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Tom Dick & Harry/Chicago picks up Fathead social media account

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Tom Dick & Harry Advertising/Chicago has been named social media agency of record for Fathead, a sports and entertainment graphic products firm. TD&H will work with Fathead's marketing team to create content and campaigns for the brand's social media channels. "We have a fun brand and a great line of products, so we are often approached by agencies that want to work with us," said Jake Mahoney, senior media manager at Fathead. "Tom Dick & Harry's special combination of sports experience, passion and social media savvy is what led us to a partnership with them," added Mahoney.

"Our sports knowledge and our experience with clients such as the Chicago Bulls, Fox Sports' Big Ten TV Network and others should serve us and Fathead well," said Stephen Para, digital director at TD&H.

1 Comment

Seems pretty odd choice to chose an agency who's own proficiency in social media has garnered them only 30 followers on Twitter & 49 likes on Facebook - are you kidding me?

Nothing special about the Bulls online activation & everyone knows B10 Network uses Kathleen Hessert and SMC for their social media needs(god knows she tweets about it enough).

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