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Young & Rubicam/Chicago debuts new national parks campaign

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NPCA 1.JPGWe're sure it seemed a lovely concept in theory, but we're not so sure Young & Rubicam/Chicago's new ad campaign for the National Parks Conservation Association works very well in practice.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a newly-developed website,, where visitors can share their stories about our national parks and monuments, create a unique image from their words and make a donation to support the NPCA's work. In conjunction with this online effort, Y & R has developed posters and bus shelter boards of national park images created out of the actual stories submitted online. The campaign theme line is: "Your two cents can add up to more than just talk." Indeed it can -- and does in this instance -- add up to a lot of words as well.

Suffice it to say the finished posters and billboards are excessively wordy affairs that will require considerable effort to digest from any viewers who actually wish to read the tales. And as we all know, effort is something that a lot of people in this instant gratification world of ours aren't interested in expending, unless absolutely forced to do so. No matter how worthy the cause.

We also wish the Y& R creative team had found a way to make the images created from the verbiage -- such as grizzly bear with a fish in his mouth -- pop more vividly than they do in this word-based format

The new campaign marks the NPCA's first national effort since 2008.

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Wow - did they do the website pro-bono? Life-less is a pretty good description of it.

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