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Barilla headed from Euro RSCG/Chicago to Y & R

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Some more bad news for Euro RSCG/Chicago. The agency is losing its domestic Barilla pasta ad account to Young & Rubicam, which has for some time handled the Italian pasta company's ad business internationally. The client wants to consolidate the business with one ad agency, and Y & R looks to be the victor in this particular consolidation. A Euro RSCG spokesman said the agency was "disappointed by this mandate from Italy."

The departure of Barilla from Euro RSCG leaves the consumer advertising arm of Euro RSCG/Chicago with one less high-profile account. The Chicago agency also recently lost Valspar paint to DraftFCB/Chicago. Still on the agency roster are Effen vodka, Sauza and Hornitos tequilas and a few other pieces of business.

For a while it looked as if Euro RSCG might be picking up some steam in its efforts to pull itself out of a corpse-like state, at least as far its general consumer advertising efforts were concerned. But lately, whatever momentum the agency had been generating seems to have mostly vanished, even though the shop now has no fewer than two creative leaders in Steffan Postaer and Blake Ebel.

Whatever oomph Euro RSCG/Chicago retains is in its below-the-line efforts, which, of course, do not typically give an agency the chance to demonstrate its creativity to the fullest extent.

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So, while Stef and Blake and Bill Mericle were over partying in Cannes--and, probably trying to line up their next jobs--a client was walking out the door. It won't be long before Michelob Ultra departs as well as the work is mediocre as best. Euro is kind of a junkyard of ad folks who couldn't land gigs anywhere else. It needs an infusion of quality. The only guy over there who gets high marks is Jamie King who has to be wondering why the hell he took the job.

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