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Art from Tropicana's 'Squeeze -- It's a Natural' campaign.jpgThe Tropicana orange juice brand is one of several iconic PepsiCo brands that exited Element 79/Chicago over the course of the past year. PepsiCo said very little at the time about why it yanked Tropicana and other ad accounts from Element 79, but it's always interesting to see what kind of work comes out of a new shop . The Arnell Group/New York got the Tropicana business from Element 79, and this month the first bits of a new campaign from Arnell start to go public in major markets, including Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Boston.

The Arnell operation emphasizes design in its advertising work. So it's not altogether surprising to learn the agency has completely rethought the Tropicana carton in such a way that no one looking at said container could miss one point Arnell is trying to make in this new campaign, namely that Tropicana is a pure orange juice product. That point we got. But what was far vaguer and more troubling about this new effort is the campaign tagline "Squeeze. It's a Natural," which struck us as something of a major non-sequitur.

We kind of figured out what the "squeeze" refers to, but that "it's" threw us, because it is sitting there with nothing to clearly refer back to in the tagline except, of course, squeeze. And if that is indeed the intended reference, it's a muddled one at best. Neil Campbell, the Chicago-based president of Tropicana, suggested to us the tag in its entirety is trying to conjure some emotional connection between consumers and the brand, while underscoring Tropicana is an all natural product. Maybe. But to us the line is unnecessarily confusing, and that's never a good thing in advertising.
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