks on public assistance.

I know a white family in a nice Naperville subdivision: they worked hard and saved the down payment to get it, after years of renting.

then, a section 8 family was able to waltz right in. soon thereafter, drug deals, arrests, domestic disturbances, swat teams...
this is the norm. Whites arent making this stuff up.

Racism is:hiring illegal aliens to work low paying factory jobs,then when the govt.cracks down on that practice pretend youre patriotic and that the reason wasnt because you didnt want to pay a U.S citizen a decent wage.Now suddenly you want to send all illegals back as if their lives was only valuable to work in your fields doing backbraking slave type labor racism is;using codewords like "welfare state", "reverse discrimination"and the "race card"to incite fear in others when actually the race card has been played on minorities for 400 years. racism is: a learned behavior and the "legacy" we will leave for our kids, unless we learn to treat each other with respect.And always remember "treat others as you would like to be treated"Until then racists and people who capitilize on fear and ignorance, remember that the environment you're "helping" to create, your children have also got to live in, so why not help make it a better place?

Racism is an ideology that states a certain race is genetically superior or inferior and that members of the race can do little or nothing about it. Criticizing the actions or current culture of a race is not racism unless it is stated that every member of the race is guilty and that it is inherrent behavior that can't be changed. A good analogy would be the destructive aspects of modern Black culture that Bill Cosby has stated hurts the Black community. This is not racism. This is a brave man trying to do good.

Ms. Mitchell, it is in fact very unfortunate that actual racism gets overshadowed by people who use it to excuse their behavior like the lady in the above mentioned Jewel incident,I am Black and I have a Jewish friend who accuses anyone who speaks ill of the state of Israel of being anti-Semitic.
However, I dont use this (as I fear many whites do)as an excuse to withdraw from a discussion about race and racism. It is just too convenient an out that many white people I know are more than willing to take.
I co-taught a class called "Race and Racism in America," a few years ago. At the beginning of the semester some white students told me that they weren't racist and felt like they had nothing to contribute to the discussion. I expresed to them my opinion that silence is culpability, but that I would not penalize them if they felt uncomfortable, even though discussion/participation was an important element of the class and was graded. My mistake for opening that door. Another student told me that he was not comfortable speaking when I lead the discussion because he felt like I didn't like white people. He pointed to the fact that I had on my office door a quote from a Niki Giovanni poem that read "Black Love is Black Wealth," as his sole proof. I told him that there was no reason to be afraid of the word Black and no reason to assume that my interest, as a Black person, in cultivating Black love (the fact is, a dearth of Black love is what plagues our communities, at least in part) negates my love for and concern for humanity in general.
Im just saying that I have heard too many excuses from too many white people many of whom are colleagues and friends as to why they won't/don't feel comfortable with/or just plain dont want to talk about race.

One more story: A friend of mine was interested in joining a Masonic lodge. He took as a mentor a Mason from Tennessee. When he was to be inducted he wanted to invite a Black friend of ours who was also a Mason. He was told by his mentor that if the Black friend came that he (the mentor) could not attend because he was forbidden from being in a temple setting/ceremony with a Black person. This friend of mine just brushed it off as tradition and insisted that his mentor didn't "have a racist bone in his body." Two days later as we drove down S. Woodlawn toward Louis Farrakhan's house this same friend expressed with vitriolic fervor how much he despised Min Farrakhan for being a racist and how he wanted to come back by and toss eggs at his house and so on.Fortunately he was deterred by the FOI security cars sitting outside the complex. I could only think, hmmm.

Emily - your comment was funny. But let's keep it real. Racism is not what any black person says it is. True, at times the race card is played when it isn't really an issue. But your comment with regard to the one of the 100,000 ministers Rev. Meeks(who happens to lead the second largest congregation in the state behind Bill Hybels at Willow Creek Community Church) isn't relevant. That's ONE isolated incident and I can't recall any other of the 100,000 ministers in Chicago ever making news for such an incident. Maybe he did play the race card, but do you think guns would have been drawn and such disresptful words and attitudes by Chicago's FINEST would have been used had Mr. Hybels been a passenger in the car that evening? We already know that answer. Perhaps it made the news because of his status as a state representative, community activist and church leader. And since you are taking that route, where is your gripe about Cardinal George's cancer surgery and it's detracting from more important issues or is the health of a white catholic(who heads a church that molests thousands of children) front page worthy?

I have not so much experienced racism as much as I have experienced prejudice. There is a difference. The deal is I am a 22 year old black woman who attends a reputable university here in the Chicago area. This school is majority white, and there were times when I have been one of maybe a very few black students in a classroom where I'd actually have to sit there and listen to people who actually believe the stereotypes that they see on television, and they acually verbalize their ignorance in class. This type of thing highly irritates me. Why do we still try to judge people by the color of their skin and the stereotypes that are often portrayed on television? What ever happend to getting to know someone and judging them based on their behavior with you? For example, in a Philosophy and Race class that I had last year, we were discussing wealth, but it escalated into what people do with wealth, and this asian guy actually started talking about how black people can't handle wealth because all they do is go buy flashy cars, a lot of bling, and a huge house. He was using rap stars from MTV and BET as examples. For those who use these people as an example, you shouldn't because that is just an illusion. It is an improper picture. Don't believe everything that appears on television, especially about an entire race of people because if you ignore their race, they are still people, and each individual is different. I believe that if everyone kept this in mind then we would all be better off.

well, I"ll just tell you what is NOT racism, and that is for cops to arrest Mr. Meeks for getting out of his car (where he was just a passenger!) to complain about getting a ticket.

At some point in the ensuing media frenzy, Meeks had the audacity - or ignorance - to say that "he didn't know that wasn't OK."

So, I'd really like to know, honestly, is there a single black person (or white person, for that matter) in Chicago who doesn't know that when you get pulled over by a cop, you pull out your ID and insurnace, and address the cop politely (even if they are wrong)?

Because if you don't know this, I'm telling you it now. There aren't two separate rules for how people should behave when they get pulled over, there are just some people that think they should be the exception to the rule because they are political heavyweights, or are rich, or famous, etc.

I've been treated like a subhuman several times in the course of a normal traffic stop, you just suck it up, and then go fight about it in court. Coming back from a camping trip where we got rained out, a black cop tried to search my car and told me and my friends that we stunk. Was he a racist, or just a jerk? Canm you imagine if the colors were reversed?

Most cops are decent people doing a tough job, some are just power-tripping jerks who enjoy trying to make people uncomfortable.

