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Tom Dick & Harry/Chicago picks up Mark Shale account


A nice win for Tom, Dick & Harry/Chicago. The agency has been awarded digital, branding, print and public relations duties for clothing chain Mark Shale. The win comes just days after Mark Shale announced it has hired fashion designer Maria Pinto as creative director for women's fashion.

TD&H won the account following an agency review. TD&H was awarded the business after "demonstrating a keen understanding of our brand, as well as what is needed to leverage our new relationship with Maria Pinto," according to Mark Shale CEO Scott Baskin. "TD&H demonstrated the creative sensitivity that we feel is necessary to adequately communicate what Mark Shale will be all about," added Pinto.

The agency's initial duties will include a complete website revamp to reflect the new brand direction for the Chicago-based men's and women's fashion retailer.


Yeah, nice win for a company that's filed for Chapter 11. What do you think the revenue is on this account Lewis?

Hey, Old Ad Guy, you must be thinking of some other agency called Tom, Dick & Harry. We're doing very well, thank you.

Don, I'm referring to Mark Shale. Did they not just emerge from Chapter 11? Lewis references them as a "nice win" and, of course, any win is nice but this particularly client has been challenged, no?

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