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Dick Rogers makes way for Mark O'Brien as DDB's new North American president

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DDB waited way too long to remove Dick Rogers as president of its North American operations. Years after it should have made a move, DDB now is installing Mark O'Brien as president of North America (who knows for how long) and kicking Rogers upstairs to become chairman.

Based in Chicago, Rogers presided over the some of the darkest days in the history of DDB/Chicago, where tragedy, rampant mismanagement and a full-throttle creative breakdown have left the shop gasping for life. When he should have taken action immediately and helped a battered agency regain its composure, Rogers seemed at loss about what to do with DDB/Chicago following the very public suicide of chief creative officer Paul Tilley nearly three years ago.

That horrific event seemingly paralyzed the agency, and there was little if any public relations effort to help resuscitate the agency's image in the wake of Tilley's suicide. Since then, the agency has, for all intents and purposes, ceased to be one of the most important and respected cornerstones of the Chicago ad industry. Now DDB is just another shop trying to hang on. It's all been almost unbearably painful to watch.

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