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CCA Handrail Image.jpgIt's a fact of life: Marketers now think they can slap an ad anywhere. It's all about making the advertising as intrusive as possible so it won't go unnoticed. Whether the public will like the ads, of course, is another matter.

One of the latest twists in all of this is now on view at O'Hare Airport, where advertising now adorns escalator handrails in all three of the airport's domestic terminals. International terminal passengers aren't getting this treat -- at least not yet. Hampton Hotels has the distinction of being the inaugural advertiser on the O'Hare escalator handrails.

Clear Channel Airports, a marketer of airport advertising, has teamed with AdRail USA, to introduce this new approach to advertising in airports. "Through our handrail displays at O'Hare Airport, we are able to drive valuable awareness for our clients with this highly visible platform," said Pam Horn, national sales manager for Clear Channel Airports. Make of it what you will.



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