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Pete Schmidt's music adds a lot to McDonald's "Spaceman Stu"

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happyGRAB1.jpgIt may be too early -- or too late -- to hope for a return to a time when jingles were an important part of the advertising business. Almost everyone in advertising has moved on to the digital age and all its distractions -- a digital age that has been unkind to original music and its once-important role in advertising.

It's impossible to pinpoint exactly when jingles fell out of favor, but they did. And the industry and the work it has turned out has -- for years now -- seemed all the more impoverished because of what has happened.

But for an example of how much an original song can add to a commercial, one need only consider the McDonald's "Spaceman Stu" commercial for Happy Meals that we wrote about in today's Sun-Times. Even without the song from Comma Music/Chicago's Pete Schmidt that is such an integral part of the storytelling, "Spaceman Stu" would have been a stunningly-rendered example of the art and craft of advertising.

But with Schmidt's charming composition to carry us along, "Spaceman Stu" is so much more affecting.

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