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fosters_longdistance.pngIf you can't beat it, go back to it. That's apparently what Digitas/Chicago has decided to do. The agency next week will launch a new ad campaign for Foster's Australian lager that is, essentially, an update on the famous and familiar "How To Speak Australian" effort that the beer brand used for more than a decade before the campaign was dropped (bad move) in 2002. The Digitas effort is, at least initially, comprised of three 15-second commercials that give us slice-of-life moments that are meant to be uniquely Australian. Only one of three vignettes, however, seemed distinctively Australian to us, and that would be one where an Aussie guy is functioning as a human GPS device. The others involve a man who doesn't have the money to pay for his lager and another features a guy trying to make the moves on a woman at a bar from a distance. All of the spots could be funnier, but perhaps fans of the original campaign will at least be happy to know the Foster's folks now realize what a good thing they had going back then.



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