Like most serious problems, they do not happen overnight. Many black people are just plain angry. The majority of us work just as hard as whites and other races but seem to have less. It is not the fault of the man on the street but when you are angry, you hit the one you can get at. Most black anger comes from society perceptions we get every day and from real racial issues like the lack of banks in our neighborhoods; proper food in some of our poorer neighborhoods; poor education --yet we feel powerless to do anything about it. When we do speak up, maybe through a political leader--they are derided as charlatans and actors who steal from their own people; We have more power than we realize to change things but the problem is..we do not realize it. And so we stay angry. We work hard but don't get promotions; we pay good money for houses only to find out the neighborhood school was sent the worst teachers; we get paid less-especially our men--so we have to work longer hours to get the same salary. These are things I know and see every day--these have been documented by studies (read the recent Hull House study about racism in Chicago). What makes many blacks slap racism on things is after a while, when you see all this happen to black people and then have everyone tell you racism is dead-that went out with the dark ages. It can be extremely frustrating. When you are perceived a certain way--how do you change other people's perception of you--and these perceptions affect your lively hood, your children's future and education?

What is racism ? Let's see, W.E.B. DuBois argued that racism is the belief that differences between the races exist, be they biological, social, psychological, or in the realm of the soul. He then went on to argue that racism is using this belief to push forward the argument that one's particular race is superior to the others.

The term "racism" is usually applied to the dominant group in a society, because it is that group which has the means to oppress others, but readily applies to any individual or group(s), regardless of social status or dominance.
So ask yourself. . . what do you gain by being racist toward someone ? We all know we ain't no better than anybody. We're all on this rock to experience one thing ;Life as we know it. To further complicate things is ridicoulous.

First, I would like to say that I appreciate Ms. Mitchell’s weekly commentary and welcome her new blog. I look forward to reading her columns every week and will continue to read them until there are no more. Second, I appreciate her wisdom, persistence, and determination to get EVERYONE to see that until we change our perceptions about people that are different from us, racism will always exist.

My first, unforgettable experience with racism took place in the spring of 1995. My boyfriend at the time, myself, and a neighborhood friend of his, a mechanic, drove to Crete, Illinois to help me find a good used car for an affordable price. Considering that the mechanic has traveled many times to Crete with other customers and friends, this was a relatively normal day. After going through a dozen car lots to find nothing to my liking, we decided to call it a day. Shortly after we hit the expressway heading back to the city, a Crete sheriff (white man) turns on his sirens and ask us to pull over. Only minutes after we pull over, I find 2 other squad cars parked behind us. I kindly ask the officer if there was a problem, he ignores me, and order us out of the vehicle. He strips everything but the clothes off our backs and then orders us back in the vehicle to wait for further instructions. After several minutes of waiting, he orders the mechanic to get out of the vehicle and for my boyfriend and I to stay put.

Next thing I know, 2 officers (white males) are handcuffing the mechanic WITHOUT struggle, placing him in the back of their vehicle while the sheriff writes up a report. The sheriff then orders my boyfriend to follow them to the nearest precinct. Knowing what these guys were capable of, my boyfriend cooperated and began following the squad car. For a few minutes, the squad car seemed to keep up with us but after about 5-10 minutes, the squad car deliberately began going extremely fast between 70-80 mph down dirt roads and side streets. We were going so fast trying to keep up with the officers, it felt like a scene out of the TV show “Cops?. I started to pray like I have never prayed before. Praying and hoping that we wouldn't cause a major accident. This chase went on for about 30 minutes before we ended up at a precinct in Joliet, IL. We wasted another several hours at the station unsuccessfully trying to contact his (the friend’s) family. We could not leave the precinct until everything checked out including the car and we could not use the restroom without being checked for pipe bombs. Pipe Bombs? I have never seen a pipe bomb before in my life! After the friend’s release the next day, turns out that the reason for the arrest was because he fit the description of the person that they were actually looking for. Not because he had a broken taillight or that he was speeding or that he was playing his music too loud or that he had a expired sticker or license plate but simply because “HE FIT THE DESCRIPTION?. I don’t know if he ever filed a lawsuit against the officers that falsely arrested him but I can honestly say that was first hand racism that I have ever experienced.

My neighborhood is presently about 75% white and 25% black. However, most of the retail and service businesses here have black employees. That doesn't bother me. However, when I do business at these places, I am constantly treated rudely, while the black customers are treated with respect. If it's wrong for white people to treat black customers rudely, the reverse is also wrong.
Another thing that bothers me is that blacks claim that there is bias in the media, and that black-on-white crime is much more likely to be shown then other types of crime. In viewing the FBI data on racial crime statistics, we find that blacks are 250 times more likely to commit crimes against whites than the reverse. This is an astounding difference. Rather than ask why the news shows so many black-on-white crimes, one might ask why so many black-on-white crimes are not covered. The truth is the truth, whether we like it or not.

We need to be real about statistics I have never known a black serial killer only white ones(example:john Gacy) ,never known a black cannibal/serial killer only white ones (example:Jeffrey dahmer)It looks like minorities have more reason to feel theatened then whites actually.6 million innocent people exterminated by (here we go again,Hitler a white guy!)so when you go stating statistics why do you always forget that history and facts will trump racism and hate mongering(selective amnesia?)the KKk(domestic terrorism)were the precursors to modern gangs.Too many violent acts perpetrated on innocent citizens(mostly on minorities)to name,(jon burge torture ring) how can whites possibly be afraid of blacks when 95% of crime (white/blue collar)are committed by whites but the majority of inmates are you guessed it minorities(wonder why?)could it be that poverty,crime and racism is a lucrative business?

In response to DOC I'd like to say that this type of argument does not help. It would encourage a dialogue that would then talk about the millions of Africans dying at the hands of Black murderers today. What good would this do? Here's a REAL fact, DOC. If you live in a Black neighborhood in Chicago you are far more likely to be a victim of violent crime than me. I don't think that's right. I'd like to end that. And not by raising my chance of getting shot but by reducing yours. It seems to me that the result of decades of liberal social engineering policies has only served to lower the standard of living for all of us.

First, I would like to commend Ms. Mitchell for creating this space for dialog -- and providing the opportunity for us to engage in discussion and share experiences and insight. This type of interaction is our only hope for change.

And I must say that I respect each individual's right to fully express his/her views -- no matter how much I might personally disagree. That is, after all, the point of this exchange.

