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Steve Peckham says goodbye to Chicago and its ad industry

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Steve_Peckham_Dodgeball_PR-1.jpgWhat a hoot! The very pleasant Steve Peckham has turned up as senior vice-president and director of holistic services at Olson/Minneapolis. It's a new position. In his new role at Olson, it sounds as if Peckham will have a lot on his plate. Among other things he will oversee public relations, account management and interactive disciplines. In addition, he will provide senior leadership for some of the agency's largest clients.

Denizens of the Chicago ad industry no doubt will recall that for a while the very pleasant Peckham was brought in from Edelman/Chicago to man Burnett's empty public relations department, which had been gutted due to a combination of firings and departures for greener pastures. At the time he was recruited for the Burnett assignment, Peckham may not have known much about the intricate workings of an ad agency -- especially one as intricate and political as Burnett -- but he was unfailingly pleasant and willing to attempt to handle any request.

Clearly, he managed to learn enough from his time at Burnett to impress the folks at Olson. While Minneapolis may seem a cold and distant outpost to some, we know Peckham lived and worked there previously. So for him, it's more of a homecoming. For Chicago, well, Peckham's departure, if nothing else, deprives this city and its ad industry of one of its most pleasant persons.

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