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BULLETIN: Blake Ebel out at Euro RSCG/Chicago


Blake Ebel is out at Euro RSCG/Chicago. After a six-year stint as a top creative at the shop, Ebel is leaving to take the top creative job at Factory Design Labs, a Denver-based shop. Sources said Ebel had been interested in getting his own top creative post for a while.

Most recently at Euro RSCG, Ebel and Steffan Postaer were co-chief creative officers, an awkward arrangement that may have hastened Ebel's exit from the shop. Plus, the recent departure of the Barilla pasta account from Euro RSCG may have been a deciding factor in Ebel's exit. Ebel brought that piece of business to Euro when he came there from Young & Rubicam/Chicago. The Barilla loss is but one of several that have hit Euro RSCG in recent times, and the agency has been slow to bring in large, high-profile pieces of business to replace the losses.

Euro RSCG released a statement thanking Ebel for his "role in helping grow Euro RSCG/Chicago into the agency it is today." For now Steffan Postaer will continue in his role as sole chief creative officer at Euro. The agency said it intends to replace Ebel.


Replace him? There's nothing to work on there. Sprint below the line?
The bad Michelob work Mericle churns out? Euro is the place careers go to die. Ebel's no great shakes, but he was smart enough to leave. The rest are stuck there. Aren't these the geniuses who recently pick up Blockbuster? What's next, Montgomery Wards?

Jack Nimble is funny. And he hit the nail in the head. That place is a joke and unbelievably top-heavy . . . people quit and get fired like sh*t thru a goose . . . they toot their horn like it's nobodys business, but what good has come out of there? NOTHING. Funny that all those hacks were over in Cannes while ONE of their CCOs was clearly on his way out and a big piece of business was saying goodbye as well. Mericle? That guy is known for stealing ideas. Bottom line, terrible agency. Good move, Blake.

euro is the epicenter of hackdom. any place run by postaer and bess is doomed. as for mericle and palm havas, just look at the work--it's awful. everyone who goes there--postaer, bess, mericle, ebel--go there because they can't get an offer anywhere else. with the possible exception of king; but he's got to be second-guessing his decision.

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