However, the earlier post: Posted by: rlh | July 30, 2006 04:07 PM -- was so filled with hatred and ignorance, that it was truly difficult to read. I did read it, hoping that at the end I would understand, but I still don't.

I am willing to admit this might be a failure on my part. I'm trying to see the world from his eyes, and yet the world that he describes is frightening and sad -- and I hope that very shortly he has an experience that will change his mind -- or at least give him pause. To consider that he may have judged harshly. To consider that he is responsible for shaping the life of his child, who will look to him as a measure of what is right/wrong, good/bad in this world. And if no sense of compassion and human decency is shared with this young person -- and others like her -- I fear that all of the efforts of the warriors of social change -- of all different races, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds -- will have been wasted.

I would say that African Americans are their own worse enemy. They deal drugs in their own hood! They gang bang in their own hood! When they riot for Rodney King or some other upstanding member of their community they do it in their own hood! Now c'mon keep blaming white people for all your problems, I say look in the mirror!

um, hello people, Mary has set up this blog so everybody can voice their views & experiences.

yelling at her for having the courage to offer a forum is ridiculous, don't blame the messenger for the news...

"White people need to come clean." Are you kidding? What about racism from minority persons? Racism is despicable no matter it's source or target, which needs to be the concern, rather that just towards minorities. Why is it, that whenever racism is addressed, or not addressed, it's so one-sided? My upbringing as a second-generation American was split between the south-east side and the south suburbs (Glenwood, the Heights). I never heard/saw anything racist until I got to high-school (H-F High School) and it was from white and black students. Currently, I know high school students in Flossmoor who are white and cannot ride the bus because they are racially attacked by black students. No form of racism helps progress. For instance, if a young, black man experienced racist behavior from a white person, should he grow to hate white people or to hate racism? I would pray that hate wasn't learned at all, but at least if it were for the latter it wouldn't be directed towards a sociological group of people. However that's not what seems to happen. Why can't EVERYONE come clean?

Hey DOC,

"95% of crime (white/blue collar)are committed by whites"

Where exactly did you find that statistic?

Racism is John Burge and his gang of white cops torturing black men and State’s Attorney Richard Daley being notified of such torture and doing nothing about it. That's racism.

Doc, have you ever heard of Wayne Williams(Atlanta murders), John Muhammad & Lee Boyd Malvo(DC snipers), a black guy from the 70's and 80's in Michigan & Texas named Shelby or something like that. Go to google and put in "black serial killers" and you will see a smorgasboard of black serial killers. It's just that the liberal, anti-white, black butt kissing media does not publicize these mass murderers. So Doc, you need to realize you are not on a board on, that people like me and Susan are intelligent and will expose your ignorant, uneducated posts for the lies that they are. Susan, I have been on some of those FBI sites to look at crime stats and those FBI stats on interracial crime are FACTS that cannot be denied. Although they come as no surprise to me because just think about all of the years you have watched the news. Do you recall the last time you heard about a white person killing or robbing a black person? White on black crime is about as common as a 90 degree day in the middle of November in Chicago.

JERRY and rlh the truth hurts when black people expose things for what they are I am part indian /part black(mostly black) am very light skinned and has faced my share of discrimination(from more then one source) my anger was in response to several posts about crime ,especially in the shadow of the Burge torture disclosure I am sure atrocities have been commited on both "sides:no crimes committed by white people on blacks (yeah right) my brother was killed on pass from the miitary in a racist part of Tenn.when he was 21yr,old (nightriders!)they shot him in the head ,ran over him, he lived six days on life support then because of massive brain damage was taken off life support and died .The only "crime"he had committed ,waiting for a bus in a part of town where blacks were not allowed after dark>I teach my kids not to be racist Iam not racist I am a realist (unlike some of the post by Jerry and others who cant understand racism causes psychological damage for years to come (like you still dont seem to realize racism and slavery was FACT not made up for a race card move) I think I have done well not to hate seeing my brother was murdered by whites .So when I hear "blacks more commit crimes blah,blah,blah ,Rap music is the blame ,jesse Jackson is our leader Etc.etc I would like to ask jerry and dlh what "type" of music was the people who ended the life of a loving innocent man who was serving his country listening to (the music of hate?)so before you claim to know what a person (black or white) is about, try to put your self in the shoes of a young mother(my mother) (as many mothers have been through)who had to hear that her son was murdered by the very people that he was trying to serve and protect (try and tell her their is no racism )(only a fool would trust FBI stats on crime,did it say Hoover wore a dress?) and no matter how many Politicians my father wrote and contacted he went to his grave feeling that racism had taken a talented musician and his oldest son,in a way I think his death leads me to fight racism,I refuse to submit to the Status Quo,I know alot of people will understand where I am coming from the only people I have noticed that do not are usually racists who think their dogs are more important then black people.Does that stop me from seeking justice for EVERYBODY...HEll no!Like my brother he died fighting(in his own country)to maintain our freedoms and rights,I have a right to express myself no matter what (racially challenged )people think.I am a veteran my father was a vet blacks have just as much right to articulate their feelings as anyone else .I teach my kids to seek knowledge,be self sufficient productive member of society n matter whatthe treotypes or media tells us. like me.(I have been in the medical field for over 30 years )words dont hurt me because I am a believer in "YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW"so all the warmongers and racists and phonies will eventually get what is coming to them in this world or the next.Again my posts were a response to the racist rhetoric that was spewed and aimed towards minorities.there are good and bad in every race but I am on a mission and for me to see people saying they are afraid to go in black neighborhoods ,my brother was in a white neighborhood and suffered for being the "wrong Color"so if whites do go to our neighborhoods and dont feel safe you can ask them to look in the mirror and ask:Has the racist ways of whites contributed to the crime and poverty in America if they are honest the answer would be YES!Where do we go from here?its up to us ,but right now we all should think about the legacy we are leaving our children.Some people never will change and thats a personal thing .I believe though there are many GOOD people out there (black and white )there are also people out there who dont want the "races"to come together but they are fighting a battle they have already lost because we are actually the same "race"the human race.They are just too ignorant to realize it!So my response to the racist comments may not have been the most appropriate way to do things(anger vs.anger)But when is the madness going to end? in 2006 we still have people denying the holocaust and slavery ever existed as if they learned no "lessons"at all from these prime examples of racism.Like MR.T used to say"I pity the fool"

