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Kraft awards more business to McGarryBowen

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DraftFCB/New York's loss is definitely McGarryBowen/New York's gain. Northfield-based Kraft Foods has moved the Chips Ahoy!, Nabisco 100-calorie pack and Fig Newtons accounts to McGarry from DraftFCB. A fourth account, Wheat Thins, is also leaving DraftFCB, but a Kraft spokesman said the new agency for that piece of business has not yet been determined.

The Kraft spokesman declined to elaborate on why these account moves were made, except to say that changes are always made to ensure that every account is getting the work it needs. A new campaign from DraftFCB for Chips Ahoy! was recently unveiled, and the spokesman said that will continue to run for a while. It's unclear at this point when new work from McGarryBowen will debut for the various accounts it has just been awarded.

Certainly, in recent years, Kraft has become more aggressive about shifting accounts among agencies even as it has boosted the dollars spent on advertising and marketing across a large number of its brands. DraftFCB and McGarryBowen have been key players in the Kraft advertising business. Increasingly, however, McGarryBowen seems to have gotten responsibilities for a growing list of high-profile Kraft accounts.

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