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Meterologist Bill Bellis headed to WFLD-Channel 32


Fox-owned WFLD-Channel 32 is bringing in new weather talent Bill Bellis. He has been a TV meteorologist in the Phoenix market for the past seven years. Bellis begins his new job at Channel 32 in late February. Undoubtedly Bellis will quickly discover the weather is more variable in Chicago than it typically is in Phoenix -- which may make his gig here more interesting. Or more challenging.

Current WFLD meteorologist Amy Freeze's contract is set to expire by year's end. No decision has been made about whether Freeze's contract will be renewed. If Freeze winds up departing the station, Bellis could become her replacement.


I am desolate to learn my favorite weather guy is leaving Arizona...he doesn't just "do" Phoenix weather, he does the whole state of AZ where indeed the weather can be wildly "variable" so it can be plenty interesting here. But Chicago's a bigger market, maybe a good career move. But Bill Bellis was my reason to stay up late and watch ABC/Ch. 15 Late News and more specifically, it's weathercast. You're lucky to get him, Chicago. Enjoy, he's accurate and he's fun to watch.

I love Bill Bellis. I hate to see him leave ABC. He is one of the reasons that I watch that channel. Good luck in Chicago, Bill. The weather is much better in Phoenix. I am from I know.

My home is the Chicago area. Been here for almost 2 years, do intend on returning to Chgoland, actually Valparaiso, Indiana, but will be looking forward to a familiar face from Arizona when I return to chicago,change of seasons,cool, eclectic, my Home town, but Arizona is nice, but it's not HOME!!!! LOL Another reason to look forward to going home!!!!!Luv ya!!!!

Bill is going to be sorely missed here in Phoenix. He's #1 here and will be #1 in Chicago in no time! If Katie Raml were to leave the station also, I'd have no news channel to watch. Congratulations, Bill.

I'm from the Chicago area and don't miss the weather back there. Hope you can do a better job than the ones from when I lived there. Hate to say it but you're going from the deep fryer to the freezer! Good luck and enjoy the new job. Will miss you a lot.

Sad to see you leave, and jealous that you're going to Chicago and I'm NOT! Lived there 6 decades before coming to Phoenix 8 years ago but will never NOT miss Chicago ....Hope you love Chicago as much as I do ...maybe we'll meet again if I get my wish and return to Ch. 32land!!! Godspeed Bill.

So Lewis Lazare thinks forecasting the weather in Chicago may be more interesting or challenging than in Phoenix? Obviously he has never witnessed monsoon season in the desert or the fierce winter winds and microbursts. And Bill doesn't just forecast for a city but for the entire state of Arizona.

Make no mistake, Lazare, Bill Bellis is no novice. His degree is in atmospheric science, minor in math, physics and hydrology. He is experienced in working closely with the National Weather Service studying flow of weather, atmospheric pressures and the effect of rain on the desert. And he also has the Seal of Approval from the National Weather Service and from the American Meteorologist Society for technical know-how and the ability to accurately and effectively communicate the weather forecast.

Those of us in Arizona will truly miss Bill's incredible weather knowledge and expertise. Chicago and WFLD are fortunate, indeed, to have Bill Bellis forecasting their weather.


Many years ago I watched Meteoroligist Bill Kelly on the NBC affiliate (for less than a year). Became tired of KPNX's blatant biased & agenda driven reporting. My family & I "Made the switch to ABC15 News". Truly enjoyed the unbiased news reporting

As for Bill Bellis, he reported the weather and gave the forecasts in a professional, yet friendly manner. At the same time Bill provided an overview as to the causation(s) and effect(s) various weather patterns would have on the nation and the various areas of Arizona.

Regarding "Undoubtedly Bellis will quickly discover the weather is more variable in Chicago than it typically is in Phoenix -- which may make his gig here more interesting. Or more challenging" .... As previously stated by commentors, Bill Bellis reports and predicts weather for the various areas of Arizona.

In Arizona's 113,634.57 sq. miles the elevations and topography range from 70 feet ASL at the Colorado River in the desert of Yuma County. In Maricopa County (where Phoenix is) elevations range from Gila Bend at 735 feet ASL to Carefree at 2,349 feet ASL. Those figures don't even include the all various mountains that are in, around, and also surround the cites here that effect the weather. Of course Bill also provided important weather information for communities and cities ranging form Sierra Vista with unique flowering green plants(4,513 feet ASL) in the southeasten AZ to Lake Havasu City, AZ (578 feet ASL) where the London Bridge is, to Flagstaff, AZ (6,903 feet) to Humphreys Peak, Coconino County at (12,633 feet ASL).

Yeah it's going to be "more challenging" for Bill Bellis to predict the weather for a state that is 55,583.58 sq. miles and ranges in elevation from 279 ft ASL to 1,235 ft ASL.

Chicago, and the Illionois residents, who receive WFLD-Channel 32 are so fortunate to obtain such an excellent, professional, dedicated, and personable meteorologist . My family and I, as with many others here will surely miss Bill Bellis.

Bill will be missed, i agree, the main reason we watch ABC 15 is due to Bill. Bill will be missed. I hope his new job in Chicago is a sucess. Good Luck Bill

I too will miss Bill Bellis, Our loss is Chicago's gain. I will also miss his tell us Bellis segment.
Good luck Bill and maybe someday you will return to Phoenix.

We share the sentiments of those above. We divide our time between the Chicago area and Scottsdale and were disappointed to find that our favorite weatherman was not on ABC15 when we returned. We're not thrilled with his replacement (sorry Dahlquist).
We are happy to find that Bill will be delivering our weather when we return. He's the best weatherman we've ever listened to & I never thought I would miss hearing a TV weatherman. His "Tell Us, Bellis" segment was something we looked forward to hearing. We didn't know what virga was or when the monsoon season actually began until we listened to Bill's reporting.
WFLD is lucky to get him and it will give us a reason to tune in when we return home.

Not going to miss Bill getting drunk on a daily basis and treating his wife like crap. Hope he sobers up in Chicago!

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