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"Monsters & Money In the Morning" has made its long-awaited debut on CBS-owned WBBM-Channel 2. Everyone was expecting the talk show to be a departure from the other early morning local new shows, and that it is. But what has caught the attention of a lot of viewers is the revolving camera in the middle of the table around which the four co-hosts -- Mike North, Dan Jiggetts, Mike Hegedus and Terry Savage -- are seated.

We have written about the considerable thought given to designing the set for the show over the course of a number of weeks, but we had heard no mention of a camera being placed on the large round table itself. And, as we learned today, there was originally no plan to put a camera on the table. But during rehearsals last Friday, this new camera device was discussed, and at the very last minute a decision was made to give it a try on "Monsters & Money." So there it is. A conversation-starter, to be sure, but it does inject a slightly creepy quality into the show.



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