Jerry if black people committed crimes from now to the end of this world they could not equal the crimes and atrocies whites have did to blacks and other minorities doc is correct in alot of his assertions.His statements that whites are more likely to be serial killers and chlid molesters is correct ,no where did he state in his blogs that blacks did not commit those crimes I think since whites are always telling blacks to take "responsibility"Why cant whites own up to their part also in racism and slavery in the united states and how poverty and crime benefits them financially(prison contracts,etc,)Like it was stated in a earlier post why dont you look at black inventors sites so people can really see what blacks have contributed to the greatness of our country,(I dare you to) People have alway said if 100 million deaths in slavery did not qualify as a hate crime and a form of genocide something is wrong in society.(look on the internet for history of slavery )and hopefully you can announce proudly to your kids that you are still continuing that proud american tradition of racism.That reverse psychology stuff seldom even works on kids.Most blacks know they are the creators of their own destinies we just want a level playing field just like everyone else.And by the way jerry it is true that DNA has been taken from white men and their lineage has been traced back to a common ancestor...A black women from Africa (did the FBI stats tell you and your cronies that?This was covered up in the mainstream media)so in closing I leave with these words ,"SEE YOU LATER BRO'"....

The hatred and bile in so many of these comments is nauseating.

Crime: What creates a criminal? Their race? Their opportunities? Their perception of the law? Why are people so willing to bring up terrible statistics about race and crime but no one is mentioning the horrendous statistics about race and poverty and education? Those statistics aren't likely to make many white people mad. We're obviously benefiting from the system. It's easier for most whites to justify the numbers with some kind of crap about laziness, because it's easier to rationalize around those problems than to look at the big picture.

Why is our city, our country, so racially segregated? Segregation, whether through "white flight," blatant housing discrimination or "self-segregation," only perpetuates economic and social divisions. It affects education, health care, law enforcement, job opportunities, housing, and so many other factors that create our lives.

When those factors are so drastically unequal it should be no surprise to find resentment and desperation from people who get the raw end of the deal. If we look only at personal experiences of outright bigotry we see a lot of ugliness, but we don't see the ways our lives are often divided into radically different experiences. Trading anecdotes about random interactions doesn’t help us learn to see the experiences that motivate our perceptions and reactions.

It takes a willingness to trust, to learn from each other and have real conversations to even begin to see the world that other people live in, much less understand who they are and why they say the things they do. Those conversations aren’t encouraged by the images we see in movies and television, by the stories we read in the newspaper. Most of the images of racial interactions we have encourage us to see people through the same tired stereotypes, to jump to conclusions and continue to think the way we want to already.

Mary Mitchell does a great job offering thoughtful commentary and giving context to stories people bring to her, but I don’t see a lot of her willingness to listen and trust in the comments here so far.


Yes, there are a lot of negative comments. But there are a lot of insightful comments from black and white bloggers. Any conversation about race is going to attract extremists on both sides. And some people are really angry. But that's what happens when you aren't allowed to express yourself.
Hopefully, the haters will drop out and those who are willing to listen and trust will remain.

There have been many racist moments in my 27 years of life but one in particular still pisses me off till this day. In 2001 I returned from a trip to the U.K. I was at OHare and come off an Air India flight. While waiting for my luggage I was approached by a White police officer who asked to see my passport. Upon looking at it he saw that I had just gotten back from the U.K and had previously gone to Cancun a couple of years before as a post highschool graduation trip. He then proceeded to ask me how I was able to afford these trips. And what was it that I did exactly. These were his exact words. After getting over the shock that this man had the audacity to ask me that I told him that I have two part time jobs in addition to attending college full time. To that he replied "Oh really you go to school and two jobs." I said yes in the most attitude having voice that I could muster. Because by this time I'm tired after an 8 1/2 hr flight, pissed off and embarassed. I am a lighter skinned black woman and was actually mistaken for an Indian by an Indian and also mistaken for Hispanic. Now I can't say this man thought I was Indian as well, but he for damn sure knew I wasn't White and that's what matters. When he was done interrogating about my financial status he turned to the White lady standing next to me and asked to see her passport. She showed him and he simply said "Thank you and have a nice day." But I'm sure some White people will come up with some asanine reason as to why that was not a racist moment, and suggest that maybe I wasn't right or that my hair looked "funny" to explain why I was singled out. I find it funny how people who have never been a minority and experienced some form of racism are always quick to excuse things away and tell us what is and what is not racist. In 27 years I've experienced enough that yes I do know what racisim is in all it's many suble forms, which is mostly the norm. It doesn't begin and end with the KKK!

And also to all those people who keep saying it's 2006 and what happed in the past has no bearing on your life today I will beg to differ. Are you saying that what Conrad Hilton did in 1925, but more importantly was ALLOWED to do as a White male in this country has no bearing on what Paris and Nicky Hilton are able to do today? Or that what Samuel P. Bush was ALLOWED to do as a White male has no bearing on what the Bush clan can do today. Let's keep it real please. If Black people were ALLOWED to to be on the same playing field with White people then how many Hilton's and Rockafeller's would we have in our community. By sheer virtue of being White in this country you will always have an opportunity if you work hard enough and some of you don't have to work at all. That whole work hard and you will succeed doesn't ring true for us minorities. No we have to work about 10x's harder and put up with more BS to get where White people get. Tha's just a fact. And I think when more White people can openly admit that they have an advantage in this society then maybe we can start to have an honest discussion of race relations in this country!

first, I want to absolutely make clear that I believe that many of the issues here expressed as the difference between prejudice and (institutionalized) racism are valid, specifically as concerns the Drug War/ Prohibition II.

The origins of the current Drug War are racism beyond any doubt. From using marijuana to persecute Latinos in the SW and black folks in Harlem in the early parts of the 20th century to the inexplicable difference (except for racism) between how the DEA treats cocaine and crack as far as sentencing laws are concerned, the Drug War has had a massively disproportionate effect on citizens of this country due to skin color.

However, the original Prohibition was a prejudiced/racist slam against the "newer" and/or "darker" Europeans that arrived in the US after the first wave of more Puritan/WASP ones did. This is also beyond dispute. The fact that many breweries were owned by Germans made, in the aftermath of WWI anti-German prejudice, Prohibition much more "sellable" to the public. The fact that the alcohol targeted was the alcohol sold to the working stiffs who were largely Catholic sealed the deal.

My point? It took around a decade for these groups to get organized and to have Prohibition overturned. They did this even as their ethnic groups' organized criminals used Prohibition to make a fortune selling booze illegally.

