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Victoria brew to make United States debut in Chicago


Victoria General Market Poster.jpgChicago-based Crown Imports will debut Victoria beer in Chicago next week -- the launch city for the Mexican brew's United States rollout. Described as "one of Mexico's best-kept secrets," Victoria will target both Hispanic and general market beer drinkers. Victoria, a Vienna-style lager with a copper color, has been produced in Mexico since 1865, making it the country's oldest and most traditional beer brand. Until its rollout next week in Chicago, Victoria was only available in Mexico.

Chicago was a natural choice for Victoria's U.S. introduction, according to Crown Imports prez Bill Hackett, because the city has strong ties to Mexico and a well-established beer culture. Chicago also has one of the country's largest Hispanic populations, many of whom would be familiar with the brand from their home country. The Chicago launch will be supported via a major advertising push with work from Upshot/Chicago and La Comunidad/Miami in both English and Spanish. Facebook users who become a fan of Victoria will find information about tasting events and where to buy the beer via a "Find Victoria" mobile App.


Married into a good mexican family.We know what thats like, whoever else is in the club.So nice cold beer is needed!Tend to drink Amstel light or Corona.I hear nothing but good things about Victoria.Looking foreward to a possible change.GO SOX!

IT'S ABOUT TIME! Corona has nothing on Vicky.

Went to Chicago just over the weekend and tried this magnificant beer! I recommend anyone that enjoys a lager, then you will love this beer! It's not cheap but, enjoy!

Leslie, where??

Now on tap at Nacional 27.

Victoria voted #1 by Uno Mas Missions since 2007 check out our video
Where can we find it (to go) in the Chicago area?

There is a God. I don't have to go to TJ and
Have my life challenged to get this beer. Where
Can I buy in Los Angeles? Anyone?


Yes love this beer

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