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Karen Conti hired as WFLD-Channel 32 legal expert


KC Headshot 2008 008.jpgAttorney Karen Conti has been hired as a contributing legal expert at Fox-owned WFLD-Channel 32. The new deal formalizes what had been a more informal arrangement between WFLD and Conti for the past decade.

Going forward, Conti said she expects to appear twice a week on Channel 32's 9 p.m. flagship late news to discuss various stories from a legal perspective. She also expects to show up on WFLD's morning show "Good Day,Chicago." Conti is now part of a team that are attempting to boost ratings for WFLD's late news. The station is trying a newscast format that offers longer, more-in depth segments, often including extended discussions of certain news stories.

Conti and Greg Adamski, her legal partner and husband, also are in their fourth year of co-hosting "Legally Speaking" on news/talk WGN-AM (720). And Conti and Adamski are in their 20th year of practicing law together, as well as serving as adjunct law professors at the University of Illinois.


I look forward to watching Ms. Conti report and comment on newsworthy cases in court and other legal matters. She's really bright and well-spoken, I've been told, and should be, if I may say so, much easier on the eyes than is that other woman lawyer, Greta Van Susteren.

Excellent decision on behalf of WFLD; My relationship with them and their firm extends back to their early years, 1991-1996. They represented our business interests with a degree of professional expertise and personal commitment not seen in a lot of firms. I'm sure this relationship will be mutually beneficial.

There are few that make legal issues intersting and fascinating. Karen Conti is the perfect choice and is camera-friendly, as well. What a smart addition; finally - intelligent and entertaining "Reality" TV!

Congrats to WFLD for making a great decision in closing this deal with Ms. Conti. I've known her for several years and she's not only an excellent lawyer, but also a great person. More importantly for this context, Ms. Conti will do a wonderful job of educating WFLD viewers on a wide variety of legal issues.

WFLD made the right decision here! Karen is not only an engaging conversationalist, but has a razor-sharp legal mind as well. Even more importantly, while Karen has some very definite and passionately-held political beliefs, one would be hard-pressed to figure out what those are by listening to her commentary and analysis. Her public discourse is lively, informative, straight-forward, and unbiased.

Congratulations to Karen! (and to all of us, who will now have the opportunity to watch her several times each week!)

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