The same problem exists today. Unfortunately, it is going to have to be the communities most affected by the Drug War who fight to have it overturned. And this will have to be done even as you'll receive hostility from the entrenched forces in your own ethnic group that are profiting like kings from the sale of illegal drugs.

Lean on your politicians! Why do I not hear Jesse Jackson, Rev Meeks, etc pushing to legalize drugs? Don't expect (as was pointed out earlier) the communities getting jobs from new prisons to do it, or police forces who justify their budgets by the drugs they confiscate.

Why is it when a white person brings up blacks committing crime it's 'facts' but if a black person brings up whites commiting crimes it's 'they don't know what they are talking about'?!! Now who needs to look into a damn mirror and CAN'T[or won't] 'face facts'. As for Jerry whatever little fantasy land you are living in I wish I could move there too if you can't take it don't dish it out or argue about your little 'statistics'.

BET (what would happen if there was WET?)
Jessie Jackson (How about a rev for white rights?)
NAACP (NAAWP anybody?)
Black History Month (White History Month?)
If there were shows/people/Assn's/months that highlighted white folks, the courts would be jammed fuller than they are with the "Under God", "Merry Christmas", cross toten' Christians.
By the way, it's easy to start a blog that inflames instead of offers ideas for a cure. Why not discuss how ALL people can treat each other with respect? That would be a BLOG worth reading everyday, Mary.


Why don't you lead the way?

Just a FYI..
The serial killer statistics -


The USA has 76% of the worlds serial killers.

Europe in second, has 17%. England has produced 28% of the European total; Germany produces 27%, and France produces 13%.

* California leads in the US with the most Serial Homicide cases that have occured. Texas, New York, Illinois, and Florida follow shortly behind.

* Maine has the lowest occurence of serial murders - none. Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, Delaware, and Vermont each have had only one case of a serial murder.


84% of American killers are caucasian.

16% are black.

Men make up at least 90% of the world wide total of serial killers.

65% of victims are female.

89% of victims are white.

44% of all killers start in their twenties.

26% start in their teens.
* 24% start in their thirties.

* Out of all the killers, 86% are heterosexual.

I never said there are no white serial killers, I said there are also black serial killers. I was pointing out DOC's ignorance in making that statement. As for Dana's comment about how even if blacks committed crimes from today until the end of time it would never equal the crimes of whites. Typical black response! Blacks always bring up the injustices of the past because they can't point to any injustices of the present. I don't care what happened 200 years ago to your ancestors. In fact, your ancestors being brought over here in chains a couple hundred years ago was the BEST thing to ever happen to blacks today. Ironically it's the worst thing to ever happen to whites today. Where would you rather live, here or in some poverty stricken African country? I would think here, and if not then catch the next flight back to the homeland. I'll even pay for the ticket, provided it's a one way ticket. Also, with all the black on white murders in this country over the last 50 or 60 years, you have more than made up for any white on black lynchings. And don't call me BRO, that is an offensive insult that should have been deleted by the moderator if she was monitoring this board fairly. And if what you say is correct about DNA tracing back to a black woman, that was thousands of years ago and it has been CLEANSED out of me. To put a bottom line to this crime argument, if us whites are the ones doing all the murdering and child molesting, then why do blacks always try to move into our neighborhoods and integrate our schools? I would think blacks would want to stay as far away as possible from us white killers and murderers? Answer me that one? Seriously, that is a legitimate question that I would like some black person to give me a straight answer to. In closing, as for serial killers. There are more white serial killers because to be a serial killer you also have to be smart as well as being evil. I am sure many of your black guys aspire to be a serial killer, it's just that they aren't smart enough to get away with it for a long period of time.


Jerry, how can you complain about a lack of fairness when you basically called another person ignorant?

First off, I've been Black all my life, gone to majority Black schools with high achieving Black people who eventually went to college got jobs and realized that they don't want to raise their Black kids in a place like Naperville or Kenilworth or Libertyville, gone to 100% Black churches where the minister regularly preached and practiced community and individual agency in solving problems in our community; been a part of Black Organizations supported fully by Black people with solutions for Black communities - AND all this without mentioning/thinking about/seeking approval from; White people.Second, the only people threatened by Black Crime in America is Black people. Black people committ the great great majority of crimes within our own communities. Now is that excusable, no. So why are white people, people like T-Small-minded, so offended when Black people start talking about self determination. Why are circus acts like Ann Coulter wasting ink writing about what a fraud Kwanzaa is. I remember inviting Prof. Haki Madhubuti to Lake Forest College (my alma mater) for a Kwanzaa celebration, and during the question and answer session of his presentation on Self-Determination (one of the 7 principles of Kwanzaa)a white student asked why Black people felt the need to be so "seperatist." He went on to say that Kwanzaa was not a real holiday and that Black people were always "pushing white people away," as if Kwanzaa was created with white people in mind. Trust me most of the Black people I know are not trying to move into "your" neighborhood or go to "your" schools or marry white women or whatever else has got on edge. Among Black people that I know there is a general acknowledgement of racism backed up by the realization that millions of "good/strong" Black people have excelled against worse odds. We realize too that determine our communities in spite of and not out of spite for white people.

Jerry ,by the way news flash they got the pheonix serial killers guess what ,two white guys you're batting .000 on this racial superiority thing!

I bet the guys in Phoenix were intelligent to. And I also bet the people they killed were also white. At least they stuck to killing their own(so why should you care), something black killers seem to have a difficult time doing. I don't think you want to start comparing who commits more crime per population, or what percentage of blacks vs. whites are in jail, or which neighborhoods, black or white, have higher crime rates. Because we all know I win that one hands down. But no one has answered my question yet from my previous post. If whites are the ones committing most of the murders, rapes & child molestations, then why are blacks constantly trying to move into white neighborhoods, send their kid to white schools? Hell, look at that SICA controversy in the southern suburbs. Black schools are suing to keep the white schools from breaking off into their own conference. I know we are a great, loving, caring, compassionate people and everyone wants to be around us. But to sue to be around us? I thank you for the compliment but the courts have more important things to deal with.

No one wants to "hang'around whites they just want to be able to live where they want.I wonder if the American -indians concur jerry about how "nice "the white man is (stop patting yourself on the back )The serial killers in Pheonix did not look very intelligient at all ,is that all you can say is they kill their own so that makes them smart.(they got caught jerry how smart can that be?)crime and poverty go hand in hand no matter what neigborhood

the serial killers in Pheonix looks likes some morons ,how can anyone say they aspire to be a serial killer jerry (not so smart)On other blogs you said you think whites and blacks should be seperate(sica) but on this one you try to portray yourself as fair are not fooling anyone but yourself and susan.That is racism at its worst at least be a man and admit you are wrong at times, you are batting .000 on your inncorrect stats(serial killers,etc.) and everything else!I am glad the a previous poster gave the correct stats on that.

