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Communications chief Katrina Limbaugh exits Zig/Chicago

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Another key player in the dwindling cast at Zig/Chicago is leaving. Director of communications Katrina Limbaugh exits the shop next week to take a new communications job at an undisclosed Chicago agency.

Limbaugh expects to start her new job in July, after she returns from a trip to Kenya, where she and her husband will go on safari. Limbaugh said she wasn't necessarily looking for a new post. "This opportunity just sort of dropped in my lap," she explained.

Limbaugh's departure comes just a couple of months after that of chief creative officer Stephen Leps, who accepted a post at Leo Burnett/Chicago. Leps had been dispatched from Zig's head office in Toronto a year and a half ago with instructions to grow the shop and solidly establish it within the Chicago ad industry. But Leps had little success in that regard, which may have been part of his reason for looking to jump to Burnett.

Meanwhile, Limbaugh said seven people will remain on staff at Zig/Chicago after she is gone. She also said several options are being considered regarding Zig's future here. One, Limbaugh said, obviously involves finding a new chief creative officer. Limbaugh was more vague about what the other options might be, but they are believed to include merging with another local shop or, worst-case scenario, shutting down altogether. The agency has a very short client roster at the moment.

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