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Gogo Internet conducting an agency review

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Gogo in-flight Internet is in the final stages of an agency review, according to sources familiar with the review. Upshot/Chicago is the current agency working on the business. Gogo is one of the more popular wi-fi options increasingly available to passengers on airlines in the United States and internationally.

Among the carriers currently using the Gogo service are American Airlines, AirTran, Air Canada, U.S. Airways, Virgin America, Delta and United Airlines. A Gogo Internet spokeswoman did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

1 Comment

Guess what? Most people don't surf while on planes. most watch content they bring on board (itunes, dvd's etc) Paying for internet while at 30,000 feet may be dead, unless you're talking long haul. Most people can do without email for a few hours, especially when it costs what you might pay for a whole month at home.. Agencies beware, you heard it here first.

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