I want to ask white people, "What do you think of the John Burge case and its findings? Will you demand for John Burge to stop being paid a pension and brought to trial?"

Secondly, why is there a plethora of television clips showing white cops beating black men (ala Rodney King, the retired school teacher from New Orleans, Robert Davis and many others, with a furiousness which is never seen displayed towards white men in America?

Remember Amadou Diallo being shot at 41 times!!

I ask because some have stated how Blacks have beaten up on Whites. Personally, I can tell you it is a reaction from an oppressed feeling one have whether it is real or perceived.

White people are NOT oppressed, at least NOT in America, so why the vicious police beatings with so many policemen standing there? Simply arrest the guy!!

Please do not equate this with a mob mentality, these are supposed to be professionals.

Jerry lets take the REAL HISTORY class you didn't get while in school.

With the onslaught of Arabic and European people invading the great continent of Africa, and the simple fact Mother Nature over thousands of years has turned some areas of this lovely continent into desolate regions which forces some of its people to live as hunter-gathers on a daily basis, the people there are fighting daily just to live and survive on very meager earnings. It is NOT as though these invaders built it up for the African people nor share the wealth of the continent with them.

That seems to be a running theme with Europeans. Play nice, stab you in the back, and murder your family, but build theirs up.

You should be happy NOT EVERY AFRICAN whose force to live in that manner is NOT banging the Pacific and Atlantic shores to get into America.

You don't care what happen two hundred years ago, because it does NOT affect you. A lot of us would leave and go to Africa, but my ROOTS are in America NOW! It is my homeland and I am not going any where, and I DEMAND TO BE TREATED EQUALLY. If you got a problem with it, take it up with the savage ancestors of yours.

My ancestors worked hard for this country freely for centuries, and you think I am going to allow disgruntled knuckleheads who can't take some heat, keep from taking back what your ancestors stole and garner into one mass pool of privilege for alabastness? You need to stop eating them twinkies my friend; the fillings got you on seeing pink elephants. .

You speak of just a few incidents without thinking of the slavery, colonialism, segregation, Jim Crowism which was forced upon a peaceful loving people, treated them as savages, but claim to be so kind, loving and friendly themselves!! HOGWASH!

We know how that ideology works, don't we? Just asked the Native Americans?

It is apparent you have never read about the Middle Passages before and during slavery. Maybe your wanna-be elitist inttructor’s were too busy teaching the Dark Ages at your school. This is why history is so flawed in this country. White people want to put a Smiley Face on every thing when there is NOTHING TO SMILE about!!!

If black people move into an alleged white community, it is because they can afford the house and other amenities that go with it! NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS! Would you ask that question if it was a white person moving from a trailer-park home?

Should Oprah Winfrey, Micheal Jordan, Diane Burns NOT BE ALLOWED to live where their MONEY is GREEEN as any other person!?

But you probably like them, because they are familiar personalities...*sigh*....I on the hand you have a problem with. Too bad!! Deal with it!

WE live where we want because it is OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT as AMERICAN CITITZENS!! We are not the johnny-come-lately to America. HOW long have your ancestors been here?? And you got the audacity to ask “Why some Blacks want to live where whites live?? A better question is how did your ancestors get here? Were they allowed in the front door or did they sneak across the border??? Did they come in shackles or did they walk in humbly, glad to be here?

I'm not wrong on any stats I talked about. I said black neighborhoods have more crime than white neighborhoods. I didn't say the Phoenix killers were smart for killing their own, I said if they killed their own than you, as a black person, shouldn't care. Because I don't care about black on black crime, then why should you care about white on white crime? To R David, thank you for staying out of Naperville, Libertyville, etc. Now if that attitude could transfer over to the southside and south suburbs we would all be happy. As for Kwanzaa, most white people couldn't care less what kind of holidays you celebrate.

jeesh, it's pretty sad to see how many people have no problem assuming they know how "white people" or "black people" think and live.

I take heart in the fact that it's quite clear you all are the exception to the rule.

WOW JERRY *sigh*...

Jerry jerry is not a matter of me staying out of Libertyville, Naperville or Kenilworth (which is hard to avoid since my fiancee's family [she's Black] lives there) It is a matter of me not actually wanting to be there to begin with...No thanks needed.... I have NO DESIRE to be with or near you or any other white people. Don't get me wrong the white people with whom I associate/work are cool when I CHOOSE to be around them. And since you obviously don't read (nor do you speak for white people) you wouldn't know what white people care about the holidays we celebrate because there seems to be at least 50 articles in papers around the country (see Neil Steinberg's backlog) excoriating Kwanzaa every year, as if their opinions counted, which, AGAIN, it does NOT.

And let's be serious, you'd be out of place in Kenilworth. They probably would appreciate YOU staying away.


I understand this conversation can get a little heated, but try not to get baited into personal attacks. I have to edit out the response.

I am proud of my fellow chicagoans for seeing through alot of racism disguised as "cheerful" banter.For someone(jerry) to say serial killers are smart because the majority are white and kill their own people is ludicrous jerry (bro) you got served by the blog posters(black and white)! and by the way have a happy Kwaanza.....Sue

This is the "everybody hates Jerry show"bro ,see Jerry your racism is not appreciated by blacks or whites (bogus stats etc.)you did say (check previous blog)that serial killers were smart because they kill their own(???)Did you forget? by exterminating your "own" people that makes them smart?(great rationalization)about now im sure there are alot of people That see you are a loony toon bent on permanent ignorance ,no matter how many facts,personal experiences etc. that people black or white give you ,you still dont get it, people dont care if you prefer to live among serial killers (you said they were smart and they impressed you)The bottom line is you need serious help, there are many mental health services that I am sure you qualify for.You may think hatred and racism is cute but it actually leads me to believe you have low self esteem and the only way for you to feel better about your ..ahem..shortcomings is to put others down,life is a learning process and hopefully you will learn one day, but in the meantime life will go on with or without your consent...

