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Is the outspoken Mancow Muller headed for a berth at Tribune Co.-owned WGN-AM (720)? Rumors swirled Thursday that Muller and WGN were talking. But WGN general manager Tom Langmyer dismissed the rumor. "We talk to a lot of people all the time," said Langmyer.

For more than a year, WGN program director Kevin Metheny has been busy making numerous programming and talent changes at the station. In so doing, he has angered a number of longtime WGN fans, many of whom have said they no longer can relate to the station. But Metheny also has been adamant about trying to woo a younger 25 to 54-year-old listener base, and he maintains much of what he has done at WGN was done with that goal in mind.

Muller was unceremoniously cut loose earlier this year from Citadel Broadcasting's news/talk WLS-AM (890), where he had been paired with Pat Cassidy, who has since returned as morning drive co-anchor at all-news WBBM-AM (780). Cisco Cotto was moved from afternoon drive, where he was briefly paired with Roe Conn, to fill the mid-morning slot vacated by Muller and Cassidy at WLS-AM. At the time of his dismissal from WLS, Muller was vocal about the raw deal he believes he had gotten from the station.

X00205_7.JPGIf we were so inclined, we could probably spend most of each working day just trying to keep track of all the shenanigans that come with being an outrageous, outspoken mid-morning talk show host like Mancow Muller, who now does he gig with Pat Cassidy at WLS-AM (890). But we don't have all day. And we can only take so much!

Still, we wanted to advise our readers that Muller and Cassidy do plan to give a Florida college student and McDonald's worker named Julio Osegueda his big audition as a radio disc jockey during Thursday's show on WLS. Osegueda is the young man who caught Barack Obama's eye last week at a town hall meeting in Florida. And if you're into collecting unusual images, you also might want to seek out a copy of the February issue of a radio industry trade magazine called Talkers. On the cover is a large image of the Dalai Lama in India reading an issue of Talkers on the back cover of which is an ad promoting Muller's WLS gig. Bizarre.


Meet Mancow Muller, the foodie. Travel Channel fans will have a chance to do just that when Muller, now a mid-morning host on WLS-AM (890), shows up on Feb. 2, on the food and travel show "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations."

Bourdain wanted to do a show about Chicago, so he called up his old buddy Muller and asked the outspoken radio personality where he wanted to take him to eat. Muller's first choice was the Silver Cloud, a Bucktown eatery known for its comfort food. Muller told us the restaurant was housed in an old railroad car, but the Silver Cloud Web site gave no indication of that.

Anyway, Muller apparently likes the place because it reminds him of rail trips he took as a kid with his father. Yea, Muller's become a real nostalgic softie. We also discovered we shouldn't ever ask the new WLS-AM mid-morning show host for directions to any place. Though he loves the Silver Cloud, it turns out Muller had no clear idea where the joint is located. "I don't drive," explained Muller. "I just hop in a taxi and tell the driver where I want to go." Right.

And one other thing. If you're wondering how Muller and Bourdain became such good friends, Muller said they did drugs together back in the day. He could have been kidding. But with Muller, who knows?



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