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Corona Light introduces new "Moonlight" spot

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CL_TV_Moonlight_Still_Image.jpgChicago-based Crown Imports has launched a new national campaign for Corona Light from La Comunidad in Miami, Fla. To distinguish the new campaign from the quieter work for sibling Corona Extra, the new commercial called "Moonlight" has lots of bodies noisily dancing on a beach as the sun sets.

Once darkness as fallen and the music has stopped, the seemingly dejected dancers get the bright idea to rush to the other side of the beach and watch the moon rise as the party continues. It's a clever touch, but there's still a bit too much fairly prosaic footage of young people dancing around. There needs to be more surprise built in to the way the spot plays out to give the execution a little more snap.

Crown marketing honcho Jim Sabia says the new Corona Light campaign takes the iconic vacation-in-a-bottle advertising thematic that has served Corona Extra so well for so long and "simply energizes and contemporizes it." There is indeed more energy in this Corona Light spot, but it needs to be served up with a couple more unexpected twists.

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