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Cavalia-LowRes.jpgWill you miss the stately white horse? No doubt many horse lovers in Chicago will. That attention-commanding horse has been front and center in all the advertising for "Cavalia," the equine spectacle that has been playing to tens of thousands of people in a large white tent on a cramped plot of land in Chicago's west loop for more than a month now.

If nothing else, "Cavalia" and its glorious horses have brought out plenty of horse lovers in the Chicago metro area. "Cavalia" spokesman Bradley Grill said about 40 percent of tickets sold to the show during its engagement here (which ends Sunday) went to customers who apparently have a passion for horses. These horse lovers were able to buy a ticket at a higher price point that allows them to tour the expansive stables where the horses are kept and coddled while on tour.

Grill said there was never any doubt from the moment "Cavalia" came into being more than six years ago that a horse would be the predominant image used in all advertising and marketing for the show. "The horse is the essence of our show and conveys an elegance and touch of mystery that are also part of what 'Cavalia" is all about," said Grill. A five-person marketing department based in Montreal carefully tends to "Cavalia's" image while the show is touring. And like Cirque du Soleil, where "Cavalia" leader Normand Latourelle worked before putting together his horse-themed show, "Cavalia" is always conscious of how the public perceives the production.

Lest the public think "Cavalia" is only about horses, however, consumers will notice some silhouettes of acrobats in some of the advertising imagery as well -- a reminder that much of "Cavalia" is about how humans and horses interact in a number of intriguing and exciting ways.



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