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Ex-ad man Bernie DiMeo unveils his blog

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Bernie's got a blog. Yes, up-to-the-minute Bernie DiMeo, who shut down his Chicago ad agency several months ago and recently started up a new public relations firm, has fully embraced 21st century forms of new media. But ironically enough, Bernie used the debut item on his new blog to mourn the passing of what he nostalgically refers to as the "good ole days."

For Bernie, those days invariably included long, alcohol-heavy lunches with reporters. For, you see, Bernie actually moved from public relations into advertising. And now he's back practicing what he got his start with in the communications biz. We can certainly sympathize with Bernie as he fondly recalls in his blog the days when lunch was where business got done.

PR practitioners back then would quickly deal go over the details of whatever they were trying to interest a reporter in writing about, promise it as an exclusive, and then get on with the serious business of enjoying lunch and cocktails. Another kind of world. Another time. And mostly likely, one we'll never see the likes of again. Yes, Bernie, those were indeed the good ole days.

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