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DraftFCB denies Jonathan Harries is about to exit

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Is Jonathan Harries on his way out as global chief creative officer at DraftFCB? Rumors swirled this week to that effect.

One scenario had him joining forces at some yet-to-be-determined shop with ousted DraftFCB leader Mark Modesto, who has been keeping a low profile since he abruptly exited DraftFCB last summer. According to one source, Modesto had a one-year non-compete clause in his contract with DraftFCB, which could put him back in business at another agency in about six months.

A DraftFCB spokesman, however, emphatically rebuffed the rumors about Harries. "Jonathan isn't going anywhere," said the spokesman, who indicated Harries has been spending considerable time in Europe recently, overseeing the $700 million global Beiersdorf account DraftFCB recently won.

Nivea, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this month, is a flagship product line at Beiersdorf. The Hamburg, Germany-based company said today that global music icon Rihanna will serves as the voice of the 100th birthday celebration for Nivea.

The Beiersdorf win is a welcome piece of new business for DraftFCB, as the agency tries to hold on to the $1 billion S.C. Johnson account, which is now in review.

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