Yes, racism is indeed John Burge. Racism is also Bull Connor and John Rocker. Racism is the KKK and Jim Crow. Racism is the thugs who beat-up the Clark boy. And dragged the poor man in Texas. Guess what, racism is also Louis Farrakhan and the folks who make excuses for him. Racism is also the thugs who beat-up the boy in Beverly. And the thugs who poured gasoline and lit the poor white man on fire in Ford Heights. Racism is Cynthia McKinney and also Barry Bonds for saying he doesn't sign autographs for whites even though the signature would have benefitted cancer patients. And Mary, here is where you will disagree with me. Racism is those who say the Cook County President must be a black position. Last I looked there were more whites still living in Cook County and people of ALL COLORS living there.

Doc, just wanted to let you know I did respond to your post attacking me. But the post has not been allowed on here, even though it wasn't a personal attack. I guess the moderator isn't pampering me like she is you. Oh well, sometimes life isn't fair.

Yeah john but caucasians have a 400 year head start ,did you factor that in your equation?didnt think so, some of your examples were valid though but you gave the impression that blacks and whites are equally culpable in this racism/hatred thing that the media likes to distort.(blacks did not have slaves and start this racial superiority thing,whites did)Well you can imagine the anger that some one(people or decendents of slaves especially) would have if people like you(and other posters who still dont get it,black or white) keep attempting to change history by picking a few modern day crimes to make your point ,What about the young man who was front page fodder for having been beaten by his own prosthesis ,then relegated to page 13 after his assailants were found out to be some white thugs.(we can go back and forth all day about atrocities)Of course the media (who are mostly white) are going to make it front page news whenever a "victim "is white and the alledged perp a minority.There is thousands of white on white ,white on black crimes that never see the light of day because its not deemed newsworthy by the powers to be.Even black on black crime isnt reported accurately(could it be the police actually want to fool us all into falsely thinking crime has went down?)we have had women disappearing for years in the black community /murdered by the dozens only to have the police insinuate they were living high risk lifestyles and blacks are playing the race card, but when a non black women dies /disappears its front page/Geraldo Riviera time(example:natalie Holloway)I thought all life should be precious but the media makes it seem like only if you are the right "color"then and only then is a life important.(and with the police torturing and killing innocent citizensmostly minorities ,you kinda think alot of them feel the same way).Yes we need the police but we need them to do their job .they want to come home safely to their family what makes you think innocent citizens dont feel the same way?Blacks have had the race card played on them for 400 years and by the sound of some racists they dont seem to realize that the racist world they are helping to create, their own children and grandchildren have to live in it also!Racism is based on ignorance and fear and it breeds crime and poverty and hatred ,I sure dont want this legacy to be left for my kids but I dont know about some people they just have to learn the hard way!

Ms. Mitchell:

Your article on the use of the phrase "white boy" brought back a handful of memories from my youth, most of which sadden me to this day.

* I grew up in the Austin neighborhood (Chicago ave/Laramie) during the 1970s when it changed demographics from working class white to black during a three year period. 72-75. We stayed. And my brothters and I immediately became targets in the neighborhood because we were "white boys." We were picked on, robbed, and fought with black kids on a daily basis. I lived in Austin around during the days when the Blackstone Rangers cruised our neighborhood.

* My brothers couldn't fight. I could. I remember being given unsolicited advice from an old lady (white) who saw some black kids chasing us home from school. She told me: 1)black kids never fight one-on-one, and, 2) to never punch a black kid in the head when fighting because "their heads are thicker than ours." She told me to punch them in the lower back (rabbit punch), and they will cry and go home. Can you imagine similar advice being given to a 10 year old kid today? Insane.

*When they chased you home, Black kids wouldn't run up on your front porch. It was some sort of unspoken understanding.

* My parents wanted to try to adjust to the changing neighborhood. However, we lived out their well-meaning attempts to remain neighborly.

* I couldn't understand why kids didn't like me or my brothers because we were white. More confusing, I couldn't understand why black kids wanted to constantly fight me BECAUSE I was white.

* We were told very very early in life that the "N-Word" was a word we could never use. No matter how upset, under any circumstances. It wasn't our word to use, my mother said.

* My dad's advice to me: 1) Try to make as many friends as you can; and 2) Never, ever start a fight, but always finish it. That didn't always happen. But it taught me to not be afraid.

* One of my few black friends--Melvin--had a father who lived in the home. Other black kids picked on him because of it. I asked him why they did this, and he said it was because they thought he was better than they were because he had a dad. I'm sure hanging out with a white kid didn't help his case either.

*Fast forward to the present: I see--from time to time-- black kids from a neighboring town ride into our neigborhood--5 kids on 4 bikes--looking to steal bikes from white kids.

* These same white kids--generally speaking--do not know how to fight. They have no idea how to defend themselves, and are taught by their parents to not fight.

* The result: they are targeted by some black kids--many of whom aren't getting the same advice on fighting from their mothers--who will ride along in a group, punch a "white boy" off his bike, knowing the kid won't fight back.

* My wife and I teach our kids that fighting is wrong and can be avoided, but where we live, I quietly worry that teaching our kids NOT to fight back in those situations allow the phrase "white boy" to have real meaning to them.

* "White boy" is an obvious term of disrespect, especially if targeted at a white man. I've always felt that the person saying it is attempting to establish a pecking order just like in days past when whites used the term "boy" on black men.

*If said to me today, I'd take issue with it right there and then. It's unacceptable.

Thank you, Ms. Mitchell, for allowing me this forum to share my thoughts with you.


Thank you for your candid dialogue.

truth, I don't live in the PAST. I can't do nothing about it. I live in the PRESENT and for the FUTURE. Why don't you try doing that. And don't call me a slavemaster, either. Only 4% of whites in present-day America had ancestors who may have been slave owners. I won't make excuses for ignorant racist whites (Burge, etc.) so don't make any for ignorant racist blacks. Thank you.

