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Maya Gavin wins job on sports talk WSCR-AM


Maya Gavin Head Shot 2.jpgMaya Gavin has won the chance to start a career in sports radio. She has triumphed over more than 700 other entrants in a WSCR-AM (670) contest to find a new overnight host for the 1 to 3 a.m. time slot on Saturday mornings. Not exactly prime morning or afternoon drive time, but it's definitely an opportunity for Gavin to show WSCR program director Mitch Rosen what she can do in a regular on-air host role. Gavin majored in communications at the University of Iowa, and this new gig at WSCR marks her first professional job in radio. She has a day job in healthcare.

Gavin was one of four finalists for the WSCR overnight job. All four finalists appeared on air last Saturday and answered questions posed by listeners and by a two-person panel of judges that included Rosen and Score host Dan Bernstein. Afterward, Rosen said he was impressed with Gavin's intelligence and her passion for Chicago sports and, not unimportantly, her sound on air.

Will Gavin's new role lead to bigger things for the budding radio talent? Rosen cautioned against overly-heightened expectations. "First and foremost, this is a job for Maya and a chance to interact with Chicago sports fans. It's not about being famous," said Rosen. Gavin is expected to start her new job on a yet-to-be-determined date in September.


I truly enjoyed listening to Maya Sunday morning. Her enthusiasm and voice captured me immediately! I am looking forward to her show next week.

where did you come from girl!? it was really interesting listening to your show..such a change from the "normal" cynical hosts..I will be tuned in next week!! i sent you the text about BF being a superstar.

She's excellent. She's also very polite and very knowledgeable of sports. At first, you might not think she knows a lot about sports, but then you realize she's just not broadcasting it to the whole world. She knows her stuff.

I enjoyed listening to Maya's insight into sports and analysis. I'm wondering if she participated in any Sports Program ad the U. of Iowa. I'm sure she could even be a host, even if the topics weren't sports related. I'd like to see her in addition to being a host, to doing actual reporting. Who knows, maybe this is the individual who can replace Oprah as a Chicago Icon. You never know.

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