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DSRL_all2_cc.jpgWherever there exists a self-promotion opportunity on a national scale, it's a safe bet that self-promoter par excellence Donald Trump is lurking nearby. And so it is with the newest installment of the Oreo Double Stuf Racing League saga/ad campaign from DraftFCB.The campaign launched in early 2008.

In this latest twist in the story, which comes as the Golden Double Stuf Oreo is being rolled out nationally, the very golden-haired Trump fearlessly challenges pro football stars and lick-off champs Peyton and Eli Manning to a lick-off race. Trump hopes a victory will net him the Double Stuf Racing League. Actor and comedian Darrell Hammond, who does a fair impersonation of Trump, has been recruited to serve as Trump's team partner.

In a new TV spot breaking today, Trump is all egocentric bluff and bluster. The Manning brothers stand up reasonably well to what Trump is dishing out. But this debut spot appears to be merely a set-up for the lick-off to come between the two teams, slated for January of 2010. Anything, we suppose, to extend the drama, such as it is.

For all who may have forgotten, in an official lick-off, each person must twist open an Oreo, lick off the creme, show the cookie to the opponent, dunk the cookie in a glass of milk and eat it and then finish the glass of milk. The first person or team to complete all the tasks wins.



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