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Picture 16.jpgOkay. We'll come clean. We were hardly fixated on what was happening in the south of France at the horrendously over-hyped, overrated event known as the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. But from a Chicago perspective (and granted there wasn't much of a Chicago perspective to worry about at the fest this year), there was one interesting development. The Escape Pod/Chicago proved it could compete with some of the biggest (but not necessarily the best) acts in Chicago, including Leo Burnett and DDB. Yes, Vinny Warren and the folk at the Escape Pod wowed 'em at Cannes with two of the commercials the agency created last summer for OfficeMax's delightful back-to-school ad campaign.

You remember the work. It was all about a guy going around New York City trying to pay for expensive jewelry and vehicles with nothing but pennies. "Used Car" and "Jewelry Store" from that campaign were both shortlisted in the Film category at Cannes -- a phenomenal achievement given that the Escape Pod had never before entered work at Cannes.

Meanwhile, among the city's biggies, Burnett managed only two commercials on the short list -- "Brother of the Bride" for Hallmark Cards and "Zach Johnson" for Tampax, while DDB had only one piece of work shortlisted, the "No Fry Left Behind" for McDonald's. DraftFCB also had one spot shortlisted -- "Crib" for client Qwest.



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