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The Chicago Sun-Times significantly outperformed the industry average during the six-month circulation reporting period that ended March 31, 2009.

While most major American dailies reported paid circulation declines, the Sun-Times remained flat at 312,141 Monday through Friday, per the Audit Bureau of Circulations. The S-T Sunday edition reported a 2.8 percent increase for the reporting period for a total average circulation of 254,379, while the Saturday circulation grew .9 percent to 227,311. The Sun-Times now ranks as the nation's 15th largest daily newspaper based on Monday through Friday circulation. That's up from 21st place a year ago. Sun-Times executives attributed the circulation results to several factors, including targeted home delivery, aggressive single copy sales promotion and an increase in retail sales outlets.

The Chicago Tribune reported a 5.7 percent decline in its weekday circulation to 501,203, while the paper's Sunday edition dropped 4.5 percent to 858,256.



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