J.B., I would advise you to start teaching your kids to fight. Not to start fights, but if someone starts with them to defend themselves and fight back, especially if punks are trying to steal their bikes. Because some in our society prey on what they perceive as weakness, and they will attack that weakness with a ferocity that is brutal. That's why I am proud to have grown up in the Mt. Greenwood neighborhood in the early to mid 80's because we were always taught to defend ourselves if challenged or if someone tried to steal from us. Although we never had the problem of others coming into our neighborhood and trying to steal from us. Mt. Greenwood was known as a place that would not tolerate outsiders coming in and causing trouble because the troublemakers knew it was hazardous to their health if they did. As for that advice that old lady gave you years ago, she was pretty much right on the money with advice #1. I have definitely known that to be a fact as a teenager or with some experiences in downtown bars as an adult. My brother who is ten years older than me and grew up on the east side before we moved to Mt. Greenwood told me similar instructions, or to never backdown because the other one will back down first, so I am thankful that the older influences in my life were truthful with me when I was young. Also, you are right on the money with the "white boy" references. I have never tolerated that and have always come back with "black boy" if I ever was in that situation. Although I can't remember the last time I was called that phrase because others know that I am not a Guilty White Liberal, therefore I will respond in kind. That's why I always tell young white kids(nephews, kids of friends) not to tolerate being insulted like that. I tell them to be proud of their heritage and to be proud of their ancestors and not to let anyone insult their heritage because it is a direct insult on their parents and grandparents.

JB those anecdotal accounts were interesting but they "pale" in the eyes of what blacks have had to go through trying to live in peace with whites.I moved into west englewood in the 70's and the atrocities by th police and our"neighbors"could not be descibed by any other word "animalistic"(too many to mention)They were all white JB.those little kids fighting kids stories can be repeated in any neighborhood any where in the city.It actually was not about you personally it was about racism that whites have done to minorities and blacks responding with same viciousness.I just moved from Rodgers park and out of all my neighbors white and latinos turned out to be the worst!Their is alot of educated good black people out there and also good whites but the stereotypes minorities are faced with is intended to make their life a living hell(if you let it)Education ,learning about your history and yes like Jb stated trying not to let hate control you (its hard to do at times)also do you really think black kids are taught to steal and fight while white kids are taught to not fight or commit crimes?(84% of serial killers are white males)To tell you the truth with all the serial killers and white pedophiles ,shouldnt you be afraid of them instead of black kids riding on bikes in your neighborhood.(whites had same fears about us in 70's,we were no threat to anyone )we were glad to move into a So-called nice area.Alot of my friends succumbed to peer pressures some became scholars,policemen,doctors or lawyers inspite of racism that was aimed at them.So it would be believable that some blacks resort to violence and criminal activities to cope and survive but I cant fathom how whites seem not to understand how racism and violence towards blacks will affect their own kids!Hate breeds hate,and this goes for all, "you reap what you sow"!

To io1922 the reason WHY white people don't have those things is because you don't NEED those things!! You have them already so who are you kidding.

In every country the majority ethnic/racial group gives privilges towards itself. The Chinese do it, the Indians do it, the Mexicans do it, Blacks do it...yet somehow whites can't? Such hypocrisy. It's funny that people accuse whites of being racists, yet the next breath it's, 'white people don't understand that racism is alive' So which is it? Are we racists....or is someone else racist against you blacks/mexicans that we don't know about?

I am an Asian American, so I don't personally feel the heat of this black-white debate that seems to be going on here. I'm not very happy with what I'm reading, though. Some people have posted perfectly intelligent arguments. Others have not.

I'm disgusted by, first of all, the inaccurate, blatant misinterpretation of information and statistics, their irrelevancy to the topic, and the plain ol' bird brain yelling. Someone claims to be "CLEANSED" of black blood?? My first reaction was...

...not appropriate for this blog.

People are quick to use the word "racist." I can't even comprehend the reasoning behind some of these posts. They're hateful and pointless.

No one's mind is changed or persuaded.

The narrow-mindedness of the writer is exposed.

People just get angrier and more foul-mouthed.


(Fact of the day: Some of the free black population DID have slaves.)

Here's MY problem: I was raised in the south among rednecks, but encountered a LOT of grief because I've never believed you should hate ANYONE based on something of which they have no control. I mean, if you want to get me started, let me tell you about my ancestry: Cherokee and Irish - two groups who have both been "owned".
Now, on to my problem. I am a divorced, college educated Caucasion woman who chose to stay home to raise my children. Why am I now PO'd, you ask? Because I can't find a decent job! Everywhere I look in the great state of Georgia, Affirmative Action is hard at work making sure that the most politically appropriate person is hired, regardless of their qualifications. In every single agency I've come into contact with here, there are 8 to 10 African Americans for every Caucasion, and the majority of those do very little to hide their scorn of me. I believe in treating everyone fairly. I believe everyone has a right to pursue their dream. I don't believe I'm any better, OR any worse than anyone else simply because of the color of my skin. What I can't understand is why the fact that I'm WHITE should continue to count against me!
I interviewed rwo weeks ago at a public storage facility just outside of Atlanta. The manager told me he liked my resume and my people skills and said I seemed perfect for the job. (Not just good, but perfect). I never heard from him again, and he failed to return several phone calls. Imagine my surprise when I stopped by this facility and saw that they had in fact hired someone - a black man who couldn't string together an intelligent sentence, much less have an entire conversation. (I didn't realize that fluent Ebonics would score so high). So my beef is, WHY IS MY ETHNICITY HELD AGAINST ME? If the reverse had happened, you can be sure that someone would be called to account. The fact that I'm educated, have specific and appropriate job skills, have never received public assistance, and can speak intelligently about any number of things only seems to hold me back everywhere I go here. And I thought SC had antiquated views?

hey i'm a 17 year old pakisatni kid who lives in cardiff and for all my life i have seen racism but the irony is i have more white friends then i do pakistani or asian for that matter. i have never been accused of racism though but after 9/11 and the july 7th bombings in london i was attacked in the park for being pakistani. luckily for me i am a black belt martial artist so i managed to defend myself but i left the fight scarred i had developed athritis so it just goes to show no matter who you are or what you do you will always be prejudiced against, but i have learned to deal with it and i continue to do as i do my A-levels cos i would like to live my life thank you very much lol

You no what man of us people view the world as seperate coluors but come on seriously we all know no matter what at the end of the day its all about politics and money. i mean theres that man the ony guy to survive the twin towers unhurt he says that it was his government that did, i personally believe him you all american right?

when i was at school, i was walking down the hall and some other race came to me and said "chino" because we talk in korean and they think that it is chinese. so i went up to them and said " hey if you don't stop doing racial slur at us i am going to tell the dean" so they said ok and they just ran off. almost everytime that happens but i ignore and get it over with that i what my highschool teacher said

regarding your article of last week about black man raped white woman and was convicted and the one this week about the white father beeing asked if this young girl was his daughter well it goes to show you that JIM CROW is still around except that he went in the closet when the gay came out of it about 15 to 20 years ago i'm a white dude and the racism in this really suckc i'm also from canada.

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