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Jerry Kersting has been promoted to president of Tribune Broadcasting. He had been the chief operating officer of Tribune Co.'s broadcasting division since December of 2009. "Jerry's done a great job since becoming COO of our broadcast group," said Tribune Co. CEO Randy Michaels. "He's smart, innovative and driven -- our stations have been expanding news, adding new programming and building audience." Prior to joining the broadcasting unit, Kersting was executive vice-president for the Tribune Co. and was responsible for identifying strategic opportunities and efficiencies for the company's various media businesses.

Kersting said he has plans to make changes in Tribune Co.'s broadcast news operations. "We intend to shake up traditional local television news by doing things differently and giving viewers innovative broadcasts and a clear choice in our markets," said Kersting. Which sounds a little bit like what Fox and new management at WFLD-Channel 32 are doing -- so far without much to show for it in the television news ratings. Some more downbeat observers have even wondered in recent months whether there is a future for local TV newscasts. Clearly Kersting believes there is. And he apparently wants to deliver a product distinct from the competition.



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